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Compatibility For Libra and Sagittarius

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Libra Sagittarius


Libra and Sagittarius

This is another great Air/Fire match! It is always interesting watching people of these signs interact. Both Libra and Sagittarius bring something important to this relationship, Libra brings balance and some sense, Sagittarius brings adventure and a little bit of danger.  So when you mix the two together the outcome is rather tasty indeed. Libra may find that he or she ends up getting into all sorts of things that they just would not even think about doing with anyone else, but something about the zest of the Sagittarius makes it difficult to refuse!

Something these two will enjoy doing together when they are not gallivanting around the globe, is lazing around watching films, drinking wine and eating fine food, it is something both signs do exceptionally well so together it may be hard some days to get up and go to work, the alternative is so much more enjoyable! Libra will find it the hardest to ‘get up and go’ and the Sag will lose patience on occasion with their partners’ floaty being and Libra will get annoyed with the Sagittarius way of needing to be noisy and organized. But these things are usually more endearing quirks they see in each other rather than any real problems.

Sex will be both passionate and deeply loving and just another reason for these two to never leave the bed let alone the house! Each sign here brings exactly what is needed to the other one and they complement each other very well! I am surprised that I have not met more people in this sign compatibility, the ones’ I do know have the ‘happy ever after’ fairytale type relationship. One of the couples have been together for 35 years have 5 children and still laugh at each other’s (dreadful) jokes! The other have just celebrated their 15 year anniversary and have got a lot of animals instead of children, not a Sagittarius’ favourite past time, cleaning out goats, but for their Libra it seems they will do anything! Great match, enjoy!

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49 Responses to “Compatibility For Libra and Sagittarius”

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  1. 1
    HL Says:

    It’s true. Not only is this match great, but it’s the most common. My parents and aunt and uncle are Libra/Saggitarius combinations. A celebrity example: Sharon and Ozzy Osborne. It’s usually the Libra that is left to deal with the Saggitarian’s flubs, though. But a fun couple to have around!

  2. 2
    rebecca Says:

    Hi! i’m a Libra woman, who is head over heels for my male friend, who happens to be a Sag! i’ve known him since grad school, and realize how much i care for him….but i think he may just see me as a friend. he does talk flirty with me at times…i don’t understand Sagiitaraians!!!

  3. 3
    Sag Fire Goat Says:

    Rebecca Sag’s are shy flirts. Flirt back when he flirts. If, he is truly interested it will excalate. Once it does ask him “Are you flirting with me? Don’t start nothing your not going to finish.” I’m a Sag. and I meet a Libra man. He is so romantic.. Wow! Always thinking of me.:-)

  4. 4
    Libra Girl Says:

    It’s true! I’m a libra and have been with a gorgeous sexy saggitarius man for a year now…it just keeps getting better and better and hotter and hotter! I’ve had a few long term relationships before and I have to say with this one we just clicked…we’re like ying and yang.

  5. 5
    Sagg Girll Says:

    I just met a Libra Boy and when I was speaking with him it felt that I knew him my whole life, and I’m glad he approached me at the Carnival.

  6. 6
    saggirl123 Says:

    I am a sag girl, I have been deeply in love with a libra man. The first time I talked with him it was about Quantum mechanics! I was intellectually seduced. I fell in love with him. But I was shy and still am very much. I told him about my feelings in Oct 2006. But he did not express love for me– he was quiet all the time. He has been quiet still. At the same time he has a number of other girl friends. He even told me so. But as a true sag girl I feel 100% loyalty towards him. I have not dated or anything with anyone else since 2006. But this libra guy is still quiet. I asked him many times, if he would just say NO to me and I would move on. But he did not say no, he is keeping me hanging along with his other girlfriends. I am deeply hurt and still cannot get him out of my head or heart. Any suggestions?

  7. 7
    Jessica Says:

    I’m a sagittarius woman, and with my Libra guy I have met the only one who can truly understand me, he’s like my other half. Thank you for giving me greater confidence about our relationship!

  8. 8
    evolvingsagittachick Says:

    Well I am a sag woman and I think a libra/sag relationship can work out if the maturity level of both is close to or at the same level. I had a fiery relationship with a libra boy(not even a man yet,forget about his age) that lasted a month, broken off by him. I met this guy at work who intrigues me and he’s a libra. I am hesitant b/c I don’t want to be pulled along for the ride then kicked out of the car. But, so far he seems mature and I want to see what happens.

