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A day in the life of … A Taurus girl!

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This post has been written by one of my readers who is also one of the first people to ever comment on my site. She has given a lot of good advice to many people on here as well. I hope you enjoy this post, thank you for sharing HL :)


My first boyfriend was a Scorpio, which is rather unfair for a simple-minded love-addicted 13 year old Taurus girl. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. We were good friends, who often argued over what music bands were better than others, what language was more romantic (he spoke fluent French and I speak fluent Spanish), and what movies were better. I often went to his house, where I got to know his flaky but lovable Piscean father, his only parent since his mother died at his birth, something that troubled him much growing up. I quickly became family to these water-sign boys, since theirs was so small. I also became his sort-of muse. My boyfriend was a musician, quite talented in any instrument but mainly piano. He would play songs from Phantom of the Opera and have me sing Christine’s parts. His voice was also deep and gorgeous, but he never really paid attention to my compliments as much as he obsessed over how I should take care of my vocal chords because I had a "hauntingly delicate" soprano voice. (That was five years ago. I don’t have that voice anymore *sighs*) He’d go crazy if I didn’t wear scarves in the cold or if I ate chocolate, which is supposedly harmful for a singer’s throat. (Someone should have told him then that chocolate was the drug of choice for a Taurus.) It did get annoying sometimes,but mostly I found it cute that he cared about my voice. It’s all the Pisces in me (Moon, Mars,and Ascendant) that made me so tolerant toward him, despite being opposite signs.

We argued all the time, but it only brought us together, as both our Venus signs were in fire signs and, apparently, fights = love with Fire signs. Like a classic Scorpio, he would get insanely jealous if I so much as spoke about another straight guy he didn’t know. If he didn’t like my friends, he told me to stay away from them. He had good reason too, because even though it wasn’t something that was spoken much about he had a highly sensitive sixth sense. In other words, he was psychic. He could tell what people were feeling by just being around them. Occasionally, he saw "flashes" of the future or past. There were times, when we were really close, that he could read my thoughts. He told me once he had met me in a dream, which was part of the reason it was so hard for him to let me go. I’ll admit, it was hard for me to let him go too. I never had to explain what I was feeling to him, he understood even my stupidest and most confusing feelings and being around him set me at peace.

Even years later after we broke up, I still think back to this relationship. It’s been so hard to forget, considering how much he’s influenced me. I don’t think I would have had such a strong love for music, nor would have I pursued a French minor in college. I also don’t think I would have been so interested in astrology, as I ran into it while researching his psychic awareness.

His father is a photographer and takes pictures specifically at concerts in whatever town he’s in at the moment. We still keep in touch. Fun fact: he was born same day and year as Kurt Cobain, February 20, 1967, and plays guitar rather nicely himself, but unlike the legendary musician, he quit music to become a "responsible adult."

My last relationship was with Virgo man whom I met through the Pisces. He was 8 years older than me, but I was only 17 and it really only bothered everyone else but us, though he wouldn’t "touch" me until I turned 18. (We cuddled and kissed plenty, so there were no complaints from me.) He played bass in the Pisces’s former band and we often met at parties, where we would spend most of the evenings together, talking about literature, mainly books and movies and whatever we were writing at the moment. We’re both lit majors, so we tend to get really nerdy when we’re together. We would watch movies all day on days off from classes and comment on how well, or awful, the scripts and plots were and how they affect the actors and in turn the entire movie–like I said, nerdy. My dear Virgo had a habit of cleaning my room whenever he was in it. He’d try to place my books on the shelves, but they were cluttered with jewelry, toys (Pisces ascendant), and random nick-knacks. It drove him crazy until he finally decided to quit and just leave my room. He was an obsessive cleaner, possibly due to his Moon in Scorpio. My first boyfriend also had a moon in Scorpio, which is strange but not very surprising.

My Virgo boy had to take care of his parents because his father was having back problems, meaning he would have move back to his home in Ohio. We decided to break up then, because at the time I was starting my first year at college and I would meet and want to date other people. (I didn’t. I was too busy missing him.) So we broke up. He came back for a summer. We went out again and were fine until I found out he had found an ex-girlfriend back home and went out on a few dates with her. We weren’t going out at the time, so I thought it wasn’t a big deal. Then I answer his phone one evening and it’s her. Then I find out he had been keeping phone calls and text messages to her a secret from me. He had no good reasons except that he knew I would get jealous, though really I don’t know if he had broken up with her at all. I broke up with him.

