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Compatibility For Cancer And Leo

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Cancer Leo


Cancer and Leo

Water and Fire are not known to always be a good mixture as the Water signs can tend to put out the flames of the Fire Signs. That is not the case here though you will be pleased to hear. In-fact it is almost as though these two were made for each other. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Leo by the Sun and as such they need each other and they reflect each others qualities and we end up with a very loving pair indeed!

Picture a beach setting, with a loving couple cuddling together on a blanket with a lovely picnic hamper and perhaps a frisbee, and you have yourselves the Cancer Leo couple. Leo’s were born to be adored and loved and taken care of and Cancer people were born to do that job so long as there is plenty of love given to them back and with the Leo by your side there will never be a shortage of that. The Leo of the couple will likely, no, defiantly be the ‘one who wears the trousers’ so to speak, and the Cancer doesn’t mind letting someone else take charge, so this works out rather well too.

These two are both sensitive and will no doubt upset one another from time to time, Leo will storm off huffing and puffing and Cancer will throw insults and remind their Leo lover of everything and anything horrible he/she has ever said in their time together. They will both retreat, then sulk for a while. There will be door slamming. But then the Sun will set and the Moon will rise and harmony will be once again resumed! After several hours of ‘making up’ in each others arms.

Please try not to spend too much time annoying each other you make such a beautiful couple it is a shame to ruin it. Your relationship is near on perfect so when the tide gets rough just ride it, the seas will calm again, the Sun will shine, so don’t give up! You two are destined to have a lovely home with a handful of children or more. I am going to stop writing now I am making myself jealous!! ENJOY!!!

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49 Responses to “Compatibility For Cancer And Leo”

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  1. 1
    Lily Says:

    You know, I’m not one to place too much faith in horoscopes because in terms of love, they have on occasion lead me wrong but this one I can not ignore. I am a Cancer, currently in absolute love with a Leo. Everything mentioned above is what I envision with this person. He is intelligent, funny, interesting, romantic, and extremely passionate in bed. We connect on a level I have yet to fully comprehend. My Leo is aware of how much I care, support and love him and yet he is still unwilling to follow through with a relationship. I’m having trouble deciphering if it is his age (29) or me? I am a generous, soulful and romantic. I want to love him and be in his life. Maybe he doesn’t need my approval/praise as afformentioned? Maybe he is homosexual? I’ve done nearly all I can do, I just don’t know any more… Still, after reading this, I am even more convinced that I shouldn’t give up…

  2. 2
    sharna Says:

    i am a leo and i would just like to reply to that last comment, us leos sometimes need to work things out in our head, and we love attention, even for the wrong reasons, so the more you chase us, the faster we run.

  3. 3
    Sheena Says:

    I am a cancer and I love a guy that is leo. We really are like that what is mentioned above! He needs my love and I need security. He reminds me again and again that he loves me. I feel really relaxed when he is in touch with me. Really… we are like moon and sun!

  4. 4
    Chad Says:

    Im a leo, i display all the features above mentioned in the positive, I would be exactly the type of leo that lily worries about. She said, “Maybe he doesn’t need my approval/praise as afformentioned? Maybe he is homosexual?”. Thats funny cuz i get hit on by homosexuals a lot, but im what you would call metrosexual, some leos like me come as being comfortable with might be seen as a femine side, because it dives into feelings and emotions, which the sterotypical guy usually is foreign too.

    I do come off like that, as not needing the praise and approval, it would be due to a transcendence of the superfical, when i was younger, teenager, of course i needed all that, im 26 now. Especially when a leo feels sexually secure and proud, he will not try to search you out to make sure you approve, he sees it and thats enough. Leos come off as very confedent, the confedence looks like they dont need anything, but thats only a impression.His not seeking approval might be something different than what I provided, because maybe he is actually trying to pull strategy with you.

    The other alternative explanation might be some sort of self projection. Cancers usually are more insecure, especially with the leo match up, and so your always trying to gauge everything under a microscope. You might seek his approval, and when you notice hes not seeking at as much as you a flag might go up in your mind. Cancers can sense something insnt right in the relationship.

    So tell him, that IT SEEMS like he doesn’t need your approval and praise, you might get a totally different answer than your speculating about in your mind. If hes into to you hell want to work on that, especially if it makes you feel more connected to him.

    You have to look at the numerology to understand your leo more too, my number is a 7, based on my first name. So look into that with your leo. Secondly, you need to get a detailed astrology report that shows the moon sign and rising sign, because that comes out in the personality too.

  5. 5
    ALMW Says:

    I am a Cancer woman with 6 planets in Leo so I am forever drawn to Leo men. I find them equal to my passiona and not afraid of my intensity. I also have an Aries moon which makes me even more fired up. My only issue is that I have been unable to have a full out commitment from a Leo. This has been very upsetting to me in the past. Why is it that there are certain signs which are extremely attracted to me (Virgo,Sag,Gemini) that I have no feeling for whatsoever? But I am Always attracted to Leos, hands down.

