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Fire & Fire or Fire & Air? 2013

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Fire & Fire or Fire & Air?

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This article has been written by one of my readers, he is sharing his insight and experience with us which I am very grateful for. Thank you for sharing :) I hope you all enjoy it!


I wrote an article for this website a while back called “Life of the Aries man” I am very happy to see the feedback from the readers over the last few months and so I’m inspired to write more. Today I am writing about a girl I am talking to who is a Sagittarius, while I am an Aries of course. I’m hoping that this article will serve to show you something about same element couples and why they are so good- not just fire-fire (like, Aries and Sag) but I think the same principles apply to earth-earth, water-water and air-air pairings. In my opinion where there is will, there is a way and so I think all possible astrological pairings are compatible. Some are just more alike and easier to get along with each other than other ones. I have been with a libra girl, who I miss dearly. Aries and Libra are one of the six “opposites” pairings. Let’s see if we can compare and contrast.
I saw this sag girl on campus a long time ago and instantly felt a very strong connection. I knew there was something unexplainable there because she looked at me and I looked at her and it was as if I’d known her for years. We both couldn’t wipe that smile off of our faces. It was sheer happiness to see her and I could tell she was feeling the same. I was with my lovely libra girl at the moment and as I learned the sag girl was in a relationship as well.

Now things are like this, Libra girl and I broke up. Sag girl and I are talking and I miss my libra dearly L I am afraid to take things ahead at full speed with sag for two reasons. One, we are of different cultures and I have only been involved with something like this once and it wasn’t even that serious, so I don’t know how things will go. Second thing is, even though I am aries, a fire sign myself, I am intimidated by fiery girls. The only other fire girl I had a serious long term thing with was too strong and we fought all the time. I’m talking fiery, passionate, heated discussions, and she often times put me in my place. I can’t say I miss being emasculated like that.
Every time I come across this sag girl, I feel very attracted to her. She has these eyes that just draw you in.. Like a moth to a flame. My friends all say they don’t see what I see in her. My friends are mostly typical extroverted male jerks. They are very eager to point out that this girl has no body and by that they mean the lack of curves. It’s hard to explain to people that that’s what I am attracted to. It’s very interesting how all her habits and things she does, the way she walks talks and interacts with people is all very familiar to me. I can read her like a book from a distance. I know what she’s going to say before she says it. I can see she is insecure as much as I am on the inside and I can read how she puts up a really brave and strong face for show. We met at the gym. There you go, another stereotype confirmed. Fire signs are athletic and love spending time at the gym. haha. It’s hard to properly describe it but I swear she could be my twin. I don’t know what we would ever fight about. Granted, I haven’t spent much time close to her but I like to think that I and she would agree on philosophical things. The important things. That’s how it was with another sag friend of mine. We had a lot to talk about with each other and mostly agreed and had fun, making fun of, respecting, criticizing, reviewing and praising various things like celebrities, politicians, places to visit, things to buy etc. I felt very much at home and comfortable. There was no stress to go out of your way to impress the girl. She got me and I got her. It was lovely. I wonder if two people who are so much alike would make a good couple though.

And then there is the libra ex. I miss this girl so much. I made a mistake with her and let her go. I guess I hurt her rather deeply. I didn’t mean to. She was so good to me. She spoke her mind and really made me feel loved. She was a little needy and clingy when it came to the relationship. But, otherwise she was a very giving and forgiving girl. I got away with so much of my bs. I don’t know what I did to make her so needy though. She seemed like a free spirit when we met. She started complaining if I didn’t call and this is how we started fighting. I loved her dearly and the last thing I wanted was to lose her but that’s exactly what happened. When we first met and were sort of dating, she was sort of upset at me for leaving my ex before her when we were technically “just friends.” Her exact words were, “how can you just walk away from 3 years of history?”  I always thought of her as independent and carefree. With her, I had a real sense of my identity because we were a lot different. I knew the things I wanted and the things she wanted and they weren’t always the same. But we loved each other and were eager to learn what each other’s interests were and to learn to love each other’s likes. For example, I always thought astrology was a pseudo science and that there was nothing behind it. She made me want to learn about astrology and now I’m hooked. In her mind, I cheated on her because I took an interest in the sag girl. She was always uncomfortable of the sag girl. She told me to stay away from “the gym girl.” I’ll be honest, part of the reason I wrote her that break up letter was because I kept thinking; kept doubting that since we are so different maybe we aren’t meant to be together. The sag girl seemed so easy to read. I thought that’s how a perfect relationship would be.

