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Compatibility For Virgo and Libra

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Virgo Libra

Virgo and Libra

Both of these signs love to communicate, converse and share ideas. The ways in which they choose to do this however is entirely different and can leave them staring blankly at one another with no idea what on earth has just been said, or even in what language. Libra loves new ideas and ways of thinking and is more than happy to sit and listen enjoying hearing other people’s points of view. On the other hand we have Virgo who enjoys analyzing and scrutinizing, if they don’t like your way of thinking they will tell you so in a way that has been known to bring tears to one’s eyes!

Virgo being an Earth sign likes to have depth and purpose in what they say and do and they may find their Libra partner to be somewhat flighty and fairy like, Virgo is not a fan of idealistic dreamers, they deal in hard reality, Virgo’s don’t own fluffy cushions, Virgo’s buy practical long lasting cushions. Virgo’s are practical. Libra is too but will buy fluffy cushions…..I digress.

The funny thing with these two is that they will probably get on very well indeed; they will both enjoy a bottle of wine and some long conversations with one another and will also enjoy some fine eating as well. It would be nice to be a fly on the wall with this couple, seeing how they both react to different situations; I imagine it would make for good T.V that’s for sure. Sexually these two will remarkably understand each other quite well. Libra’s are loving and gentle and very romantic, and Virgo needs all that sort of thing so they can relax. I certainly believe that if you have friends or family members who are in a couple of these signs, you will know about it! Good Luck!

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54 Responses to “Compatibility For Virgo and Libra”

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  1. 1
    cardinal red Says:

    I Have a friend who is a Libra male and iam a Virgo Female. Me and him are both good in communicating with each other and every thing esle is shooting stars except for his decisiveness I never let my heart into this relationship I have with him cuase I do nt intend to get my feelings hurt with him, With Trust,if i feel i can nt trust him then my heart is nt in it and plus Iam barely gettin to know him which i really do not know him.

  2. 2
    Kara Says:

    Hello, I am a Libra! My boyfriend of almost a year in March is a Virgo! The article on our Compatibility is so true. There has been many times when I try to make a point and i don’t have enough information to back it up, he gets frustrated and makes me feel stupid.He defineatly analyzes everything he says and/or makes a point about. He’s always right! No matter what….So he “believes”! And as far as having a glass of wine together and chatting the night away.. Wow completely true! Thats an every other night occasion! I believe we even each other out very good. I’m a perfect, happy lover for him!!!!

  3. 3
    savannah Says:

    well i am a virgo girl and i have split up with an libra a couple months ago we were together for 7 months. now i have met a new person and hes a libra again and this time i now not to make the same mistakes twice and deal with them in different manners even though im consisdered to always being ‘right’.
    i hope it works out but as soon as we met we both felt the attraction straight away and he leant in for a kiss.

  4. 4
    China Says:

    Im a Virgo woman & my man is Libra, we have been dealing with each other last year sometime for about 4 months and then i had to cut him loose because he was so aggressive in how he expressed hiself and i could not take it, i’m a Virgo and we are known for wanting some sensitivity from our partners…..tHEN ABOUT 6 OR 7 months later i get a call from him saying how sorry he was, that he knows he did not treat me well…that was such a suprise because hes really not the type to apologize…Anyway i figured i give him another shot and we are still together now, but im always confused about him, because its so hard for him to show any emotion, but you can tell he wants that from me…for example he would say to me “You didnt tell me you love me today” and thats wierd, because obviously he wanted to tell me he loved me. he also proposed to me a couple of months ago. He feels like its nothing wrong with our relationship, but i still feel like he doesnt show me he cares enouogh…the good things about him is (1)hardworking (2) Family Man (3)dependable (4) good friend (5) encourages me (6)gives me anything i need (7) there for my daughter…Now let me ask, with all these good attributes should i be complaining ? or should i stick it out & be patient with him. Afterall we have only been back together for about 4 months.

  5. 5
    Mo Says:

    I dated an Libra man and I am a Virgo women. He was a good man however he had one personality trait that drove me up the wall and that was his indecisiveness.

    He appeared to be emotionally detached but was encouraging to me. He liked that I could fix things around my house but he hated having to ask me for help repairs around his house. He would get upset if I got a compliment and he didn’t compliment.

    I ended the relationship because I felt like he really was not into me and that he was competing against me.

