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Taurus Compatibility With Gemini

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Taurus Gemni

Taurus and Gemini

These two may be attracted by one another's differences at first, but that is where it should be left, for every-ones sake! Taurus and Gemini live parallel lives and spend most of the time in parallel worlds as well and this goes double for the Gemini. At first the Taurus will no doubt be charmed by the Gemini's "live life for the moment" approach to life, but they will soon tire of this when they realise that when it comes to savings accounts and paying the bills the Gemini can sometimes, well, forget! They certainly don't plan anything very well, and although the Taurus may like the odd adventure he/she likes their daily life to be calm and organised thank you very much! If this pair does enter into a relationship with one another then they will be in for some arguments. The Taurus is a very calm, easy going creature; the Gemini however is not, not in the same way, anyhow. I would say that the Gemini will be one person who can make the awful temper of the Taurus comes out, and that won't be a pretty sight. Although the Gemini is very airy fairy and sometimes other worldly, it doesn’t mean they can't give as good as they get. And oh boy they really do! Sparks will fly between these two. The Taurus being too stubborn to give in and the Gemini being to childish to want to. You've been warned. They won't find much sanctuary in the bedroom department either I'm afraid. The Taurus will grow tired of the Gemini's apparent coldness and the Gemini will find the Taurus rather dull and boring and would much rather be somewhere else. There is certainly no love lost between them and other than sharing a few nice picnics together, there isn't really much of a future for these two I'm afraid. Sorry!

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77 Responses to “Taurus Compatibility With Gemini”

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  1. 1
    Bella Says:

    I agree with the Taurus and Gemini post.

    Wow, its pretty wierd how there are so many striking similar general issues pinned down by your sun and moon signs.

    Thanks for the site!


  2. 2
    debbie Says:

    In the beginning of reading your article on Taurus and Gemini, I did agree and our relationship has alot of likeness to the first paragraph with arguments. His personality fits the profile and so does mine. But the last one was terrible hated it. We have great sex and always have for the past two years. I didn’t like the paragraph just because it does not apply to all Gemini and Taurus couples. debbie

  3. 3
    Becky Says:

    Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for your comment. I am sorry that you hated my last paragragh. It is a very general view as I have mentioned on other parts of my site. But it is true for many people. There are many aspects to one’s charts that can determine how we will respond to one another, and this is just from one angle.

    I wish you much luck in the future.

    Love & Light


  4. 4
    Debbie Says:

    Thanks for your reply, I did not mean to come off rude with the sex or bedroom remark. Your paragraph does have some truth to it Geminis get easily bored, but if the Taurus wants to keep him interested she will change to expirement sometimes to keep him interested. And the same applies to him. There are many aspects to determine how we respond to eachother, and the future is what you make it.
    Iwish the same, Debbie

  5. 5
    Trina Says:

    OH boy.. im in for a treat.. im currently trying to start up a relationship with my taurus….im a free living gemini who does get bored easily. Since i’ve known him.. i have never gotten bored with him. But he does have a temper when he gets upset with me. I tend to take things out on him when im having a bad day at work. I vent out to him, but this last time i did that, he was so upset with me, he couldn’t talk to me for a few hours. I felt soo bad… i kept apologizing.. we made up. We are good now.. for now.. i gotta make sure i behave myself from now on…well wish me luck.

    Thank you for your time.

    Trina k.

  6. 6
    Becky Says:

    Hi Trina,

    Yes it is true, us Gemini girls have a great way of bringing out the Taurus temper..lucky us!!

    I do wish you lots of luck but please don’t go changing yourself too much for him, that would make for a misserable Gemini and I hate to see that!

    Have Fun

    Love & Light


  7. 7
    Trina Says:

    Thank you Becky for yr response to my comment. Honestly, this is my first real relationship.

    In the past…i’ve gotten bored with my past bfs and juss left..didn’t call back. Sometimes it has come back to kick my in the arse…haha..i recently found out that an ex of mine confided in my older sister. He told her that he really liked him probably loved me but he said that i acted like a guy and juss ditched him and moved on…i was kinda freaked out and felt really bad. My own cousin even gave me the nickname.. the crusher…haha.. sounds funny but it made me realize that I need to find ways to let down men alil more easier than to juss drop them like flies…lol.. oh well.. i will move on.

    With my current real relationship, I will learn to be patient and more accommodating when it comes to his feelings..he does love me and i love him.. he has even proposed to me but we haven’t made it official yet. I want to take my time and see what lies ahead for our different characteristics.

    The one reason why i fell for him was that he’s alot like my late father who was also a taurus. Sometime it feels like like i am trying to replace that loving person in my life.