Today, I am not sure about what are better, same element couples or opposites? All I know is that I feel attracted to the sag girl and I really miss my libra girl. Libra girl doesn’t even answer my calls now. I can’t even blame her. If she did the same to me, I know I would have moved on and never looked back. I keep sending an email to her once in every two weeks, hoping that she isn’t much like me and has it in her to forgive me.

What is your opinion of same element couples and opposite? I am eager to see what you guys have to say.


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32 Responses to “Fire & Fire or Fire & Air?”

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  1. 1
    HL Says:

    Well, it depends on what you want out of a realtionship. I’ve also noticed that with same element partners, it’s easier and you feel at home right away because you understand each other’s temperments. I’m earth, a Taurus, and naturally I tend to find myself instantly understanding other bulls, Virgoes and Capricorns. We like practicality, simple things, stablility, etc. But if it’s a more exciting and turbulent realtionship you want, the opposite sign is perfect. Even though there is more arguing than normal in my relationships with Scorpios, it’s not a bad thing. I like it. It’s refreshing and challenges me to come up with better arguments, and that same energy transfers over in bed as well. Then again, I have Venus in Aries, so I like challenge in love. You’re an Aries, so I’m sure that’s easy to understand, right? ;)

    I’m glad you wrote another post! The story about you and your Sag girl is so sweet!

  2. 2
    wolf&dragongirl Says:

    well i am a capricorn but acording to “new zodiac” i am a Sagittarius but i have notticed i have both traits,more capricorn thogh,but the “new zodiac” says i am not. and that is sad,you miss the libra girl but you want the sag also so it is tough to choose. but in times like that i would just not choose

  3. 3
    F.I (to wolf&dragongirl) Says:


    Thanks. I like your advice. I’m not choosing anyone. That way I won’t regret anything. Whatever happens happens.

  4. 4
    blueberrylibra Says:

    Obviously the libra girl had good intuition, if she thought of miss sag as a problem, she was.
    I think all girls deserve the right to be with someone who is really into them, and not thinking of another at the back of their mind.

    My aries ex and i always had a very passionate relationship, he always thought that he expressed his love physically, and that should be enough, but us libra girls need romance as well. Could that be why your libra came across as ‘needy’, perhaps she just needed you to express your feelings, in a romantic, not passionate way, if you get my drift?

    I feel for you, perhaps the remorse you feel over the libra girl, will enable you to look at a similar situation with more clarity, if it happens in one of your future relationships?

  5. 5
    janet Says:

    It was nice to see that you still feel for your libra girl. In my experience , with aries men they always realise the value once they lose something. As a fire myself i can always say that the comfort level between all three fires (aries, leo and sagi) is good, but not all qualify to be good partners. Sometimes too much familiarity dampens the fun of the relationship. A libran is very tenacious and will support you through thick and thin, which is something that all aries people require.

  6. 6
    jordynn Says:

    call me biast because i am a libra. but why wouldnt you want to call her if you want to call that needy. i mean we think were kind of princesses and it would really irritate me that you wouldnt want to spend time with me, when i had committed to you. because i could easily have another prince!

  7. 7
    Lady M Says:

    I am your Libra. Not litterally of course but when I read your story the situation you are in rang true threw and threw to my own personal experience. In actuality I am an aquarius but I was the libra in your story. My aries man was infatuated with a Sag woman. He and I had been together for quite a while and I never in a lifetime every imagined he would look at another woman. We had the most magical and wonderful love life. Or so I thought. He had a friend. The Sag woman. I was always uncomfortable about her. She was always flriting with him to the point that my girlfriends would pull me aside and question what was going on. Being an aquarius I just blew it off. I trusted him and being freedom loving and a little flirty myself I really didnt become too overly concerned with it. At first. The point that my friends pulled me aside I began to wonder if it was not somthing I shouldnt be concerned with. I pulled him aside privately later and he assured me that there was nothing. They where “just friends”. I accepted what he said as truth and moved on from the idea. After beging together a couple of years I got pregnant with our daughter. We where already living together at the time. I told him I would not even consider marrying him at that point because I didnt want to ever wonder if it was because of our daughter. Being once divorced already and having already lived as a single mom with my son I was not concerned with being “traped” with someone who wasn’t married to me for the sake of love. About 5 months into my pregancy he asked me to marry him. I turned him down. I restated my position and said that if he still felt the same after our daughter was born then I would consider it. From that point till about a month after her birth he contiuned to ask me to marry him. Finnally a month after she was born I accepted.

