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Which type of Sagittarius are you?

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I thought it would be nice if I put up a question once a week for everyone to put down there opinion etc. I have done this just for fun and it is not meant to be taken seriously!!

Sagittarius people come in two different types, one is outgoing and extroverted and the other is introverted and far quieter and less bubbly. I have known many and the majority have loved to party and drink lots of wine and just basically have as much fun as possible! I would really like any Sagittarius people out there or friends/family of to comment on their experience of this and which type they/you are.


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90 Responses to “Which type of Sagittarius are you?”

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  1. 1
    HL Says:

    Is there a bitchy kind? I have quite a few of those in my family, and some friends…

  2. 2
    Becky Says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your comment HL.

    Well, no. There isn’t a ‘bitchy type’ but I have to agree that they can be aq bitchy breed of star sign! So I do understand where your coming from.
    It’s a case of “when they are good they are very very good, but when they are bad they are horrid’

    Love & Light


  3. 3
    Midnight Says:

    lol I know a fiew and they tend to be very bitchy thats true, I have 2 Cousins who are saggitarius .one of them lies, cheats, steals and is a total bitchy type, But the other is very quiet and nice, open minded and very pleasent to discuss with. I always feel Shokecd when I think that they are the same sign!

    Also my father and my ex-bestfriend are saggitarius, and I have to say I never met such a dear person as my ex-bstfriend sammy, He was the deaest of all people ,even if sometimes he is too impulsive and says hurtful things.

  4. 4
    celeste Says:

    I am the extroverted tyoe. 12/7/1975. I CAN BE the life of the party but, at times I am an introvert. So, I guess I am both!

  5. 5
    aly Says:

    My sister is an introverted, far quieter, and less bubbly type Sag. But don’t be mistaken…Oh God, when it comes to making arguments and heated debate, they are really hot headed even to the extent of completely defying logic and rationality.

    Interestingly in the process of arguments when the temperature keeps on rising to the boiling point and rationality takes a backseat, they tend to defy what they said earlier. That’s some fun.

    My Way or the High Way!!!

  6. 6
    Natalie Says:

    I’m a Sag and have always had a bit of a flash temper. I am warm-hearted and genuinely care about people but I have definitely put my feet in my mouth by speaking before thinking. If I get angry, it’s usually over an injustice. I’ve known other Sag’s, we are strong willed and passionate, creative. Not the tidiest people but quirky and fun-loving. I have a very outgoing side but also a shy side, at times painfully so, growing up at least. I tend to get impatient with brooding types. If something bothers me I voice it,probably a little shockingly aggressive for some but then I get over it.

  7. 7
    alice Says:

    I think I’m both! But I’m actually the 13th star sign, Ophiuchus, so technically, I’m not supposed to be either. So I guess I’m a mix of Scorpio and Sag?

  8. 8
    celine Says:

    Two of my very best friends are sagittarius & they are VERY different!! One is very outgoing like me and she and I would be very talkative and outspoken in class. We also took drama class together for 3 years and might I say, we made quite the team! My other friend is very opinionated but is not as eager as me to get her point across in the class room. She is EXTREMELY smart. Both friends are. Wisdom I believe is a common trait amongst the Sag. But anywho, she’s somewhat of a bitch, she tells me to be quiet when I talk too loud and I tell her she’s a bitch and love her all the same. I have many many many sagittarius friends and love them all! :)

  9. 9
    sag/oph Says:

    i am a sag, 12/13 so i am also an oph. i am outgoing but i can be shy on occasion. i am usually the person in the center of a crowd and i am usually the clown making everyone laugh. i am also the big kid at the childrena table with the babiea and pets in my lap blowing spit bubbles with the babies.

    i just met and started dating another sag and i am learning that we get along famously… but i am wondering if 2 flighty dingy people can ever accomplish anything?

  10. 10
    Fernandez Says:

    Sagi here, am the introvert, quiet side type, the sign of sagittarius is further divided by the philospher and the athlectic, so don’t be surprise if one of your sagi friends is not so into sports, he is just more of the philosopher then the athlectic type.

    Other then that, yea i share e same traits as all sagi do, we talk before we think, blunt and honest to a point which can drive your partner mad.

    Fiery temper when angry yet the anger wont last for more then a day. LoLx, my partner even made the same comment bout me before, “when i’m good, i’m very good, when i’m bad, i’m very bad.”

  11. 11
    kela Says:

    I guess I’m both beacuse when you first see me I’m kind of quiet and shy but once you get to know me whoa I’m super happy and I love to party. personally I think every sag has a lil bit of both sides and that’s what makes us who we are. We know when to be super fun and bubbly and we know when to turn it down a lil. This is just based that my best friends are all born in december and are sagittarius and this is sort of how we act.
    :] k3la

  12. 12
    tatiana Says:

    I’m a sag me I think of my self as having two diffrent personalities. “Yes” I am very out spoken and have stuck my foot in my mouth more times than I can count. I like having fun and traveling I think that people most of the time are attracted to me like a magnet. Love me or hate me, you choose; but you gotta love me!

