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Compatibility For Taurus And Leo

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Taurus Leo


Taurus and Leo

In this fire/earth combination we encounter two people who view life in different ways. I think the main problem for these two will come in the form of money. The Taurus works very hard to earn a good wage so that they can indulge in the finer things in life, and has a nice savings account as well. The Leo on the other hand doesn’t have much of a clue what saving means. Impulse buying from the Leo will really grate on the poor earthy Taurus, who will find the Leo’s behaviour both immature and exhausting.

Ever the party animal the Leo will enjoy going out as often as he/she can, to as many parties as possible. The Taurus, however, will want more ‘alone time’ and will soon tire of their emphatic Leo partner.
However, this Earth/fire combination will undoubtedly admire one another greatly, which may lead them down the marriage route. If this happens then get the fire engines on stand by as the heated arguments between these two could turn into an epic battle that may need hosing down.

It is quite sad really that these two are so different and that they will find it so hard to get along on a daily basis as both the Taurus and the Leo are really very loving people who do well in a family environment. The trouble is they go about these things in such different ways that they really don’t stand much chance on agreeing and although at first this may seem novel, it can only lead to an overload of frustration in the end. Perhaps a good friendship could be made, they could definitely learn from each other.

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93 Responses to “Compatibility For Taurus And Leo”

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  1. 1
    Aida Says:

    I’m a Leo and dated a Taurus guy, we saw each other couple of times, we liked each other but we agreed to be only friends. Met again as friends couple of times but our last meeting turned things up. we got a bit closer and he said that he likes me but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship.
    After that day, we tried to avoid each other, he stopped calling me and i can’t take the initiative.
    I like him so much but i don’t know what to do.
    I feel like he is trying to be friends only but i know that he likes me too.

  2. 2
    leoline Says:

    omg! in response to Aida’s post. i’m a leo girl and i’m in EXACTLY the same situation as you. and this has been going on for about 2 to 3 years.

    we’d have moments where we’re really close and times where we just don’t see, call, text each other. of course since we drifted apart i’d never admit to my friends that i still like him.

  3. 3
    Sarah Says:

    I’m a Taurus and I dated a Leo guy for about a year now and we did admire eachother a lot but we also argued too much about everything and we were both too stubborn to see eachothers point of view so it didn’t work out. I think if you want to get into a relationship with a Taurus and a Leo you need to be more flexible and understanding and you have to agree to disagree in order to make things work out. Because Leo’s want attention, compliments, affection, and to be adored and admired all the time and Taurus’ want to be appreciated and adored in return. We both look at things in life differently so I don’t think it will really work out but If we tried to understand and accept eachother it would’ve worked.

  4. 4
    Evelyne Says:

    I’m a Leo (female) and I know a Taurus (male). We’re friends — but there is definitely friction between us sometimes. Some moments we get along fine, but other times we argue, and not in the way that people just argue “occasionally”. We’re close like siblings — and we bicker with equal intensity. Trust me when I saw we will never date (we can’t get passed our differences!)

    The only thing I disagree with as far as the page goes is the money thing. I’ve always been good with money (maybe because I grew up poor?), and he is so wasteful. It irritates me a lot.

  5. 5
    Stacey Says:

    I’m a Taurus and dated a Leo guy. People say a Taurus & Leo relationship doesn’t last long and it turned out to be quite true because he got bored with me.
    We’re friends now, but sometimes I’d feel a really strong connection with him, yet other times he can be quite cold.
    I still like him, so I try to be more understanding, and be there for him when he needs even at times when he is cold to me. But there would also be times when he can be so sweet.

    I also disagree with the money part, because he is probably more mindful with his money than me

  6. 6
    Cory Says:

    Hey Im a Taurus( Guy) and I Have a Leo Best Friend and Im Like Crazy About Her but she acts like she is me and like we have our moments but we both know where prefect for each other but she jus dont want to like try it on a count of were bestfriends and she dont want to like loose tht if we dont work out what should i do ?????

