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Aries Compatibility With Taurus.

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Aries Taurus

Aries and Taurus

In this compatibility I am inclined to feel a little sorry for the Taurus. Although these are both passionate signs the Taurus is somewhat slow and steady and can be a little bit dazzled watching the Aries high speed adventurous life style. The sex between these two will be the most fulfilling part of their union, although different in approach, it works well. The Aries bringing physical stamina and performance while the Taurus brings a feeling of comfort and ease. The problem with this union comes in the form of commitment, or lack of it. The Taurus cannot settle into a relationship until he knows that he is assured security from his mate, and loves the feeling that commitment brings to a relationship. On the other hand the Aries is not too keen on committing and can't offer the Taurus what he covets. Yet these two souls in a way need each other. With the Taurus in tow the Aries can learn how to calm down and enjoy life at a slower pace and likewise the Taurus can appreciate how to lighten up a bit and learn to let his hair down and join the Aries for some, at times, hair raising adventures!!

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  1. 1
    Lilly Says:

    well right now I am a taurus and my boyfriend is an aries,I secretly adore his childish ways and his great strength to be able to capture lifes goals as it come by, I do wish to have these traits in mysef, and he does adore my different ways, my love for writing my love for paintings and nature, he isnt the same, I listen to alternative music and he listens to hip hop. I love beautiful things and he loves to destroy them for fun..uuuggghhh..but our passion is crazy. he is kind of hard to handle,..not only that he is a bit hetic for me and i try to have patience, sometimes i do fear he might be cheating on me but i dont know if an aries is as loyal as i am, well aries do lovee to compete and he does not like to be bored. Well all I have to say is our passion for eachother is crazy, you can tell once you look at eachother that a taurus and an aries has the greatest passion. No matter how hard i run he runs after me. Nomatter how hard I slap him push him he comes back for more…in love yes we are!!

  2. 2
    Terribia Says:

    I am an Aries, and her is a Taurus. All that I can say is that a Taurean male treats a woman like no other!! I hate to anger, but when things are good, they are better than anything you could have ever conjured up in your imagination. They are protective, loyal, and all about YOU! We tend to balme eachother for EVERYTHING that goes wrong, therefore making it impossible to work through hardships. The blame game is a big issue with this pairing (I think)… atleast that’s how it’s been with us. Aries has HUGE issues with trust once it’s been broken… Taurus tends to feel that Aries should let go and move on. A lack of understanding of eachother’s points of view can also tarnish the glitz and glam associated with this love. All that I can say is… Aries, try to be more vulnerable than you’ve ever been before (Taurus will take care of you)… and Taurus, try to be more open-minded and felxible than you’ve ever been before (Aries will feel the comfort necessary to soften up for you and give the security and longevity you crave). I’m no astrologer, but my experience has taught me that this one is worth all of the blood, sweat, and tears that each party is willing to sacrifice.

  3. 3
    Terribia Says:

    I am an Aries, and he is a Taurus. All that I can say is that a Taurean male treats a woman like no other!! I hate the anger and quick temperament, but when things are good, they are better than anything you could have ever conjured up in your imagination. They are protective, loyal, and all about YOU! We tend to balme eachother for EVERYTHING that goes wrong, therefore making it impossible to work through hardships. The blame game is a big issue with this pairing (I think)… atleast that’s how it’s been with us. Aries has HUGE issues with trust once it’s been broken… Taurus tends to feel that Aries should let go, move on, and get over it. A lack of understanding of eachother’s points of view can also tarnish the glitz and glam associated with this love. All that I can say is… Aries, try to be more vulnerable than you’ve ever been before (Taurus will take care of you)… and Taurus, try to be more open-minded and felxible than you’ve ever been before (Aries will feel the comfort necessary to soften up for you and give the security and longevity you crave). I’m no astrologer, but my experience has taught me that this one is worth all of the blood, sweat, and tears that each party is willing to sacrifice.

