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Compatibility For Cancer And Sagittarius

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Cancer Sagittarius


Cancer and Sagittarius

Cancer and Sagittarius are two different people in almost every way there is to be different. Sagittarius is an explorer who loves to travel and is constantly on the go looking for new things to try doing. A night spent in front of the tele is the very last option for this fiery person; they need adventure in their lives. Now the Cancer on the other hand doesn’t feel the need to go travelling and looking for adventure, everything they need in their life is on their doorstep and  that is just how they like it thank you very much!

Family life is one of, if not, the most important thing in the Cancer persons life and they expect the same dedication from their partner. A lot of people say that Sagittarius and Cancer are a bad match because the Sagittarius is not family orientated. I tend to disagree. All the Sag’s I have known have always adored their families and attend all the family functions. They are certainly always around if and when they are needed as the fiery Sag’s are very caring people. But they are a lot more independent than their Cancer partner who means they won’t feel quite as tied down and rooted. Then again if a Sagittarius was going to up sticks and move to a different place is would not surprise me if they took their whole family anyway! Basically then these two both love their family’s but they show it in different ways which will no doubt cause both of them problems, but mostly the Cancer.

Another problem which may rear its ugly head with this pair is anger, fighting, shouting, arguing, and door slamming and just basically not getting along. The way that both the Cancer and Sagittarius subjects ‘feel’ about things is also very different. Cancer is a water sign and as such feels very deeply about everything and is highly intuitive. Sagittarius on the other hand can come across as far more detached in their approach to feelings and situations they find themselves in. The fire sign will first use logic and knowledge to guide them whereas Cancer will automatically use gut feeling and intuition. Cancer and Sagittarius is not an awful match as far as I am concerned but they live on different plains and therefore there will not be much understanding here and this will lead to both parties being unfulfilled in their relationship. Good Luck!

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76 Responses to “Compatibility For Cancer And Sagittarius”

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  1. 1
    MAC Says:

    This is so true cancer and sag will never be a good match…cause they never comminicate.

  2. 2
    Melanie Says:

    I am a Sag women who has been in Love with a Cancer man for about 8 months. I love this man so much but where so different at times and I just trying my best to work it out with him but sometimes I just feel like giving up. Plus another reason I don’t want to break up with him cause hes the father of my unborn child that due in July ‘09. We fight so much and I’m just done with all the fighting and crying. Since I’m pregnant my emotions are even worst and the arguments are getting worst. I just don’t know what to do. I want to call it quits but he is the father of child. And this had been one of the toughest relationship Ive been in. I need some advice on how to make things better.

  3. 3
    Sag Woman Says:

    I hope that things work out for you Melanie. I just broke up with my Cancer man because of the constant fighting. I tend to shout and scream and then get over things whereas he didn’t like conflict and would just walk out. This infuriated me no end! Maybe you need to sit down with your Cancer man and decide what is best for you and your baby. You can’t go on fighting. It will make you crazy.

  4. 4
    Ayden Says:

    I’m a sag guy….
    I just walked out on my cancer woman
    because she shows no love for me….
    I could take all the trouble except, the part where she can’t tell me she loves me.
    or “love in general”
    I’m a very loving person,
    I try understanding her, but there’s times
    where I cant read her, on what I do wrong…
    she accidentally kneed my head, and the pain was to much, I couldn’t focus that she was hugging me, than she pushed me away because I didn’t hug her back,.
    how could I if, I was in pain. But it pissed her off so bad that I didn’t hug her back.
    and that lead me to walk off on her because it was point less to fighting about me not hugging her back…
    I told her I was sorry and that I loved her. She said ” I have no love for you.”
    that was the main reason why I walked off..

    and she has the tendency of always trying to be the right one, never is she wrong..
    I bother not arguing. I don’t care who’s right or wrong….

    I care for her a lot, but I know I have to let her go…

  5. 5
    sara Says:

    Hi, I am sag lady and having an affair with a cancer guy. And we both have decided to get marry soon.
    We are too much close to each other. But some times I get fed up with his thinking. We always fight with each other.
    But I’ m too much involved with that person. And I can’t live without him. He touches my soul. But problem is that I read this article and get to know that, it’s impossible to live with a cancer guy. Can you suggest me should I take this step or not. But please keep in mind I love him crazily.