  7. 7
    sarah Says:

    I am a leo woman, been with a Taurus man for 7 years. We will be married this coming summmer. I couldnt have asked for a better relationship.. We have been together so long, know eachother so well, that we understand eachother.. And relationships are about compromise. We compromise little, to have a wonderful relationship =] This is a great match, and remember.. not everyone is a typical Leo, Taurus or whatever, we all have different personalities and it goes a lot deeper than astrology.

  8. 8
    Cattt. Says:

    Okay, so im a leo woman, and met this taurus guy. And he’s really cute, and very much irresistable. And well in the beggining of our realationship everthing was going great! We were constantly talking to each other we would flirt all the time, and then all of a sudden I find out my bestfriend added him on myspace who is an aquarius btw, and is giving him her number and now there always talking, and at first I was a bit skeptical but I was like eh whateveer. So later on,i find out that he likes her and she likes him, and mind you I have already told her before all this that I like him a lot, apparently she didn’t care, cause she was flirty with him behind my back, and because all that happened and now they were talking, I was really jealous and angry,and sad. It was really hard, and when I would talk to him, I was so angry and jealous cause I knew at the very moment I would IM-ing him and stuff she was too, so we would end up getting in the huge fights,cause of her. And it sucked so bad, I couldn’t believe that was happening to me, but in the end nothing ever happened between them she ended meeting some other guy and started dating him, and the taurus wouldn’t get over her but after a while he did, now me and him still talk were friends, but when I talk to him I gain old feelings and I hate it, and I know he will never like me,so what to do…? Someone please give some advice (:

  9. 9
    cardinal red Says:

    Iam a Virgo and Was with a leo man for five years and main problems we had were money problems he could nt hold on to money to save,and Was controling and Abusive towards me cuz he thought I was being cold and aloof to be as Beautiful as Iam,I meat a Taurus Guy and He swept me off my feet and knows how to save money just like me and has same goals.

  10. 10
    alexandra Says:

    I’m a Taurus women and my husband is a Leo and if you want living proof here we are we started off good but as the yrs went by I’m getting sick of his needy ways he always wants to be the center of my attention, he always needs an ego boost from me or someone and it’s tearing us apart, as a Leo he is quite terrible with money so I handle everything all the time, and he’s hot and cold and it’s annoying and the arguments could start a war, your better off alone it’s not worth the headache.

  11. 11
    bullheaded babe Says:

    yea im a taurus female and the reason i was on this site was too see how my relationship with a leo man will go..he is a really nice guy and i really care for him and he knows that.i just really want it to last.i mean i can stroke his ego but he has to stroke my feelings.idk everything i read says the arguements will be intense but we havent had one yet so i guess wish me luck lol

  12. 12
    stubbornlady Says:

    im a taurus lady and i have a leo boyfriend. i find all predictions about taurus and leo partnership true. Our difference was just so intense and impossible to compromise. the only thing that holds us up together is love. we have been together for 2 years now and i will get back here to update about the status of our relationship. btw, i also disagree with the money part.

  13. 13
    confusedtaurus Says:

    im a taurus women seeing a leo man for 9 months now. we were fine up until now where im starting to feel unnapreciated. i give so much love, compliments and he told me he loves them, i get none. its made me really sad as i really care about him and want it to work, but i know our personality types are so different, im prepared to meet half way, i just wish he would listen and give back a little more like he use too. we are so physically connected and i long for a more emotional connection too :(

  14. 14
    stubbornlady Says:

    for confusedtaurus, i also experienced being emotionally neglected with my leo boyfriend and we had a LOT of fight because of this. i often told him how i feel unsure of his love because he is not showing it not even saying it. we separated for 6 months and back again in each other’s arm but this time my emotional needs should be met. we are now vocal with our feelings. i gave him praises and supported him while in return he has to remind me how much he needs me and loves me, we decided to meet halfway and he was cooperative which i never expected from a leo man. we are still together for 1 year now. i hope you can also talk to your man and he will be cooperative as well and i hope everything will be fine.

