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Compatibility For Scorpio and Sagittarius

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Scorpio Sagittarius

Scorpio and Sagittarius

These two are not going to win romance of the year I’m afraid, there is a lot of differences between these two. Some differences can be positive of course, but others can be draining after a while. Sometimes two people can be so different that they may not even be in a situation where they will meet in the first place and as such I have never met a couple sharing these signs, so if you are one please comment with your experiences, I am always willing to learn!

Scorpio ‘feel’s far more deeply, or rather, on a deeper level than Sagittarius can comprehend. It’s not that Sagittarius doesn’t feel love and emotion but they are not as serious about it as the Scorpio. A Sagittarius person, for example, will happily leave their partner for a week or two to go on a holiday abroad with friends, the Scorpio will be at home in pieces and would never, ever dream of doing the same thing to their Sagittarius partner. This is where their differences will eventually show through.

Sagittarius, especially the outgoing extraverted type, loves being around hustle and bustle, loud music, dancing and rollercoaster’s, to them life is fun and for living so you had better do it at full speed! Scorpio on the other hand is not that keen on lots of people milling round and prefers a more intimate setting, also as Scorpio people have a very good intuition when they are around too many people it can get a bit much ‘spiritually’ and they tend to scuttle off somewhere more peaceful. I have to say though that more Scorpio men follow this rule than Scorpio women who tend to enjoy being out and socialising far more than their male counterparts. A tricky union and one that will certainly need a lot of care and understanding.

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92 Responses to “Compatibility For Scorpio and Sagittarius”

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  1. 1
    Mary Ayodele Says:

    I’m a Sag girl and I just met a scorpio man and so far he’s an instresting person. Lets see how long it lasts!

  2. 2
    Tonya Says:

    OMG!! For you to never experience a Scorpio-Sagittarius relationship, you sure did hit it right on the head. I’m a scorpio female that was with a sagittarius male for 5yrs. Astrologers say that scorps are controlling, I think the sag beet me by a 1,000. He wanted NO questions, but he definately wanted to ask them. I’m more affectionate, expressive and catering, versus his playful, non-expressive, flirty, out all night- out all day nature and of course I had to be perfectly acceptant of that. We all know that can only happen for so long with a scorpio and once the sh** hit the fan, it was like Hitler vs. Bush… it wasn’t pretty. Sex is untouchable between the two though, we could light a fire cracker with the passion, it’s just that when I say I love you- I show it, when he says I love you- he just says it. And I have a son by him, imagine the tension…. Scorpio’s want to be loved, how they give love. Sagittarius’ want to be loved but give love how they want.

  3. 3
    Reagan Says:

    Hello, please allow me to be of some assistance to your Scorp/Sag relationship. I dated a Sag for over 4 years. Our relationship started out as a student/teacher he the teacher, and me the angry Scorp looking for revenge and a lesson in Martial Arts to build my own self-confidence. This developed into him seeing my ‘fire’ (Aries moon) and wanting to know more about my dreams. He was 14 years older than me which probably played a huge part. Healing and looking at past issues with my father became a large part of the partnership for me. We had a very spiritual relationship which would make up for most of its success. He was developing his ability to ‘feel’ everything possible in his life as he had a bit of a ‘rough & tumble’ start for the first 30 some years of his life, which ended in a 25 year divorce about 18 months before meeting me. We both had the desire to better ourselves and our relationships. He showed me a caring and concern for everything I was caring and concerned about, right down to my jealousy…..which when it fired and it only fired about 3 times in the 5 years, he handled it very well, by reminding me that in reality, we are not ‘each others’ and neither of us ‘owned’ the other person and that things could change in the blink of an eye….this stemmed from his recent realization of the dynamics of a relationship ending in divorce. It gave me a chance to ‘let go’ and live the best I can, and not worry so much about being alone, or cheated on (which he never did). I eventually got to the point after a long physical fast done by him, that I needed to live my own life, and learn somethings on my own, so I decided that it was time to break free….I did however become unfaithful about a month and a half before I was to move out…after I had decided and talked to him about my needing to follow my own path. I did become quite closed up after I had decided to do so, and did not want to discuss my decision. This was difficult for him, because we had always talked through everything, and a lot of times I did most of the listening…heehee!! I did learn a lot, and we are still on speaking terms, and we know we always will be.