  6. 6
    Jhazy Says:

    Okay to all the one’s that have or dealt with Libra men.. yes you are all right.. their not that emotional and they hardly communicate their feelings. I’m a Libra and I’m very much that same way! It’s just our nature.. but if you learn to deal with us we will be one of the best and remarkable person you will ever meet. I’m talking to this Virgo now.. and Kara’s story has given me hope. We butt heads a lot I guess I have to learn to get around that .. I’m totally willing to sacrifice some ways and try to make things work.. the attraction has always been there between us that’s obvious. China you shouldn’t be complaining lol Libra’s are really good should stick it out with him. Showing him that you care enough to give him another chance he will do everything in his will not to mess up again.

  7. 7
    Astra Says:

    I just started dating a Libra, I’m a Virgo. He totally confuses me because he never seems to have time for me, but texts me a up to 20 times a day. He also says I make him feel like a different person when he is around me. In a good way. Then he will top it off with, but my life is crazy and busy right now, lets keep things casual. Is he into me or not? It seems very hot and cold? I never know if I should be pursuing him or letting him come to me. Any Libra’s out there got any advice? It’s totally early days, but as a Virgo I crave a black and white answer, so I can invest without getting my feeling hurt. If I don’t get the security I need, I know I will just run in he opposite direction. Dilemma.

  8. 8
    Marie Says:

    Astra, I definately understand where you are coming from. I am a virgo woman & he is a libra man. I don’t even know if I could call him a boyfriend or what to call him. We have been seeing eachother for 3months now, I guess. Sometimes he’ll text me all night long, then nothing for days or weeks. We went like 6-7weeks without seeing eachother then all of the sudden he texts me asking to go out again!! We don’t really talk on the phone either. I have feelings for him, but do not feel comfortable telling him this because he won’t give me any signs of liking me either. I feel like we are stuck in a rut… Should I give up on this or put myself on the line & possibly get hurt because hes not really interested??!!

  9. 9
    Tinsy Says:

    Hi Astra and Marie,

    I am a Libran and would like to give you a very frank advice on your situation. He actually likes you but is shy of commitment.. i wud say go ahead and propose him.. he will be on cloud nine! Secretly he will be thankful to you for initiating this talk… and will be blushing all the way.
    His commitment will not come easily because he’s always figuring out whether he’s ready for you or not. the scales are trying to balance..(that’s why the answer will never be YES or NO) and once he decides he will go on and on about why he likes u and such stuff.. but caution! never ever ask a libran the dreadful question “Do you love me?” “like” is fine over “love”.

    I wud like to ask u what things of a Virgo irritates a libran? I have not been with any virgo earlier.. so wanted a frank opinion of ur behaviour towards libran…

  10. 10
    Astra Says:

    Thanks for the advice, it seems to fit his behaviour. Thing is I’m not sure if I can wait around till he makes up his mind. As a Virgo, and I think this will begin to answer your question, we crave stability because we are so sensitive and get hurt really badly. We won’t fully commit until that happens and we will continue to stay distant until you prove to us that you are not going to hurt us. When a Virgo is distant, it means they will likely be cold and critical, which will probably turn a Libra off. Basically I need to know he is interested in me in order to stay with him. Because he always seems to just keep me hanging on with no real commitment one way or another, I begin to imagine he doesn’t like me at all, or worse, that he is seeing someone else and stringing me along. Once I have a few reassuring words about his feelings I would probably be fine, but because he seems unable to do that, I just push him away. He also seems to have this crazy hectic life and expects me to just fit into it. He doesn’t seem to be interested in making the time to spend together, but keeps promising he will soon. I’m never sure weather to keep contact with him or just say forget it and brush him off. He’s great, but I think I need more attention than he can give. I always make it clear to him that I want to spend time with him, and he continues to say “soon”, things will settle down and we can, but I’m not sure if I can trust that. Thoughts?

  11. 11
    Marie Says:

    I will agree. Seems to fit. I am unsure & trying to be patient myself but not without the utmost uneasy feeling!! As a virgo I to need him to help me feel at ease & atleast discuss what is going on. He does keep telling me that he likes forward women but every time I ask him out he comes up with some lame excuse or blows me off! So what exactly does he mean by forward:Worship him & get nothing in return??!! If so thats not something I can do. My predicament is that I have been asked out many times & I’m on the fence of wether I should wait around on him or just move on. For some reason I really like him! I haven’t had enough of a chance to get to know him yet…plus he seems really airy fairy to me. I am waiting on the day he can talk realistically with me! Ideas??