    Guess who all of a sudden shows up out of the wood work apon the announcement of our engagement? You guessed it, Sag girl! We did get married and it was the happiest day of my life. A month later he, my aries, walked out. The Sag girl had desided she wanted him from the moment she realized he was about to be unavalible and over the course of our engagement and in the first month of our marriage she planted seeds in his mind that we should not be together. That she was the better choice.

    It was a subtle form of manipulation she used. She was never outright direct while she worked him over. She was always just a “concerned” friend. She played up her firey flirty nature. She played to his firey flirty nature. All in the name of “innocent” friendship. He became so muddled in his head he didnt know which end was up.

    Part of the reason this was all so easy for her was because I was acctually going threw a serious family issue. My father was dying of cancer and I had become depressed. As a concerned friend she lead him, my aries, to belive that my depression was in reality me being a crappy no good wife who was just “using” him. Granted I had let my house go and had become withdrawn but it was not who I was or am, it was a by product of a serious emotional trauma.

    He had moved out, my lease was comming to an end, I was prepairing for surgery… Lots of things going on all at once. I was devistated that he’d left but I needed to care for my children and myself.

    Belive it or not a few months later we acctually ended up getting back together. He had come to help take care of the children during my surgery. The day of my surgery he wanted to go with me back for my prep and walk me to the OR.

    I said I was ok with that.

    At some point after the drugs for my anistisia had started to kick in apparently we had a conversation I dont remember. All he has really told me was that I “said what he needed to hear”. He said after the conversation he went to the waiting room and set while I was in surgery and he realized he had compleatly screwed up. He was over come with the fear of loosing me. He didnt know what to do.

    He stayed with me for a couple of weeks following my surgery, to help with the children and to help me. I was confused. I really didnt remember the conversation, at that point was clueless that it had even occured and had no clue of his change of heart but he was comepleatly focused on me and helping me threw my recovery. It was night and day from the additude he’d had before.

    Once I was finnished with my recovery in typical arrogant Aries fashion he announces to me that he had desided to come home. I was acctually on my way to bed at the moment. I started to balk and argue with him but desided i’d sleep on it and address him in the morning…

    The following morning I asked him, “What makes you think after all this you have any right to say YOU’ve DESIDED to come home?” …lol… to see the look on his face was pricless. Like a chastized child his face hung and he appeared to be looking desperatly for the right words to say…

    I gave him a hard time. He deserved it. And more than that I needed to know he was serious and that it wasnt just another “Whim”.

    The Sag girl tried a number of times to “reconnect” with him. Sending him messages of her “undying love” and bad mouthing me… In the mean time posting pictures on her facebook of her playing around and being kissy kissy with some other guy. Obviously it didnt occur to her someone might put two and two together.

    Regardless I have my happy ending now. I have no doubt my husband loves me. Does the Sag girl situation still bother me? Sometimes. But who wouldnt have been hurt by it?

    The bottom line is that I belive Aries sometimes get so caught up in themselves and there own fantasy that they forget what is true and important. It doesnt mean they cant recognize it when push comes to shove.

    As for the Sag girl in your life. You might want to concider that your libra love was probably the right choice. And you’ve screwed it up for a fantasy. You know it. That’s why your here talking about it.

    At least that’s my two cents on the subject…

    I had wanted to ask an Aries man, why he would do such a thing. But after reading your post and seeing how closely simular it was to my case I think I might understand…

    If any of the Aries men have a ligitimate explination for this I would love to hear it…. As an aquarius I love to understand.