  6. 6
    Lunar Says:

    I am a Cancer tiger girl who dated a Leo monkey guy and maybe he was wrong for me but I think they are crazy,rude,over grown children who want to be worshiped without being deserving of it!! They love drama and conflict -fire! I could be wrong,maybe it was just him!LOL

  7. 7
    ALMW Says:

    So sorry to hear that Lunar. I’m over 40 and I have been fortunate to pick the most mature Leos I can so I have only known real gentlemaen Leos. I’ve dated 5 in the last 10 years and they were if anything very old world in their manners (opening doors, paying for dinners, etc.). I think a lot of Leo men have such pride that they don’t want to be perceived as neanderthals. And the ones I have known are very intelligent in social settings and know how to play that game. The Leo men I have known work really hard at their jobs. I agree they love to be worshipped but I have 6 planets in Leo and don’t have a problem with that because they generally have much that can be admired! Good looks, charm, good sense of humor, very friendly. I am just very forthright in asking for mutual adoration!

  8. 8
    Lunar Says:

    Thanks ALMW. I am glad that you have found the Leo man to be all that interesting! I sense that I am far more compatible with a water sign because I do find the Leo to be far more preoccupied with appearances and status rather than what is underneath the surface!I agree that they have a lot of pride which ,while it is positive, is also their biggest downfall as they then become their own worst enemy. I also require mutual adoration but have yet to meet a Leo who wants to share the spotlight.

  9. 9
    Chad Says:

    in regards to Lunar on December 18th-

    If you want a spirtual leo you have to use numerology, they would more likely be on a truth quest or be a knowledge seeker by nature, i know this cuz thats how I am. Im not sure how much motivation comes from the subconscious yet, im unusure how much influence it has on the nature of our personality besides astrology and numerology. Spirtual leos would be more likely to be non-religious if theyre really deep, they would be curious and interested about all religions, current and ancient, and more likely to take on a more worldly perspective than ever settling on one religion, which would restrict and limit their beliefs.

  10. 10
    Ren Says:

    I am a Cancer/Monkey in a 2 year relationship with a Leo/Horse…it’s tough. Everything above is true. However, when it’s good it’s very, very good but when it’s bad RUN FOR THE HILLS! The funny part about it, my ex was a LEO/Tiger. We were together 5 years and it was hell most of the time. But now we are BEST friends! My relationship prior to that was a 7 year relationship with a Leo/Horse. All I can say is it takes a great deal of patience for a Cancer/Leo relationship to work. if you don’t have that patience give it up.It’s not worth the heartache and gray hair that you’ll end up with, LOL…what’s with me and these Leos?

  11. 11
    me Says:

    well, i think leos can be selfish but they are also loving and kind with great personalities. xxxxxxx

  12. 12
    sims Says:

    Lunar, you are a tiger. Tiger’s hate the monkey’s pranks and tricks. I am a Leo/monkey. I know not to be crazy around tigers.

    Not so when I was younger. I was a major prick and would cause trouble just to watch it happen. I’m 28 now and will rarely be part of *any* conflict. Life has taught me many things. The monkey knows how to side step and go around things. Quickly passing by those that are in my way is much more important to me than my ego. So I just bow out and swing ahead. I may never even see that person again. So what’s the point. Reputation is useless. Anyone who knows me, knows *me.* I don’t need to build an image. Besides building an image only means I will attract people who like my image, which isn’t me anyway. So, it gets tiring.

    As far as love goes, at my age, it’s so difficult to get attached. I’ll like a chic and then walk right by her because I know it will be trouble. I’d rather just leave it at that.

    If a leo or a monkey has not had enough pain in his/her life and learned well from it, yes they can be some of the most selfish and proud people you’ll ever meet. I look at when I was 14.

    Lunar, as a Tiger, you should probably go for a Horse. Maybe a Leo/Horse.

    I have to say that I find Cancer women quite attractive. I don’t mind their mood swings. I just sort of wait for it to be over and try to help out if there is really something wrong.

  13. 13
    Jenny Says:

    I’m a leo woman in love with a cancer male, and I’ve found the above entry, as well as many of the other entries written about Leo/Cancer, to be true.
    I’ve expressed to him that I wish he was more dominated, that he called me or texted me more, but after reading this I realize that he’s more submissive than I thought. I won’t worry so much about being the one always initiating things anymore. Oh silly leo me, a lion wearing the pants.
    My favorite part of being in a relationship with a cancer is the love. When I do crack open his shell and ask him what he thinks about me, it’s so sincere it takes my breath away. Even thinking about it now… Heeheehee. Cancers really are able to feel so much at once, which is why I think he’s a perfect man, because usually it’s the woman that has a thousand emotions. Now we’re on the same level.
    Because when I can make him come out and play for a while, it’s okay when he inevitably goes back into his shell. I’ve learned to best let him work whatever he’s thinking about in that abyss-of-a-head out, then be there when he “comes back”.
    If you’re a leo woman not sure whether to go for a cancer male, I’d say DO IT! You have to learn how to read his moods and to be more open and loving than you would be with anyone else (Sometimes I’m ashamed by being so expressive, but he always tells me to forget about being embarrassed), but it’s so, so worth it. I never wanted children before I met him, and now I really do want the house with at least one kid that has his complexion and my hair. I can’t believe how much he completes me.

