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Are Taurus men Possessive?

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I thought it would be nice if I put up a question every now and then for everyone to put down their opinion etc. I have done this just for fun and it is not meant to be taken seriously!!

I have had many people email me telling me stories of male Taurean possessiveness; I have also experienced this when I was younger with an Earthy Taurus boy I went out with. On the other hand I have known a handful of these wonderful men who can’t stand to be tied down and are quite the opposite of possessive. What experiences do you have of this?

Please leave comments of your own opinions on this and any Taureans out there or friends and family of a possessive male Taurus …let’s hear from you too. Also if you have any questions you would like me to ask here then please drop me a line and I will put the best ones up on the site. :)


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123 Responses to “Are Taurus men Possessive?”

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  1. 1
    HL Says:

    Oh not just the men. As a female Taurus, I can say most of us are just as possesive.

    I think this has more to do with the other placements in the natal chart. For example, a Taurus with Venus in Aries may fear commitment. Actually, that would be me. :) However, I can be possesive depending on the person. In some relationships, I just didn’t care what my beloved was doing. In others, I got sick if I didn’t know where they were and how they were feeling.

    As for my Taurus ex’s, they weren’t posesseive. I guess because I was so much like them that they had faith in me.

  2. 2
    HL Says:

    Love that picture, by the way.

  3. 3
    MARY J Says:

    I think I had a 1 of a kind taurus. He did not even know what the word communication meant, I never even knew what our plans was until we were on our way,he’s a huge terriable liar,a huge cheater, cheap and he just didn’t offer that “Im the king of the jungle” attitude he wasn’t man enough for me. His temper cause for many beatings to me, many of my valuable things destroyed. He is very possesive and jealous. With the taurus man the bad defintely out weighed the good. He spoiled me in the begining until he started sharing my gifts with his many other women, the sex was awesome(goodlovers) I never knew when I could depend on him. You know, to come to think about it. It’s not to much good I can say about this taurus because my happiness was always short lived when he got mad that was it! he talked to much, he did’nt take care of home far as paying bills, fixing things around the house,nothing wow I never knew how much of a jerk he was and I was so deeply in love with this man. but he never budged he belived what he thought was right he never admitted when he was wrong he never apologized,he was never supportive of anything. When my bestfriend died he did’nt ask if I was ok,he never offered a hug,a kiss.He didn’t believe in me. Damn! he’s an asshole. When he proposed he was too stubborn to get on a knee and ask he just told me I was going to marry him and again being cheap it wasn’t even a engagement ring it was just a ring he brought from the pawn shop. WOw I will never date another tarus man again! jerks BEWARE!!!!!!!!

  4. 4
    O'DOGG Says:

    Both my mother and father are Taurus.As a Taurus male as well as an only child, I would have to say that yes, we are. But we are always in it for the good of reasons. Not only are the Taurus male most possessive, but they are the most technical and trustworthy as well.

  5. 5
    missy Says:

    I went out with a-super-jealous-taurus-man and now dating a-normally-possesive kind of taurus man.. (I think i tend to date taurus man?!)
    the first guy was so jealous to every guy-friend i had and that made us broke up. If people say that jealousy means “he cares about u, he loves u, whatsoever..”, forget it. normal jealousy is OK, but if it is too much, u will get sick and tired of it.
    he was so possesive that he always made a spooky face everytime he saw me talking or joking around with some guys, and it’s not that he didn’t know those guys i was talking to.
    this taurus man i’m dating now doesn’t really care about what kind of guys i hang out with, as long as i tell him beforehand.
    one thing that made me think he is possesive is that he realized he likes me because he felt jealous when he saw me having dinner with my friends (there were girls too, but i was sitting next to a guy). but i think he is still reasonably possesive compared to my taurus-ex. maybe he is mature enough to control his jealousy. besides, he also likes looking at other girls, so maybe he is just being fair to me haha.
    so, yes taurus men are possesive.
    and i reckon, some of them are also flirtatious-they love eyecandies, haha.

  6. 6
    Shyleen Says:

    Though it can sometimes be nice to know that your guy cares enough to BE possessive, I am with a Taurus now, and he is the most possessive guy I have ever been with. For the most part I don’t really mind, and everything with him is wonderful. But I saw the question and had to comment.

  7. 7
    Lorraine Says:

    Oh yes, my taurus e-bf is a possessive guy. He always checks everything about me including my accounts in Tagged and Facebook. I’m not allowed to add male friends. He gives meanings to every comment posted by my male friends. He’s soooooo stubborn and he has this habit of breaking up with me every month. He broke up with me again this time. Probably he’s thinking that I shall be back with him anyways…hahaha! Let him rot!

  8. 8
    Morgan Says:

    I’m a Taurus girl and I’m quite possessive. But geez I’m not -crazy-. I mean, yes, I get a little worried when a girl comments on my Leo’s profile, but good lord I don’t try to read his e-mails or anything or stop him from adding a friend on facebook.. oO;

  9. 9
    Atto Says:

    I’m a male taurus, and yes, I am possessive. But I want my counterpart to be possessive of me too. Seriously. That’s the way I like it. :)

  10. 10
    Angie Says:

    Taurus is possesive. I have a taurus girlfriend and she is possesive to the point to where she has to know everything that I do. I have read that taurus is automatically possesive of the people and things they love. It gives them a sense of ownership and security.they are also possesive of their friends. I like a little possession, but not too much where I have to be accounted for everywhere I go or anyone I speak too

  11. 11
    JD Says:

    Yes, I’m a Taurus male and I’m posessive. I think part of it is my background though. My mom was very beautiful (Pisces) and loved the attention she got. My dad (Cancer) would withdraw and find fulfillment in escape (books, magazines, movies, music etc.).