  13. 13
    claudia Says:

    I’m a nov sag. Was more bubbly when I was younger, now quieter, wiser and at times sardonic. I married another sag. but we are divorcing. He became way too obsessed and controlling. More like a Scorpio (he 26 Nov me 27 Nov). We are alot alike-what got us together-but also too different=divorce. Met an Aqua…interesting. Never dated one before, this one seems to want to be friends. Not surprised…

  14. 14
    niko Says:

    I’m a sag too (12/6), I too am blessed with the curse of foot in mouth syndrome!Belive it or not I used to be worse. To me total honesty is thee most important thing. But I swear the other signs just don’t get it! They go around BS’ing themselves into beleiving lies! Honestly (no pun intended), the truth will set you free people!…anyway I am outgoing some days and others I am not. I don’t like sports or animals either. I am jovial, good humored, fun-loving, philosophical, and many of the other chracteristics that you hear about. My best friends, as well as my husband are all Aqua people. But I get along very well with Sags too. The only problem with dealing w/ another Sag is that you constantly feel like you are looking in a mirror , do to the many similarities!

  15. 15
    Jan Says:

    I’m a ‘Typical Sag’ …. or even Ophiuchus (10/12). Definately more the quiet, phylosophical ones. Injustice drives me up the wall and I’m happy in family life AS LONG as I have the freedom to act out any creative hobby, interesst that I’m in to at the moment.Through my whole life, I’ve always been ‘the peacemaker’ …… whether in family or in the Office. I hate just hearing one side of a story and try to be calm and diplomatic. My aim? To be a very very old and wise man! :-)

  16. 16
    KARI ANN Says:


  17. 17
    Amanda Says:

    Im a saggitarius, (12/12) and i’ve come to find that we are a very unique kind. I am an extrovert and introvert, it depends on my mood whether or not i feel like overly expressing myself. I come off as a light-hearted fun loving person, but i am actually very deep and intuitive on the inside. but that side of me is gaurded by what i would rather have people think of me as. i stay up days on in and although people may confuse me for beign irresponsible and overboard i happen to be a manager of both my jobs. there are dark and light sides to the saggitarius just takes some time and patience to break through a saggitarius mind and soul in order to know the truth of our hearts. but patience is key.

    p.s. i am dating a cancer. and most say that we wont make it. and its true there arent many cancers i do get along with, but we just so happen to be perfect for eachother!=] so i proved that theory wrong.

  18. 18
    Midnight Says:

    Is it common for saggitarious men to fall inlove twice in teh same time? I mean Can They have affairs and stll love their wife or parter? I always read that They often have mistrsses and they try to treat both mistress and partner in the same equal way??

    This doenst make sense to me and I don’t like this trait about saggitarious men

  19. 19
    Omar Says:

    I am not technically a Sagittarius but my moon and Mars signs are under Sagittarius and so I posses a lot of the typical Sagittarius traits. I am very blunt even though I never mean to hurt anyone; words just come out of my mouth too fast sometimes. I am also very energetic and I consider myself a very outgoing person. I rarely hold grudges because I forget about things too easily. I cool down as quickly as I flare up.

    Even though my sun is under Aquarius I get along with Leos perfectly. I have a lot of Leo friends and I rarely clash heads with them. Although yes it is true their vanity and egoism does annoy me sometimes. I get over it though. Perhaps my Sagittarius moon and Mars helps me relate to them better.

    Also, I have noticed I have that square jaw Sagittarians have. That box looking jaw. I have always been able to distinguish Sagittarians because of their unique jaw.

  20. 20
    Fallon Says:

    I’m right in the middle of being a Sagittarius, I think. (November 29), and I seem to be the typical Sagittarius. I love it! This sign is the best ;). Umm.. I am very blunt, but I am also very compassionate.. sympathetic and empathetic. I have an outgoing personality when I’m around close friends (or intoxicated lol - false confidence), and I’m more reserved in larger social groups. I like to stand back and observe everyone. I can be shy, but I can be really just depends on the vibe I get from whoever I’m talking with. Oh, I’m very athletic, but also very philosophical. Oh oh annnnd.. I’m dating a Leo!! :D It’s amazing. If you’re a Sagittarius, you should find a Leo lol rawr. His energy seems to match mine, he’s witty, and very loving. He doesn’t smother me though. He’s great at expressing his thoughts and feelings, so I don’t have to be reassured that he likes me… and he’s manly lol *swoons*. His birthday is July 23, so he’s right at the cusp of being a Cancer too.. and Cancers are supposed to be nurturing and sensitive? heheheeeh lol :)

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