  4. 4
    Bahdyworker Says:

    I have just met a Taurus man. He was separated for more than 8 years and has been divorced over 1 year. I am a 48 yr old Aries woman (he’s a little younger). He seems very straightforward, which I appreciate, and unlike most men I meet, has “laid his cards on the table”.

    He is looking to be in a relationship but it is clear plans to be careful. I love it. Being mature in my sign I am more patient accommodating than other aries people I know.

    Hopefully this will work well with this Taurus man’s slow decision making. He seems very sweet, caring and giving. Physically, he is just about everything on my ‘list’ and he’s pretty stable. If it turns out he is what he appears, I’ll let him into my heart and make him very happy.

    Will a relationship between a Taurus man and Aries woman work? Hmmmm.

  5. 5
    judy inch Says:

    I am an Aries woman in my late twenties, dating a Taurean man. This is the first time I have ever had sexual fantasies about the guy I am dating. The sex is unprecedented, but that is not the pulse of it… It is good simply b/ c it is truly dialectic sex. No overarching norms sequencing the act, or something to that effect. He is pure in his connection to the world, a true critic….. Not to be confused with being a cynic. Most importantly, I know he loves me RIGHT now…. He does not place me into a cookie-cutter role of what he thinks a woman should be. He is open enough to actually reconsider what he thought a woman could be simply by accepting me. For an Aries woman, who has it all laying out there, it is so damn nice to be with a great man like this.

  6. 6
    kendra Says:

    I am an Aries, and he is a Taurus.He and I have been friends for the past two years but in that time he was with the mother of his child (babymama) well now he has moved on to something better in life(me)!!!! the sex is great….I mean the best sex I have ever had in my life!! I never crave for somebody the way i do for him. but the one thing that makes this is sooo wrong is that he’s 25 and had sex with over 50 people!!!! and i’am 19 and only had sex with 6 people including him!!!plus he told me that he cheated on his babymama over 22 times. with 22 different women. I dont want to judge him but the facts are in my face but he takes good care of me and he will do anything for me to be happy. I can’t say that i don’t care for him because,I do….I want us to work because I never meet a man so loving and respectfull in my my point is that,taurus are loving and always look out for you, they will always lay the cards out on the table they will never hide anything from you.

  7. 7
    Simon Says:

    I was looking for the compatibility of Aries and Taurus, so here is what i feel right now hehehe!!!Damm I would love to be in love, Ive never experienced true love, I loved but never been loved, for real.
    I meet this girl at work she is a Taurus, Im Aries. I like her alots but it work and Im afraid that, will affect my work relation. So let it be what is has to be WOMEN ARE TRICKY THIESE DAYS AND THEY LOVE TO PLAY GAMES ON MEN AND HURT THEM.
    So I have this attraction but I CANT APPROACHE her. As MC-HAMMER SAID ” YOU CAN”T TOUCH THIS” ;)

    Cheers all.

  8. 8
    monique Says:

    well im 26 (aries cusp ) with a taurus man(37).

    i thought everything would be great between. thought i found someone who understood me didnt lie and the like. but i was so wrong cause this guy is a liar a sneak and a cheater. right now im bored . as i am everyday. extremely bored. he likes being in the house wayyyy too much for me. THE SEX IS CORNY. no orgasms here. i dream of cheating everyday . i dream of sex all the time. i cant stand this relationship anymore. and cant wait for it to be over.

  9. 9
    Lady Says:

    This could work, my grandparents were and Aries/Taurus match and regardless of their differences in temperments, they lasted fifty years together.

