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Pisces Compatibility With Cancer

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Pisces and Cancer


This Water combination certainly hits the spot for both the Pisces and the Cancer. As they are both very emotional they have a great understanding of each other’s needs which they will revel in, as a lot of people can’t seem to get their heads around this pair’s emotional roller-coaster ride! There is also no shortage of affection between these two Water signs also and they care for one another greatly. This is definitely a match made in heaven.

The Pisces is a dreamer and the Cancer is too but is also hard working, bringing these two traits together will ensure that this couple do not just talk about their dreams they actually turn them into reality also. Cancer is very protective and this is exactly what the Pisces needs. One trouble this otherwise wonderful couple may come across though is that Cancer may want to get into the Pisces head, and find out what really goes on in there. This will only cause the Pisces to retreat into his/her mind even further. The solution is to just accept each other the way you both are, after all that is what attracted you in the first place right?

As a couple they will adore art galleries and the Cinema will play an important role as well. And as long as they don’t stop doing things together, this relationship could well endure the tests of time. It is wise to really understand each other as both the Cancer and the Pisces alike can go through bouts of depression and even self pity. Having to put up with each other may become too much, but I feel in the long run it will be worth it. A wonderful, long lasting connection is assured.


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151 Responses to “Pisces Compatibility With Cancer”

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  1. 1
    SallyEve Says:

    My partner is a Pisces and and I am a Cancer.
    I just wanted to say how this is very dead on and We both feel completely accurate.

    Were it says Cancer will try to get in to Pisces head, For us it’s the other way around but We do understand that we should accept eachother the way they are and I believe we have done that.

    Anyway. Kudos to those involve in the research for this.

  2. 2
    LeGrande Says:

    The woman that touched my life for the first ever was a cancer and my piscean ways fully matched hers, vice versa. I never communicated better. I never was as open with a person and never felt as close and calm with a woman. All can say is wow.

  3. 3
    anshika Says:

    i m a CANCER girl and my boyfriend is a PISCIEN.earlier i had a CAPRICON boyfrnd.and our relationshp last for only 20 days..but relationship wid my PISCIEN BF is still goin and growing healthier.recently we celebrated our 1st Anniversery.we really have gr8 understanding and he love and care me very very much.he is so good human being that i cant describe …i m madly in love wid him.. really we share a gr8 COMPATIBILITY

  4. 4
    Pam Says:

    My boyfriend is a pisces and I am a cancer woman. I can honestly say we are made for each other. I have never had this connection with any other sign. I love him and I know he loves me:)

  5. 5
    jhelet Says:

    …mah bhoi ryt now is a cancerian…i can say that he luvs me ryt now…im a piscean woman and i sometimes fil dat he isn’t over abt his X girlfriend w/c kips me worrying…i wonder now if he truly luvs me or is just satisfying me ryt now…but i luv him…

  6. 6
    nono Says:

    that’s exactly true the cancer woman and my husband the pisces guy :)

  7. 7
    Lunar Says:

    I also have to agree with combination!! I am a cancer gil who is crazy abot her fish man!LOL
    Which is scary at times cause it just seems too good to be true!!(Coming from an explosive relationship with a leo) Dont get me wrong,it isnt without its faults but we really understand each other and are truly very tolerant people! Very passionate about each other!! From the moment we met there has always been “ELECTRIC” energy between us! We are both vey affectionate which with somebody else may be seen as “clingy”(hate that word)but it work for us!This is a perfect union on all levels! Emotional,physical and spiritually!

  8. 8
    NiaI Says:

    I am a Cancer women and my sweetheart is a Pisces man. He makes me feel more special then I felt in many years.. And the sex…oh my god, the sex that we have is outta this world. It’s like when it comes to me, he knows EXACTLY what to do, with out me saying a word. The connection is unbelievable. And i do agree that trying to get into his head is damn near impossible, the more i dig the more he holds back… He is the sweetest-toughest man i’ve met in such a long time…Even if this doesn’t work . i will be able to say I am glad I met him… and i am willing to be friends.. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to say that…

  9. 9
    Ash Says:

    I’ve been reading all your comments and the pisces/cancer description above, and I feel very inspired. I’m a pisces girl. In high school, I like this cancer guy. Whenever we pass in the hallway, we tend to look into eachother’s eyes, and I feel it’s like telepathy, I swear. I feel that he may like me too.

    I wanted to make my move and start a conversation, but I’ve stalled with it in fear of rejection. But then a Sagitarius made her move first, and ended up being his girlfriend. I feel really disappoited. But I’m still feel a connection whenever we see eachother. And we still make eye contact whenever we pass eachother wherever…

  10. 10
    MAC Says:

    Ive been reading all the comments…
    and i can honestly say i relate to prcaticall all of them.. im a cancer woman who got out of a really bad relationship with a sagitarius man who treated me really bad…i eventually got sick of all the B.S and decided to leave him, let me tell you, best choice i made in my whole life…about a month later i met a man who is a pisces and beautiful in and out, we started talking and getting closer to eachother and openned up to eachother since.
    we have so much fun together, we value eachother like nothing else in this world.
    we love eachother like crazy.
    and the sex is incredible. i really believe this is the best match i have ever found.
    there is noone else out there like him. he adores me very much.