  8. 8
    F.I Says:

    Hey Lady M,

    your story is inspiring and I must say for me to read it is somewhat of the equivilent of giving me a guilt trip. Not that I didn’t do anything to deserve it. I can’t look myself in the eye.. because I know I may be able to justify myself in front of my libra girl. I’ll (possibly) convince her to come back but will I ever forgive myself..? probably not. and the saddest part is, no one will even know the 1/100th of it.

    i’d love to give u some insight but you gotta understand for me the situation was a little bit different. we’re both (or all parties involved) rather young and my libra girl (lets call her, A.S) moved back home to the west coast. none of us had a choice about this. her studies were over and she had no reason as far as her parents were concerned, to stay in NY and away from family anymore. i live on the east coast (3000 miles away) and she kind of caused me to panic with all the attention she suddenly required, now being in a long distance relationship. i was starting a new career.. and really could have used a wifey figure at home. instead I got someone very emotionally needy and as im sure u would have known by now, aries men don’t do very well with emotionally needy females. about the sag girl, (lets call her MP) was truly a fantasy. i should have known i wasn’t that guy who can live that fantasy and truly i didn’t even want to stick with that life forever. it was just too fantastic looking from a distance. MP was a city girl who went out partying in the city every week with daisy dukes/ bikinis on top etc. she seemed very opposite of AS who was a really sweet wifey.

    honestly, i have a theory which I strongly feel is true.. and that is that had AS not put so much pressure on me and demanded so much I would have been able to resist melissa’s charm. I mean I had for a year before I even met AS. i was engaged to another girl altogether and i can say without a doubt I liked/ loved AS a lot more then my ex fiance. i just couldn’t let emotions and neediness ruin my career.. that would have been the worst thing ever. failure is a bad bad bad thing for aries men. it has a domino effect and should be avoided at all costs.

    right now I just want a magic eraser and erase that moment in history.. its very frustrating to be in a situation and not have a viable solution to fix it. for me (aries men) at least. it is very very frustrating and being in situations like this causes us to let the rest of our otherwise well kept life all fall apart so quick. i know this from experience.

  9. 9
    Aboy83 Says:

    Fellow Aries male here. I have to say I’ve dated libras before and I have no clue WHY!? They’re our astrological opposite. Yes they can teach us a lot about another way of living but when i would get in my mental zone in the moment, the libras were like ‘uhhhhh wtf.’ libras never took my side because they don’t take sides. I often comically think of them as people who way all the decisions and then never end up making one.

    I know what you’re saying about the Sagg partner. They’re fun, independent, exciting.. but yes a bit scarier because i feel like its more real and they can put you in your place.

    So for me, libras make the best friends because they can help you to understand another way of life and thats wonderful.. but for me i couldn’t deal with them not recognizing my fire or being able to deal with it or understand it


  10. 10
    $V$ Says:

    To all Aries men who have had a relationship with a Taurus woman: How did that work out??
    Everyone says that kind of pair won’t work out, “so don’t even bother”, but I’d like to think otherwise… Any feedback would be nice (: Thank you.

  11. 11
    AlanaAstro Says:

    Lady M,
    Thank you for sharing your story. My uncle frequents the site and told me to post. Here it goes:

    Sagittarius women do use the friendship card to get what they want from a man. They are very manipulative in their behavior, and tend to utilize their femininity and relatedness to draw men to them. In fact, their ploys work most well with other fire signs because they are far too egotistical and insecure to see threw the Sagi tactics. This is essentially the reason why I bring this up. Sagittarius’s opposite on the zodiac wheel is Gemini. Whatever characteristics that you find endearing or ugly in a certain sign, you will most definitely find it in their opposite. Gemini women, for ex, use the same tactics, but in a more mental way as opposed to the philosophical way of the Sagi. In order for a Sagittarius or Gemini to desire a man, there is usually if not always another girl involved. This is how they gain an advantage by playing the “forbidden” fruit role…

    Libra and Aries are opposites. What they have in common is the need to dominate people. I have never met a Libra who did not use her femininity for the advantage of feeling superior to another. That is frequently why Libra’s are secretly envious of their friends. They utilize fine manners to penetrate the specialness of another person, so that they can take on those qualities themselves. Aries are the same. They are always in need to be the best, and the Aries is far more noticeable than the Libra. What the Libra and Aries can gain from each other is diminishing their needs to feel better than another person- each other…perhaps reducing Sagi girl to “the gym girl” pushed Aries closer to her…whatever the case, opposites have way more to learn from each other. These relationships are very special.

