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Compatibility For Taurus And Virgo

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Taurus Virgo


Taurus and Virgo

It has to be said that this is a pretty scrumptious match indeed. You certainly won’t ever find this couple in debt as they are both very money minded and especially the Virgo will no doubt have an account for everything, and I mean everything. These two take pride in all that they do and achieve a very high status on the career ladder very frequently. Yes, it is fair to say that these two are a very well organised pair who certainly does not have their heads in the clouds; rather, they are very well rooted indeed.

The Taurus loves attention and the Virgo is just the right candidate for the job as they spend most of their time fussing over their loved ones making sure everyone has what they need. The Taurus will lap this up, as they love being doted on. However, most good things come with a flip side and the Virgo is no different. The Virgo may be the definition of refinement and sophistication, but don’t let that fool you. Underneath their innocent smile lies a venomous bite which can hurt even the strongest character and leave them writhing in both shock and pain. Virgos are quick to pick on other’s weaknesses and faults and doesn’t hold back on telling them so. I have a Virgo mother and I have to say that I have been on the receiving end of their sting on several hundred occasions. It’s something you will never forget. The Taurus of course will hate this trait of their partner, but quickly learn to ignore it, which is the only thing you can do.

As for the Taurus, well, they will sometimes think they can do the jobs their Virgo partner does much quicker and of course much better. So you could say this is a match made in heaven really! I know the bad sounds really bad, but the good more than makes up for it. Sexually the Virgo will finally meet the person who he/she will be able to relax with in bed and enjoy, rather than going cold and running away. It is certainly as good as it will ever get for the Virgo. The Taurus will of course be delighted to have found the key to the Virgos heart and sexuality and will definitely make the most of it!!

Taurus and Virgo really do have a lot going for them as a couple and can raise a fine family between them. Just remember to try and understand one another. So my advice for the two of you is to enjoy and have fun!! Good Luck!

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242 Responses to “Compatibility For Taurus And Virgo”

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  1. 1
    HL Says:

    It is often said that a Taurus/Virgo relationship is “love at first sight,” and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been in two relationships with a Virgo (I’m a Taurus) and it’s weird how at first glance we’re just drawn to each other. Then we have our first conversation and it all goes well from there. I should also mention that these relationship won’t be as sexual as it is intellectual, though the getting is good). There wasn’t anything I couldn’t have a good, satisfying conversation about with my last Virgo relationship.

    Oh, and most Virgos, even men, are a bunch of obsessive compulsive neat-freaks! This guy was constantly trying to clean and reorganize my room, which is always a hopeless mess…

  2. 2
    NB Says:

    I’m also a Taurus; I have loved and still love a Virgo man for half my life. I didn’t even have a clue he was Virgo at first and then the more I read about astrology, I found the two signs are consciously and subconsciously drawn toward each other. I can see why. There is something about him- his demeanor and aura- that just sucks me in like a whirlpool. One of my best friends is also a Virgo. I feel she is one of two people who truly understands my feelings and can even finish my own thoughts for me. The Taurus/Virgo sun sign chemistry can be amazing. But of course, there are also other factors to consider, such as ascendants, moon signs, etc, etc, but generally speaking, I’d say these 2 signs attract like bees to honey.

  3. 3
    TT Says:

    I’m a male virgo, and i’m almost in a relationship with a lady taurus (we’re in the coffee stage) and I agree, it seems like love at first site, our first coffee date, felt like 45mins but was little over 3hrs….my how time flies….whats more we are even compatible according to our chinese signs, i’m a Rat, and she a Dragon…

    After the first coffee date, I get a message saying definately want another, so by the sounds of that, things look promising..

    and yes, I can all but finish her sentences, and know whats on her mind…..pretty cool stuff

  4. 4
    bull Says:

    I am a taurean and have found that every Virgo I’ve come across are users? Sad but true. On the plus side they are excellent communicators.

  5. 5
    HL Says:

    To bull: It’s not that Virgos mean to use people (most of the time, anyway). It’s just that they don’t like to waste their time with people they belive won’t benefit them or their cause. Actually, that’s a very common Earth-sign trait.

  6. 6
    cardinal red Says:

    Iam a virgo female and I have been dating a taurus for a year he is my close friend and we meat each other as coworkers and we have our dis agreements at times and he knows how Iam and I know how he is.Their is a difference to with Ascendents and moon signs his is a Scorpio and mine is an Sagitarius ascendents both of our moons are in capricorn and both of us Go for what we want and are really down to earth,and romance and Sex is great.PPl say the best sex partner for vigro are pisces to my opion not right all the time,a pisces guy had creep me out past tence,from my view with taurus they take their time and are slow taking time with love,It is funny to me still to this day how me and my friend locked eyes at first site.

