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Compatibility For Libra and Taurus

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Libra Taurus

Libra and Taurus

This Air and Earth combination has the capacity to have a most beautiful relationship together. Both of these people are sensitive to nature and life in general and appreciate the finer things life can bring. If Libra and Taurus were to build a home together it would be a luxurious home indeed, filled with the most sumptuous fabrics money can buy (or that can be found in second hand shops for Libra), soft and airy, deep and earthy.

This couple will be drawn to places of culture such as art galleries and museums. Arm in arm they will peruse around commenting on everything and delving into its history. It’s quite sweet really.The Libra/Taurus couple is magnetized towards one another, once they are in a relationship the chances are they will stay in it, regardless of their problems. Libra people are very sociable and enjoy parties and revel in good times, talking a lot to all kinds of people and feeling their vibes. Libra’s always lean slightly to the bohemian style of life always taking the alternative over tradition. Taurus on the other hand will be at the gym or fixing something or doing useful odd jobs around the house. You both need to compromise sometimes, Taurus you need to be spontaneous sometimes and join your Libra in having some off the wall fun and Libra you need to remember to spend quality time with your Taurus partner and not spend too much time at parties.

In the bedroom romance will be everywhere. Both Libra and Taurus know how to set the scene and get the atmosphere just right. Petals in the bath water, candles in the bedroom, it will all be there for these two. Libra will require more variety than Taurus but I honestly don’t think Taurus will mind trying out anything new! Work hard with this and it could be great! Enjoy!

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62 Responses to “Compatibility For Libra and Taurus”

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  1. 1
    HL Says:

    I’m a Taurus and I completely dislike most Libras. Sure, they’re ruled by the same planet, Venus, and are both highly artistic, or at least are appreciative of the arts, but they’re still so different. Taurus yearns for security and Libra’s indecisiveness may lead to problems with trust. I have a Libra dad and, believe, I find it hard to take his word on things.

    However, they will find each other very beautiful and have some pleasant conversations. I’ve rarely seen this last long.

  2. 2
    Becky Says:

    Hi HL,

    It is a funny one. It will either work well or it won’t even get that far I think. I’ve known couples to either stay together for 6 months ish and then go their seperate ways or end up married with a few kids and a mortgage.

    Haven’t seen you here for a while HL hope your well.

    Love & Light


  3. 3
    HL Says:

    Thanks, Becky. Yeah, I’m fine. Just up to my neck in work. I’m sure you know the feeling. :)

    Another thing about Libras that I’ve noticed, personally: I find them boring (No offense to any Libras out there!). I know it’s usually the other way around, Taurus being a sign of habit and routine, but I’ve found that Libras bore me more than other Taurus. I see less variety in Librans. But that’s my take on them as a whole.

    And I agree with the all or nothing comment you made. I happen to have some good Libran friends that have lasted me years and others who I cut it short with due to diffulties.

  4. 4
    Shaan Says:

    Sigh! I wish women were simple, I am a 28 yr old taurus guy in love with a 22 yr old libran girl. She gave me a strange excuse when i told her that i am in love with her.She told she doesnt want to hurt me, and she feels she is very uncertain and can leave anyone anytime. :|
    We still meet very often and talk regularly on phone! I wish i could understand what she meant! I sometimes wonder if it would be right of me to tell her my wish of marrying her.

  5. 5
    cardinal red Says:

    hey shaan I have a comment on what you said, Iam a Virgo and I have a male friend that is a Libra that is Their decisiveness coming out that most ppl dis like cuse they want to Know straight up front,but your libra gf is young and is telling u she is young and can have any guy she wants and she can,cause thats how most Libras express their feelings guy or girl and man let me tell u they will let u Know. (No offense).

  6. 6
    Shaan Says:

    Ah! Thanks! sigh! yeah but hmm i wish she would have given me an answer in either yes or no! But okey! I guess thats her style which makes me like her!