    Saggirl123, you don’t need that in your life.We can be brutal and truthful to other people but it’s harder to be that to ourselves. Three years and he still hasn’t told you in clear terms that he loves you and wants to be with you? Not saying that it can’t be in the future, but he needs intensive self-development before he can give you what you need.Good Luck and Best Wishes to you in life and love.

  9. 9
    Dee Says:

    I have been currently seeing a Libra man now for over a year. When we first met in my mind I said, “you gotta be kidding me?” He was a perfect gentleman! And even after a year he is the same person he was then. Our chemistry is positively incredible! We seem to compliment each others bad ways. The longer I get to know him the longer I understand him and the more I am growing in my love for him. Wow! I think about him all the time and smile saying.. “Im a lucky woman.”

  10. 10
    kelly Says:

    Im a sag girl and ive been with my libra man for three years ! A true gent and very romantic.. Were are like chalk and cheese, he is so laid back that he could fall over and im completly restless. We do compliment each other very well and on an intuitive level he gets it ! He always turns an argument into a joke which is a great way to defuse the matter.He is a great lover and open to ideas. a great family man and cant do enough for me and my daughter.He likes his sleep though, cant get my head around how long they can chill for xx

  11. 11
    Calisun22 Says:

    True. My most recent relationship, probably the best I ever had was with a Libra man. There was a lot of fire and passion & fun & laughter in the relationship. We both lived two different lifestyles but were both open to new things. He was a firefighter loved the outdoors… fishing hunting, great with his hands always fixing and building things. A little more reserved than me, but that was ok. We would always take each other on new adventures. He was more of a home body than me but that was ok. That kept me grounded, I can be a bit on the flighty side. But our conversations while laying in bed were the best. Not only that he is by far the BEST lover I have ever had. In the bedroom there was a lot of passion and fire. And he tended to me with every bit of his attention. I like that. All that came to an end when his on and off again ex (gemini girl) came back for the trillionth time in four years and breaking up every 3 months with him. Although we dated for over a year… it wasn’t until her relationship with another guy ended and she needed attention. Not only that My ex told me she was HIGHLY jealous of me and his happiness with me. He said he always goes back with her because they have history and he loves her. But SHE always leaves him. Then she brags to my face I won I won I won. I just brush the immature dust off my shoulder, it’s not a competition for me. Anyways like the above says.
    A Sag/Lib relationship can often result in a “happily ever after.” But not in this case. My ex is very indecisive on which direction to go cause he loves us both. He feels I love him more and I treat him better but she has history and an emotional connection. he says its not about looks cause I look way more stunning than her & I have class…. He say’s he wants me in his life forever but doesn’t know how he can have me there since she’s around and hates my guts. I am still good standing with mutual friends & family & they too think he made the wrong decision going with her… anyways..

    I am VERY CERTAIN if my ex didnt have any baggage with his ex (Gemini) It certainly would be a Happily ever after relationship. She knows that and hates the fact that me and him enjoy the same happiness. She’s just lonely and needs his attention cause that’s the only person who would ever care for her (relationship wise) Soo sad. But I am Happy for him & I wish him the best of luck. I am sure we could be friends in the future… and if things don’t work out with her I am sure we will meet along the road again someday….

    So yes. Sagittarius/Libra relationships are made in the stars. Lori Landry :)

  12. 12
    TexanG Says:

    Libra lady/Sag gentleman.

    We met, he had just broken up with his “love”, but we started a convo and ended up getting cast in the same project. We hung out, GREAT times, this was the 1st guy I ever let drive my car (big deal to me) or see my place (equally bigger deal to me). Then he kissed a mutual friend and I had to let him go.He came back, we hit it off again, but then he left the state (to be with, as it turns out, another girl). He’d constantly try to contact me when he was in town and the last 2Xs he came down, I saw him. The last time I didn’t see him because it hurt a wee too much. He was younger than me and gosh knows if you have to turn the page in your life and leave, then so be it. Had it not been for his not being ready, I do believe in my heart that he could have been the “one”. We were pals for about 3 years. I still miss him.