    Trust this helps, as brief as it was!!

  4. 4
    Clevalady Says:

    Words of a Scorpio Woman. I was in a Scorpio-Sagittarius relationship for 8 years. This has been a ride like you would not believe. I have been lied too. cheated on this man had no drive no goals no emotions. He likes to live on day and at time. If you are dating a Sagittarius man GOOD LUCK. The sex will be great but so will the drama.

  5. 5
    Sarah Says:

    My ex husband is a Scorpio and I am a Sag. This by far was the worst relationship I was ever in. We had nothing in common and were so different. I like to go out and socialize and always be on the go. My ex wanted to stay home all of the time, he was jelous, possesive, and boring. I felt completely tied down and like I lost all my freedom. He was also way too emptional all the time. I would never be in a relationship with a Scorpio again. Oddly my best friend is a Scorpio and we get along great.

  6. 6
    Tash Says:

    Ok I am a sag and I just met this Scorpio guy about 3 weeks ago. Advise please…OMG. I read somewhere that Sag’s would be interested in solving the puzzle of Scorpio. This is true but I can’t even tell if we are in a relationship let alone what one will be like. There is a lot of sexual attraction and his actions seem to imply he cares for me yet he doesn’t say it. I am a more shy Sag so I am thinking the difference of Sag being more outgoing will not effect us. I like his intensity. It almost flatters me but then because he is not as open as me or secretive about his feeling I almost feel like my affection is not returned. Weird and contradicting of some of the things I read. I almost feel like I’m the scorpio.

  7. 7
    kya Says:

    I am a scorpio girl and i am dating a sagittarius boy. We have been together for a year and a half and this has been one of the most stable and satisfying relationships i have ever been in… We are similar in ways that are important and completely opposite in ways that allow us to grow and learn with each other.. I see our relationship as having serious long term potential because of the possibility of evolving together as better people.. and always having the security of knowing one will always be there to encourage and pick up the other when they are down. His sense of independence teaches me to be more controlling and focus on myself more during a relationship instead of losing myself in love and being devastated and crippled afterwards. By being able to focus on myself but still have a loving and dedicated relationship, allows me to live my own life to the fullest, but still never have to feel alone, unloved, or overwhelmed. Maybe we are freaks of nature.

  8. 8
    Clara Says:

    I am a Scorp female that has been married to a Sag male for 5 years. We recently called it quits after being in each others’ lives for 12 years. While the love was real and the sex was out of this world it was hard because we didn’t see relationships the same. I require a lot of time and attention and he never really made the effort. I still love him and he says he still loves me but he still wants the divorce. I know now it would never work and that we are better off as friends.

  9. 9
    tee Says:

    Im a scorpio woman and ive been datin a sag man for almost 3 yrs and i love him so fuckin much. He is my everything. I love his out going and adventurous nature..yeah sometimes im a bit jealous but he loves me for that. He is so emotional and loving towards me. He always tells me he loves me and everthing. He sweet and also romantic. I love him bc he is so different from other guys..and i like that he’s like a challenge for me and i like that. We also are good friends and can tlk about anything but sometimes he can be a lil jealous and possesive 2 like hes more a scorp than i am..he shows alot of emotions towards me and i believe we are very compatible.