  10. 10
    Wondering Says:

    I am a Taurus woman and he is a Aries man we had known eachother previously for 22 years but unbeknown to me he had the hots for me. I was previously seeing someone else when we first met (but thought wow what a hot guy)but being the faithful Taurus I am only wondered. We met up again in New Years 2009 and had a hot secret affair with the agreement (No strings, ties, or relationship) . The secret was not a secret for long as our friends and loved ones could see something was going on… I fell head over heels for this upfront to the point and not wanting a commitment guy just extremely hot sex actually the best sex I’ve ever had. He fulfilled me in ways I did not know could be fulfilled and I was beaming and extremely happy. In my previous relationship I was miserable and had forgotten what fullfilment and happiness felt like therefore will be grateful to my 1 month Aries man. I enjoyed the talks we had and appreciated the warmness we shared. We both have small children and other reasons for ending the affair as you know how friends and family can be (judgemental) as you know how Ariens can be BIG flirts which did not bother me as I already knew what I had walked into but trying to explain this to your family and friends is difficult when the flirting is happening in front of you and them. I would say to my family and friends “we are just kicking boots no ties, no commitments and no relationship” let me have fun because thats what I am doing.The response from them “you are to good for him”. Well surprise, surprise he also admitted this himself and had too much going on in his life as well. Well now we are back in contact but not kicking boots which is why I have named this WONDERING…

  11. 11
    Adi Says:

    Hello there

    Whoua, am reading the commments and wanted to put one of my own. Am a leo/Aries ascendant and dated a Taurus Man for 6 months last year. I can only say that I loved him the moment I saw him. He was separated when I met him and we had a liason which ended not bad because of lack of communication, unfinished business with him and his ex and also his lack of responsibility and honesty were lacking so it broke my heart and I walked away. I however could feel the love and this amazing possibility for a longterm relationship. He however chose another road. But what I felt for this man, I have never felt in my life and as I write this, I know that I have not forgotten him or what happened to me with regards to my heart. We can hurt and be hurt and realize that we are growing and acknowledge the meeting and move on with lessons learned and feelings experienced and losing a piece of our heart but growing in wisdom and clarity.


  12. 12
    Conflicting Emotional Thoughts Says:

    I am a Taurus woman and am 21 and I am attracted to a guy in the work place who is an Aries. He’s 40 and we talk all the time. Sometimes I wonder why he’s growing on me. He’s very confident and playful and humorous at times, but then I stop and think that this can be all in my head that I could be the only one thinking or even obtaining the feeling and he not. We both share a common situation, but I will never know how he feels about me. He told me he dated two women in his life and they hurt him. Yep, as any man that loves a woman with his heart he was steadfast, but as a result one woman probably met another man and the other was not satisfied with him because of her changing moods. Ever since I spoke to him in openess and one on one communication I have felt that he is a good person who seems to have hidden emotions. I know and accept that love cannot be a magic moment, but that it has to be reciprocated back. If I cannot win his affections, then I would kept our friendship, which is something that helped me get over a horrible death in my family. Even though people may say age mattered or race mattered or even other standards mattered because of how they are seen you have to go through the depth of a emotion to understand that love holds no boundaries. He has helped me go though in an emotion roller coaster in my life without ever realizing it and it’s hard to believe that we got to this point because ever since I worked there I never cared to notice him or approach him. I just saw him as I saw any of my co- workers, “uniformed service clerks”. Mentally I want to stop my feelings, but everytime I come to that point he comes around. Inside it’s tearing me apart because one I’ve never had a relationship before and second, I just never want to regret getting into this and finding out I’ve been entirely wrong about how I am seeing this.

  13. 13
    Taurus (women) Aries (men) Says:

