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Pisces Compatibility With Capricorn

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Pisces Capricorn


Pisces and Capricorn

Another great match for you! These two, although very different, compliment each other nicely and give each other what they need and even crave. The Capricorn is far more conventional that Pisces, who doesn’t really know what conventional is! Capricorn will take a good interest is his/her quirky Pisces lover. And likewise the Pisces finds something overwhelmingly attractive emanating from the Capricorn!

The Water sign gives enough compliments for the Earth sign to feel very happy, as the Capricorn does love to be admired and adored. No doubt these two will visit some strange places together, welcoming one another not only into their lives but into their interests, and they both pay attention and take it all in. They are both so interesting you see. I can just see them at some kind of modern art gallery laughing and making jokes, both trying to work out the meanings of each piece of art. Comfortable in one another’s company. Which is something they both need.

Both of these signs need to feel safe in a relationship and because of the Pisces loving and attentive ways and the Capricorns strong sense of loyalty and love these two finally find in each other what they both need to be truly happy. Their relationship will just get better and better over time. And as for the sex! Well, they will both surprise one another often enough for it to never get boring, in-fact I think these two could get in trouble with the boss for throwing too many sickies actually!

I don’t have much bad to say really, except that the Capricorn has been known to play the odd mind game or two, this will only make the Pisces do what he/she does best; Swimming away. However, I think there is enough mutual resepct for the Capricorn not to risk losing it all. ENJOY!

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104 Responses to “Pisces Compatibility With Capricorn”

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  1. 1
    FeFe Says:

    Im a cappy married to a pisces and i couldnt have DREAMED of a better mate! he gives me all the attention that i need and works hard, for his family. Pisces are PHENOMENAL family people and very intuitive…just what a capricorn needs:-) But the question that I find myself asking is “Do I WANT a Pisces in my life long term?” I think the capricorn in me DESIRES more of a challenge, but i think a lot of that has to do with age. My husband is eleven years older than me, so part of me WANTS more chemistry and more similarity in a mate, but honestly NO man can hold a torch to my Piscean husband…hes the Shiet!!!

  2. 2
    ~ *^ - ^*~ Says:

    I’m a Pisces and I find something very alluring and very intriguing about Capricorns. They are great at keeping a Pieces grounded. Which is what a Pieces needs and wants.I find also I’m never bored with a Capricorn. They always seem to have something to teach you or have a way of getting you interested in something that you normally wouldn’t be into - lol. The only thing that I find to be difficult to handle is that they appear to be very detached and unemotional at times and it can make it seem like they don’t care. Which isn’t the case at all.

  3. 3
    Bryan Says:

    I’ve recently started believing in this stuff… I’m a capricorn male, 25, just broke up with my sagitarius “counterpart” of 6 years. Before the things that happened did, we were to be married last year. There’s obviously a long story to that. I just want a girl again, i won’t pretend anymore, i’m lonely and miss having that special girl in my life, regardless of some very good friends, it’s not the same. i’m finally deciding that i can try again after about a year of some pain over losing the one i thought i’d be with forever. i consider myself to be intelligent and i’m very into music. i’m about 140 and i’m 6′1. so obviosly i’m thin. I know this isn’t a dating service but… that’s not really what i was after anyways. the rest is available if you talk to me. i make a decent living now, and i’m kind of drunk and just tired of sleeping in my bed alone. what ever happened to nice guys, we don’t seem to get any credit or cute gals anymore. I’m losing hope.


  4. 4
    Mr X Says:

    Come on you women, hit Bryan up! He’s Capricorn and if you’re Pisces you won’t find a better match.

  5. 5
    Mr. Nick Says:

    This is the first time I have actually commented on a site. I am a male Pisces that has a Capricorn girlfriend. I really am into her but the only thing that I agree was mentioned is the whole notion of my girlfriend not caring. Capricorns bottle everything up and it takes me a couple of minutes to get whats wrong with my Capricorn. It really drives me crazy, something as small as that, that makes me want to say f*ck it(escapist I know). Though, I am devoted to her and want to please her. Is there any other tricks to get Capricorns to open up and share their feelings?

  6. 6
    maddy Says:

    I am a 21 year old cappy girl. I am generally not into astrology, but I do love reading (I can read anything under the sun, moon and stars!) So, my friend lent me this astro book and thats how my interest grew. And you know what? I have the intution (not very common for me, and not entirely sure I trust it) that I am gonna end up with a pisces guy! Maybe you pisces people will understand!
    AS for Nick’s problem: although I don’t know the solution, I agree the problem exists. I suck at dealing with my emotions too. I either ignore it completely or would analyze it rationally, which is something you can’t do with emotions (results of one of my analyses)
    So maybe (its a MAYBE - no assurance! Remember I suck at dealing with it! But sometimes I hope someone would help me out this way) it would help if you use your intution. Don’t ask her what is wrong. If you feel something is wrong, try to cheer her up in neutral way; maybe dinner out or a romantic, impromptu dance. Make her feel you are there for her and cherish her! She might understand that you know her feelings, if not her thoughts, and might eventually open up and tell you what happened!