Born year of the dog, and recently graduated from the same university I am now attending, he is now an elementary school teacher. He’s still also one of my closest friends, though things get ugly when he brings that incident up. He’s asked me to be his girlfriend again, but I refuse to be anything but a good friend to him. I don’t think I can ever forgive him, but that’s a Taurus for you: stubborn.

-HL, a loyal reader

Take this as a word of caution before messing with a Year of the Horse woman because, as a friend once said, "Horse ladies tend to be magical, but fragile, in the areas of love." (And if that particular Horse you hurt happens to be a Taurus, you’re pretty much screwed!)

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20 Responses to “A day in the life of … A Taurus girl!”

  1. 1
    scorpio Says:

    Fire sign, fight = love ..true!

    As a scorpio male, I would just like to say that I fit the mould of the jealous type with my ex, only because i felt she was a bit careless and crazy and perhaps a bit stupid too. Im not insulting her. Im making a point that I felt protective of her when she flirted with the wrong kind of guy. All I wanted was for her to understand that men will take advantage of her oblivious nature. I dont know how to explain it. It wasn’t jealousy.

    I really dont know how to put it into the right kind of words so you guys just get it :(

  2. 2
    Drew Says:

    An interesting post indeed…I am a Scorpio male and its very true we can be jealous or over~protective & possesive but {if this makes any sense) not usually for Scorpio’s own personal gain. We tend to care deeply for others, more than ourselves but also carrry it to an extreme that often pushs others away. Its just Scorpios nature~~~~a very hard sign to understand…even for a Scorpio.

  3. 3
    HL Says:

    scorpio, yes, I understand that Scorpios are possessive for the sake of others, and this becomes more apparent when they become husbands or fathers, which most actually do hope to be one day. My Scorpio ex planned for a house full of kids, and we were only 14 and 15! Of course, most people don’t see it that way because they only think of themselves. It took me awhile to figure that out, especially when a friend he told me to stay away from ended up hurting me.

    And Drew, yes Scorpios don’t even have themselves figured out completely, but that’s okay. They’re the sign of mystery!

  4. 4
    ArieswithAqu.. Says:

    I dated a virgo female.. her room was a mess. it was like a nuclear bomb went off in here @ all times. she had no concept of organizing. i don’t know why people always say virgos are neat n stuff, my one encounter with a virgo didn’t show that trait at all

  5. 5
    HL Says:

    ArieswithAquarius: The cleanliness thing is one of the biggest Virgo stereotypes, but they’re not always very neat. They may be neat and organized in the way they think, take notes, make lists, keep their kids and/or significant others tidy, etc. There’s bound to be at least one thing they keep organized, even if it’s not their own house or room. My Virgo ex wasn’t actually very neat himself. His apartment was quite messy but a lot of the fault also goes to his roommate.

  6. 6
    TaurusnVirgo Says:

    I am a Taurus girl dating a Virgo guy and it has been the best relationship I have ever been in. It is as if we were meant to be. Of course we fight but we always understand each other and work through it. I go through a lot with my family and he knows all about it and helps me through a lot of those tough times. I usually wasn’t one to spill my life and let anyone in but I feel like I can tell him anything. We are just like best friends. Even though we are only 21 we have been together for a year now and it feels like our bond is getting stronger and we will be together for a long time. My past relationship was with a Libra who would not communicate with me and we would always fight and when I tried to make him understand why I was unhappy at times it was as if he had nothing to say and didn’t want to resolve the situations. I completely understand how you could get along well with your Virgo ex boyfriend being a Taurus as well. Just make sure you do not lose him as a friend.

  7. 7
    Taurusrollercoasters Says:

    I am a taurus girl and my first boyfriend was Scorpio too . He was insane but in this fun way and had this sexy way of being outrageous with me /This appealed to me because of my reserved nature . After we broke up i fell in love with this Virgo guy …we seemed to be so perfect together … But i had a heard time dealing with his ex girlfriends (he had way too many) and i guess drove him away … coz a while later i found out that he had got back with one of them .We are friends now , but he broke my heart as dramatic as that sounds . I have to say as Taurus , My biggest problem is that i find it way to hard to get into a relationship !

