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Pisces Compatibility With Libra

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Pisces Libra

Pisces and Libra

If this pair really wants this to go well then it stands every chance of doing so. Both the Pisces and Libra are both very affectionate and romantic, and they will adore finding someone who they can be themselves with. The attraction will be very strong especially when they are ‘alone’. The Pisces will love to show off his/her Libra mate to everyone and will enjoy going out a lot in public wanting everyone to see their beautiful, classy Libra lover.These two have a good chance of making a go of things with a family as well. They are both very loving as parents and fun to be around.

Once again the Pisces sensitivity comes into play. Although the Libra is quite an emotional person too, there aren’t many people who can cope with the trials and tribulations of the Pisces emotional state. Libra enjoys socialising and being around people, and can’t always understand why their Pisces mate has opted out from joining in. It is true, these two are different, and as a rule Air and Water doesn’t really mix that well due to the Air signs need for change and freedom. But I can see something in this pair that really could be quite sweet. OK, maybe not forever, but a nice interlude perhaps?

The trouble is that both signs are looking for their ideal soul mate to come along and rescue them from this cruel world, and I do doubt that they will find that in each other. The Pisces may feel that the Librans love is somewhat superficial at times and lacking in deep emotion. I do think though that with the Pisces and the Libra that if each other is committed to the other equally and especially if family is involved, then this has every chance of working. I just have a feeling. Good Luck!

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145 Responses to “Pisces Compatibility With Libra”

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  1. 1
    crazysheep Says:

    I am a Libra and most of a serious girlfriends have been Pisces. I don’t know why I am a glutton for punishment, but, I cant seem to get away from Pisces!

    My current gf is a Pisces, I swear our relationship is an up and down roller coaster of emotion.

    I TRY to show her over and over again that she can trust and believe in me, but, there is ALWAYS something wrong.

    I don’t want to leave, but it’s getting to that point.

    I see other men who stay in relationships and just put up with all the mess. Men aren’t perfect BY FAR but, I am really getting sick and tired of fighting all the time.

    What in the world should I do? We are talking about moving into a house together and I’ve told her NUMEROUS TIMES that I HATE to fight.

  2. 2
    jowina Says:


  3. 3
    Ashu Says:

    I m a libra female and my fiance is pisces. And i think we are the best couple in this world. I love him so much and so does he. I obey him on everything. Its always me who is fighting but he never fights back only because he cares alot for me he is a peace lover completely. He is very sensitive, emotional and romantic and i am always there for him. All he wants from me is my love and care for him and for that he can even get stars and moon for me.

  4. 4
    jori Says:

    I want to ask the libra guys a question. u say u fight with ur pisces woman cause she don’t trust u. do u think it may be the communication how do u show her u can be trusted.. I’ve dated a libra man oct 10 I was so drawn to him wanted to spoil him but he didn’t know how to receive affection even thou he wanted it. and he always seem to be lying when we talked he was afraid the truth would make me mad @ it didn’t we fuss moreso cause he wasn’t upfront or direct.. he was a coward he would say one thing and do another. so I ask u how do u communicate with ur woman.?

  5. 5
    Nadia Says:

    Personally, I am a Sun and Mercury Libra with Venus in Scorpio and a Cancer Moon; I also have Pluto in Scorpio and Jupiter in Pisces: I would like to say that some of us Libras with heavy water influences *do* have intense emotions and that while I do feel a lot of detachment being an air sign and all, just bc someone is an air sign doesn’t mean they have no depth. I’d also like to say that not all of us Libras are superficial, either. I really don’t know where the whole “Libras are untrustworthy” thing comes from. I’m sure some Libras cheat–maybe the “party girl” type Libras–but there *are* Libra women out there who manifest different traits of the sign. I for one would NEVER cheat on someone that I actually loved; to me if things are that bad you should leave and let the other person find happiness and not lead someone on. Maybe it’s the Libra indecision and our willingness to please others that gets us these negative reputations, but this Libra definitely doesn’t fit those stereotypes. While I do like freedom and change, I can’t betray people that I love: my conscience (or maybe my Sagittarius ascendant) just won’t let me. Plus, I’d like to say that not all Pisces are emotional; I know one who’s very detached–she has a lot of Aquarius in her chart that mutes her Pisces sun.