  7. 7
    Katie Says:

    WOW… I find this to be scary-true! I know I love being in relation ships, and its amazing to have someone who does as well. I’m the capricorn… my boyfriend is the pisces. So true that I tend to hold stuff in and I notice that it bugs him, so I’m sure to let him know what I’m thinking before he gets too bugged. This is all right on the dot! I was with a sagittarius before… and it was… no good. But I’m super happy now!!!

  8. 8 Says:

    well, im a capricorn and i just a met this piscean guy last night… he was my best friend’s batch mate in their company before.. i can say that i am comfortable being with him, not uneasy, just relaxed.. just like i dont have to pretend..
    well, hes not my boyfriend yet, were friends right now… hopefully we could be more than that.. =P

  9. 9
    Jo Says:

    I’m also not usually one to comment on these sites but must admit that this is pretty spot-on. I’m a pisces girl with a capricorn guy. This profile may as well have been written about us!

    We have broken up and reconciled more times than I can remember… Mostly because of his inability to show me the attention I show him and my need for him to do so. Don’t get me wrong, he would do anything I asked him to do. If I asked him to take the day off work and walk over hot coals to pick up my dry cleaning (not that I would), he’d do it without a second thought. The only thing he won’t do is show me any emotion. I often feel as though I’m putting a lot more in than he is. I think we just give differently. His giving is tangible, mine is emotional. As for the mind games… I think Pisces have a tendency to give so much and ask so little in return, it can make a Capricorn partner feel a little vulnerable. They’re used to being in control and hate feeling as though they need someone who perhaps doesn’t need them to much. The games are a means of testing the Pisces’ need for them.

    Also true that the Pisces will swim away as a result - I’ve done so several times now but he has hung on stubbornly and I’m glad he has. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t still be together and I think he’s right… it would be a mistake to swim away for good.

  10. 10
    Renee Says:

    What it is, What it is, What it is? My name is Renee and I’m a dedicated real believer of the astrology world! and i couldn’t be more proud to be a Pisces! I am very sensitive, secretive, sneaky, but also very smart and intelligent and have a wild sex drive. My ex-boyfriend was a capricorn and he was the best guy I have ever been with in all my days of living. All I had to do was wake up in the morning and he took it from there. I could not have asked for a better person in the world. (i guess ur wondering why we didn’t work?) Well, there was a problem that wouldn’t go away on my behalf. He never showed his emotions. He has like this rocklike character that seemed as if he didn’t care at all. And that matters to me. And sometimes he would hurt my feelings by saying only what he truely felt which is great but come on…I’m sensitive. But God has already showed me that he’s my husband. In my world there is no break-ups when ur destined to be with that speacial someone. We’re taking a break. If you read this Oscar you know the number. I’m not beggin just putting u on notice. (and hey, if any scorpios out there who single…holla at ya girl ..Peace out~

  11. 11
    Mille Says:

    Wow, i’ve been reading just out of curiosity if pisces and capricorns are compatible. I’ve been going out with a cappy and most of what ive read is true. Sometimes he does look like he doesn’t care and you’ll ask him what’s wrong but he wont tell you. Its FRUSTRATING. i wont pretend that im in love with him because im not sure about that, but i have fallen hard. He makes me feel safe and secure, and calms me down when i start feeling skitish. Im nervous around guys because i’ve had some bad experience, minor in comparison nut still its made me wary. I strongly feel so far that Pisces and Capricorns are compatible.

  12. 12
    Adrianna Says:

    I’m a Pisces girl and just started dating a Capricorn boy. I mostly wear my heart on my sleeve, and he’s really reserved. It takes a lot of work to get something out of him. He has a strong personality though, and is very good in bed. Knows what he’s doing.

  13. 13
    Dannie Says:

    Im a pisces girl in love with a cappy boy for about a lil over a year now. Its just so ridiculously easy. He’s so easy to talk to and even in the beginning of our relationship people would tell us that this is going to last a while and that they could see why we’re dating each other. I will asmit one bad thing about capricorns and that they think allot about something that way they can make the “safe and reliable” choice. You people know what I mean. They do know what they want but they put a lot of thought into it so dont be shocked if well they dont always shock you. I wouldn’t trade in my guy right now for anyhing. He’s important and I know its the same back.

  14. 14
    R+A Says:

    wow pretty true. im the capricorn and he is the pices. he is a very romantic guy and he does have some freaky stuff when he is with me and i love him ,and he loves me and he loves to admired me. we are a pretty dirty couple.