  13. 13
    Libra Chica1 Says:

    I’ve known my Sag male-friend for eight years now…since high school. We were acquaintances then, but never established a real relationship. I only remember being attracted to him, but he remembers all the details of our high school days. We went on our first date three days ago and it was GREAT! We both laughed and joked the entire time. He was so much fun to be around. We’re going out again tonight…and again this weekend to celebrate 4th of July. It’s been a long time since either of us have been in a relationship. I am really excited about getting to know him and at least developing a lasting friendship.

  14. 14
    yuri.iisabel Says:

    I really hope all i hear about sag nd libras is true.

    Im a libra and hes a sag. hes younger then me but for the most part acts much more mature then the men his age. We got together quickly and moved rather quickly i may add (all on his part) but all in all i love my relationshipp with him. The only problem is ever since the beginning ive been over emotional and over dramatic which he doesnt like but even so he stayed well so far. I am very needy and need to be reassured of his love (which is amazing because every where i read they say that about libras and sags)but this also tires him and even causes stress to him. so i have to learn to simmer down. Compromise i believe is the key but its very hard… anyway i saw him almost everyday and i would never get tired of him. the time i spent with him was different. . . i could be doing absolutely nothing and i felt like i never wanted to leave. We know have a long distance relationship hes right now in a different state then me (bc of my school)and he will be leaving to the airforce in oct. he will try to get stationed near me but i dont believe that may happen bc from what ive researched the oodds are slim.

    ANyway how are long distance relationships between a libra and a sag? has anyone had any experience? if so do tell. =]

    worried libra

  15. 15
    libra man 1 Says:

    I am a libra male. my girlfriend she is the greatest thing ever she is a sagittarius. i met here this year we are both young but feel like its just only us two in the world. we have fights here and there but we always manage to get through them with words. she keeps me happy and i keep her happy. we havent been going outlong just for only half a year and she lost her virginity to me. of course somewhere outdoors. the sex is passionate. and the best part is when we are tired we just lay there and tell each other how much we love each other. sometimes i can be a jerk when i get in my moods but i always realize i did was wrong and apoligize to her. and when shes mad at me cause somthings going on in her life i dont get mad i rather her take it out on me than not tll me whats wrong so i just sit there and listen and make her feel better. we promised each other always and forever no matter what. i couldnt see my life with out her in it. and everyhting does seem like a fairy tale happy ending with her. i dont care what people say about us being young teenagers in love..

  16. 16
    johanna Says:

    I’m a Libra lady. I always knew my classmate (which is particularly a saggitarius) have a crush on me. But, years past and he still don’t want to tell me the truth and court me. I”ve been waiting for years but still nothing. One day, I saw a card that is saying “please meet me in the gym(nasium)”. I followed what is stated and I saw him, well prepared just to say his sweet I love you that should be told to me years before.

    their sweet but…..torpe.

  17. 17
    Sage Says:

    I know it’s a month later, but I’m responding. =)

    I’ve been in a long-distance relationship with a Libra guy for about 4 years now, and I’ve known him for six. We only met IRL in the summer of 2008, and we visited again this summer. After we met in person we felt even more in love with each other.

    Things work out great so long as both people are patient and understanding. We’re in no hurry, but both work toward our goal.

    We have our little spats once in a while but tend to get over them within a few hours. I can’t imagine my life without him and I don’t want to. I don’t think I’d even be with anyone if it weren’t for him.

  18. 18
    YVIE Says:



  19. 19
    Regina Wong Says:

    Im a sagg female and my man is a Libra and we´ve been together for 6 months. It was love at first sight, the first day we met we made out and a couples of week later we decided to be in a relationship. I love him a lot, even if 40% of my heart still belongs to a Scorpio my Libra man seems to be on the right track of winning my heart. All sagg´s should get a piece of a Libra man because you wont regret it, they are entertaining, romantic, charming and sweet.

    Hey ladies with Libra men its hard to take a Libra man seriously due to the fact that they are so charming and they treat us like princesses, so what did your Libra man do to make you feel like you trusted him 100$? How does your Libra man acts when he is in love/around you? (or when you feel like he is in love).

  20. 20
    Darrian Says:

    I’m a libra (girl) in love w/ a Sag (guy), and when we first met I had a Aries bf,
    but me and the Aries didnt have differences its just he didnt want a relationship…
    and my Sag kept saying he fell in love w/ me when we first met, and we had little spats,
    but it was just cause I think we misunderstood each other..and no matter how emotionally i got he still he loves me,and he won me over, we live far apart now..but I wanna one day move in w/ him and marry him

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