    In my opinion, I frequently see people marry within their group out of fear. In some cases, it is true love, but in others, they did not have the understanding they needed to make it work. For ex, Aquarius and Leo. These signs usually fall head over heels for each other, but fight the entire relationship…this is because their biggest issues are in their EGO’s. My uncle and aunt met when they were 15. They fell in love. They broke up when they were 18 because they fought too much. 23 years later, they reunited- maturer versions of themselves. My leo aunt says “no man can love me like your uncle…” My uncle is an aqua.

    What I take from this is LEARNING what one can to make themselves better and not being with a person just because they match you…

  12. 12
    a little archer (sagi) Says:

    Hello! I was just reading this and I can see your point of view about being undecided between 2 girls man. I have been there myself with a Virgo and a Pisces before. Neither relationship worked out. So now I am just taking it easy and enjoying the single life. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have a guy to dote on and take care of, but that just can’t happen at this exact moment. I was scanning through the replies here and I was just wondering if it would be so hard for people to drop and stop accusing other people from other’s signs for mistakes? I mean really now, think about it. Your guy/girl likes another suddenly more than you. Hmm.. well have you been being rude and obnoxious to him even though your intentions were the opposite? Having they been having a hard time at work? Really what happens is something happens, we get so upset about it. Then someone sooner or later starts pointing fingers at everyone or certain signs screaming “it’s because of them”. Can we all just sit down, take a nice calm, relaxing breath and take a moment to sort through all of these feelings to find the true reason why? After you find out why your emotions are the way they are or what triggered that emotion, you can use a non-confrontational approach and ask them if they would like to talk about it because it is making you feel so and so way. Or, you could ask them to think about it and look within and find out why they are doing so and so. Sometimes when we are stressed out, aggravated, and just over loaded we tend to get overly extreme about the tinyist little things and blow up for seemly no reason. That is one thing that can and sadly does push people apart. No one appreciates either side nagging, yelling, or screaming at the other, ever. If this is happening, one should find a way to calm down or seek professional advice, and no the friends at the game, store, or online chat do not sadly qualify for this. I am quiet sure that there is plenty of Free online help available. I am a Sagittarius, but I do not like bing aggressive, I prefer having a cool and level head and working with those I love. I will admit that even then I can and do have my moments of ultimate failure, critical failure at that. But please do take the time to relax and meditate on why something bothers you, and just simply remove your self from the situation, also you can try to see it from someone else’s point of view to get an idea of what it would be like to someone else. Like for example, you’ve been working all day. You come home and even though it is his day off, he never got anything done that you had on his to-do list. You’re hoping mad, he is hardly ever home and here he is doing nothing but hanging with his buddies watching the game, I mean there are very important things that need fixed, etc. Well, hope into his shoes for a moment. You have been working all week long, dealing with the office, working at the lumber mill, grocery store, etc. And after all of this time you finally get a day off and can recharge. You can take a break and recharge those batteries to keep you going. Well, other people have other plans for you unfortunately. Now you can imagine if someone made up your schedule daily for every day off you have how old and frustrating it would get, you would understand why people get that “would you just knock it off attitude” instead of talking about it and explaining what it makes them feel like. In some relationships the guy plans his wife/girlfriends day out. I have had guys tell me what to wear and how to act before, needless to say I like some freedom and that the relationship didn’t last. But really now, before blaming it on another sign all of the time, or juts on them. Look at all sides of the spectrum. I mean absolutely no disrespect to any one. But, if you have issues, seek professional help. You will be much happier afterwards knowing how to handle the things that make you fly off of the handle. Brightest Blessings and Merry Part!

  13. 13
    A Libra woman Says:

    I myself am a Libra woman in her 20s. I’m also going to preface this by saying that I wish you no ill will. I am being honest so that I can be helpful. I am not intending to be hurtful or cruel.