  15. 15
    Jessi Says:

    wow o.o omg this is all so true… i read this and I get chillz. I’m a pieces girl, just recently started dating a Capricorn boy and since I believe in this astrology I decided to look up our compatibility for kicks. I read this and I just cant believe it o.o. I have dated other guys and when you say “swim away” i have on multiple occasions done just that. Just becuase I felt it wasn’t a good fit and I wanted to cut myself from that relationship before it went on too long and I became trapped in it. My Capricorn boy doesn’t sound like these others though o.o he is very open about his feelings but there have been some occasions that he wouldn’t tell me things >.> so maybe there is some comparison in that to him.
    Reading this makes me think of what we can have in the future o.o and when I think of him and me I can feel that it will go on for a long time. Not trying to jinx myself but its what I feel. I’ve given my passed boyfriends such blind devotion people tell me its not good for me but I guess I cant help my pieces nature. Wish me luck with my Capricorn! ^^ thanks for the info

  16. 16
    Amber♥ Says:

    I’m a Capricorn female dating a Pieces male and I must say I’m am attached to him. He’s extremely polite and caring. There was a sense of security when we first started dating. He always wanted to talk to me, see how my day was going and just make sure I was doing okay. I was never attracted to emotional men until I met him. My pieces man brings out a different side of me. Being a Cap can be confusing even to ones self lol. I feel like I can let down my hair and ask any random ? without him holding it against me. I noticed that pieces men seem to be involved with their family a lot and desire a large family so if you don’t plan on getting married and having a couple of kids than a pieces male isn’t for you caps. I love my pieces partner and I plan on keeping him.

  17. 17
    Jer Says:

    Interesting.hey my name is J 23yo male. capricorn. for all you folks out there i have a diffrent story. as you know us capricorn dont show are emotinal as much are as fast as most of the astrology sing. my best friend witch she a Pisces. age 22 . well we meet over 1 year ago..but she started a relationship with a guy (is aries)in october. at the time it dint relly botherd me as much at it dos now. Sins there relationship start off she seem to be more and more attached to me for advice and wanted to spend more time with me then her boyfriend.after all this time i finaly showed my true feelings for her after she came over one night and watch a move and cudle. she told me she dint wanted to break her new relationship yet for some one elss. i tryed asking some friends around for advice they all told me to stay away from her. she as a bf. So i gave her a letter saying i couldint be friends no more cuz my feelings got involed. it bin about a month we stop thalking but she email me saying that she cryed cuz she miss the good times we had together. this actuly drives me nuts i dont want to lose her but i dont want to get hurt are wait. forever. I dont beleave in much things unless i see it for my self. but i have bin hurt every days sins i walk away…………….. should i leave her with her new bf and hope for one day to come to me are should i start thalking again and pressuer on her. if some pisces are capricorn can give me suport add me to msn. thanks

  18. 18
    Yvonne Says:

    hey, Yvonne here Pisces Feb28; right down to the core. My ex-boyfriend (high school sweat heart) was a Capricorn Jan11 (Cappy) I fell MADLY in love with the weird guy;that was all ways shy and kept to himself. jeje i giggle at the thought, i still love him. It was kinda cute he was somewhat of a challenge for me, & being a bit competitive had to have him. We hit it off right away. We were incredible in bed or so i think; me being a horn dog and all. We were together for a year & a couple of months, broke up once once. It was a love hate relationship, and of course me being; so damn emotional WORE him out. let me say it again WORE HIM OUT =[ he was too cold at times and thats were my drama kicked in.. still miss him its been only a couple of months with out him… but life does go on, I’m trying to forget the man I’m in love with. So started dating a Virgo. WOW is all i have to say i make him laugh, he makes me laugh, he’s very intelligent and knows exactly how to talk to me. We kissed yesterday; had butterflies for the first time in a long time. cheezy i know =]. We have great chemestry hopefully its like that in bed too. not sure if i’m ready for that step yet but im horny!????? =[
    hopefully he’s not just a rebound and i can find true happiness. Just want to be happy again.

    PS THANX for the site love it. =]

  19. 19
    Roj !_! Says:

    Im a capricorn with a picses boyfriend. Well he’s so sweet, polite, loyal, firm for our relationship and he even has a clear picture of what our future will be.He’s determined to work hard to make it happen. I, on the other hand, am so careful/cautious of my actions since I’m not sure of what the future will bring. Though we usually say that picses and capricorn are compatible, how sure am I…I can’t stop being a realist since our love life cannot just simply depend on astrology..though i can take it as one of my guide. So when i told all of these to my bf, he told me that it all depends on us…how are we gonna make it happen and Astrology probably came up with these love compatibilities because they analyse personalities and they try to match up two personalities and then speculate about it. He also told me that he just strongly believes that i’m the right one for him not because of astrology but because his love and is willing to stick with me through thick of thin.

  20. 20
    Shawnda Says:

    Well I meet this Pisces guy when I was chillen out and thangs and he asked if he could come talk to me…I said it’s up to him so he comes over…We exchange #’s on a monday then he calls me everyday since I gave him my # we hang out on thursday then later thursday night things got a lil heated( in the bedroom)he was wonderful knows how to make a woman feel good…. But reading on his sign that is what he is suppose to do LOL…..Then after that night I hear nothing from him…He drives by like he dont know me and we now no longer talk….WTF is wrong with him??? I really like him and want to talk to him but he seems to have no intrest in me…Im leaning towards he has a girlfriend because it’s sad how he acts as if he does not know me….Im a Capri and I know we are to be compatible but I guess he is the kind of fish swimming away from the current I dont know…I guess his Pisces is not the one im compatible with.

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