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Pisces Compatibility With Virgo

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Pisces Virgo

Pisces and Virgo

This is quite a yummy combination actually. When these signs first meet it will be electrifying! Which is actually rather surprising as these two couldn’t be more opposite, Virgo has nit picking and meticulous way’s whereas the Pisces is somewhat dreamy and a bit flaky. Therefore I suppose the saying ‘opposites attract’ in this case is certainly true.

The thing is that they can help each other out quite a bit. The Pisces can teach his/her Virgo lover to be more laid back and less stressed and on the other hand the Virgo can try and put some well needed order in the Pisces life. The sexual desire between these two will be strong and this is what will bond them initially. Virgo will always leave their Pisces lover wanting more, and the Virgo will be highly attracted to the adventure that being with a Pisces brings.

Sadly though this may not be the most long lasting relationship the world has ever seen. Virgo’s are known to have quite a critical and sharp tongue on them, and always pick at faults in other’s. Although the Pisces will try and ignore it, after a while it will where down the sensitive Pisces and could even lead to a bit of depression on the fishes side. On the other hand the Virgo will be driven to distraction by the seemingly river of money the Pisces let’s flow out of the bank on items that their Virgo lover just cannot justify. And here ends the romance. The only desire that will be left will be the urge to hurt and attack one another at every turn, which doesn’t make for a healthy relationship.

It is a shame really, as it really could be a lovely union, but some things just aren’t meant to last forever. Enjoy it while you can and for what it is. But certainly don’t move in with one another that would be very detrimental indeed!

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127 Responses to “Pisces Compatibility With Virgo”

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  1. 1
    Marie Says:

    Becky I love your website!! can you please give me more insight on Virgo Men??

  2. 2
    Becky Says:

    Thank you very much Marie!

    I am still currently writing up about all the signs and haven’t got around to Virgo yet, but as you have requested it I shall write about Virgo Men later on this afternoon. If you subscribe to my RSS feed then you will be notified when I have posted it. But I shall email you to let you know as well. I hope that is OK.

    Thanks for your comment and your interest.

    Love & Light


  3. 3
    kashifa Says:

    I love ur site.bit disturbed at my virgo pisces reading,but we r still going strong.keep it up!

  4. 4
    mitz Says:

    i dont think you should generalize a whole sign and make it into one group..each sign has about 3 birth groups that differ a lot from each other. for example, im the 3rd group of pisces and we generally have more of a scorpio temperament and more of an edge than your typical cliche pisces. idk just thought id bring that up because that plays a big role when it comes to real compatibility..

  5. 5
    Becky Says:

    Hi there Mitz,

    Thanks you for your comment. This is just a basic look at peoples basic Sun sign, I do tend to think that you can over complicate astrology though, instead of concentrating on the hardcore straight down the line facts that people really want to know and can identify with. I hear what your saying though, and once I have finished the main part of the site I will be writing about other aspects.

    Love & Light


  6. 6
    nihal Says:

    well i read abt pisces and virgo ……. im pisces (male) virgo (female) can dey get along verywell ? i cldn’t able to understand a gurl she is virgo she is looking for honesty even i am but sometimes i crack jokes she cldn’t able to digest or sometimes she laffs i cldn’t able to read her mind ? she got some presonal prob as well like her mom n dad is divorced and she strongly believe in relationship cuz once she is hurt by her previous ex-bf but taking things in consideration i try to compromise with her nature or with her behaviour she cldn’t able to support me that much im very much tensed and if i want it i will do it sometimes i feel that i shld make this relationship to an end. she is 20 n im 25 is that sign of immautredness she has becuz of her age or of her past ? im trying hard to understand it …..will u please me out im very much sensitive…….i cldn’t able to forget this very soon …… me if feel so …

  7. 7
    Gary Says:

    Interesting comments re the compatibility of the two signs, however we moved in together after only a few weeks and it’s going well. You may wish to add what an amazing fuck that a Pisces is, very hot, sexy and shaggable!!!