    One of the things that stood out to me is that you mention that you couldn’t deal with Libra’s neediness because of the impact that her emotions would have on your career. In that statement, it seems like the job comes first and the Libra second. I didn’t notice any reflection as to why she might be hurting, or as to what you could have done to help her or reassure her. She was going through a VERY rough time and NEEDED someone to be there for her. Think about it. We Libras are very social. She is in love. Libras who seek romantic love value their partners above anyone else on earth. She suddenly moves away from the man that she loves, and probably has to leave behind a few of her friends too. On top of that, an immoral woman is threatening her relationship and she probably felt powerless to stop her from stealing the one that she loved. I wonder if your Libra might have felt like you cared about your job more than her. I also wonder if she felt like you weren’t taking the threat of the Sag woman very seriously, which might have made her feel insecure. We Libras can be independent, but when we are in a relationship, we are on a ‘team’. We need to feel loved and appreciated–and, moreover, we need to be *told* that we are loved and appreciated. Even though traditional astrology says that Libras are attractive and beautiful, trust me: many Libras (me included) do not always *feel* beautiful, nor do we always *feel* loved. In addition, maybe she felt pushed away and maybe she was trying with all that she had to save her relationship.

    Also, I have to ask: when she was clearly worried about the Sag girl, WHY did you keep spending time with the Sag? I understand that Aries people love to feel free, and that they don’t like being told what to do, but when it made her *that* upset, why not put that aside and respect her concerns? Obviously, Libra felt threatened, and with good reason: the Sag girl succeeded in taking you away from her.

    In addition, it seems like you just want an ‘easy’ relationship. To have a healthy relationship requires effort. To have a strong foundation and a deep connection with another person requires work, patience, and time. It is never easy to have a successful relationship. Even when two people are compatible, love has to be nurtured or else it will die. Further, the rewards of effort are far greater than the rewards of doing something simple, easy, and quick. Think of it as buying fast food vs. cooking a good meal yourself from scratch. Yes, cooking the meal yourself will take more effort, but it will taste so much better, be much better for you, and you can be proud of what you have accomplished.

    I think that you are attracted to the Sagittarius girl, but you also seem to project qualities onto her that she might not have. I think that you idealize her a bit. You said that things aren’t serious with her, but that you would like to think that you would agree on philosophical things. That says to me that you’ve put her on a pedestal. You see her as you want to see her; how she actually *is* might be very different.

    Another thing: most Libras, with the exception of low-evolved Libras, value fidelity. I myself have Venus in Scorpio and I would never tolerate emotional or physical infidelity from anyone. Libras are indecisive enough as it is without having even more decisions to make, e.g., “do I stay or do I leave? did he ever really love me or not?”. Libras very much want to be loved (not always *romantically*, but we do seek some form(s) of love). To feel unloved is VERY painful. I would venture to guess that your former Libra feels very unloved and probably let down that (a) you didn’t believe her about the Sag woman or see the Sag woman for what she *REALLY* is, (b) that you cheated on her and (c) that you weren’t really there for her when she was going through a rough time.

    That said, I really do feel that opposite-sign pairings are good matches in many cases. Opposite-sign people balance each other. Each has what the other lacks. They make a great team because they complement each other. They learn a great deal from each other and, if they put the required effort into their relationship, they will both be more balanced people. Plus, the challenge of an opposite-sign relationship keeps things exciting. Same-element relationships might be “easy”, but it’s also very easy to get lazy with them and to have them fall apart due to being neglected. More challenging relationships have the potential to bring you closer together and to help you mature as people by learning how to negotiate, compromise, and not only tolerate but LOVE the differences that you have between the two of you.

    Lastly, I wish to say that I hope that you will learn from this experience and, should you ever get to be with a Libra again, I hope that things will go more smoothly this time.

  14. 14
    Michael Says:

    Just my thoughts and every situation is different, but as one Aries who sparked with a Sag, who I’ve never been able to let go of, (circumstance of life the relationship ended), I’d say you are on the right path with the Sagittarius. No sign in my experience mixes as well with Aries in the way you described, their are benefits to others, but to this day I still can identify a Sag. almost instinctively when I meet them.

    My relationship was pure chance on some levels and I don’t think she expected the result that happened, (not that I did but I was looking for that more then she was). In a lot of ways it’s way to intense so if you’ve found someone that is ok with that, then by all means stick to it.

    Just my two cents, my relationship was about 15 years ago and things about it still amaze me compared to subsequent ones.

  15. 15
    Mari Says:

    Wow this is so interesting. I’m a sagittarius female and ive dated almost every sign in the zodiac. So heres my take on each experience starting with January:

    CAPRICORN: they are such gay old blades love to be the center of attention in small groups. In large groups they become extremly observant and shy away. So in relationship they love to entertain you, they are very sexual, but in the end they’re really are idiots waiting to mess up. They have a tendency to be failures. Dream big but dont have the fire to see it through.