  8. 8
    HL Says:

    Taurusrollercoasters: Wow. We have an incredibly identical relationship history. I find it hard to get into relationships too, despite that I always have an eye on a few people and I flirt quite a bit, though I never realize when I’m doing it! The trouble for me is commitment. While I am constantly single, I’ll be in tiny 1-2 week affairs in between serious, or at least longer, relationships, so I don’t really count those. I’ve only had two, maybe three, serious relationships, so don’t feel bad!

  9. 9
    AnonyMiss Says:

    I’m a Virgo woman. I just want to say that some of my most beautiful female friends are Tauruses. And the guys too! I think Tauruses are some of the most physically beautiful people on earth. :-)

  10. 10
    bella Says:

    i’m a taurean girl. i find that virgo, taurus and libra people are my best friends. i can always have an instant rapport with them.

    my first boyfriend was a virgo and we had great communication, it was fantastic but he was a first class bastard. he was always cheating on me :(. after 7 years of his roving eye, i had to break up with him just to retain my sanity (he was quite glad to, anyway, as he was panting to be single again). strangely, we are kind of okay now, no bad feelings… he invited me for his wedding. i didn’t go but he told me he was seriously trying to make things work with his fiancee, as he was tired of fooling around.

    my second boyfriend was a capricorn, and the most sweetest guy i ever met in life. we never fought, not even once, and we were compatible in every part of our r’ship…. but i ended it after 3 years, after i found out that he wanted to have kids - and i did’t. the breakup was awful, he was near suicidal and we don’t speak anymore. he married this girl in 2 yrs, and now has 2 kids!

    Now I am on my 3rd r’ship with a Leo for the past 6 years. After the comfort of 2 fellow earth signs, this one is like walking thru a hurricane with tons of luggage! Misunderstanding, fights, rows, entirely different likes and dislikes… we must be the most incompatible couple on earth! it took us 3 years to stop fighting every day… but this works because he is faithful, independant and he respects my wishes (as long as I respect his). we are engaged and soon to be married!

    Sun sign compatibility is alright, but it takes sincere effort and commitment from both to make a r’ship a success!

  11. 11
    AprilTaureanGirl Says:

    I’m a Taurean girl who fell in love with a Scorpion guy (a heartthrob) too (during my High School days). He was my first love, but after a week, we broke up for another girl. He’s such a playboy. He hurt my heart for 5 years. After that, college years - I fell in love with Cancer guy.

    The problem is that this Cancer guy doesn’t love me and he would like for to remain as friends and I respect that. Until now, we have a really wonderful friendship. But I’m not loosing my hope. Some of our friends can see that there’s something between us.

    As for now I’m enjoying my moment with my cancer guy. He’s sensitive yet, I can’t win over him LOL.

  12. 12
    April taurean Says:

    I want to reply to (bella Says), I married with a Leo and before we were marriage, we used to fight a lot too. But after we married, he cheats a lot. Leo boys don’t say much, but they do it in planning. Once they act on their plan, then no one can change it. I did what I can to safe the marriage, because we have a son together. But he just can’t stop cheating, I catch him so many times. Wish you guys can work out.

  13. 13
    HL Says:

    April taurean (& all interested): I’m sorry about your Leo. I have a Leo uncle who has been living with my Piscean aunt for over 15 years . I call her aunt because she partially raised me, is one of the emotionally strongest women I’ve ever known and is the mother of the two sweetest cousins I have, damn the absence of lisence!

    Anyway, he too has a cheating problem. He’s always out dating other women and does a bad job of hiding it. He once even had his daughter in on it and she accidentally told me and another aunt. “My daddy’s going dancing with a (girl)friend and he told me not to tell anyone,” the then 7-ish year old said. I was mad.

    He’s stopped now, but developed a drinking problem. On the plus side, he’s an incredibly dedicated father (and uncle, I might add) and would give the world to his kids if he could.