  10. 10
    PrettyFAce Says:

    i am a Scorpio born on the cusp of sag, but i consider my self a scorpio woman. I have been dating a 21 year old Sag man for about 4 months and it is a rollercoaster. i am not the type to want anything more than what the other person wants but he is so confusing. i tell him all the time, “if you dont wanna get involved like that with me then let me know so i can move on” but he wont so i expect things that he seems like he cant necesarily give. like conversations with depth and meaning. on top of that we are long distance! i know,i know. its crazy. i care about him and its evident that he cares for me but im a long relationship type gal. but on the other hand my baby can be soooo sweet and caring and make me feel so happy. but most of the time he is a mean and wild person that seems to be trying to hold onto a stable levelheaded woman for keeps. he thinks we can work, but i dont kno

  11. 11
    lana Says:

    I am a Scorpio women and I have been married to a Sagittarius man. I think it really depends on the two people. It has worked for us. I do need attention that I sometimes don’t get from him but it’s okay with me I find other ways to fill that need. We have been married for nine years, but he says I am the most interesting women he has ever meet. I keep him laughing, so far it has worked for us.

  12. 12
    Sassy Says:

    Im 23, a Saggitarius woman, and im being attached to a 22 Scorpion for…1 year.

    Im a typical archer.. I love freedom and i love to socialise.. always on the go, well so……
    Our differences are obvious.Too obvious. Im always fretting for the worst because my 2 yrs ex bf was also a scorpion.

    I don’t know why, but I think its true that Archers simply cant resist the mysterious aura of scorion. Even my parents are both scorpions. Shrugs.

    In a positive way to say it.. I think we COMPLIMENT each other.

    But now, knowing that most successful couples are the pair up of a female scorpion & male sag. Failed ones are the opposites.

    Fear is filling me up, once again.

    But we are young. Still very young. Im his very first serious long term r/s too so I know that he is kinda inexperienced. I tell myself that as long as he is willing to learn, I will continue to grow with him.
    Its true that I am fed up by our differences, but i strongly do not want to lose our love to just that?

    The willingness of Acceptance has to be very strong in this pair up.

    Scorpions are rather loyal. So i learnt that as long as you don’t give up on em, neither will they..Given an Archer’s rashness, I could actually easily lose him anytime, so i have learnt to practice SELF-CONTROL.
    Because no matter how wild i am..I understand the true fact that I will still need to settle down no matter how..and i think scorpions man’s trait make em gd husband material :)

    I will win this battle no matter how. (Because I have a feeling i will still be attracted to another scorpion, anyway!!! so might as well make this work out.oops)

  13. 13
    nathalie Says:

    I am a sag girl who was with a scorpio man. We dated for two years. I thought i was falling in love but soon realized that it was lust we had great sex but fought a lot about things that i can say i really cant remember, all i remember is the sex being excellent!!!! He was never there for me when i needed affection. I use to call him when i would cry after having a bad day and he would laugh at me thinking that it was going to make me feel better. i use to say things like the day that i stop loving you is the day that you will start to love me! and i was right!!! I broke up with him because i just needed him and he was never there.. and im not talking about material things cause i can pay for my own things.. i needed love and affection. So i broke up with him and a week later he came crawling back telling me he loved me! it was a little to late… i move on fast and at the time i already found someone else!

  14. 14
    Tina Says:

    Im a scorp woman dating a sag man. Its true that the intensity and chemistry is insane and so is the sex. We have been together for two years and have developed into a solid, loving couple. Maybe its the fact that he is eleven years older than me but it just seems to work. He can be very affectionate and caring and although i expected him to roam free every night and not even feel like i had a boyfriend I was was surprised to see how nurturing he turned out to be. Sure, there are times when he drives me crazy with his free ways, making plans for the both of us or just changing his mind last minute but most of the time sags are fun who suit scorps well because they make us relax and just let it go.