    I’ve always been drawn to women who make me feel worthless. Nevertheless I do notice a pattern of posessiveness aside from that.

    The positive aspect is that it can be controlled. When it is controlled the protective, nurturing side of me comes out. Which makes me predisposed to parenthood. I love being a dad. The best in me as a human and a Taurus comes out as a father.

  12. 12
    Rebecca Says:

    I hate taurus men. Yes. They. Are.

  13. 13
    ashes Says:

    Very possesive. Stop it, or RUN if you see the signs in the beginning because it only gets worse.

  14. 14
    Bella Says:

    I am dating a Taurus man, and he tends to be mildly possesive, just not crazy. He doesn’t go through my phone or things and he don’t make a big deal about me hanging out with friends and family. Like someone said above, as long I let him know beforehand. He did admit to me he’s only posessive because he likes to protect the ones he love. It don’t bother me that he wants to know my whereabouts. Though I don’t really care to know his. I am a leo btw.

  15. 15
    Sissy Says:

    I just divorced a Taurus man after several years together. Possessive, yes. And highly suspicious. I tried, but never felt I’d earned his trust. I could never go out of town without deleting any emails he might dig through and misinterpret. That kind of thing can kill a marriage (which it did). But to be fair, he was also stable and solid and dependable (when it came to taking care of family and his career). Fiercely loyal when it came to his children, and a stickler for doing the right thing. Even after the divorce, he made sure I’d be okay. So while the possessiveness wasn’t something I wanted to deal with forever, I can honestly say there were a few positives tossed into the mix. Not that I’d ever go back (;

  16. 16
    zoz Says:

    Yes, thats why they make much better friends. Especially when it comes to leo/taurus relationship. Even better they can be fuck buddies since the chemistry is so strong. haha

  17. 17
    Chloe Says:

    Both my mom and step dad are Tauruses, and I would say they’re a perfect match. They’re both committed, and trust each other because they know they’re not going anywhere. They call each other’s cell phones when they’ve been out for a couple hours, like just grocery shopping. Sometimes my mom gets upset when he’s always in her business and hardly leaves her alone, but I think that may spring from Only Child Sydrome and her being used to constant privacy.

    But, yes, I would agree that Tauruses are possessive.

  18. 18
    TJ Says:

    I don’t know why, but I’m a Pisces and I have always had a Taurus attracted to me, and wanting me to always be by their side. Most of them enjoy playing “20 Questions” with me, especially asking me “What are you doing?” every hour on the hour. One that I’m attracted to always wants me to be by his side, even though he is googling other women. And when I can’t, he’ll text me like crazy. But I noticed that if they hurt someone they care about, they suffer, big time.

  19. 19
    lisa Says:

    I’ve recently got back with my Taurus ex after 3 years. I’m a Gemini so you can imagine the fireworks in that relationship. Yes he was very possessive and controlling, and that is what split us up. However he was the most passionate and caring man i have ever met, spontaneous with his romantic gestures, and very loyal. I’m a typical Gemini in that i have always been very restless and selfish, and have walked from many relationships, but yet this one man has always held a huge place in my heart, i know the signs with this beautiful Taurus man, and hope it can be different this time, early days! Watch this space!

  20. 20
    brittani Says:

    wow the chick above me just got in a relationship bout 3 weeks ago. I am almost speechless. Ive been in one for 2 weeks now. Im a virgo. Chemistry is … awesome! i mean like more then 3 times a day! and i work 2 jobs and go to school full time so its hard to find time but we manage. ! lol But he wants to marry me to. He asked me yesterday to get a tatoo of his name on me. i said no… lol him first he didnt like that response and sat around pissed off for like 3 hours bc i said i wouldnt go first. we went to QT (gas station) last night and my gay next door neighbor was there. He kept tryin to talk and get my phone number cuz he got a new phone, my taurus was sitting in the car watching everything… so i get back in the car, and he wont speak pulls out all fast and so i just told him who the guy was and why we were chatting. He suddenly relaxed and started talking about all the guys that were starring at me when i was going in. He keeps telling me he loves me but i havent said it back yet. Hes already made a key for me or his apt. I have yet to do that, he lets me drive his car and his moms car. He wont let me pay for anything! We went to eat yesterday, and as i was giving the lady the money for my sandwich he just grabs it and shoves it in his pocket and pays for it. and then gives me back the money in the car. he doesnt like to eat by himself. If i get my food first i have to wait for him to get his food and we can both sit down and eat together. Its only been 2 weeks…. lol. but the thing is i like possesive, i think its sexy in a man. i dont come across to many men that arent scared to share there true feelings about a girl and how they feel as far as who ther with and what there doing. i love it! lol

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