  15. 15
    confusedtaurus Says:

    stubborn lady thanks for that reply!!
    we both lack good communication but decided to talk openly about this problem with him and tell him i feel unnapreciated and asked if there was possibilty for him to meet half way. he listened and said he needs to think about me more and understand me glad that there is other people out there with the same sort of thing going on, its really nice to hear about it.
    Everyone has different personalities, im really happy that things are going well with you both now, as it gives me hope for us too. I cant change from being who i am, a taurus and he will always be who he is a leo, as long as he is willing to meet half way then im happy. thanks again for your reply.

  16. 16
    mookieman Says:

    I am a taurus man & am currently going thru a divorce from a scorpio woman. This is my second divorce from a scorpio woman. Gotta say that I highly recommend any taurus currently in a serious relationship with a scorpio run for their lives ASAP

    Have very recently developed a romantic relationshp with wonderful Leo woman who I am beginning to adore almost beyond reason.

    As you can imagine this scares the hell outta me as my last relationship with the wrong woman lasted 18yrs & I don’t want to waste any more time with someone who really doesn’t even have the potential to like me let alone love me and allow me to love her

    What are the chances this wonderful leo woman that I know now wilL turn into some sort of poltergeist when I least expect it?

    Should I run for my life or snuggle in for the duration?


  17. 17
    Rach Says:

    Taurus lady here. Okay so im pretty positive that this is all true. out of the 6 relationships ive had 4 of them have been leos, and i am now in another one. Some of them short one lasted 2 years but i am only 19 so.
    I have a lot of patience, but each of the leos ive been with have been completely different in the ways that they live their life. The one im with now is in the military and knows what he wants, the other didnt really have anything going for them, and leos are the ones that i connect best with and seem to have a lot in common with.
    So i guess im just going to say if you know what you want in life, and you love the person it could work. Taurus just need patience and with a leo make sure you do take care of finances haha.

  18. 18
    KillaBee Says:

    I am a Taurus Gurl and i came on this site to find out why did my 9 months relationship was a struggle to keep going. I mean we loved each other and its been real hard to forget about him. What this website is saying have been so true. Now i know we wasn’t meant to be but now we don’t even talk when i want to because he was the best. We probably can’t be friends because it will leads to other things and feeling will get invovle then we might be going out again and again like we’ve been doing until now. Then we are in the same situation we were in before. But oh well the SEX IS GREAT. LEO’S ROCKS!!!! So ya’ll get ova ya’ll self and have some sex with a leo boy they are one hell of a lover. And quit being BITTER ASSHOLE BITCHES.

  19. 19
    theNes Says:

    :D hello again,
    well Here’s my Leo[F, me]/Taurus[M, him] story. . .

    When I met my first love we were at the movies, we were with mutual friends and we made eye contact and it was BAM in your face attraction. We exchanged numbers and from that night on you could nto catch either of us NOT talking to/about each other.

    The attraction between was deep and I mean DEEP we quickly became eachothers priority but we never made it offical- no I DK why!

    AND then like I read most Leo/Taurus do, we stopped talking, out of no where. We just did.

    And then we started again.

    And then we stopped.

    And then we started AGAIN but by then I was so disapointed with the previous I just said no and turned my back on all Tauruses (sp)

    Or so I thought, around sometime last year I was officially introduced to a Taurus who I always knew of but never KNEW, same story, different guy, I quickly started falling for him but then we just stopped talking and we’ve tried making it official but, it just doesn’t work. Which kinda sucks because I know both of these Tauruses have the same need for family stability that I do.

    I beleive THIS pair could work. :]

  20. 20
    taurus4life Says:

    I’m a taurus woman married to a leo guy we,ve been married for 2yrs now.physically there couldn’t be a better match but emotionally in so alone.I want him to feel like a king,my #1 but it hurts when he suck all the compliments and attention but then I’m still guessing how he feels.he so selfish!! At the beginning I felt like a grand prize and I love that I haven’t changed cause I’m that way by nature! it’s not forced, but he has gotten so comfy that I’m now so unhappy!!and he still doesn’t undrstnd! he feels that being married is enough but it’s not I need to feel loved not just him telling me so!!! Oh he spends all of the money very ruthlessly!not to mention the daily fights all cause we,re tired of compromising we see things so differently we love each other soooo much but the fights will end this marriage soon!!!help me!!

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