  8. 8
    Pisces_Girl Says:


    Hmmmmm. Not sure about that kind of compliment. But glad things are going well for you and your Pisces woman.

  9. 9
    nathasha Says:

    I’m a pisces woman. I’ve been in a long distant relationship with a virgo man. He’s everything I’ve always wanted in a man. Understanding, intellectual, loving, always thinking before speaking or acting out. When I in the other hand tend to just speak out about everything and anything. Cry about unnecessary things and all I do is tend to wanna runaway because he’s too good to be true. Pisces are so dramatic but, my virgo guy is always bringing me back to reality. He makes me smile with just one sound of his voice. I’ve never had that I guess. Him in the other hand has never had anyone make him laugh and shake his head and love it at the same time. The way I always do. That’s what he say he loves about me. We level each other out I guess. What I want to know is… he wants me to move to the same city as him. I want to go but, I’m scared I guess. What should I do?

  10. 10
    Nathasha Says:

    Hi I’m a pisces woman I just wanted to comment on abusive relation ships. Emotional abuse should be talked out and if the spouse is still doing the same abuse you should get out. Emotionally abuse leads to physical abuse. I tried to help my ex husband on that. I thought it was a faze and I can eventually get my old husband back. I stuck around until one day he beat me and I ended up in the hospital. I left, no looking back, I can’t take chances on my loosing life like that plus I have a 5 years old daughter. I couldn’t do it and I don’t recommend it. Starting over is a struggle but you know what the fear will disappear and you will make it, you are alive to do so. Give your own life a fighting chance.

  11. 11
    Amanda Says:

    I have been in a relationship with a Pisces for a year and a half now and let me tell you it is not easy at all. It is true about the opposites and when it comes down to buttn heads it’s right on point. When we fell in love those signs wern’t out yet and we fell in love with “eachother” and were both blinded by our differences or maybe even engaged by them. After moving in with one another a lot has changed and he has become very possesive and demanding. I am very giving and would do almost anything for anyone but when you do so much for someone in the beginning of a relationship that exspect that throughout. He is very selfish as well.Thinking about himself and what he wants me to do and not do and where to go and not go etc. I try to talk to him and rationalize and I make him aware that he contradicts himself a lot telling me not to do something and then does it himself and being a hypocrit as well. I am at the end of my rope and don’t know what to do. I love him but I can’t stand the way things have ended up. At this point I would gladly take any advise that I can get.

  12. 12
    jay Says:

    I have virtually no water planets (pisces empty), but tend to be just as chaotic as my pisces counterparts lol. My pisces friends are cool until their “ego” comes out and then everything you say is wrong and then they tell you how it should be done. It’s kinda annoying because this behavior sometimes extends into putdowns or them acting “superior”, but if you want to win pisces over just let them loaf in their own theories lol… Other than that we are about as equally chaotic lol. One astrologer told me I have a T-square (3 planets trine in mutuable signs and with pisces empty, makes this kind of attraction more emphasized, but Im not sure if that is true.
    Pisces women are the best in bed and as long as they dont have addiction issues then give it a go. Some pisces I noticed have this “thing” about Passive resistance lol. For some reason I hear this more out of them than any other sign, “I’m not doing that or That’s doesn’t have anything to do with me” (Name) doesn’t do that. I hear one pisces say that a lot. I think it has to do with them not doing more than anybody else. dunno.

    Do I have my issues of course I do. Im just a good observer and notice that some of you fish can be a bit wishy washy. Nonetheless, I been with one for over a year and find some of these behaviors consistent with other pisces friends and a bit funny.

  13. 13
    jay Says:

    yes im a virgo.

