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Compatibility For Gemini and Leo

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Gemni Leo

Gemini and Leo

Gemini and Leo work extremely well together. One thing is for sure there will certainly be a lot of laughing going on as both the Gemini and Leo knows how to have a good time and both can be somewhat theatrical in their approach to life. When this couple get together there won't be a more sparkly couple to be found, they both shine in their own right but together they are positively illuminating! They are intellectually well suited and will love a good debate, however they also both enjoy being right, the Leo especially so be careful with your witty words Gemini! Physically these two will be outrageously attracted to one another. Both of these characters are known for their attractive qualities and ability to turn heads. Therefore the bedroom may be one of the more favoured interests of this couple; for Leo's fire coupled with the Gemini’s airy mind will insure that there is plenty of passionate moments. That is one thing that can be guaranteed. One of the more negative traits of this union is the Leo's need for constant attention and admiration and the Gemini's inability to supply it on demand. Although at first the Gemini may well seem to be glued to their Leo parnter this will not last. There are always other places the Gemini needs to explore and sometimes they want to do this alone. This unsettled behavior of the Gemini will frustrate the Leo who is not always the most patient person and finds it hard to understand the Geminis changeable ways. Although the Gemini and Leo couple could have quite a long lasting relationship, I don't think the Gemini is what the Leo is looking for for a settled family life as the Gemini never really fits in well to any certain role. Still, overall there relationship will be a mostly enjoyable and exciting one!

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113 Responses to “Compatibility For Gemini and Leo”

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  1. 1
    RuRu Says:

    Wow…so on point. (22, Gemini male here). I believe that Leo and Gemini are such a pare lol. I DO think they will have so much fun dating eachother…but maybe realize they make better friends.

    I say that because I know SO many Leos and I have a an affair with a few but they would be the ones to not care to take it to another level. So maybe its me idk lol. Maybe they just like using people…that is one thing i noticed with leo people… all the leo people i know don’t mind using people in an almost subliminal way.

    My moon is actually in leo so I understand them a lot. More so the males. My male Leo friends are so amazing. We connect on a strange level. But when it comes to the female Leos… I catch myself turned off by certain things they may say.

    I also noticed its always like a competition being a friend with my leo friends lol. It can sometimes be fun. But when it comes to deep conversation…both parties want to be heard lol. The Gemini will say something original and out the box, then the leo will try to top that not even really paying what the Gemini said much mind. And then it might turn into a debate lol. You end up closing the debate in agreement because your so tired of the tension lol! (at least that is what i have experienced).

    All in all…when a leos great traits shine through…they shine brighter for a Gemini’s eyes. The laughs are memorable. I think more over with any other sign. (you may be able to have MEMORABLE laughs with a Virgo too on a good day). ANYONE for that matter. But I pin point Leo more.

    I like Leos. I would love to try and date one soon.

    GO LEO!!! lol

  2. 2
    yazzi Says:

    Love Love Love Geminis.
    I’m a Leo.
    Gem Leo good match

  3. 3
    Lunar Says:

    lol, I’m a Leo, and my boyfriend is a Gemini! I love him so, but i do want more attention from him. Only if he could understand. Oh Well, we get along great but i do start fights with him a lot. but somehow he’s able to make me laugh it off.

  4. 4
    Moon Says:

    Gemini female here,

    I am almost 40. I married a libra, but my first love was a leo and I am currently (after my divorce) with my 4th leo in life. My most peacful relationships have been with libras, but my most passionate relationships have been with leos. Been with 1 leo female. Would never do it again. Huge difference between male leos and female leos!

    I never ask who is a leo until I know there is an attraction, but it is always amazing how we find each other. If I don’t want to date another leo I would have to turn down many, because that is how automatic the attraction is.

    Me and Leo love very hard. Unlike a Gemini with other signs (except Libra) I never get tired of being around him. The reason I don’t get tired of being around liba is because they give me so much space even when they are around. But, Leo? Me and Leo stay glued in each other’s faces and I’m surpirsed, but I enjoy every min of it.

    The only thing that comes between me and leo is they have double standards!!! This pisses me off, but I confront it and I NEVER back down. Leo tempers have no power over Gemini. We are actually amused by it. You have to be very attentive to Leo, yet you have to have strong bounderies, because they will use you. They don’t do it on purpose, but they get so caught up in their immediate needs that they will do what you let them do to get by.

    Leos although loyal will also cheat on your ass quickly. You really have to give them freedom while holding them accountable for their double standard behaivor.

    You have to show them that you are not so smitten with them that you can’t be your own person and do your own thing.

    You have to make love to them regulary. They hate rejection and refusal of any affection. Let them get all the loving they want, then send them on their way, then you can get your freedom.

    If you run into an unreasonalbly demanding leo, which would most likely be a woman you may have to either completely give in or just let go. Some leos give you NO choice.

    I love my Leos!