    I’m a taurus women about to be 25 on April 22nd. I met my now husband back than boyfirend at the age of 19. He at the time was 16 which i didn’t know because he told me he was 18. Anyways i was living with my aunt and he was living right around the corner with his mom. He would come over and visit me he would take me out to buy snowcones. We would go to the movies. We would go play pool and go bowling i had fun but i wasn’t really a competative person or that active as you know taurus are not. Well time went on and we was dating.. I had problems with my aunt and she ended up kicking me out so i was planning to move back to RI which at the time i was in MS. I told him this as i was growing closer to him and he to me. As you know taurus are very cautious when it comes to matters to the heart. So he was sad and didn’t want to lose me i in turn didn’t want to leave until i knew if what we had would work.. So i ended up moving in with him and him mom :) She is a very nice and loving person she had and extra room and she told me i could stay and live with her as i was going to school. So from there on our relationship grew. The SEX was excellent the best i ever had. Aries man are always trying to come with a new way to sexually please you and have alot of stamina!! So everything was working out he ended up joining the navy and i stayed with his mom while he was gone to bootcamp. When he came back we got married!!! At this time i was sure it was a love match and i found the love of my life. He was 18 and i was 21 i know i know he was young but we are in love. Well after we got married and did the honeymoon he went to where he was stationed and i stayed in MS he promised that he would save money get an apartment and move me up there once he got a car first. So i was patiently waiting for him. I even went to RI to visit my family because my sister just recently had a baby. So i was communicating with him on the phone and through computer but everytime i would call he would say “hi baby how are you doing?” be brief and cut me off by saying “Well I’m gonna let you go. I’ll call you back later!” Needles to say he wouldn’t call me back. And me as a taurus, I’m very stuborn and pridefull and wouldn’t call him. Well one day around my birthday i called him he didn’t pick up the phone and i had suspicion so i checked his voice mail. I heard a female voice saying Hi _____ (name) it’s _______ (girl name)just calling to tell you i had a good time and my parents asked me to invite you over for lunch!!!! Can you believe this i was hurt did not know what to do. So i called him back leaving all kinds of message on his voicemail. Called his friend and told him to get a hold of my husband right now ASAP! The stuborness again. So i told him about it and he admitted it and said he was sorry he broke it off with the girl. The whole while we didn’t talk for a minute. Me being a taurus if we love someone we do anything for them so i didn’t want to lose my love so i forgave him.. This cheatin happened a couple of more times and i ended up forgiving him those other times. I ended up moving to VA. Well at the age of 23 going on 24 i went to RI because my husband was going on deployment and he didn’t want me to stay in VA by myself. So i went up their with the car got a job and all. Needles to say before i got a job i was going to walmart almost everyday because my sister worked their and she would as me to bring her lunch or to go to lunch with her or whenever she needed something. So as my regular visit went i crossed eyes with the most alluring Virgo i’ve seen! And as most taurus now we do not believe in love at first site because we are more practical. Well my hairs just stood up and i was mesmorized! So i was looking forwars to going to walmart more often just to catch a glimpse of him. But than i started working there and i was so confused cause i love my husband but here was this guy that i just seen and now know and he was stirring up emmotions. So i ended up talking to him on the phone and we talked for hours and hours at night. It was so intense as you know Virgo are very intellectual and love to get into peoples heads. They love conversations… So then we met on On The Borders and had a drink while he ate i had previously eaten and was full just the to have a beer with him and for the conversation. It turns out that we think alike and have a lot of things in common. Except that he is very critical and sarcastic but i could handle that because i sometimes can catch myself being the same way. So we hit it off. And needless to say i ended up having an affair. Well my husband found out and I told him about it he was devasted. At first he did not want anything to do with me but than he forgave me. So i ended up moving back to where he was station. Things were going alright pretty good. Sex was still Excellent but the drive to have it for me wasn’t there. And as Aries should know this is a main concern for they are very sexually driven people. We had good times and theres been some bad times. But it seem that we argue more and more. I back to the good times and he only sees the bad and lack of sex. My husband has been very critical in a demanding way and wanting me to change but my stuborness won’t allow me to change in my ways. Haven’t cheated on him since than but he doesn’t seem to let it go either. He’s done it so many times and i don’t even look back on that. I give him his space when he needs it let him go out when he wants to but he is very controlling and doesn’t trust me not only because he doesn’t trust me but because he has his own self insecurities that he needs to deal with. So lately i’ve been second thinking about our marriage and wondering if it’s love. Taurus are very determined people and it hard for them to let a relationship go i guess it has to do with the sense of security they are looking for. But both of us has been wondering if we should let it go or continue on and just wish it gets better one day. I’m so confused and don’t know what to do. I love my husband and i know he loves me but we just been battling. I don’t know maybe i could still be secretly be wanting my Virgo man who made me second think about love at first site. But this Virgo man like myself keeps their emmotions and personal feelings to themselves when first meeting someone. So i don’t know if he is interrested in me or i was just a passing thing for him. And so i’m here confused because my marriage seems like its going down and what we had before was so good that i have hopes it will get like that again… Any advice????
    Desperatly waiting in RI

