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Compatibility For Libra and Scorpio

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Libra Scorpio

Libra and Scorpio

There will be misunderstandings galore with the Libra/Scorpio relationship. These two just won’t be able to understand how the other works, no matter how hard they try and both of them will try. Libra is a free spirit, and although loves passionately, needs space and independence in their relationships. Scorpio loves very deeply, and is far more emotionally dependent than the Libra which of course will lead to quite a bit of conflict between them both. The Libra half of this union just won’t always ‘be there’ when their Scorpio partner wants them to be, Libra enjoys socializing and parties and will get angered if this part of their life is threatened.

Now, then a little bit of positivity is needed here. Indoors, when they are together and the world is shut away outside, Libra and Scorpio can be a beautiful partnership. And will enjoy hours of watching old films and snuggling by the fire drinking hot chocolate. In the bedroom they will both take on board the other persons needs as they are both very attentive to the desires of their partner. The Libra may not be quite as gushing as the Scorpio but then its swings and roundabouts with these two to be honest.

So it seems like this can work, just not on a daily basis, and certainly not in a serious relationship where the Libra is being relied upon to give the Scorpio full time attention and care. Understanding is the key to the well being of any relationship so knowing how your partner works and learning who they are is a great start, and that to me is what astrology is all about. Shining a light in the unknown and daunting places always helps us see things and people more clearly. Enjoy this union; it could be very sweet to give the Scorpio full time attention and care. Understanding is the key to the well being of any relationship so knowing how your partner works and learning who they are is a great start, and that to me is what astrology is all about. Shining a light in the unknown and daunting places always helps us see things and people more clearly. Enjoy this union, it could be very sweet.

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44 Responses to “Compatibility For Libra and Scorpio”

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  1. 1
    JuCe Says:

    i am a libra girl and dated a scorpio for 7 years, i feel in love with him that he become really jelouse and possesive of me not wanting me to be the social butterfly i normally was and keept me away from everybody, we where a cute couple, thats what brought us togeather in the 1st place, we did all thats written above it was gr8, i also found out alot about him after i read the compatibility Check , he comes from the house of sex libra’s come from the house of partnership, now ladys too keep him you have to be all his and no one elses, and really give him all you got when it comes to sex…

  2. 2
    h0neyy Says:

    i’m a scorpio and i recently broke up with my libra man of 4 years .. it was the opposite im a social butterfly and he did the same thing .. keeping me away etc .. basically the same description given about your scorpio man .. wierd huh ?

  3. 3
    mermaid Says:

    will i’m a scorpio women and my boyfriend is a libra ,, it’s weird how we’ve been drown together the first time we chatted ..

    but now after 6 months being together..i feel not close enough to him ..

    he is a good guy ,, he has qualities that i couldn’t find in other guys ..

    but the only problem we have that he is not showin me enough care and love!!

    wich make me feel that he’s not that in to me!!

    how can u till if libra really loves u ?

    they just don’t know how to show it ,, and that is really confusing !!

  4. 4
    natalie Says:

    I’m a libra girl with a ex scorpio bf. We broke up recently..after 7 years together. Its pretty accurate about our personalities coming together..i was a social butterfly but i tamed down just for was blissful as long as we were at home (which was almost all the time cos scorpios love that WITH their lovers)

    But me being a true libra couldnt really stand the constrictions..i broke free..hence all the misunderstandings and problems…didnt work out in the end…but it was the sweetest r/s ever and i wont trade it for the world :)

  5. 5
    donna libra/dragon Says:


    for a libra to really love you back, you need to be trusted, give them some space and let them have the lime light whenever they need it :) libras can be very loving and caring and enjoy there cuddles. you will know when a libra doesn’t show interest, they just blank you and show more interest in their friends. a libra wont be tied down in a relationship they don’t want to be in. but sometimes find it hard to confrontate you, so they may look for that little excuse to not be with you and make it look like it’s your fault. but also, you’ll have to see what his chinese zodiac is too :)

  6. 6
    SHANKAR Says:

    This is a fairly common combo like aries and libra because these both are together a relationship sign. Both complement each other characteristics which either of two do not possess and share which they have in all terms od sex ,romance and love .

  7. 7
    henesy Says:

    im a libra and i dated a scorpio bf for two years and i think that as long as we were together all the time we were great ,perfect, the best .. but if we were in different place thats when trouble came.they are great lovers.

    negative things: He was sweet in a weird way, they show their love with material things and they dont like to you to be bossy, they always want to control but they dont want to be controlled, if they do something wrong the dont like for you to bitch at them.they are very jealous.

  8. 8
    Dee Says:

    I am a scorpio woman and dating a Libra man for four months. It’s true what I’ve read here about being great together when indoors. I love spending time with him watching tv or eating dinner. He is so sweet and gentle. Very respectful. Listens very well if I need his full attention.I’m still getting to know him. It’s been a slow process. He doesn’t talk about deep issues. Doesn’t show his softer side. Sometimes he can be very errogant. Talks about himself a lot. Doesn’t ever really ask me anything personal. Doesn’t in order to know me better. I wish he were more passionate. He has a very difficult time showing me affection, especially in public. He can be slightly rude. Does’nt think before he speaks, kind of thing.

