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Aries Compatibility With Sagittarius

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Aries Sagittarius

Aries and Sagittarius

When Aries get's it together with Sagittarius the outcome is somewhat lovely! These two get on famously and have a lot in common. They both exude an energetic enthusiasm for just about everything, and always tend to look on the bright side of life rather than dwelling too much in the gloomy side. The Aries will love Sag's fiery passion and many hours will be enjoyed bouncing in and out of the bed, and the bathroom, oh and the kitchen too! In fact anywhere the mood takes them.!!! As a couple they will be drawn to the most exotic of places and when they get the chance; will be jetting off to goodness knows where, to learn different cultures and see what adventure they can get themselves into. If money is no object for this couple they may even buy somewhere to live in a far off place that no-one has ever heard of! But that brings me nicely onto my next point. Money. The Aries and Sagittarius get on in all areas, except the financial one. These two just love to spend you see, but should be pulled apart by any means necessary if they are seen to be heading toward the shops together. If allowed they will buy anything, and I mean anything. They could turn up at your house for dinner in the latest sports car, in which they will of course have to take you for a spin in. Or they could invite you round to sample a cup of coffee in their new porcelain mugs. It may not always be expensive but it is always bound to be good quality. If either one of them ever suffers with a problem or has a down moments, they will be sure to rally round each other and will always stick by each other through thick or thin. They are bubbly people, and make great social friends. They maybe outspoken and loud at times, but if you ever get invited to a party of such a couple, it's my advice to go!!

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56 Responses to “Aries Compatibility With Sagittarius”

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  1. 1
    ashley Says:

    So far you are pretty accurate on everything.

  2. 2
    VA Says:

    aaah….you might be right….i dnt know…its difficult to get an aries girl to say a yes is it…
    any sugestions?

  3. 3
    MD Says:

    i fell ya am a sag too and i like this girl aries i been asking her out but she never say yes and she like me too thou why cant she say yes

  4. 4
    CRYSTAL Says:

    I’m an Aries woman and i was involved in a 8 year relationship with a sag. woman. This relationship went from somewhere to nowhere fast it was a roller coaster ride… I was only 17 and she was 22 at the time, she is my first love.. When i first met her i was immidatily was drawn to her wity and humorous personality , she kept a smile on my face 24/7 and i loved our hot sex… Our families did not accept our les8ian relationship so we ran away together we didn’t care if we didnt have a penny it was her and i against the world..we went from having nothing, running the streets, spliting 1 dollar 8urgers in half, living in motels, sleeping in cars while going to school working minmum wage to owning nice cars and property i mean we rised together it was amazing.. pro8lems accured later when i notice her flirtatious ways (she cheated on me left and right) and her alcoholic pro8lem she made me feel very insecure and our relationship turned violent… She wanted to settle down and i wanted my social life, i refused to settle and she turned to drugs for comfort… Till this day i still love her, it’s 8een over 3 years since the 8reak up.. We will always still 8e there for one another i guess 8ecause we’ve 8een thru so much together, it was a sad story…

  5. 5
    K Says:

    I’m an Aries girl, and I’ve got a mad crush on a Sagittarius guy, but he’s a horrible flirt.
    One day he’s calling me Baby, and the next, it’s some other girl.
    Very promiscuous; but I also think that’s why I like him more and more every day.
    The thrill of the chase, maybe?

  6. 6
    Mary Ayodele Says:

    I’m a sag, and the first time I met an aries it felt like I’ve met my match and I thought I was in love he was even the first guy I was intament with; but then the tyical ram kicked in and we had argumnets back to back that was the probbaly one of the worst relationships I’ve been in. Yes I’ll itmit he would do just about anything for me and I was his #1 but when that ram kicked in it was over before I new it. Aslo we haven’t remained friends we just went off into our own life. Thats why I don’t think are campibilty signs are correct

  7. 7
    SallyLeu Says:

    Hi, I’m an aries woman, and i have been talking to this sagittarious man for a minute. From the first day i met him i felt sparks, on our first date he was like a breath of fresh air. I laughed harder than i ever did. It seemed to perfect so i told i wanted to be just friends, now i regert it, because he wont let me get out of it. But i love it, because its the thrill of the chase, and when i do get him it will be for keeps! Im serious…;)

  8. 8
    Tanya Says:

    I am an Aries female and the man I have known for 22 years and have been with for 13 years is the love of my life. He is caring, accepting, and makes me laugh….which can be bad if you are truly mad at him and he gets away with a lot because he gets you laughing and off the subject.

    Life has had its ups and downs with us…but in the end we always have each others backs and we always know when the other needs their space. Being clingy in any relationship can have a bad results regardless of the sun sign match up.

    The best part of the relationship is that we are best friends and because we are so adventerous life is NEVER boring. I always say I love him everyday…just somedays a little less than others.