  7. 7
    P* m*l* Says:

    I am a Libra female with a Taurus male for the past six years. Taurus are sweet at the beginning but these are bossy men. Libras are not boring I beg to differ a Taurean are so boring they make a Libra want to hang their self very dogmatic and square. I think it a Libra that can keep a Taurus on their toes.Libras are eccentric yes very indecisive but theres a sweetness to Libras indecisiveness. I like that Libra gets straight to the point if they want to begin a relationship and its easy for them to leave a relationship. I have many Libran friends who would agree. Taurus are cool but dont tread on Libras

  8. 8
    Ana Says:

    I’m a Libra and I never tried dating a Taurus. I guess I better start looking for someone now and when I did I just hoped it would really work:-)

  9. 9
    Aijana Says:

    Great compatibility indeed! I’m Taurus and my boyfriend is Libra, for the first 2 years the relationships were great, after as time passed by our relations became normal with no extra romance but still with him being Libra I’m the happiest girl on Earth :))))

  10. 10
    Lacey Says:

    Im a Taurus girl and my boyfriend is a Libra, I agree with HL he can be very boring and very stubborn in there ways, they also lack affection at times. I am quite outgoing and up for trying new things. When it comes to romance it is a hit but I belive thats it with these signs. My Libra likes to take control in every issue when other Libras I know think they know everything and are very argumentive…I have never got on with Libras untill I meet my boyfriend, we will just see if it lasts.

  11. 11
    Eric Says:

    I’m a Libra boy, and my girlfriend is a Taurus….after 5 months together, I want to agree with Becky….it’s going to be “all or nothing” with us. Our timing wasn’t the best when we met, as she was at the tail-end of a divorce… and the realization that 15 years of marriage is now over has been something of a stumbling block for us. We share an incredible repoire with each other and genuinely enjoy each others’ company, and with any luck, we’ll be that old couple you see walking down the street, holding hands.

    You have to understand your OWN sign first…then you can figure out how to relate to the other signs….;)

  12. 12
    lisa Says:

    I’m a libra female and was in a relationship with a taurus. In the beginning the relationship was great, but as time went on I began to feel stifled. I found the taurus way too stubborn and unyielding for me, hardly ever willing to compromise or be as spontaneous like in the beginning. Needless to say I began to feel resentment and ended up calling it quits.

  13. 13
    LibraLady Says:

    I’m a Libra lady dated a Taurus guy. I have to say i love the bulls, just enough in the manly department but not too macho. Taurus and Libra a wonderful pair.

  14. 14
    Lynne Says:

    what is your feelings of an older Taurus woman
    dating a younger Libra guy? (a December/May combo… think dimi moore, ashton kutcher style.. um Madonna and Jesus, etc…
    Also, throw in the fact that he is an asian and doesn’t speak a lot of english.
    I find myself for the first time in 10 years, in love…
    He says he feel the same, and he was the first to say it too.
    We also have a lot in common too…

    And, all of the fun things he likes to do that I have never even thought of trying, he makes them sound like so much fun, I find myself wanting to do them as well!
    The day of his birth is my favorite number (13) and I feel giddy with excitement every time we chat.
    I want him to come here to america to further his studies as he is still in college, and I am returning to college to finish my own education this fall.
    I am happier than I have been in years, but?
    I worry that I might not be the best thing for him…
    Can you tell me what I should do? I am normally not a selfish person but? Lately, I find mysef wishing for him to really get to come to be with me…
    ty for listening,

  15. 15
    Lynne Says:

    Oh, I forgot to add, I’m a rat and he’s a tiger..
    Does our budding relationship have any hope?

  16. 16
    maria Says:

    im a Libra girl and im deeply in love with a taurus guy.I totally agree with ‘libralady’, but sometimes i find problems in my relationship, that is, my boyfriend gets jealous, alot! But on the other hand i also get jealous, so we are soooo alike in a akward way. But no matter how much we get jealous, we still like to admire eachother, alot!

    so i do belive that there’s hope in this relatioonship, cuz we both like finer things in life.
    Im sooooooooo not boring!!!
    Im very….