    I am all that the say a scorpio is. I very loving and need to feel loved all the time. By just a simple smile, stare, touch, kiss. I still like my “me” time. I dont need to be with him all the time, but cherish when I am. I am falling inlove with this man, but I know he only likes me like a friend. He thinks I move to fast. I think he moves VERY slow. I’m also very sexual and he can take it or leave it. I think that this could likely be a problem later down the road.

    In all I am enjoying him, but I feel hurt that he can’t be more loving.

  9. 9
    Lauren Says:

    I am a Scorpio girl in a relationship with a Scorpio boy, we’ve been dating for just 2 months.
    He is very blunt and doesn’t like to talk about his deep feelings at all, just the same secrets he’s told everyone else he’s ever dated. There are a lot of misunderstandings, he never seems to get why or how I get hurt or mad by the “slightest” things. I’m not sure how this will work out. but for the most part that compatibility match was true.

  10. 10
    Stephanie Says:

    Well I am a Libra/ Scorpio sign. I have always conflicted my self and find it hard for me to understand my self from time to time. I was born right on the cuff of the two signs so if you ask me what could be worse then a Libra and Scorpio dating it would be me… being both signs. Yeah. Really.

  11. 11
    Chelsea Says:

    Well i am a libra dating an scorpio man, we click so well together, and since librians are into love making, and scorpians are sex addicts the bed is always in motion, if you know what i mean,lol, but if your a libra and your in love with a scorpio, make sure you give him as much attention he needs, hug him tight and warmly in public, play with him in public, kiss him……IN PUBLIC! I know that us librians can be private but you got to let him know your only his girl and you dont want nobody else but him. If your at home, school, or where ever, give him a gaze, a fliry gaze, and let out a giggle, then turn away smiling…..they LOVE that!!!!

  12. 12
    Mr. Scorpio Says:

    I’m a scropio male, I feel in love with a girl back when I was 11 and yes we were together till i was 17, she was 16. I really loved her she was my true love she is a Libra. At 17 I broke up with her, I ended up getting married in 2000, well awhile back I ran into her and I realized I still have all these feelings for her for the past 17 years I have never been happy always trying to forget her but could not now I have seen her twice, nothing sexual, just wanted to see each other we both admitted that we both still love each other very much, my marriage is over as issues happend before I ran into her. I think Scorpio and Libra’s were ment for each other it is a very romantic love and fun times when they are together either as friends or lovers. She is and always will be my everything, my true love, my life, my hopes and my dreams. I will love her till the end of time always and forever. I also think Scorpio’s are very romantic as after I broke up with her I never stopped writting poetry about how I lost my true love and how much I wanted to die, until that one day when I laied my eyes upon her once agian, and now all I write about is how I found my true love and how happy I am. Just my 2cents worth though.

  13. 13
    Just Me Says:

    I am a Scorpio female currently married to a Libra male. We were perfect in the beginning and as the years went on got even better (with the few fires in between). Until I found out about his affair, in the middle of an amazing year for us.

    I believe the two can be together if they take the time to learn each other and don’t just jump because of the emotions. I think it needs to be thought out and always worked on. Just like any relationship. If both sides want it to work and MAKE it so, anything can happen. And no website, astrology book, friend (girlfriend) or anything can halter it if it is nurtured.

    Give it your all and trust that the other side is doing the same. Don’t stop until it is over because if it really matters it will never be over. Just my 2 cents :-)

  14. 14
    dohn Says:

    here’s a libra male in love with a scorpio female. and if you are still in the courting phase, no doubt you be fighting a lot. wait until you move in together and your neighbours may not see you for days on end. these two zodiac signs are always better married than dating.

    what should libran males like me do:
    scorpios always conjure things out of thin air. you can be sure its around you, all the time, until the time has come and swoosh, she brings it alive, whatever you want(i have run out of imagination about what my scorpio can bring to me). but trust me, it was always there, hovering around you, but invisible, so don’t doubt her if you see her empty handed. and never criticise scorpios, just leave them to them and if they get too controlling or abusive, tell them to wait till marriage and ignore the bitterness in your heart. she will just not feel that much yours while you are dating, and more worse if you are dating for a long time.

    what should scorpio females like my lady do: DONT FALL IN LOVE WITH A LIBRAN. they make teddy bears and pillows out of love and kisses. touchable feelable ones. so far so good until they ask you to do the same and what you have is a poison loaded tail, not two artsy fartsy hands. so librans like EVERYTHING to be visible, touchable. keep that in mind. everything.
    librans tally everything they have given or taken from someone. everything is to be accounted for and this in direct contrast with scorpio traits which brings things to a relationship when need be without accounting for. and this does raise humongous conflicts. atleast tell them you know what them librans have given you and that they will be paid back, and that’s enough.