    AQUARIUS: believe it or not ive never dated an aquarius yet im surrounded by them. my mom, brother, cousins, roommates, friends… who knows maybe its the man of my dreams? But i can tell you this aqurius think they’re brillant and they need people to like them.

    PISCES: i so love Piseces men they are so emotionally intense. So sincere from their hearts. Very creative men but slightly insane. Literally to the point of wow maybe he needs some help. So innocent in their hearts amazing givers. buttt one step away from full time therapy.

    ARIES: So where do i begin ive dated many aries men and had a love affair with two. Oh shit is all i can say!!! So can things be anymore text book romantic, passionate, giving, and extremly selfish at the same time. No seriously i have such intense history wiyh these men. Everything is so physical!!! Its a wrestling match i bed literally. They are freaks. desiring a 3rd party is just natural to them (no wonder you wanted them both) Why do you want to make us fight? you need stimulation so bad… But our love is so beautiful, so sweet, so intense. i love you so much our fire is intense. HONESTLY ARIES MEN NEED INSECURE WOMEN TO DOMINATE TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES. To much of a challenge scares you off even though you love the chase, can i say that again you love the chase but you need your prey to be submissive een if you are illogical. So Aries Sag is great fun! forever love hmmmm find a more insecure sign :-)

    TAURUS: lets see where do i begin? Sag’s (me) are way to firey for this sign, yet we tend to attract them like honey to bees. Taurus men are grounded can be wild and fun yet there still is a grounded energy to their wildness. Taurus men are great husbands because they will never leave. Even if youre living in hell they will never leave. Can be very boring energeticly, great conversation but fire will always leave.

    GEMINI: My opposite on the zodiac. i was going to marry a Gemini i was truly in love with my best friend. We had great sex, great friends, great energy, great love. But Geminis are so hot and cold you can only take so much. They are amazing men Fire and air really do mix well. Cant really complain.

    CANCER: Uhh ohh lol ok can i say no. Cancer men are way to sensitive for the Sag female, meaning Cancer men will hurt easy and fire back hard. They arent weak or passive men by any means just hold grudges for ever!!! i mean ever. great conversation nice lovers, just arguments waiting to happen for witty sag is always a step ahead and cancer is trying to put out here fire.

    LEO: So why is it that im not attracted to Leo men? supposedly they are my perfect match. Great friends but NEVER SEXUAL CHEMISTRY. Leo men are weird. They are odd creatures. They arent even very strong in my opinion. Meaning no Alpha male energy. As a Sag im drawn to that confident male aggression and thats sexual. Maybe i just havent met one yet. never dated one.

    VIRGO: Oh Jesus not my style. great conversation, honest to a fault, very masculine but just assholes. Dated only one. He was so perdictable after awhile. Slightly clingy with a cutting tounge. on scale 1-10 a 4.

    LIBRA: Oh my goodness one of the loves of my life but there was always a knife attached to it. I loved this man so much. in ways more than the Gemini. We connected in so many ways. Sexually, spiritually, emotionally, Passion, intelectually,. i have a passion for Libra men at times. They challenge me more than any sign. yet hmmm i dont know ill just leave it t that….

    SCORPIO: I kinda dated a scorpio once. we made out one night and argued for the rest of the nights. Scorpio men are fun honestly i dont know them that well. But i can see how women fall head over feet in love. They are very seductive and warm in their energy when nessecary.

    SAGITTARIUS: Looking into the mirror i’ve enjoyed my sag men but i know them to well. They are too much like me. Our minds operate with our emotions in the same sense. Its to weird. we both think were beautiful, we both think people will be puddy in our hands, we both think are highly intelligent, were so vain and confident, we love to be chased, and we are both very mystical in our approach to life…and we have peter pan syndrome. ok i said it… insight into a sags mind. Its so easy to love us :-) Just be witty, fun ,adventerous, open minded, intelligent, and amazing lovers and we will never leave you we will worship the ground you walk on.