  14. 14
    Taurus-Ox girl Says:

    I’m a Tauren. Dated a Leo for 15 years (never married). He was pretty abusive towards me. I can fight back but that just made the abuse worse (Leos don’t like to be challenged in my experience). I haven’t had any other signicent relationships to compare to. I do meet a lot Cancer men though and always fall head over heels in love with them. However, they always seem to break my heart. A lot of my best friends have been Cancers as well.

    My moon is in Cancer. Sun, Venus and Mercury are all in Taurus. Mars is in Aquarius.

  15. 15
    james earl jones Says:

    virgos are cluttered…i have 2 in my life with the same bday and they are so alike but so many years apart…they also both have messy rooms lol but i doont care

  16. 16
    Emma Says:

    He had no good reasons except that he knew I would get jealous,

    Your virgo boy had no reason to think that you’d get jealous PERIOD…I never heard once were you complained about yourself or him being jealous, you only ever talked about it with your scorpio boy.

    and Taurus-Ox girl yeah, Leo’s are nasty little bastards when angered. My aunty, dad, sister, and 3 of my friends are leos. Run for the hills if they are angered though!

  17. 17
    yvonne pham Says:

    dear HL, this story about you and your scorpio boy really touched me, why? well im a sucker for such love stories and im a scorpio as well. im planning to make a book out of it cuz i think its so good. I’ll fill you in on the details when I can actually get a publisher ;)

  18. 18
    Rosa Says:

    Being a Taurus with Virgo moon and ascendant, I think that Virgos are very chaotic in their
    minds because they are so analytical. And this can go two ways - either their houses are messy
    too as a reflection of their minds, or their houses are very organized so they can feel at
    peace. I’m definitely the messy type.

    My first boyfriend was a Cappy, as was the girlfriend I had after him. Caps are great people,
    very ambitious, intelligent and with a great sense of humor. My mother is a Cappy too, and
    she is almost obsessed with her dignity. Her moon and ascendant are both in Cancer, so she is
    very clingy and sensitive towards me - being her only child. My moon and ascendant make me
    more emotionally detached though, so I feel like I’m forever trying to run away from her grip.

    After my Cappy girlfriend I fell in love with a Scorpio guy. We never made it to a relationship
    because just being in love already brought too much problems. We were both reserved and cautious,
    so we never trusted each other. He would also get moody and push me away, and then apologize the
    next day. I always told him it was okay, but at some point he had hurt me too many times and I
    couldn’t give him my affections anymore. So when I took a (taken) Leo friend out for dinner, he
    got jealous and eventually broke all contact with me.

    I had a hard time getting over the Scorpio until a Libra friend that I already knew for two years
    suddenly switched on his charm and started flirting with me. That’s how strong the charm of a Libra
    is - he makes you forget about everything else in the world. :3 I know all Libra men that I have
    met to be cheaters, players or skirt hunters (no offense to other Libras out there!). My Libra
    used to be a skirt hunter too when he was younger, although he never cheated on any of his
    girlfriends. But now he is old (18 years older then me) and looking for the one, which he seems to firmly believe in. His romantic personality tends to annoy me sometimes - he’s a fluent sweet talker. Yet, at the same time, he can be incredibly blunt and harsh when making a point. But his sense of humor and interests match so well with mine, that we really get along extremely well most of the time. I don’t believe in the one, but he is nearest to it.

    Most of my friends are fire signs - either Leos or Sagittariuses, I fight too frequently with Aries people. My best friend, however, is a loyal, understanding, caring and passionate Scorpio.

    Signs that I find myself not being able to get along with are Aries, Aquarius, and Cancer. Gemini people are nice and fun, but they talk too much sometimes. =P With Pisces I either get along well, or not at all. They are very blunt, unlike what descriptions of them say. I find Virgos to be the most friendly and polite people.

  19. 19
    required Says:

    I think that’s so beautiful, the fact of starting a love romance and become passionate.

  20. 20
    James Says:

    Taurus Ox, you just need a Capricorn Dog that is all. Capricorn Dogs are loyal, friendly, compassionate, loving, smart, fun, awesome looking. Most of all loyal. They will only be in a few relationships their whole lives because they know how to be loyal.

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