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Compatibility For Leo and Libra

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Leo Libra


Leo and Libra

This Fire and Air combination is one that can live very happily with one another indeed. These two have a lot in common which for the Leo is always a good thing as having to compromise isn’t their strong point. Both Leo and Libra enjoy the finer things in life, they will enjoy going shopping together whether it is for the home or for clothes, both have fine taste and their home will be very deep and sumptuous with an airy fairy feel thanks to the Libra.

Leo and Libra will enjoy having lots of adventures together as they are both up for a laugh and like to fully enjoy themselves, Leo will obviously crave a lot of limelight but their Libran partner won’t care in the slightest about such things! Libras are amazing at rubbing people’s egos so the Leo won’t be champing at the bit to get all the attention. Maybe. One of the reasons this works so well is due to the fact that both of these people love love. They both enjoy being in love and having someone to bestow lots of affection onto; needless to say they will spend all day making love by giving each other glances and making teasing comments. And when they can’t take anymore then they are both in for a treat as they will both be fulfilled both physically and emotionally and especially romantically!

One slight little problem may occur when the Leo gets too used to be the leader in the relationship. Libras you see are very good at taking a back seat for a while, but they themselves like to have control and this could leave the Leo feeling a bit bewildered as his or her beautifully serene Libra turns into Lion handler extraordinaire! Don’t worry though, Libra is an air sign so no matter what they will get bored of being in charge and normal Lion leadership will be once again restored, but Leo it won’t hurt you to get your mane in a ruffle every now and then. And the Libra is so sweet that can you really stay sulky for too long?? A great match, enjoy!!

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72 Responses to “Compatibility For Leo and Libra”

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  1. 1
    V Lee Says:

    I am a Leo female and my current romantic partner is a Libra male. We get along amazingly well. It is almost scary to see how accurate (sometimes) these astrological compatibilty are. In fact, my Libra male loves how dominate I can be. Us Leos have a mind of our own, stick up for ourselves & of course the limelight is always positive. We haven’t exactly made it obvious that we both love the finer things in life but hard to see how it could be not true. And since I am a Leo female I love it when he takes charge. Despite being a lioness, he makes me feel very safe. We complement each other and aren’tafraid to show the other person how we feel…some things just work out itself.

  2. 2
    sharna Says:

    i really like a libra guy but sometimes are egos clash when i tell him how im feeling, he is really hard to uderstand and gives me mixed messages, but hopefully now weve cleared the air things will work out =]

  3. 3
    Sophia Says:

    i dated a leo for 4.5 years…we ended because we were young and stupid. he was my first love.

    Perfect match.

  4. 4
    me Says:

    wht is it with libras???
    they are over flirtacious dont know who they want are one track minded, selfish , sttention seeking, heartless, and they love to play mind games
    or mebbe i was just that guy??

  5. 5
    Annette Says:

    Sorry that happened to you me. I wonder sometimes if I can committ to one guy cause there are so many cute guys out there. It’s light hearted if the guy it totally committed and there is good communication and understanding there is no problem. If your Libra is wondering then there is something wrong. Libras like to have fun and go out, enjoy dinner, not take her for granted or she will start to wonder.

    Libra Leo combo we got along so good he was even commenting on how we got along. I just seem to understand him and his need to take charge. It might have worked if he wasn’t an habitual lier. he was also year of the OX like me.

  6. 6
    jaime Says:

    libra boys are very big flirts! but im a leo and i like a libra boy. i hope things work out!!

  7. 7
    me2 Says:

    i just met a libra, a little confusing at first. i dont know about if its always a good idea that i , the leo, take charge!? flirting is no biggie, but too much will cause jealousy !! of course…but i doubt libra’s commit to serious relationships. hard to tie the knot!?!?
    will see how it goes..

  8. 8
    Casey Says:

    I am a Leo female married to a Libra male and we compliment each other perfectly. I can be very high-strung and moody, and he is extremely patient and loving. I tend to create the situations *grins sheepishly* and he quickly diffuses them. We have a lot in common and never get enough of each others company. I have had previous relationships with Aquarius, Aries, Pisces, Gemini and Scorpio. The longest lasting was Pisces (2 1/2 years)and he was my best friend, but due to outside circumstances (his crazy, jealous, meddling mother) we weren’t able to keep the relationship going. It was for the best though, Libra has definetly been my perfect match in every way. Sincerely, One Very Satisfied Leo *Puuuurrrrrr*