  6. 6
    Nadia Says:

    P.S. I would also like to disagree respectfully with the idea that air and water do not work together. I personally feel that any two signs can work with (a) compatibility in other areas of the chart; (b) love, understanding, patience, committment, and forgiveness; (c) that sometimes opposites really work well and learn from each other rather than hate each other and (d) I think personally air and water go better together than do air and fire or water and earth bc air and water are both more abstract thinkers while fire and earth are more practical and concrete people.

  7. 7
    Becky Says:

    Hey Nadia,

    Thank you very much for your comments. I always tell everyone that what I have written here are basic Sun sign outline if you will. If people have heavily opposing based charts they will of course feel differently than how I have described. If you want are serious about Astrology and wish to have a detailed look at how the stars influence you it is always wise to get a proper chart done.

    My personal belief is that any sign/element combination can work, it is knowing what makes each of us tick that is the key.

    Love & Light


  8. 8
    Idella Spears Says:

    I’m a Libra female and my boyfriend is a Pices.At first it was rocky because I had trust issues but my baby never gave up on me and for that I’m truly grateful.

  9. 9
    Sophia Says:

    Ive dated 2 pisces and i just broke up with my pisces a few months ago. I find them so annoying in their moods and i just dont see it working. EVER. Its sweet in the begininig because the pisces is attracted to u and wants u, but after that…its just a bore. And not worth it.

    Plus i feel they are always looking for someone else even if they are with you. *wondering eye* it can get extremely annoying.

    and they also are regretful, when they loose what they had they regret it, but aren’t man enough to know how to appoligize or show their feelings.

    Never again.

  10. 10
    Sophia Says:

    it was a horrible rollercoaster. we would be soooo happy together then he would get in his depressed moods and we would break up almost every weekend because he would get jealous of me wanting to hang with friends. i thought maybe he didnt trust me, but i never gave him the reason to think that.

    breakup/makeup - such a waste. I think maybe this sign could work if the guy is a libra and the girl is a pisces.

    but the other way around??? not so much.

  11. 11
    heatha Says:

    hey? im the pisces in dis relationship and my man is the libra.we been together almost four years off and on. but you know what. i think we will work out. we do have our ups and downs. but one thing a pisces and libra have to do is talk to one another for this to work out.if you willing to do that. your relationship will thing i can say is. i know myself and my man very well and what they are saying about pisces and libra’s are true. so listen and do and you will be okay.

  12. 12
    Gina Says:

    Im the pisces and my bf is the libra. we been together for 5 years and still i have not been in his house. Im single and he have three kids and two live with him. the baby mmother comes over when ever to take car of the kids. he tells me that he just want respect for his kids. I understand that but its been 5 years and still no BBQ, nothing. it was his ways and what he thought of me that kept me in question about him. it seemed like every thing i do or say was not the way he wanted. it made me feel like a fish out of water. it seemed to me that he wanted me to change my self to make him happy but what about me. nothing he do was wrong. he said because of the way i think and and my emotins that he couldn’t see a future wit me. Ive tried for 5 years to be the woman this man need, and i wish i could have been what he needed but i wasn’t. he wanted me to change me nature. How can i do that? my nature is who I am, and because i couldn’t do that he changed his numbers and told me Im a basekt case. He truly didn’t understand me and i feel like the brake up was because of me because i couldn’t change my nature.

  13. 13
    Steevi Says:

    Okay I am a Pisces woman and my ex was a Libra.
    I dated him two years ago. What made us break up was this, we had been dating for a while and he decided to instead of going to the movies with me to go and get drunk with some friends. I was a little bothered by that, but I didn’t want to be the over controlling girlfriend so I was like that’s okay. Then a few days later his best friend called me and told me that the night he was drinking he made out with three three girls. So I broke up with him. It has been two years since the break up and I recently started to talk to him, and find myself falling for him again. He seems like he has changed a lot since the last time I saw him. He is just what I need right now. So what should I do?