  11. 11
    Brooke Says:

    hi wow some of all of this is true , i mean i am a cancer and he is pisces but sometimes he gets mad and i try 2 bring him back and it works but than sometimes i just want 2 end it but than somehow he brings me back to him than i know i really do love him and i guess its ture love makes u crazy as hell

  12. 12
    Ashley Says:

    WOW ….I am a picses woman , so I’m very indecisive , I was scared to jump into the relationship with him so I dated ….alot…and when the cancer and I werent ecxclusive I still felt this deep connection with him , and so I came running back !! Were together today and still going strong , everything said has deeply given us an understanding and we completely agree I love him and he loves me A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN

  13. 13
    Soup Says:

    I am a cancerian that most definitely connects with pisceans, both in friendship and in love. I just met the man of my dreams. I’ve liked him for a while and discovered he liked me, too. Although I am sooo timid, I asked him out and he accepted. He’s quite a bit younger, albeit very mature, lefty, super hunky, and so pisces. I actually guessed that he was and was astounded that I was right! I’ve been with a pisces before (4 years) and only distance parted us, but it was the most understanding, calm, enjoyable, and fulfilling relationship I’ve ever been in. We always seemed to use humor to get through life and relationship difficulties, so we never fought. Anyway, I’m hopeful this works out, because he appears to be everything I could want in a relationship, let alone a friendship.

  14. 14
    J Says:

    I am a pisces male and I met my cancer female at work. We have been talking for some time and recently mutually decided to bring it to the next level. I feel very connected to this person in a very short period of time. We haven’t even touched each other yet but I know when we do it will be very special. I haven’t been this open with anybody and I look forward to see what happens with this beautiful person. I know only time can tell but I have my fingers crossed!

  15. 15
    KD Says:

    I have recently met a pisces man. Previously, i have never dated a pisces before. And after meeting this man, I feel stupid for never having done so. We haven’t been talking for very long but already I can tell we are going somewhere. Everything I (we) have read about our connection has been dead on. He hasn’t touched me yet, but by the sounds of it it is going to be amazing. I’ve never had this connection before and just like “J” I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  16. 16
    chloe jay Says:

    okay,its a confession…..first of all,i’m into a libra guy.but he seems to be interested with other girl as the hors said,popular amongs peole especially girls.but now i’m over him,i’m into this piscean guy right now.i found connection somewhere but he lives far away

  17. 17
    Cancer Sugar Says:

    This relationship between a Cancer and Pisces is truly amazing.
    I (a cancerian) had a relationship lasting one year and four months (which is a long time for a seventeen year old) and it was the most amazing relationship ever!

    However i was a fool and I let him go…
    To all you people that have commneted before and are planning to go into this highly emotional relationship don’t make the same mistake i did!!! Hold onto them with everything you got becasue otherwise you’ll end up regretting it…

  18. 18
    Cancer Woman Says:

    Yes, I would have to say that of all the signs this is the definitely most compatible. The day I met my Pisces man I told myself I met the man I was going to marry, and we are now engaged. He is my best friend, my lover, my soul mate, my true love, my husband, my King!!! Never have I felt a connection like this, and I have a feeling it is going to last forever!!!

  19. 19
    the fish Says:

    let me just say that not all of us fish are the same even though we may swim in the same school…just as not all cancers scuttle in the same direction…

    when i met my sweetheart i had no intentions on getting to know her…because a couple of my knuckle head friends were fighting over her like they usually do when they have an attractive member of the opposite sex between them….but something was different about her…even though i had just met her…i felt something drawing me near her…something about her presence no matter how hard i tried to resist just pulled my energy towards her…and even though she was already in a relationship at the time when we did start talking i knew she wasn’t happy…so i made my intentions known..and even though complications arose and i had to stop talking to her for two months…i let time take its course and it brought us back together…and i can honestly say…this is the happiest i’ve ever been…and i really do see a future for us…

    now i’ve dated a cancer before..and i can say not all cancers are alike…but even if you do find one or vice versa just know that how ever long you are with them you’ll never forget them..and they’ll never forget you

  20. 20
    Cancer babii* Says:

    Im a cancer girl! &nd my boyfriend is a pisces..I absolutely love him and he loves me but sometimes it jus seems like he cant open up to me,..then when i tell him my feelings his reactions seem to not care but he says he does..if he does why doesnt he show it? it really irritates me sometimes i just wanna give up then we click again nd i love him all over again…but ima jus let it flow and see where it takes us cuz we been 2gether too long for me 2 just give up

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