  9. 9
    littlelion Says:

    so i just recently got into ara relationship with a libra and i could not be happier!!! i am leo female, and she’s a libra female. i think that also with the balance of our sexes, being that we are of the same sex, makes us both a little more understanding when our negative traits rear their ugly heads. i’m also two days after the cancer cusp, and im not as jealous and stubborn as most leos, i have a lot of cancer traits too. the stars definatly aligned right for me and her, because everything just fell into place perfectly! one thing thats important to remember with astrology, even if you know someone’s sign, it does not mean that they are all the typical “leo” or the typical “libra”. alot of other factors come into to play like the location of where they we’re born, other stars or planets that may have had an effect on their birthday, and if you’re really not that into astrology, just the fact that we are all different and have experienced different things that make us what we are today. if it were only as simple as looking on as astrology website or reading a book. lol

  10. 10
    Thalia Says:

    Hey, Littlelion, thanks for your comment! I, too am a Leo lady. I am contemplating a relationship with this Libra woman. She definetly is the ultimate Libra. When we go out, I mainly decide where to go or what to do. Now that I am older, I can see that this pattern may enable me to take this for granted and become overbearing. I want her to be able to make decisions, too.
    Anyways, I pulled up this website because I wnted to know more about Libras and to hear (or read) other opinions. Good to know almost all of them are positive. Good luck everyone! And good Love! (SMILE)

  11. 11
    Phoenix Says:

    My sign and name are of fire, obviously, but other than being a pyromaniac ^-^, I don’t seem to match Leo characteristics. I was born on the 28th of July, so I was not born on a cusp or anything. I love two guys who are both Libras… how would I know if our signs are compatible?

  12. 12
    Something Says:

    Hey Gato,

    If I found a way into your heart, would you let me in? I’ve been waiting for over 15 years. I never gave up, it wasn’t an option, my heart wouldn’t let me.

  13. 13
    dreed Says:

    Ima libra female and i met a leo male. he is sooo amazing and very sexy. we get along nonstop and never argue. we fell in love pretty fast. i could not be happier and he treats me rite and i treat him rite. were the perfect match everyone says. lets see how things go!

  14. 14
    Fiona Says:

    I am a Libra girl and my partner is a Leo. we have a great relationship together - we have been going out for over a yr. Sooo affectionate and loving. Our mates actually refer to us as ‘the perfect couple’..

    we never have yelling matches or anything and have never stayed grumpy with eachother for more than a couple hours..


  15. 15
    Ryan ( Leo Male!) Says:

    I want a Libra!!!!!!!! I never dated one yet, but all the Libras I did come in contact with was definitely instant flirtation! There is something soo beautiful about Libras! Maybe more of their clothes combined with their beauty! Every time I am around a Libra girl I defintely think they are hot, and then I find out and I’m like damn it she’s taken, Libras seem to like to be in love and have lonnnnnngggggg relationships! Hopefully I can find a Libra with all the other stuff in place! Wooooo Go Libras!

  16. 16
    Sarah Says:

    I’m a libran girl and i will admit i am very flirtatious!
    I have recently started dating a leo male and we get along extremely well
    we both love to party, be social and go on adventures together!
    I personally think Libra’s go best with Leo’s


  17. 17
    Stephanie Says:

    I am a Libra Female and Have been in love with a male Leo for over 7 years and neither one of us are over 30! We met in Highschool, but we didn’t start dating until college. I have to be honest,If I wasn’t so indecisive we could of passed the unneccesary problems are relationship faced. I never really liked how Bossy he was at times..sometimes our conversations were just him talkin..he’s pretty loud…but I loved it all!!! Our Romance is something from a porn book.(thats what they are to me) He’s Freaky and I’m passionate..Its the bomb. Our Relationship even as friends..Explosive!!

  18. 18
    Laura Says:

    i had a leo as a partner for 2 and a half years as a young girl we broke up being young and stupid but without a doubt he was my first love and i completely fucked it up and here i am in an awful relationship with an aries regretting the day that i let him go. i saw him recently and it broke my heart how well we worked out and i miss it. but he doesn’t care for me anymore. i’m really upset.

  19. 19
    justine Says:

    im a leo girl and my guy is a libra our compatibilty is amazing we have so much in common……. and he really loves me a lot we really enjoy together ….. we met through someone and then fell in love we r in the same college and we really have fun gng to college together but we r in diffrent courses…………. so all libra’z and leo’z enjoy nd make the fullest out of this RELATION

  20. 20
    jessie Says:

    I am a libra female and I am completely inlove wid my manager who happens to b a leo, I’m 20 and he’s 29 and I don’t even care I jus want him.I’m extremely flirtatious and I flirt with him all the time, I eventually took his number,we get along great, his pretty bossy but idc I jus want him.And all I think about now is doin him…smfh

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