  6. 6
    Immy Says:

    Hey guys !
    I’m a sag young lady and I’m crazy about a cancer …we’re friends but I want more …he is very shy I don’t think that the job is gonna be easy lol ! any ideas ?

  7. 7
    Cancer Sugar Says:

    I feel the same as Immy but in reverse.
    I’m a Cancerian girl, trying to get my Sagittarious male friend to notice me. I’m very attracted to him and i think he feels the connection too but i’m really not sure how to go about it seeing as we’re so very different…

  8. 8
    Dr.Philly Says:

    I’m a cancer guy and i have some advice for all you melanie maybe sometimes when you disagree with your cancer guy you shouldnt yell and listen to his side and your side, like maybe sometimes you do what he wants 2 do then you two can do what you want to you want to do. Its a relationship find some commen ground and work on that, its all about working together if you guys are about to have a baby you want to limit your fighting. Just try to talk things out and understand.

  9. 9
    Vadriel Says:

    I truly believe that any relationship depends on the personal birth chart, especially the how the sun and moon correspond. In particular, look at the elements in the sun and moon, and see if they cross-connect. For example, my sun is in Cancer, a water sign. My boyfriend is a Sag with a moon in Scorpio, another water sign. Interestingly enough, my moon is in leo, a fire sign. This cross-connects with the sag’s fire sign.

    When I first met the Sag, I thought we wouldn’t last a week, but I have yet to meet a better match. We get along spectacularly.

  10. 10
    Lucky Says:

    I’m a Sag. girl currently dating a Cancer guy, we just began to go out, and I really do hope everything goes well. Because I haven’t been in a relationship for a long time. But sometimes when I talk to him, he acts like he doesn’t care … or doesn’t care to know about me or ask me any questions. I’m not going to put my hopes up on this relationship. Besides there’s other things that bother me about him. But maybe im being delusinal.

  11. 11
    canita Says:

    i am a sagg woman and i am in love with an cancer guy. We do have our disagreemants but we work through them and we have been together for 4 years now. My guy loves to travel and I do too. He loves his family and spend alot of time with them. I love my family and loves to spend time with them too. We go alot of places together. He doesn’t like because I am blunt and speaks what is on mind because he keep his feeling inside alot. We get along so well and I would not leave him for nothing or noone. Even through the disgreements we agree.We are always making each other laugh and feel loved.He always tell me one thing he likes about me is because everyday there is something different I always change he has to wonder about me in other words. When I am down and out guess what he know what to do and when to do it to pick my mood up.yeah he get jealous sometimes i do too. he has alot of female friends as i do guys but we meet each other friends there is not a problem with that. as we mature awe understand each other more and more. I am 30 and he is 43 so he maybe insecure but i let him know everyday that i love him and his kids. which is our together when i accepted i accepted the kids to as well as he did mines.

  12. 12
    Rose Says:

    A sagittarius just recently broke up with me, a cancer, after a year. I was very jealous and controlling and didn’t give the her the freedom she needed.
    If a Cancer and a Sag are in a relationship, the key is communication. Since it’s so difficult to understand eachother, be very open… and most importantly… Don’t Give Up!!!

  13. 13
    kris Says:

    im a sag and he’s a can. we’ve been together for just 6 months.. we love each other so much. im outgoing, and he is totally the opposite. we rarely go out.
    but i try to understand him and so does he with me. as we know each other better, the love grows :D everything just depends on how long a person’s patience is. i’ll just share what i feel for him and show him the way i know it and the way he wants it… :D

  14. 14
    chacha Says:

    i have a relationship with a cancer man and he’s the greates men alive so loving and kind i love him so much we have been together for 8 and a half years and we will get married soon. sag and cancer does macth depending on your birth chart no just on the sun sign!!!!