  5. 5
    Sparkers Says:

    Hi Beck,

    Agree w the Leo and Gem combi. Being a Gem, we were so attracted to each other when we first met but The Gem in me just could not afford to waste all attention on one person. Worse still, after knowing how Leo always “makes use” of others, moi just tot I’m one of e gals and the Gem prob dun feel so Gem of his eyes anymore. Had loads of fun and laughter when together but I think you r right, Leo and Gem aren’t the longest standing couple.

    Love and Light — luv this phrase

  6. 6
    Sherly Says:

    Wow!!!! Exciting… My relationship with Leo is just blooming… i hope it will last.

  7. 7
    the experienced Says:

    (FEMALE GEMINI) ive been in love with a leo for about four years now. we’ve been dating on and off for about 3 years and was together for a year. yes leo’s have the tendency of using people to get to their desired destination. our relationship recently ended as we have different ways of thinking. a leo can be quite controlling in a relationship and being a gemini, it was sometimes too much for me to deal with the very controlling nature of the leo although i have tried my level best. a leo’s pride is the most important of all. they must always win the race. nevertheless, the physical and sexual attraction was always top notch. a leo and gemini knows how to fulfill each others sexual desires. when a leo loves, he loves deeply and he knows how to create suprises for his lady. but when a leo gets bored with a certain situation, he might end up cheating on you. leo’s can also be very agressive and hot tempered. so be prepared, Gemini’s! leo’s are always looking for the right answers in the fastest time. they do not like to waste any of their precious time. also when the leo and gemini are together, the leo outshines the gemini. leo’s are always the lime light of the crowd so try not to get envious about it. a gemini might sometimes feel like the shadow of a leo. but one things for sure, a gemini and leo have a certin chemistry and attraction. :)


  8. 8
    gemini Says:

    Im a gemini and I only date leo`s

  9. 9
    Sparkers Says:

    Cheers experienced .. same sentiments. Leo always entices I would say. I dun blame Gems falling for Leo as I have fallen for mostly Leo guys too. But being a Gemini, the need to be a Gem sometimes make one very envious of the Leo, yes? And we fight for attention. Is really a very immature relationship I would say but well, it is the most exciting roller coaster ride you have, but I think it doesn’t last.. However I do have a question: For Gemini, we can still be frens with Leo once relationship fails (I think most Gem will nod), can the Leo guy feel the same??

  10. 10
    I'm a Leo (female) Says:

    Well this might blow your minds… but… I met my Gemini 13 yrs ago. We only hung out a couple of times. I didnt know it…but at that time he liked me. Just over a year ago we met up again and we have been in seperatable ever since. It is sooo true for Gemini’s to have 2 sides to them. He is an amzing Gemini and I could not ask for anything better! We are one of a kind… Where he is weak, I am strong…vice versa..we definatly compliment eachother..Leo and Gemini’s..Enough said :)

  11. 11
    sims Says:

    I’m a leo and of all the signs Gemini is the one I steer clear of.

    So many times I find myself annoyed with someone, it just happens to be a Gemini. They are so inconsistent and sometimes downright deceitful.

    How do you get to know them? You can’t? The nicest Geminis have been friendly - many Gemini guys I know. But these chics man, they are so annoying. It’s worse if they like you. Because it can seem like they hate you. I really do not like Geminis. So if you’re a Leo and you can’t stand Geminis, you are not alone.

  12. 12
    dolz Says:


    I’m married to a Leo. We’ve been to together for almost 3 as friends, another 5 years as bf-gf, and now we’re married for almost 2 years and just had our baby girl. Everything you said here is true. They tend to be users and cheaters and very arrogant but one thing i know we’re still up for each other.

  13. 13
    _Shanel Says:

    I am a Female Leo,
    i Have always Found mySelf attracted to Geminis, as well as scorpios.
    Most of My friends are Geminis Scorpios or Cancers.
    resenctly i started Dating a Gemini, Hes my Bestfriend and we just decided to take it to another level. Things are so different with him. We are Very Open, and Honest. And we are inseparable, odd tho becuase i could have never seen myself this close with someone and always with someone everyday adn not get tierd of them. Maybe Oneday it will come and ill just get sick and Tierd, but for now i dont see anything to get sick and tierd with.
    The Both of us are very close with eachother, and the Attraction we Share was accually noticed by al of our friends before we really noticed it.
    Im very Glad im with my Gemini Baby.

  14. 14
    malynn Says:

    I’m a leo woman ! After a horrible, abusive relationship with a scorpio a gemini came along and convinced me to give love another chance.This gemini is driving me crazy! I do require alot of attention, need to be admired the typical Leo woman and the gem does compliment me and the physical part is amazing, yet the gem man is so INCONSISTENT,MAKES PROMISES HE CANT KEEP,NEVER ON TIME,ALL OVER THE PLACE AND HAVE ATTENTION SPANS OF TODDLERS!THIS GEM IS SO MYSTERIOUS ANAD I DONT UNDERSTAND HIM. The relationship may work if I wasnt so demanding and didnt have high expectations and the gemini could be consistent and keep his word. This gem is sweet, I have threw tantrums in front of his friends and he never losthis cool.I never seen him mad and I must say he is respectful. I fell in love and can see myself with none other but we both have to come in agreementg on some things and my problem is that Im to demanding, possessive and expect the world.