  14. 14
    bob burnquest Says:

    Ok iam a taurus man and she is a aries woman.. lol girl w.e. Ummm WELL the first day i met this girl it was at a party and she was yelling at some girl across the room thretening to stab her with this broken bottle. LMAO i found that so… sweet in a weird ass way so i went over to her and asked her wtf she was doing and why and what happened? So she brang me to the back of the room and told me the whole story. Since then we were “text buddys”. gay. um anddd we talked for a while in the summer.. i smoked alot of weed and whatever and i was a virgin. I found out that she got devirginized by my best friend.. before i met her anddd that was a big kjsefkjanf. I was being mean to her at one point and my friend told me to stop.. i dont know i used to hangout with her and i used to talk to her behind my friends back while they were in a fight.. like one time they were mad at eachother at this party and i was just the one who calmed her down alll the time i guess.
    WELLLLLL blah blah story story. Me and her had a fight about her not loving me cause she always said she loved me. Then she told me she said that to everyone. But she even made me a love letter lol a wack one but okay. shit happened and then she came back. friend requestigng me on myspace. oh and we even made cake together. well she friend requested me and then i told her i hated her then she said she hated me more.. some weird shit i dont knwo and then i was like… i got brownie mix.. then she commented me back saying PLEASE LET ME MAKE BROWNIES WITH YOU and then other shit and i told her i made her somthing for her birthday but i wasnt giving it to her.. and i said no brownies for her.. lol w.e and thennnn oh and while i was talking to her when we first met.. i used to talk to her best friend also.. and somtimes at the same time. she used to get mad and shit. w.e and um. thennn i seen her at a party.. she gave me a little kiddy hello if u kno what i mean.. then if i went over to talk to her.. she ignored me. Then her other friend slapped me, mad times…. i think its cause i touched her ass but w.e then i passedout and got carried to the car and everyone was like bob get in the car.. i was sitting half out half in the car throwing up and ignoring everyone. the aries girl named “rachel” said bob! and i said what? then she said “get in” and then i did. and then the kid who devirginized her.. my best friend was driving said rachel take care of him and then i put my arm around her. Next day, another party. I saw her there again and I swear on my life i felt her coming.. i looked and i kinda saw like… a glow not really but w.e and then she was there.. i looked the other way and later on in the party i walked by her and i felt her thinking about me NOOOOO JOKE or like… looking at me from behind or somthing.. then she came over to me and my friends.. and my best friend and asked if anyone wanted to play beer pong the went around people like do you? do you? do you? then she looked at me and said whatever.
    next week or so i hungout wth that girlthat i used to talk to when i talked to both of them at the same time… blah blah… i called her one day and she was at rachels house and when she picked up i heard them like fihting over the phone or somthing and they hungup, they called back and it was rachel making belive she was “tilly” the other girl and was saying things like ” you cant like me i have a boyfriend and other shit” i tryd balancing it out saying things like.. leave me alone and go die somwhere.. i kno it sounds bad but.. when she were fighting in the begining she said things like that …. kinda… i dont know FUCK YOU!