    All in all though this pretty much hits our relationship on the head. Lady Aries have back off on his flirting and not get so jealous over it….if that is all that is going on then let it go….just make sure when he gets home he cannot possibly think about anyone else but you…if you get my drift.

  9. 9
    Lady Says:

    I’m an Aries girl whose seeing a Saggitarian male at the moment and I have to say, there is some serious chemistry between these two signs. So far so good, he makes me laugh, is really playful, affectionate and very honest.

    Hopefully it’ll work out and I would definitely recommend the Sag for a fellow Aries… you will not be disappointed.

  10. 10
    joy Says:

    i get the feeling that sag is a player? hav never loved one for this reason. i like to keep my lover’s full attention if possible!

  11. 11
    joy Says:

    yes i am an Aries. hav been kissed by a Sag, and a few attempted to seduce me. pretty hot, but something took me aback! found these folks t be sexy and impulsive. are they EVER faithful?

  12. 12
    Keeks Says:

    Im an aries woman and is - maybe not in love but in like with a sag man. I’ve known him for almost 3 years, and been on and off for 2 years. when we first met, he lied to me and didnt tell me he had a girlfriend. but nothing ever happend i was just angry at the lie more then anything eles.
    ive been in love before him. but now it was a “teenage kind of love”. we’ve been threw more these past two years then other go threw in a life time. almost 6 months into the relationship, i got pregnant and he told me to get an abortion, which i had already thought (our families are very religious/traditional). we didnt need to do anything, i got a miscarage and that just push us away from each other, everything id see him i’d tear up and then hed feel bad. then we for some reason started seeing each other here and there a couple months after that, then weve been together since. he makes me laugh alll the time, unless he pisses me off - of course lol. but i honestly dont think i could see myself without him. we argue like cats n dogs but in some way that just brings us closer to each other… he sa pain of my ass but what guy isnt. i could see myself with him for a while. im happy and thats what matters, no matter what people say hes good for me and to me.

  13. 13
    jazmine Says:

    i so agree with u i’m a sag female n i’m n a relationship with a aries male n we been together for 3 years n when we first met it was like a match made n heaven but once we got to no each we argued and fight but once we made up it was the best thing n the world its like we was made for each otha

  14. 14
    ariesgirl Says:

    Coz aries likes to play around…
    and sometimes they cannot stick into one decision..
    haha…or i think thats just me…

  15. 15
    Angelfiyah Says:

    I am an Aries Female..age: 37 and I dont mean to down my own sign…buT we dont get along wit know know sign Gems are the only ones that can really stand us. We are self centered, not really selfish. We are straight up flirts and need attention. We get bored real easy. We are loyal but not faithful..we love trying new things and that include men too. We love sex but it has to be mental connection… at least by the time we hit our 30’s. We are smart and very foxy and straight forward as hell. We will clock u up side the had for jus being stupid (we hate stupid people) or if our Ego has been mashed. Oh to keep us the sex has to be amazing and the senses got to be in play in the act. We love our children to death and will wanna be up a kid over them (but we dont…trust mi I say we feel like it..but may have a few choice word tho). We are Jacks or Jackies of most trades & master some. We are wise and can sum up a person real quick. Sexy yeah we are sexy and we know it. Funny and witty.. we set fashion trends. We got to look good when we step out if we dont we must be depress. We have to have our on go when life start stressing us out…when have issues..Jus leave us along..we will come around when we are ready. We will cuss your ass out and five mins later wanna make love and cook. We make up thur lol We like to be spoiled and pampered and if you dont do it we will do it for ourselves. We love to spend and take trips..we love nice things.. but dont have to be real expensive. Jus one two nice things…and if spend for it..we really wanted it. Sassy, sexy and we keep hot!! Rude and Hard to handle!!

  16. 16
    Ojitos Says:

    Everything Angelfiyah said about an Aries is so true. I am also an Aries and dated a Sag and he was not faithful and a big flirt.

  17. 17
    Kyle Says:

    Well hell ya in tha kitchen and I drink way to much, wasted

  18. 18
    jtlovesac Says:

    im a sag girl and i humped the sexiest man, the only one i love, i could say a bunch of cool,sweet,angry,sexy things about US but ill never stop.. hes my ARIES MAN!! 4 YEARS BABY..and its been that long for a reason.

  19. 19
    claire Says:

    i surely have no doubts regarding the compatibility of saggi and aries …i am a saggi girl and ne whom i love is aries and its been 5 yrs. and our relationship goin stronger…indeed we met as frnds first n became best of buddy..we have so much in common ,..our taste regarding music o anything related to life…i feel great and lucky to find him…

  20. 20
    boosted Says:

    im a sagittarian male and dated an aries woman for 3 years… our relationship was GREAT… i thought. I NEVER cheated, and was always honest and very affectionate. Our biggest problem was arguments. we were both very stubborn and hard headed and butted heads often, i would try to fix issues… she would put them on the back burner. we’ve been split up for 4 months and not talking. Her choice.


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