  16. 16
    Yas2six Says:

    So I’ve read the story and most of the comments and Mari was very much on point about Sag women/ connections. For I am a Sag woman and in regards to the story, sad to say it my Aries friend but I think you would’ve been better off with your Libra ex. Sag women, we have a tendency to love the thrill of attracting men who are already in relationships not because we truly want you,( although we are damn good at pretending!!), but because we enjoy the challenge. We will stop at nothing to win. We are in no way homewreckers as some would think l, we only seek justice. We never pursue these situations, we just finish them and will go extensively into manipulating the situation. Most of the time we don’t even need to use sex to do this, we are so mutable and able to become whoever you want us to be that you end up thinking that we are what you want. Once it is all done we lose interest quickly and move on.

  17. 17
    L. P. Says:

    Wow,I must say that is an interesting problem Mr. Aries, as a Sagittarian, I like keeping an open mind about this (although the “New” Zodiac labeled me now as a Scorpio, I do have Scorpio traits in me, but whatever, I am sticking to the old!). Your problem is actually pretty common, especially for a guy from the fire sign group. I noticed people from fire signs have high charisma, has the tendency to attract others with natural charm and wit wether you are plain-looking or beautiful, and they are most prone to have fidelity issues, it’s just that spicey charm and quest for passion and the unknown that draws more people into you or vice versa.

    My Advice is this… you need to stop jumping from one person to another, it is a pattern with you.. try spending some quality time alone, do activities that could ease your mind (or challenge it!) or be with your friends! Sometimes it is not the elements in question that we need to figure out, but what we want for ourselves, I’m talking long term, and not just a commitment which will give you 6 months of pleasure, Sag or Libra? Doesn’t really matter, but think who would cherish you even more as the years pass by and give you that sense of security and warmth in the long haul!

  18. 18
    Lily Says:

    Life of Aries Man:….Please note I am a sagittarian and I was in a relationship for 15 years to an aries man. Although you may feel intimidated by the sagittarian and that of her ways in keeping you in line and some arguements along its path if you really look at the whole of the picture she proves her point and is usually correct. I found with my aries man that he was more apt to indulge in alcohol and misuse of money whether it be in substance or be in material wants, he never looked at the needs nor necessities of life and often deflimationed his family financially. Even though an aries man is very loving and caring he lacks responsibility and is lazy. What I mean by laziness is that it looks like hes working but hes not so dont be fooled. As for the love life between a sagitarrian and an aries its the most complete fulfillment I have ever had in life. Its open full most enjoying liberating and uplifting all at the same time there is nothing the two wont do to make the other happy especially in the bedroom. The formost problem is that the aries will get bored and tired of the sagittarian as once the two of them have found a comfort zone that is repeated daily where she is most content and happy with what she has the aries is not and will wonder and seek a new. This was my experience with an aries man, although I have to admit it was the best life I had before he decided to go elsewhere and seek a new. Aries men are terrible with money and if with a sagittarian should let the sagittarian handle the finances and they will by what they want when they want and put themselves and their loved ones in financial despare to the point of bankruptcy. Hope this helps you with your story however in my opinion if you pass this by you will miss out on a wonderful life with a sagittarian. I look to the future and protect the future as not only stated in astroglogy as the god of war I was also born under the godess of love.
    Sagittarians will only argue for a reason and for the point of good truth they do not do it to harm it is only for the better of good and balance in life.

    Hope this helps.

  19. 19
    Libragirl Says:

    I am a libra girl in a loving relationship with an aries boy. And there was a sag girl involved. She was his “just friend” who would try and intimidate me, I trust my aries boy and although at first she had him thinking that I was being jealous/possessive, he later realised that I hadn’t done anything of the kind but I was simply reacting to her attempts to create fiery drama within our relationship. The conclusion ? He told her to get lost. If she couldn’t accept and respect that I was his girlfriend then she was no friend of his ! My only tactic was to not get involved. I never said a bad word to or about her. She would plant ideas in his head, and he soon realised it wasn’t true because I never really felt threatned.

    C’mon Aries men, you’re charismastic and thrill-seeking, but you’re always ignorant to how women throw themselves at you, wise up to your beauty!

  20. 20
    Ev Says:

    Hey I lived almost the whole same story, Im the sag girl ajjaajajaj and i dont know, but in my case I just felt he just still loved too much the Libra girl that I could not put my entire willingness into our relationship to make it work =), on the other side this aries guy had such a big egooooo that i just could not deal with it =)

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