  15. 15
    justin Says:

    well id say the main characteristics was right but i have never been in such a good relationship im a sagg and i think its nice that no matter wat adventures i go on well we usually do things together but knowing you have that person to come home 2 is great and the passion is unbeatable

  16. 16
    justin Says:

    i found it has gave us both a whole new perspective to life fun and stable

  17. 17
    ScorpGirl Says:

    Im a Scorp married to a Sag man… dated for 2yrs and married for 4yr. We have 2 children.. and we have the BEST relationship! Ive been with Cancer, Leo, Gemini, and another Scorp.. and this one by far has been the most rewarding! True, Sag men miss alot of things and they arent the most in tune to the needs of others.. but I find if you have communication and you can grab him by the ears and point it out (and he’s accepting of that way of communication) then it works out very well.. I like my privacy and secrecy.. so its nice to not have someone poke when I dont want to be poked.. but our relationship really works for us.. and it helps that he’s 8 yrs older than me, he’s had time to grow and learn from being young! I think Scorp/Sag relationships can work, but there has to be common ground as well as compromise.. not to mention it doesnt hurt for the Sag to be older, so they’ve lived a bit more and learned that some antics need to be outgrown ;)

  18. 18
    Alicia Says:

    Interesting read! I am a scorp. woman and have been dating a sag. man for the last 6 years (we’re getting married in the fall) and we are both in our late 20’s.

    We make a good team and while we get on each other nerves a lot (lol!) we do have tons of respect for each other. But the sexual chemistry is crazy (in a good way!!!!!!!!)

    It really depends on the 2 people involved though IMO.

  19. 19
    Ky Says:

    Hello everyone,

    Here’s my story, I met this amazing guy on the net 6 moths ago, who happened to be a Scorpio and I’m Saggittarius.Wow!! we clicked instantly. And within 2 months itself we became pretty close interms of sharing ideas, views, our likes and dislikes and in general towards life. And i really thought he was the male version of me. And this i’m talking about only through telephone, email,and skype sometimes (mostly on the telephone) that we nurtured our relationship. We live in a different country so we never had a chance to meet each other in person.But despite that he did expressed his interest in building future with me and he said he’s more than willing to have discussion and planning inorder for us to be together.He also said if i’m not ready, will be patient. If he is not that which I desire, I will have a great friend for the rest of my life; who will remain with me for my entire journey. He he also managed to sent me some beautiful flowers and a chocolate on valentines day (2009) and followed by this wonderful care packages with full of good goodies.

    From the day one, i some how felt he was one genuine guy but i wanted to be wary although i was excited at the same time. So I told him him to be patient with me and I never felt he was upset or in a hurry. So we agreed on meeting each other (first time) this August’2009 (could be 8 months) we discussed about his trip and i did arranged his hotel in my city (closer to my place) But to my surprise one fine day he just vanished (1st week of May’2009) I tried several times reaching out to him through emails and telephone (left many messages on his voice mail) but he never returned my calls or neither acknowlege any of my emails.

    I still have no idea what went wrong and what actually made him completely invisible without saying anything…i wish he had told me. Now its been 40 days and no news from him till.I waited for 30 days and finally i sent him my googbye email to him (only mentioned what good times i had with him and how im gonna miss him) It was sad or rather almost close to tragedy simply because we had such wonderful memories together. I still think he’s a beautiful person, a person who will make someone really happy someday.

    Sorry, i tried my best to keep it simple but i think i fail :-) but i really want all your feed back on this. I’m not upset or mad with him but i just want to understand what went wrong? Will appreciate if any of you can email me your comment on the basis of above information. Email:

    Thanks once again for hearing me out.
    Warm regards

  20. 20
    A Real Scorpion Says:

    I am a scorpio man dating a sag woman and it is definitely a roller coaster. We don’t see eye to eye and my problem - like most scorpios - feel the need to “fix” things in a relationship or attitude. Sag women always have a problem, mainly due to their recklessness and they drag us alone. yeah the sex is awesome but once again scorpio men base their primary relationship with women on stability and sex. Sag women are needy and if we don’t maintain our normal level of control - they will have us pulling out our hair.

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