  15. 15
    Jon Says:

    Libras are nice to talk to, but they’re so insincere because they always try to be diplomatic. I wish they would be more upfront and tell people how they really feel. Being in a relationship with a Libra is like walking on eggshells all the time. You constantly have to please them. They please you in return, but that’s only out of their sense of fairness, not because of some deeply felt emotion. They’re not a good match for any water sign.
    A Scorpio

  16. 16
    Pat Says:

    I am a libra woman and dated scorpio man for on/off 4 years and reached my limit. I do love him because honestly I don’t see a life with anyone else, but I also don’t see happiness together…..its a glass cage type feeling and the worst of it is I’ve known him a very long time before dating….even so I’m on the outside of his “shell” and he’s always been the prober. There can be no happy future for the two of us though, our life together would be too draining for me.

    His possessive nature shined when we were not together. When in the house together and close to each other all was well and great, but we had to be together for everything to be well, no talking about anyone else, no taking calls from friends or socializing if he was not in a social mood to entertain OUR friends.

    This scoprio man has to be in control and while he constantly hurts you (whether he knows it or not) he can never accept hearing about it and will instead put it off on what you do to hurt him…..and not sure if its all scorpios but this guy never forgot if you hurt him you’d hear about it repeatedly.

    It was stifling for me and pretty infuriating… there just dodn’t seem to be an (in between) with him it always had to be 100% attention on him though I never cheated on him. I would have be able to believe we had a future if there could have been more trust and a bit more independence.

    When you are in love you are in love and while my experience has come to a close….my scorpio man when he was good to me was great. You just have to be willing to give them you’re all, all the time…if you can’t you’ll know when to get off the ferris wheel but enjoy the ride if its a love that works.

  17. 17
    Marina Says:

    I am a Libra woman in love with a Scorpio man. We are great together, more friends than lovers at time though more lovers than friends at others. We both seem to motivate one another in extremely positive ways. Share the same interests and have learned much of each other. Scorpios love deeply and give it there everything, he is very loyal, but also very jealous. Libras are very social, and quit outgoing, perhaps too outgoing for Scorpios at times. We have an understanding that we will never control each other, we go to parties together, talk amoungst our friends and see each other from time to time talking and laughing, both intelligent individuals, who share the same views of life and love. Our friendship is very stonge as well and we both can share stories with each other and talk openly and freely. We also go on adventures together which build memories of fun and good times together as a team. Although he may be jealous and I can to at times, though very rarely because I trust him for what and who he is we will have a little fight or hard times when people start to interfier in our relationship. I also looked deeper into our lives together to get the full outside views and also inside views, via chinese zodiak signs as well. It really makes a difference. A Libra/Scorpio relationship is a wonderful thing if you have the right aspects. We, as a team can conquer anything we put our monds to together and help with the down points in our lives. Equally motivated, survival is nothing but a minor detail. You just have to know that we are two different yet, similar and we will never be controlled by one another.

    Marina Tran.

  18. 18
    Kierra Says:

    I love my Libra so much. Idk I met him at his job. Love at first site if you believe in it. He so beautiful to be with until you anger him. WHAT EVER YOU DO AVOID HIS WRATH. He doesnt understand that he hurts me bad some times. He always claims I’m his wife he wants to be with me forever but when he gets mad he says the opposite. I’m a Scorpio so you all know that we are hot heads….yes he pisses me off greatly but I still love him the same and do for him as I would when we are not fighting. I think his perception of love is F**ked up. I told him its not all about kisses hugs and saying it. There’s more to it. He say that I don’t show my affection OUTSIDE for the world to see. How is the so? I walk next to him, hold his hand and kiss him in public. I thought I liked his jealousy until he took to far saying I was cheating….and flirting with other guys…He was enraged. He uncounciously flirts!!!!! But it doesnt anger me because I feel that if a girl fits his standards more than I, hes welcome to go…I wont stop him.
    But I do Love him a lot. I’m five months pregnant with his child and we just got our first apartment (We move october 1st) We bought a car together. If things dont change when we move or when our child is born…I will be forced to let go.
    It’s a beautiful relationship…but He reminds me of me except more angrier, louder, and destructive….he needs to find his balance.

  19. 19
    Sam Says:

    It’s been an interesting read. I’ve just started dating a scorpio guy and i’m a libran girl but with a scorpio moon, i think that makes me a little different that typical librans as i’m more passionate and not so diplomatic with my feelings. I think it was love at first sight for us when we bumped into each other in a bar, i was dating someone at the time so we couldn’t really talk, I never thought i’d see him again and then our paths crossed again recently…all our Christmas’ came at once. I think it really is going to be a beautiful relationship :)

  20. 20
    nelli Says:

    I’m a scorpio female in love with a libra male. We have had conflicts, but we always seem to help each other get over them. I don’t know who gets more jealous me or him, i’m jealous of everybody that even seems like they have a more than friend interest in him, they all seem threats to me. He, on the otherhand, gets jealous of everybody, and i mean everybody. Boys/girls, everybody is a threat to him. The thing is were both very jealous because were afraid to lose one-another, and i don’t ever want to lose him. It’s completely true what you hear, i mean around the outside world there’s usually conflict, but separated from all of that, we are just perfect, could not be more affectionate than we are. Most the time, we can’t keep or hands off eachother, no matter where we are. Our main problem is the jealousy and i know we can get through it all together, i lovehim.

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