  12. 12
    Tinsy Says:

    Hi Astra,

    Do you feel bad when he checks out other gals when he’s with you or does this habit of his irritates you? If yes then he’s trying to keep a safe distance from you and may not be completely into u.. Libran’s love beautiful things around them and are always on the lookout for the ideal match/person.. they are never satisfied with what they have..
    One thing is u should be able to do is have a good intelligent conversation with him which will turn him on from the mind and about various topics…
    Librans always think of others and one reason he might not be committing you is “He himself might be thinking whether he’s the right person for you and not neccessarily that u r the right one for him” Librans want space and may not like it if u confront him everyday with the same question or topics.. just go with the flow and see if his behaviour changes towards you.

    Could you give me straight tips on how to impress a virgo female and win her confidence… as I am dating one ;-)

  13. 13
    Marie Says:

    Hi Tinsy,

    I would say to be forward with her & honest about what you are looking for in your relationship. She will respect that alot!! We virgos just like to know where we stand no matter what the outcome. We don’t like a bad surprise, but if we know where we stand with you then we can act more cordially. If you aren’t straight with us we will push you away. Let her ask you out too & don’t always turn her down, there should be some give & take. We like to analyze a situation before we can be completely comfortable & open & if you don’t spend some quality time together she cannot feel comfortable in the situation & will refrain from being open to you. We are good at holding back & hiding emotions even from friends. I haven’t really told anyone anything about the libra I’ve been seeing because I’m soo unsure myself. We don’t like to act without all info first. Hope that helps…Good Luck.

  14. 14
    Tinsy Says:

    Thanks Marie. Mine is so talkative that i rarely get a chance to speak. We librans like the “dance of love”, a bit teasing, a bit guessing about each others feeling. You want to know things “as a matter of fact”, which makes him feel that u get the romance kickd out of the whole moment. Dont hide your emotions when u r with him. Of course dropping tears every now and then will scare him away..

    The typical thing about us is we need change and variety. If we feel a particular habit of yours or anyone for that matter is annoying us or seems too boring, then the thought process starts in our mind— will she behave like this forever? will she improve? will she change for me?—
    but one thing we like is, if you can carry of grace and style by yourself and dont make him feel that U are after him will make him com to you. Try not to make him feel important and that u are strong enough to help yourself without him will drive him crazy and he will always wnat to be with you.. Just give it a try. We like indpendent women who can be themselves without any one’s support… Suggestions for me?

  15. 15
    Marie Says:


    You say don’t hide your emotions when I’m with him but then you say try not to make him feel important. How do I do this, seems a little contradicting doesn’t it? I think thats part of my problem with him, his contradicting nature! I want a security. I can play this game for awhile but I can’t say how long I’ll last. Would I always have to worry with him that hes looking for something better? I’m not sure a virgo & libra is a good match. I don’t like to follow the book but if we can’t meet in the middle somewhere I don’t see a future. It seems to me a libra is more interested in what he can’t have then what he does. Libras are unreal. Virgos live on facts & reality not fantasy. We are in two different places I think. I’m not gonna hold my breath on this one. :(

  16. 16
    Astra Says:

    It turns out that besides our other deferences me and the Libra have found something we are extremely compatible when doing. Sex. I think this might be where the Libra/Virgo thing works for once. hahaha.

    Tinsy: Just because Virgos like to feel secure, doesn’t mean that they don’t want romance and a little mystery.Virgos crave stability because they are deeply emotional and can get hurt far more deeply than most. Secure your Virgo at appropriate times, like just before you go to sleep when you are lying in each others arms, then continue to be mysterious and romantic elsewhere it will hold her interest. Virgos need to be shaken up every once in a while or their sharp minds will get bored. As for the securing part, it just needs to be a few simple words. Nothing fancy. We feel that simple words are direct and therefore truth. If you dress them up to much we will assume you are being over sentimental and don’t mean what you say.Something like: “You mean so much to me. I am so happy to have you in my life.” Also act like you are committed to seeing her again. Call/text regularly to check in. Conversation can be short, it’s the act of keeping communication open that is key, not what is said.