  15. 15
    Gemininian Says:

    Oh my God! It’s the weirdest thing with me and Leos. I’m a female Gem (28) and I have been involved with 6 Leos in my life. Three of them even had the same birthday!!! It’s unbelievable the magnetic attraction that happens. I’ve been in bars where a guy will come up and just feel compelled to talk to me, buy me a drink. If I ask, he will usually say he is a Leo. It’s crazy. I’ve definitely met different variations of Leos, some really bad to some really amazing, but they all seem to have similar qualities of varying degrees.

    WOW! I thought it was just my situation.

  16. 16
    sims Says:

    “I’ve been in bars where a guy will come up and just feel compelled to talk to me, buy me a drink.”

    Sounds like my average Saturday night. :P It’s a very Leo thing to do. So the chances of a Leo guy buying you drink is kind of higher than normal.

    Other guys will tell me that I’m stupid to pay for girls’ drinks that I don’t even know. I just retort that I don’t have much better to spend that money on. Har har har har… Besides, I’m not much of a drinker. If I just sit around at the bar, I’m sure the bar tender will get annoyed.

  17. 17
    leo guy Says:

    leo male here,

    I never really payed much attention until last year to zodiac signs both sun and moon signs, I’ve studied the signs of both past and future intersts in partners and have found why my previous relationships didn’t work. I know I almost got married to a Capricorn and when it didn’t work out didn’t realize why until I read about it online. I am a big beliver in astroligical compatibility now. There is a gemini female I’ve been friends with for some time now, just friends for now but both our sun and moon signs are compatable. And when we do hang out or go somewhere I can’t help but feel so connected, and she feels the same way to but current situations in life don’t allow us to be together. It really sucks but we’ve talked about it and were gonna stay in touch. I would literally do anything for her if it would just make her happy. My moon sign is in Libra and her moon is in leo. Even our chinese signs are a really good match. But I believe more comes into play than just sun sign. Leo + Geminis can be a lengendary couple. But Leos like to be admired but my moon sign makes a leo like me more compationate toward the needs and wants of my partner also. So if you are a gemini and love leo’s it’s mostly likely your moon sign that is attracting you to them even stronger. I know that even if my relationship dosn’t kick off that she will be a love that got away that I’ll regret that I didn’t experiance. So I’m determined to make it possible but in the end it will be her choice. like always,

    Loves gemini females, they are so fun and beautiful, all in one package.

  18. 18
    Supila Says:

    i don’t agree with the spark between leo and geminis, i’ve dated two leos (im a gemini) and it never works out, at first they are too needy and clingy, then, when i finally like them they stop liking me, then i start noticing stuff about them, like they are too much the center of attention and always want to be it, so i end up geting dissapointed, so yea …the passion stuff though is true. we got along great in bed. hehe.

  19. 19
    Kam Says:

    I’m a Leo female, madly in love with a Gemini for 6 yrs. Everything you said it the truth. We have the best sex I’ve ever experienced, ever. Individually, people love us; I have a ton of friends, an active social life, guy love me and for some reason straight girls call me cute and buy me drinks all the time. My Gemini is just as outgoing as I am. Girl completely fawn over him.

    Together, we are an unstoppable power couple and everyone must stop and stare.

    Still, I find, we rarely have in between moments, we are either completely in love with each other or at each other’s troats! You are very right about Gemini’s not giving us enough attention. It’s fusterating because everyone else seems to notice how special we are except for our Gemini partners. Gemini’s a huge flirts. Ironically, they cannot stand for you to flirt with other people because Leo’s are naturally flirtly too. That’s why nearly every year for 6 years, I’ve broke up with my Gemini.

    But every time, whether it be a few weeks or a few months, he always comes back to me, with fresh stories, jokes, and experiences and lures me back into a relationship with him. I find that my Leo loyalty holds true and I’m able to forgive him downfalls and except him back (this time for the last time). We’ll see how it works out!

  20. 20
    theNes Says:

    Hi all, I am a Leo Female. :] actually a Cancer/Leo cusp but I have and will always consider myself a full fledged Leo- anyway, I completely have no true opinion about this pairing, I have a Gemini bf whom I’ve been with for a little over a year now and it’s so funny that one month I’ll be head over heals in love with him and the next I want to shove him off a cliff.

    He is the joy of my life everyday I wake up but at the same time he’s my own personal hell. When I’m with him I LOVE him but when I’m away from him I don’t know what it is but it’s like I almost forget he exists.

    And in MY case it’s NOT true that he doesn’t pay attention to me- I am a firm believer in astrology- and he isnt, but I always pull out my leo card and whoah baby he knows exactly how hot to turn the water in the shower on. ;D

    The natural flirty thing is no big deal for us, we flirt with whom ever we want because we know we’ll be there for each other at the end of the day.

    We DO have different views though and it makes our relationship extremely hard! Regardless though, I love my Gemini man.

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