  7. 7
    Rayne Says:

    I’m a virgo, and I at first I didn’t realize how many Taurus(s) are actullay in my life. From my family to my friends, and to the people I’m drawn to. The description above is fantastic and spot on. A Taurus & Virgo are just naturally attracted to each other. I’m with a woman who is a Taurus an we compliment each other so well. I understand exactly where she’s coming from, and why she is that way, and I’ve not had a better girl-friend before who’s known me this well. The chemistry is explosive, and the sex is extremely passionate. A Taurus and Virgo is a perfect match in my opinion. Not to mention, a taurus is just both physically and mentally beautiful. And a Virgo in general, love and thrive with beauty around them.

  8. 8
    anonymous Says:

    very true
    i m a female virgo its really amazing that i can sense a taurus men very easily
    i get irritated wd men usually bt with taurus men there is a natural inclination
    even now a days i think im falling for a bull i find irresistable
    i think he is my perfect match
    wanna spend my entire life wd him

  9. 9
    NB Says:

    Also, the description of these two “never being in debt” couldn’t be more accurate. Taurus, by nature, strives to accumulate (wealth, anything luxurious) and Virgo, by nature, loves to organize meticulously (money, desk, everything really lol). I can never go in debt because of him- my beau handles his AND my monetary matters very well, something I appreciate and love about him. Admitting guilt to the Taurean inflexibility and the Virgoan carping, I zone out when he starts lecturing in his trademarked manner and he sulks when I want to have it my way or else. Despite our occasional jackassed moments, we get each other perfectly inside and out. He’s the yang to my yin. :)

  10. 10
    cardinal red Says:

    Its true I belive that certain Virgos and Taurus are yings and yangs with each other as in the opposite thats why at times we Bump Heads deeping on the situation.And we are always Connected,Lol they should Have put Virgo opposite sign in The Zodiacs Taurus instead of Piseces.

  11. 11
    babijane Says:

    Hi! This Taurus & Virgo Blogg has made my day

    I am a Virgo and although i have’nt tested the romantic compatibility, my closest 2 friends one male one female are Taurus ………I love fussing over people and they lap it up which! i feel like these taurus friends can take criticism (A.K.A Advice) from me easily….but would balk if it came from anyone else……

  12. 12
    MimiVirgo Says:

    I just met a Taurus man. ANd it’s so true it was love at first sight. Sadly he has a girl friend.. but we are talking behind her back… isnt that a bit evil? xD

  13. 13
    Virgo Says:

    Hi, Im a virgo male. When i read my love compatibility with taurus, i was so damn surprised. Yes, i fell on the first sight,
    for a person, whom i’m never seen in my life.
    I recently went through a profile, to get committed for my entire life (virgo’s do believe in long term relationship). Just after reading the profile, i got madly fallen in love with the profile owner, even after knowing the fact that, she must have had enough time to write the profile. I got to contact her, through various sources and infact went in search of her, in her college, but in vain :-(. I don’t know, how does she look in reality,as pics do deceive us. It was hard for me, to spot her in the school, that i’ve never been to.
    All said and done, i still trust that i’d find the same soul mate, who is filled with dreams,goals in her life. I’m least bothered about how she look, as her attitude alone matters to me. This is to let people know, that love at first sight works for ‘taurus-virgo’, but this is beyond that, as i’ve not seen her at all, neither had heared her voice.

  14. 14
    L. Says:

    Hello, I’m a Virgo male and I met a Taurus in 2004. It was LOVE AND FIRST SIGHT! “Everything” said of a Virgo/Taurus compatability and relationship, whether friendship and/or love, is utterly true. From the part said, “we love to fuss about our true-love & Taurus loves that attention”, to how Virgo protects their Taurus and Taurus needs the Virgo around, even can take pride in having a great combo with the Virgo. We were best-friends before anything else. But when our eyes gazed one another… it was mesmerizing, hypnotizing… we just locked. I tingle thinking back to that day, it was so beautiful. Taurus’ & Virgo’s are both close to family-life, we can be social but really do love staying in on a DVD night, cuddling the whole night through. We’re not in that level but it’s true all the same. We met at the offices where we still work. Our friendship was a wonderfully trusting and strong chemistry. I finally felt complete as I know he did, as well, with having a connection with a soul, an aura.. a great secure feeling. He loved to please me and shower me with stuff…. I loved to give him everything he needed. The passion and humility of our friendship was unbelievable and extremely romantic as we both are, effortlessly and naturally. But all these feelings came out through a friendship stage only. We were very open and frank to one another. We just got each other; we understood one another. Doesn’t it all sound perfect and incredibly beautiful? It is, but he’s a hetero man and I am a gay man… and real friends like family we’ll always be inside our hearts. Yes, as the romantic, affectionate and passionate Virgo male I am, feelings got involved… but never in the way. We have understanding and respect. That itself surpasses any bounds. This can go into other topics, I’m sure. But needless to say, Virgo & Taurus have this connection and respect!! It’s undenying, you can’t ignore the power of the two when together… and they can’t help but fall into one another… no matter what. It is so awesomely benevolent.
    Cheers to my Virgo’s and Taurus’!

    your Miami friend…


  15. 15
    HL Says:

    L., I loved what you wrote. It reminds me so much of the current relationship with me and my Virgo. We both love to stay in and do nothing but watch movies all day. And when we lock eyes it is mesmerizing. (Funny how these two signs won’t believe in love at first sight until they lay eyes on each other.) It makes me glad to know that other Taurus/Virgo relationships out there are as wonderous as ours.

  16. 16
    L. Says:

    Thanks, HL. I appreciate your words and am glad that my words brought you a healthy smile. May it live on unlimited and uninhibited. Cherish your Virgo, secure them for they will protect you. Your Virgo loves you unconditionally and probably cries the universal tears of joy, passion and pure love for you inside their soul when they think of you… which is probably always. It is released and expressed as a smile, a glow, a body-language saying “I’m yours forevermore”. It’s pure passion from our hearts. It’s kinetic energy! Cherish that Taurus, for you our strong, beautiful, loving & unique. You are Virgo’s & Virgo is yours; How it’s meant to me. And forever in love you both shall be.
    Cheers! :)


  17. 17
    xo Says:

    I’m a female virgo, and he is a Taurus. This blog solidifies how sure i am about our chemistry. I cannot believe how extremely lucky I am to have found him. The similarities we share, his eyes, the way he holds me tight. We know just what the other likes. What “L” said above actually made me start to tear up. For real. I can see myself crying tears of joy, passion and pure love on this inside when I think of my Taurus. I know that this relationship is sure to be worthwhile and exactly what I’ve been waiting my entire life for. I am for sure going to hold my tongue and watch my nit-picking from now on. :D

  18. 18
    L. Says:

    xo, you are straight on target.. it’s effortless for us to put ourselves in others’ shoes. We care much about others, we’re care-givers. Taurus loves that in us, and more a reason that Taurus secures Virgo so well. A Taurus man and Virgo woman is a dynamic bond, friendship and love. But another thing we do effortlessly IS love. Love is boundless, so naturally, since we are prone to think with our hearts, as well, when we’re captivated by someone, we think ourselves ahead of the moment and “bend over backwards” for our love. That’s what I assume you also mean when you say “hold your tongue and nit-picking.” :) We do that creatively well, haha.. and Taurus would be one to understand and know how to handle it, but we are a mutable sign so we can relate to things other can’t. We can mold. We are carefree, but still selective, in our diversity with people and environment. But always remember, Taurus loves the Virgo intelect and loves to sit back and watch how we “work it” and handle a situation. :)

    Cheers and much love,

    L. from Miami

  19. 19
    Sabrina Says:

    Wow. All of this info makes me so excited and optimistic that I will find that prefect Taurus for me. I’ll really young, and feel that I’ll have plenty of time to find my Taurus. Both my friend and I have already picked out the signs that we want to date. It may not work out that way, but I’m looking forward to finding out. You guys are great. :D

  20. 20
    baby0511 Says:

    I’m a taurus woman, and he is a Virgo man:I dont know how it actually happened but we met online, decided to meet in person, which we did only about 2 days later after talking, when we finally met, it felt as if i knew this person all my life so i asked him, “you seem so familiar to me, have we meet somewhere?” and all he did and said was ” you know sorry for staring at you so much but i feel the same way” i feel so comfortable with you and i’m trying to remember where did i see you because i too have the same effect” that night we spend about 3 hours talking and we even kissed on that first date, which is very rare to me, because i am very picking and definitly never ever kiss on the first or second not even third date, but something about him made me surrender myself to him, and ever since we been talking every day. its great! and it’s only been 2mos.

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