  15. 15
    olive Says:

    well, i’m an aries (cusp) woman, he’s a taurus. we connected at first sight, basically we enjoyed a lustful relationship. Our relationship was held together by amazing sex, peppered bacon,and computers nothing more. we argued about driving directions, finances, friends, politics, and even art. i felt really connected to him on a spiritual and sexual plane. I think what manifested instead was purely physical than anything else, sadly. I think taurus men are stubborn, boring, yet unpredictable (but I’m basing all of this on my experience with the ex).
    I tend to fall into a routine home life, which can be boring but I preferred spending time outside of my house…which he didn’t really enjoy so much. who knows where we would’ve ended up if we stayed together? probably frazzled, worn out, and just in the end hating each other…so we parted and went our separate ways. one thing is for sure, I will never forget him!

  16. 16
    confused Says:

    ok im a taurus woman and very intrested in this Aries guy. I recently got out of a long relationship and i really dont want to jump into anything to serious. I am not your normal tuarus, im actually a very outgoing, sarcasric, funny, up for anything kind of girl. Im just skeptical about this aries, we seem to have alot in common and we both have fun being sarcstic w/eachothert, but i feel like every relationship or soon to be relationship is always fun and good in the begining. I feel as if this is the breaking the ice stage and soon we will find ourselves argueing. Im not going to lie, ive read alot about tuarus and aries sex, and i cant wait to see what its going to be like.I just dont want sex to be the only part of our relationship that works. Should i take the risk and jump in and stop holding back ??????

  17. 17
    beautyandthebull Says:

    Hi Confused,

    I’m aries girl dating my Taurus bf for almost a year now. He is somewhat like you about being funny and sarcastic to the point that people think he is a jerk! He couldnt care less but love it!

    Our sex is great! They said we are not a good match because we seem to be on the opposite site of each other, but I feel we actually do share a lot in common (atleast our stubborn head as hell hehe) and we like to experience thing! (in and out the bed)

    In the bed, we produce one of the most sensual and erotic scence. I drive him mad with my incandescent fantasy while his enduring strength arouse all my female sensual.

    Out the bed, both of us are strong physically so we dont mind being outdoor sweating. I notice we both are the head turner. The frisky and vivid Aries seems to attract people around like a magnet while Taurus cast his charm with his muscular body and classy personality!

    We match very well mentally too! actually its the very first reason I get attracted to him. He challenge yet charm me with his intelligent conversation. We talk about anything and everything and everywhere like… all the time!

    And you said you are skeptic? I cant tell you enough how aries are capable of being more than just skeptic. we spot bullshit from miles away! and we do it openly and stright forward. I guess it works the same for Taurus who is so good at reading thru people, only different is that he pretend he doesnt care but he CONSTANTLY AND SECRETLY observe and test people! Crazy us! I just dont know who is more crazy and skeptic (but i want to give this reward to the bull)

  18. 18
    DANA Says:

    DO IT!

  19. 19
    Amber Says:

    I am an aries woman and I just recently got reaquainted with an old friend of mine(Taurus male)… we have known each other for over 7 years but strictly as friends but after this past weekend we hooked up all weekend long.. he told me how he has always liked me.. funny thing I looked at him like a little brother. He is the most passsionate man I have been with.. the sex is crazy amazing.. it is like we are perfect and he expresses his emotions without sounding too sappy.. he seems like he wants the best for me and honestly I am ready to be loved and spoiled. So we shall see what happens…

  20. 20
    Ronny Says:

    ok Iam a taurus and she is an aries we have been together for 5 years the begining was amazing no words could describe how things where until aboutt the last year we been a little uneased with each other I made a mistake cheated although she never found out but now ive beeen feeling like she is the one out and about know but I have no proof at all but even tho the sex between use is still amazing her end i would guess so cause she comes for some 6 times a week except on lil red friend visits but all for the most ive been with other woman but she is the best through all the fighting and arguing she has my heart the most so this can work i did it for 5 years (with to short term breakups)

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