  14. 14
    Isabelle Says:

    I am a female Leo and i can tell you right now that Leos love to be Loved..So love them hard..we want to be appreciated and to be complimented all the time. It feels good to be praised. I personally dislike people who are so sensitive. I love money. I like to have it at all times so i can buy whatever my eye catches.
    Im currently in love with a Cancer. I just wished he told me that he loves me more often. But we just started dating for about 2 weeks now so ill see how things go.

  15. 15
    eva johnson Says:

    I have a leo ex/ maybe boyfriend and I am a cancer women, leo are sweet but jeoulsy they want what they want when he wants it and dont want me to go out have girlfriend but he does it, Leo can not be trusted you give them freedom and they take advantage of the situation all the time they lie a lot but I love him very much and cant understand how our relationship got out of control he also cheat I have ended the relationship but he keep calling and want let me alone

  16. 16
    Rouline Says:

    I am a Leo woman in love with a cancer man. I love him so much!! I always thought we weren’t compatible because we are opposite signs but I was wrong. I totally agree with above mentioned about our capability. A cancer man, my man, is so sincere, warm, gentle lovable person who fires me up in all ways!! I’m am so grateful for having him in my life, I have never felt more loved before and I definitely would want to spend the rest of my life with him! My advice to all Leo girls: go grab yourself a crab and he’ll hold on to you forever!

  17. 17
    chloe jay Says:

    a cancer needs to be loved just like leonine.i think a leo should treat cancer right cuz they gave much what leo wants.and i have been with leo before.the brightside,i love his domination in bedroom.yaayyy!!

  18. 18
    Paige Says:

    I broke up with my Leo and it was a huge mistake and I dont know what to say to him now because he has a Gemini Girl and I need him what can I say to him?????????
    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19
    Conhulio Says:

    Hi. I am a Cancer man (Ox 20-Jul-73). My girlfriend is Leo woman (Monkey 27-Jul-80). We recently just broke up, we have been together 4 months. I was totally in love with her, more than anyone before. at the beginning it was perfect, we called each other, sent sweet SMSs to each other, and we missed each other so much. as time went on, we had some arguments (3 were quite bad), i know what you mean about Leos, they are so proud of themselves, and really know how to express what they’re trying to say, and us Cancer’s are a little bit differemt, we need to digest the words and understand what they mean and find out if they’re hurtful or not. Unfortunately, for me i was unemployed during the 4 months. But i had the cancer strength to cope with it all. Even though we are sensitive, we are also very resourcefull and we can weather the most terrible storms, only to come back with bright eyes and a smile and express our undieing love and affection. Im an Ox, so im little bit stubborn but im very determined when i need to be. Its true the love of a Leo is mezmorizing, one minute they’re talking all confident, then next they’re like a little checky monkey throwing their arms round you and adoring you like a little child. Its a nice feeling for a crab in this situation, because we are protective/loving and caring, so we want to protect our little treasure till eternity. One thing tho - when a Leo gets angry, oh my god, they can hurl some really nasty words at you - so all crabs need to put on their protective shells and defend themselves like they’re never done before. But in a way that they dont attack the pride of the Leo. Attacking their pride gets you know where. Leos love to be centre of attention, and when they dont get it, be prepared for some insults. But when you pamper them, they can be the lost adorable creature on the planet. Unfortunately, for me - shes now finished it with me, apparently she doesnt love me as much as i love her, and bad for me - i became submissive in the relationship - which i now understand, and wish i did something different. Leo/Monkeys are unpredictable i think, so be on your guard at all times, and watch out for their demanding attentions. Because what i’ve learnt is that a leo demands attention all the time, they need to be constantly told that they’re lovely, perfect, and sexy. For a crab this is kind of almost of the verge of over compensating - because crabs can give love and affection, but they only have so much, then they need to retire to their shells and recoup lost energies.

    Leos are energetic, talkative, cuddly, and sensitive. keep yours eyes specifically focused on : talkative and sensitive. Leos are dominant, so that sits ok with crabs, most of the time.

    I only wish i had my Leo back, and i’d travel the world to find out the secrets to do it. shes simply adorable….

  20. 20
    Hazard Says:

    I’m an 18 year old Leo/Horse and the ONLY girl I ever truly fell for (and believe me I fell HARD) was a Cancer/Monkey (I did like all the girls before her, but it was more that they paid loads of attention to me). We were perfect for each other, playful and flirty and always willing to give loving support to the other, but I told her how I felt in an unsurprising brazen flash of honesty, how I had never loved anyone like this, how my world seems to have been waiting dormant for her and she took AGES processing.I got annoyed at how long it took, She got scared at how intense I was and it fell apart. God how wish I found this site in time.

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