    Hope to hear from u guys, bye,

  17. 17
    Sweet September Says:

    i am a libra grl, and my boy friend is a taurus, i just found out am pregnate 2day,am worried about the future, hes very ambitious, were young but not too young 23, 22, were broke, just finished uni, we’ve not been together long 3months, i love him, but its like were moving so fast, his away at the monent but i’ve let him kno am pregnant, he’s being so good about it all he says he wants us to keep it, but what if he resent his decision l8r , i just don’t want 2 b left holding a baby on my own… i am very much a libra and he is very much a taurus, but we compromise, well he’s learning to compromise, i really want a life with him but i worry this is too much too soon…plus i’ve been through so much already, i can’t afford to have my heart broken, he’s saying all the right things i just hope he does;nt prove to be indecive like me

  18. 18
    A Says:

    Congratulations Sweet September!
    I’m a Taurus female, I know taurus males well enough. Keep the baby! I think it is the best thing that has happened to a Libra~TAurus relationship. Now he has you locked down. Taureans want committment. Unlike, Shaan’s girlfriend in the comment up there, you will not leave him now, because you are connected together forever.
    Plus, for taureans, Saturn old man, is travelling through our house of lvoe these few years. It is teaching us about a big lesson:
    “that love comes with responsibility”!
    Personally, I feel sorry when women abort, keep the baby, please! Lucky you that are pregnant!

  19. 19
    Jasline D. Says:

    Here’s the thing about Libras; we are the best when we have balance and accept it. When we are not, we can be the most irritating, stubborn people you will ever know. It is not easy to get along with Libras all the time, as we sometimes pick fights just to let out our frustrations. We tend to take too long coming to conclusions, especially if we aren’t all too sure about them. This, in a way, is the reason we may come off as lazy. If the house isn’t clean and in order, we won’t be able to clear our minds and think straight. We love communication; living without it makes us feel empty and lost.
    You will meet different versions of Libras; as sometimes we don’t always come to terms with our sign. The scale has two very different sides; if one leans too far off, then the imbalance can be treacherous to ourselves and others around us.
    Sad to say, some of don’t always find that balance and sometimes spend our whole lives looking for it.
    A good part of my family are Libras. And we are ALL different from each other in many ways.
    My brother and I, both Libras(our b-days 9 days apart) fought like cats and dogs during our younger years.Total opposites. But we very much love the other in a way that only we can see it.
    Libras can be very tricky. But meet us at the right time–when we’ve come to terms with our inner battle–and we can be some of the best people you’ll ever know in your lives.

  20. 20
    Jasline D. Says:

    Now that I’ve said all of that, I am smitten with Taurus men, as I only just found this out about myself recently. I’ve never dated them because they’ve never crossed me in that way…..until 3 months ago.
    There is a beauty in Taurus men, that I think people will miss if they aren’t paying attention to it. The Taurus man that I’m crazy about doesn’t even live in the same country as me, yet I would do nothing but worship him–if we were in a relationship.
    This is funny, because I’ve pictured how our relationship would go in my head. I didn’t know how accurate I was until I got curious about reading the compatibility between Libra and Taurus. A good 97% of horoscopes have said EXACTLY how I imagined it.
    That’s scary because now I’m a bit intimidated about approaching him. I do like to feel free, and I do not like jealous men. I know that I won’t fool around on him because I am a one guy lady. But if Taurus is the type of man that takes all of my actions to heart, then I don’t know if I’d be able to deal with it.
    Which sucks; because we really would compliment each other well. He’s very artistic musically, and I’m artistic with my drawings. We both love all kinds of music, and we have really good sense of humors.
    My thing is, I don’t want to ruin what we have now with trying to push deeper into a relationship I might not even be prepared for. I like how things are. A part of me wants to make a go for it, but I don’t want to lose a good friend to a fantasy.
    Anyone have any advice?
    Oh yea, he’s 4 years younger than I am.

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