    Also, to answer your question, my Libra is very attentive to me at all times when he is around me and we have epic intellectual conversations. I’ve never noticed him look at other women, but then again I’m not really the jealous type and tend to look at beautiful people also. I have never pressured him for a relationship commitment because I am not sure myself. I do however pressure him to make time for me in his life, if he wants to keep me around. I also told him straight that I have real feelings for him. That it’s not just sexual. To this he got a little freaked and started to explain that it’s all just so easy. That we met and we get along so well. That it scares him etc. He said he for sure wants to see me again though. I figure I’ll give him some space to figure his stuff out and see how it goes. Good call?

  17. 17
    Marie Says:


    That is very funny & I would agree!! Sex is definately something we are compatible at. I think virgos have the capability of getting hurt more deeply if we are led on…but as long as its talked about totally capable of purely sexual relationships to without attachment.

    Everything else you said I totally agree with also. Especially the over-dressing up of words…makes it seem like a lie. We don’t do fantasy!

    First rule:don’t pay attention to what they say so much as what they do.

    Great advice & good luck ;)

  18. 18
    Tinsy Says:

    So far from the discussion it seems Virgo’s want to be secure and that’s what they want on priority. And let me tell u, this is the exact reason ur libra is keeping some distance from you.
    Marie:- When u r with him do u remind him about your insecurities “everytime”? By independent, i meant u should not let him feel that u r dependent on him or u need him as an emotional support. Don’t give in too easily and don’t make him feel that u r totally into him. Librans don’t like it when some one is “dependent” on them, whatever the need, be it emotional or sexual or anything.
    Astra:- I agree with u where u want to give time to ur relationship and that will work, believe me. Maybe Marie can take a hint here ;-) U said u pressure him to be with u for some time and that’s what scares a libran away. Do not pressurize him and he will come to u! Miss a couple of days meeting up and see his reaction. He will definitely miss u and would like to meet u.. Also the “straight” message which u put across to him “is not” how a libran likes. And when he decorates his words for u means we just don’t want to hurt u.

    Mine has told me that she is committed to me but since I am not totally into her she wud like to give more time to our relationship. I suppose the downright practical approach everything is what turns me off. She has no problems with me whatsoever. none of my things have irritated her or she felt bad about. I am wondering if everythings alright. She likes to “talk” about everything, whatever she does, whatever she did the whole day. This plain talking is what a I don’t like as eveything is not to be said and explained. I must admit I havent yet kissed her as I feel its early and Virgos do take time to come out in open doing that.. is it true?

    More discussion welcome..

  19. 19
    Tinsy Says:

    I have some unusual feeling about my Virgo. May be may not be true but, I have a feeling that she is not romantic and her behavior seems like she’s taking our affair or courtship as “just another job to be done”. I dunno whether she “feels” what it is to be in love? She is not the initiator in anything.. be it just a simple phone call to whisper sweet nothings.. She doesn’t “understand” the body language of love.
    She needs to be told everything, in sentences!
    Typical virgo behaviour?

  20. 20
    Marie Says:

    Virgos will be romantic & can feel in love but we are very cautious & like to analyze the situation before acting. We like to know what exactly we are getting into. We won’t initiate anything unless we feel comfortable in the relationship. But yes we are more straight forward. We are very different!

    Yes I can give a relationship time…but with my Libra 6-7weeks without talking except for a few texts here & there tells me hes only into one thing & hes leading me on!! Everytime we go out alcohol is involved & he says we are going somewhere for dinner etc & we only end up at his house!! He is not romantic in any way…he just likes to mess with me, make fun & act like a total kid! All great some of the time but does all of the time have to be fake & unreal?

    How am I to act romantic to that?! Majority of the time he just jokes around. He does talk serious about his future plans to me but that seems like the only time he serious. And I think by future he means very distant!

    And no I don’t remind him of my insecurities everytime I’m with him. We don’t even really talk about it. He talks alot about himself & I just let him. He talks about other girls even & rates them openly to me & once even said something about a girl he worked with that he thought was too independent & was never going to get married because of it! You libras are quite contradicting! I had no problem with any of this just confused!

    I was told by a friend through his best friend that hes only interested in sleeping with me. Too bad he couldn’t be man enough to talk about this. He doesn’t know that I know.

    Oh well I moved on before finding out because I had suspicion anyway.

    A virgo & libra match would take alot of work & why when we can just go & find someone more suitable to each of our definately different needs. No need for anyone to be unhappy. ;)

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