    I thank you for your time and patience.


    Trina K.

  8. 8
    Stephanie Says:

    Im afraid this is all so true. I havent had anybody this whole year but ever since June I started talking to a Gemini and I felt as if sparks flew yet a couple days ago things went off the edge and I wished it didnt.. = [

  9. 9
    alexis Says:

    hi I am mary.. i was amazed while i was reading your post about taurus and gemini’s compatibilities…well actually I’ve been dating this guy for over 6 months and until now we are still in an open relationship status… i was kinda shocked because a lot of things that was said in your post was true and i can definitely relate to that,,however I’m sad because I am deeply in-love with the guy and i just don’t know what to do right now,if i should continue the relationship i have with him… It is sad to know that it will never work for the both of us (as said in your post).. honestly all that was said here was really true that is why I am afraid of what might happen with us… I hope we both could change this and prove that there is still a possibility that a taurus and gemini can work things out in this relationship… I just really love the guy so it hurts to know that taurus and gemini are just not really for eacother…

  10. 10
    Becky Says:

    Hi Mary,

    Thank you for your comment. Now then, I write my posts to help people,to help people understand other signs. If you want to make your relationship work there is no reason why is shouldn’t. Astrology justlets us know how easy it will be with certain signs, some are easier than others. Understanding how each other work and how to meet each others needs are very important, so don’t read the negative, try and take the positive in that you have inside infomation on how to handle your partner ..

    Good Luck

    Love & Light


  11. 11
    Kaleb Hunt Says:


    I am deeply intrigued by this connection because I’m a gay male. Both myself and my lover are African-American, he’s a Gemini and I’m a Taurus.

    Our relationship has spanned over two years and didn’t solidify until after some serious arguments and fighting, which put our differences out in the open. Thus, we have become much stronger and he has become much more devoted over the last 6 months than he has ever been.

    There had to be some changing on my part as well. I’m happy to say that now that we recognize our differences in thinking, it welcomes wonderful dialogue and insight.

    I’m in love with him. He’s my “Big.” So screw the zodiac!

  12. 12
    GeMe Says:

    well, I’m a Taurus and she’s a gemini, We were introduced by a coworker, and since the beginning, we had so much in common and we started to like each other.

    after the first date, she got mad at me, because I didn’t call her for 2 days, even though we sent emails and txt messages, so, whoa, hold it, what did I do? ba bye

    she apologized, and then we went out a couple days, one day I was too tired to go out, and she was pissed at me, even though we went out the day before, but since I went out with some friends a week later (same day of the week) she was soooo mad because I didn’t tell her until I was at the place, even though we went out 2 days before, and we were gonna go out 2 days later

    so, you know, forget it, I can’t deal with it, we just started, and 2 fights already, like I let her know, I don’t get mad too often, but you don’t want the raging bull against the two face (ok ok, I didn’t say that), but once I get mad, is over, you did something really bad

    so, like the compatibility article says:

    “I would say that the Gemini will be one person who can make the awful temper of the Taurus comes out, and that won’t be a pretty sight. Although the Gemini is very airy fairy and sometimes other worldly, it doesn’t mean they can’t give as good as they get. And oh boy they really do! Sparks will fly between these two. The Taurus being too stubborn to give in and the Gemini being to childish to want to.”

    we haven’t called each other in 2 weeks, I sent her 3 txt messages, got no answer, and I’m not gonna call her, cuz she’s the one that got mad at me for not a real reason, besides me going out without telling her, I mean, we’re not BF GF yet, and I didn’t go out with other girls

    so, I don’t call her because she doesn’t call me or answer my txt mess, and she doesn’t call me because she’s not gonna be the one after me, and even though we like each other, we’re being stubborn and don’t want to give in.

    I feel bad about it, but I’d rather be on my own than giving her a hard time with my personality

    and no, we didn’t have sex, we did kiss, and it was great, but I didn’t want to go all the way, even though she hinted me, so I guess, we have a good example that Taurus and Gemini won’t work

  13. 13
    Trina Says:

    Hi GeME

    I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out. I’m a gemini and my hun is a taurus. Like you, we’ve had our ups and downs in the beginning of the relationship. And yes, I did get angry with him often for not calling back or just forgetting the little things that mean alot to me. But i have learned from this. I hated to see him get so angry and not wanting to talk about how we felt and why. I understand now that most men will not talk about feelings. I just sit back and notice that he eventually will talk about things in his own good time. I hated the confrontations that sometimes I’ve caused..haha.. but now.. i want to keep this relationship alive and strong. I love my hun. I realize that no one is perfect so I am not goin to try to change him in any way.