  15. 15
    auraliegh Says:

    i’am a cancer female and ive been seeing a sagittarius male for about four months. we met randomly and since then we’ve been inceperable. me and him share this wonderful connection and sparks are constantly flying between us, we can talk for hours, about all sorts of things and never be bored, when were together its always exciting and fun. but sometimes the only thing that brings us closer is the physical connection we share, when we miss each other or need to talk, or when we fight it brings us back to solid ground. i dont understand him most of the time, though i believe we are falling for eachother, like crashing into love, literally. but he isnt open with me about anything, unless i confront him in some way. he runs to tell everyone how much he cares about me, except to the person it actually matters to hear it. one minute im his entire world, the next he ignore me and then he’s gone, off and about talking to someone else. he’s constantly trying to be around me but his actions make me think otherwise.. and he’s deffinatly alot more possessive than he sends off. he says to me he tells me more than anyone else, which is bull… and i just dont know where this is going with all these childish games. our charts cross connect, his moon is in scorpio and mine is in aries.. thats good right? then why is it so difficult. i dont know what steps i should take or whats best when so many problems are beginning to arise, when you care about someone, its hard to just let it go without even trying. i think there’s alot of connections in what’s been said, but i also know anything can work if you go about fixing in the right course of action before its too late?

  16. 16
    Dee Says:

    I am a Cancer woman with a Sag man. We get along just fine. We compliment each other very well. And my Sag is a homebody and I am the adventurer/explorer. I also am more aggressive than he is. And we don’t have any jealousy issues. So, I don’t know, I guess Can and Sag can get along quite well. He is very supportive and patient. And extremely affectionate and romantic. Of course in the beginning I was extremly cautious, but I eventually trusted him. So now we are two peas in a pod.

    07/03/1975 and 12/04/1975

  17. 17
    Sag MAN Says:

    Im a sag man, two years ago, i dated a cancer woman. Guess wut? hahaha, first time we met came out very excited, but already dramatic. We don’t talk to each other, then start back talking. Later it started to faded and the relationship is not yet declared finish, but no communication left. Until now i havnt heard of her saying, good bye or ask how am i doing as a friend.

  18. 18
    cancer woman Says:

    i’m a cancer woman and i’m absolutely crazy about this sag man i think he likes me but hasn’t said it so far we’ve been nothing but compatible i have a fantastic time talking to him and he’s absolutely amazing, but i’ve been with a sag before and it didn’t work out well but it rust this guy so much any ideas???

  19. 19
    Shanny Says:

    OMG, I feel sorry for any cancer and sag relationship.I’m a cancer women and I’ve been with my sag for 3 years and it’s a crazy relationship.We are different in so many way that it drives us crazy.The scary part is that cancer and sag loves each other so much.The only advice that I have for cancers is to make sure you give sag his/her space.Don’t be possessive because it will push them away.Believe it or not sag’s are more sensitive than cancers.I also hate that sag’s are so optimistic.Another reason why sagg loves cancer is because they can’t fiqure us out.Cancer’s and sag’s have a hard time leaving one another but the sag will probably walk out before the cancer does.However,cancer if you want your sag back,all u gotta do is go get him and he/she will be right back.Cancers remember that the sag won’t come back on their own because remember they have too much pride.

  20. 20
    camille Says:

    i’m a Cancer woman w/a Sag. man. we knew each other for years before we got together and when we did get together, it wasn’t planned & we werent a couple…we both liked eachother & liked what we did…sag. men are caring, loving…& detached, but only because they are so sentitive and soft inside, and dont wanna show it. months went by & i called him up out of nowhere; i missed him…he was surprised to hear from me & wanted to see me. i found out he cared about the whole time…we got kind of serious…Sag men wiLL tell u what they want u 2 know, & hide what they feel they should, NOT good SAG men !! cancer girls can be pushy & irritating, or maybe its just me, but I’m only difficult when Im not getting the truth…Cancer/Sag relationships are alot of hard work…we love each other, im affectionate He’s attentive….Communication is the key here. and don’t try 2 tie down a SaG man ! ever…my sag man has wanted to go out so we did, and he’d say “we should’ve just stayed in.” So let them go out, give them space, but be firm, confront the sag, head on…my sag is easy 2 talk 2…oh, but has serious trust issues, however i think its a personal thing….

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