  14. 14
    tabby Says:

    Well I was alittle upset with the Virgo Pisces reading. I am a Virgo and my husband a Pisces and yes we do tend to be complete opposites but I believe that makes are relationsip that much stronger. Learning to accept the diffrences in each other. TOgether four and a half years and have a beautiful Aries son together. Love the site though

  15. 15
    KAYLEIGH Says:


  16. 16
    Lissy Says:

    You know, I don’t really take astrology very seriously normally. However, I (a virgo) just got out of a relationship with a pisces man and I have to say what you said here described out relationship perfectly. It’s almost scary at how completely accurate it is. Our relationship was JUST like that. I wish I had read this first, I would have held back my critical tongue and maybe we would have been able to work it out. I really liked him :(

  17. 17
    Dana Says:

    I’m a pisces woman and have been dating a virgo man for about 4 months. I have to agree the sexual chemistry is like NOTHING I’ve ever experienced before. From the first moment we met, we haven’t been able to take our hands off each other. I don’t know if it’s meant to be, but I intend to ride this one out (no pun intended) as long as possible!

  18. 18
    sarah [A] Says:

    one of my closest friends is a virgo, and sometimes we have a strong mental connection,and he has a really good sense of humour but omg, i could never date him. i can’t take a virgo’s criticism, especially since pisces are very sensitive people. if im around my friend too long, i start to feel really down.and i would say that sexually, a virgo and pisces wouldn’t work that well, since in my experience virgos are quite prudish, whereas pisces are open to loads of new things, so the picses would end up getting frustrated and the virgo might become a bit grossed out. Although, once again, i have to say that i’m half aquarius too, so the idea of sex with a virgo just doesn’t work for me at all. i will say that virgos make very loyal friends, and that they are very faithful people, which is one of the things i like best about my friend. they are also really good conversationalists and very interestiing. whilst oppositesdo attract, as you say this won’t be a lasting romantic relationship. it could however be a very lasting friendship.

  19. 19
    john Says:

    I think pisces and virgo combination is really bad for a love relationship. It can be a really great friendship though - at least if you only interact occasionally. I’ve known and have been involved in love (and friendship) relationships with virgo (I’m pisces man) and although the physical attraction was there, that’s about all there was.

    Virgos are extremely critical and nit-picking, which I’m not saying is a bad thing, but it sure can wear on a pisces. Let me say that again - it really, really, can wear on a pisces! Pisces are typically rather loose with money, since money doesn’t have the kind of meaning that it has with some signs, and that can drive virgo absolutely batty. Also all the virgos I’ve known seem to want to know everything about everyone they are involved with, or at least they do if they think there might be something more there than is obvious. Pisces, although apparently very open, are actually quite secretive and don’t like to be placed under a microscope.

  20. 20
    ana Says:

    okay so i love the feedback more then i love the compatibility rating. i am a pisces woman down to the core and never dated a virgo before. that being said im also disppointed and apprehensive about my virgo man!!

    -we met when i was out of town and i immediately felt a strong attraction to him! it had been a while for me, okay, so i my inital intention was just to let him get me off for a night.well that didn’t really happen and instead we connected in a very diff. way! i love his kisses and he makes me feel very adorned! as i said im a pisces to the core and im very intuituve i have dejavu regularly, dream of something and it will later happen exactly, like a seen from a movie ( my dream) and i had dejavu twice a day while i was out of town which was a little more than usually and when we woke up he said something and got up from the bed and i immedately remembered that “I DREAMT OF THIS MAN BEFORE!” He is truly the man of my dreams! and in my dream i felth this strong connection with him and i guess thats why i feel it more so now and have no idea what im doing, or meant to do with him!
    -OUR SEX IS AMAZING AND NEVER HAVE I WANTED SOMONE THE WAY I DO HIM! but weve only been together for a short while and im afraid of the things you say to happen will. hes already talking about a long future together and my dreamy stupidly romantic ass is eating it up.. but trying not to swallow!!!
    he wants us to give this long distance a try for just a short while and then move in.. but… im not sure!?

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