    There is hope for us geminis and taurus men. It juss requires a lot of patience on both parts.

  14. 14
    GeMe Says:

    I rest my case, haha

    she got mad at me, cancelled our date 2 days later with a big NOPE, and like the first time, she gave me an attitude, and didn’t want to talk about it, or like she said “I’m not gonna argue with you” but I wasn’t even arguing or thinking about it, I asked her to tell me if there was something wrong, so we could talk about it, but nooooo, she gave me an attitude, now she says there wasn’t enough communication, but, wasn’t she contradicting herself?

    I’m way too patient, I can take my share of crap, but there’s a breaking point, and she got me there, I told her that it was over, and she said that I was hurting her by saying that, and that we should forget it and start over. I agreed, and gave her a few days off, when I sent her the firt message asking her “how are you” she was so cold “good” nothing else, oh, ok, a few more days, and tried again, like we used to, txt messages in the morning and I would call her after work, but no answer, so no call

    no no, no hope haha

  15. 15
    Jaclyn Says:

    I must be the worst Taurus because I can never find an accurate description of me. I really oppose and dislike routine, I love to constantly travel, and I am always searching for the next adventure…also, money and finances are really at the bottom of my list in terms of life priorities. Currently, I am dating a Gemini, and he is having trouble keeping up with me! Also, he is the one that is wanting to have more stability in our relationship!

  16. 16
    Sallie w Says:

    I can’t agree with becky because i’m only twelve but i can say that the fights and stuff were true in my case but soon we forgave eachother. i love my gemini. he shares all my intrests and hobbies like spells. i hope this time we can make it work. even at twelve love can combine the most oposites and i think thats true for everyone. after a car crash and the loss of my dad and brother he’s the only one who’s there for me. i think that you had a fantastic idea with this page!
    live and love!

  17. 17
    Animecutie Says:

    Well, I’m a lesbian gemini and my girlfriend is a taurus. We were liked so into each other when we first met, but sometimes we get into stupid arguments. She likes things her way or it’s no one’s way. She made me stop saying “sorry” and start saying ” I apologize”. I don’t see the difference only that “i apologize” takes longer to say and she says that saying I’m sorry means your a sorry person. Well, ok. But she is very possessive and it upsets me that I can’t do hardly anything without her wanting to know every little detail. I mean I will talk to you about what I want to tell you, not what you think you can make me tell you. She doesn’t like that I have no problem talking to my exes even though they still want me. I just feel like I know she doesn’t trust them, but it feels like she doesn’t trust me and it hurts. Sometimes I don’t want to even look at her and she gets upset when I get over and argument and just forget about it and she’s still upset. I’m not going to stay mad all day, I don’t have time for it. I am so happy that school started so I can spend sometime away from her so we won’t do anything we’ll regret. She was really getting on my nerves and I needed some space and time to miss her cause we were around eachother 24/7!

  18. 18
    Alex Says:

    Actually, it seems like Gemini and Taurus pair is a win or loose situation. I love my taurus girl too death. How ever I do get bored of her often, we argue about the dumbest things too, and in the end we both forgive easily and act like nothing ever happend.She is a stay at home type girl, im a be outside type guy (Uh oh) Me being a versatile gemini, it isnt too hard adapting too the taurus. We just simply worked out a plan that works for the both of us so we could see each when we like. I treat her with all of the respect in the world, anything I can do to get her to smile makes me happy, I truely care about her opinions and point of views, I always listen too her. I speak my mind when I need too, if I feel as if theres a problem I resolve it asap.
    But I stay cautious with her, I dont want to make any choices that I will regret, since she seems fragile. I guess its working out pretty good for us. I look forward to the days ahead of us.

  19. 19
    Gemini_girl Says:

    Spot on!

  20. 20
    Gemini_goddess Says:

    Im a Gemini girl, my boyfriend is Taurus and we love each other for about 5 years..
    he’s really sweet I’ve always been the playful one who makes him laugh.. he always tell me i love you cuz ur so stupid and fun to be with

    (cuz he’s so calm and simple)

    he gets upset from me so much when I get jealous and act childish, but we are still together.. which is a good sign I believe..

    My only tip to other gemini’s who are in love with taurus.. just give em a break and try to settle down and NEVER EVER TELL HIM UR BORRING!! OR IM BORRED.. (cuz we often do)

    He proposed and Im thinking about it.. wish me luck..

    I have one question to Becky, I dont mind fighting and arguing as long as we make up, do you think this would be a problem for him to back off?? or get borred of the situation?

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