  14. 14
    Brent Says:

    well it just seems that pisces and librans just argue, fight and dont really ever trust each other. Reading all these things it makes it hard to want to continue in the relationship cause it is always a rollercoaster ride but i think alone is better than arguing and fighting so if your pisces or libran and are contemplating going for it i recommend you look elsewhere.

  15. 15
    Cherish Says:

    Wow!!! it’s crazy how much all of our experiences are the same LOL.

    I’m am the pisces and my bf is a libra. It seems like it is a everlasting rollercoaster constant ups and downs. I love him sooo much but its beginning to be too much for me to handle. My new approach is to start to take control of the ride.

    Libra can be an ideal mate for me becuz they need the love and affection that i (pisces) needs. The problem is that libra is a scale and needs perfect balance. Too much affection libra feels trapped, flees and cheats. Not enough affection libra flees and cheats. Its a catch 22.

    I find TRUST is the number 1 problem in my relationship too. The problem is that LIbra lies a lot, Pisces is a sign which has GREAT intutuion and libras will always get caught in the lie. honest communication really is the key.

    well goodluck to all of you!! :P

  16. 16
    infamousz lady Says:

    im a piscis and im so into a libra but he isz so bipolar one day he actsz so nice and sweet and the next so mean and it just agravatesz me but im into him i just cant stop liking him itsz kinda hard to stop and idk why,everytime im with him i never want it to end

  17. 17
    Do these people really live Says:

    I am a Libra and my mate was a Pisces. I think that really makes a difference. Pisces are the fish keep that in mind.Mine did always have a roaming eye. The men tend to be easily led. If they are insecure they will always find the damsel in distress.This way they appear to be the hero. Pisces woman seem to have their act together. Talk about very smart and successful.The Pisces I dated and was going to marry told me that the only reason he got with me was to have a child.Can anyone say selfish? He never could sit down and talk anything out.The man would run.Last but not least lady’s that can hide what the are doing(You will never know what it is until it much to late). Please remember these words they always have some sort of vice figure it out drugs,sex,gambling,drinking

  18. 18
    HL Says:

    What “Do these people really live” said made me think of a Pisces man I know who dated a Libra. They had an adorable Virgo girl together, but he bailed out on marrying her after some problems in his life arose (if Pisces has a problem, they tend to withdraw or swim away). Since water signs are naturally inclined to want a family, Pisces wants to have children. Libras, not always. So if someone’s looking for their Pisces/Libra relationship to last long, as in marriage-long, talk about children. Libra will give Pisces some sense and Pisces will show Libra that children can be wonderful. Otherwise, your child will be left like little Jolene who can only see her daddy a few times a month.

    And “Do these people really live”: Personally, I think you should’ve been flattered that he wanted you to mother his children. He probably didn’t see it as selfish because to water signs, it’s far from selfish to want kids. (But then again, I don’t know you or him at all.) Best of luck!

  19. 19
    N/A Says:

    I’m a Pisces and my guy is a Libra. Let me tell you, it’s the most amazing relationship I’ve ever been in my whole life. Everything is perfect, every time I see him it just keeps getting better and better. I think it really depends on the Pisces. I’ve had my share of ups and downs and thankfully I’ve learned from them. My ugly side comes out once in a blue moon but my Libra knows exactly how to deal with it and calm me down. We appreciate each other, in all our wonderful differences. There needs to be a certain balance for a Libra. If Pisces can keep there act together, its a beautiful thing. Perfection.

  20. 20
    CaseyCupcake Says:

    I am a libra girl dating a pices boy. So far our relationship has been amazing. :)
    I think if both are equally commited , the relationship is bound to work out. There might be a few bumps along the road but other than that it`s excellent :)

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