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Compatibility For Libra and Capricorn 2013

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Compatibility For Libra and Capricorn

Compatibility Test
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Libra Capricorn

Libra and Capricorn

Now this Air and Earth match is not one made in heaven as these two really are very different. There is something I would like to mention first about Capricorn people first. The write up’s about them by many others to me are somewhat unfair. Yes, Capricorn people are highly respectable want to do well and have good down to earth common sense, but this idea that they are boring just goes right over my head. Every single Cap I have ever met makes me laugh and are sometimes the silliest people I know and love to make practical jokes on people.

The reason I mention this is although there will be a lot of friction between these two in a close and intimate relationship there will also, I feel, be quite a bit of fun to be had. I know of one such relationship, these two are sensible enough not to live together or be in each others pockets, but this Libra and Capricorn work rather nicely together. They certainly get up to all sorts of silly nonsense and my Libra friend finds solace in her Capricorn. Yes, it’s true, she is far more into making her surroundings as aesthetically pleasing as possible whilst he really is not concerned with such trivial matters, she is a social butterfly who flits from gathering to gathering meeting new people and understanding new cultures, he remains at home making a list of all their outgoings for the next 6 months! However, you can bet that when she gets home there will be something silly waiting for her!

Sexually this isn’t the best pairing at all and I do believe that for this union to work there needs to be much soul searching on both sides and perhaps this type of relationship would suit people who have had their fair share of heartache and are looking for somewhere ‘safe’ to hang up their boots. This is a safe relationship, yes it’s one that will be full of misunderstandings and confusion, but also one where love can be allowed to grow and I truly believe there is more fun to be had here than others may know! Take your time with this and enjoy!

Valentines Hearts

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32 Responses to “Compatibility For Libra and Capricorn”

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  1. 1
    belita Says:

    I’m a Capricorn female and it’s true that some people take my reserved nature as too uptight. But there are also people who like my so-called steadiness. I love to laugh and I like wholesome fun. I’m old-fashioned and I don’t think a lot of men appreciate that. I don’t liked to be rushed into a relationship or into bed. I don’t easily invest my emotions into the first guy I see. Keeping my emotions close to my chest is something I’ve learned to do over the years. I don’t think people realize just how sensitive we Capricorns are. I don’t like wasting time with a guy when we don’t want the same thing as far as the relationship goes. I had an unfortunate experience ten years ago with a guy who wasted six months of my time just because he wanted to have sex with me. He was just careful not to say anything that revealed that’s what he wanted, but one time he let it slip. His exact words were “I don’t want a relationship, but if you want to have sex, that’s fine.” Once it came out he tried glossing over it, but I was done.

    What I really wanted to talk about is I have not known a Libra that I like. I have a brother and sister who are Libras. I have worked for two Libras. One was a man, the other a woman. I don’t like them. I deal with them as best I can, but I find them–at least the ones I’ve dealt with–to be infuriating. The ones I have known tend to be very jealous, petty and selfish. Both my sister and brother are like that. Whenever I have read anything on the Libra zodiac I don’t see the jealous, selfish aspects mentioned. What I have read is not anything I recognize. I realize everyone has their positive and negative sides, but I have only seen a negative side to Libras. My relationship with my sister has been strained for years because she was jealous of the relationship she believed I had with our mother. In truth, I had a very confusing, frustrating relationship with our mother, who is a Cancer. I told my sister that, but it was as though she wanted to believe what she created in her mind and not the reality I was telling her. I’m very expressive and talkative as you can see, and I don’t like that whenever I ask my sister how she feels about something, she never knows what she’s feeling. She comes off as petty and mean a lot. I got so tired of dealing with her that I got to the point where I stopped investing my emotions where she was concerned. I really wanted to have a close relationship with her because there’s just a two year difference between us, but she was always cavalier about it. She always had this dismissive, aloof attitude and I got fed up with it. She’s also not a good listener. Libras tend to daydream a lot. The guy I worked for was like that too. He didn’t listen well. I hate that. Anyway, about six years ago I told her how I felt. As was customary, she seemed neither here nor there about what I said or felt. I love her but I don’t waste emotional energy on her. I use to be really upset because I wanted to be close to her and no matter what I did, it just wasn’t happening.

    I don’t have a relationship at all with my Libra brother. He was worse. Without going into all the gory details, I struggled with depression for a few years, had a breakdown and I was hospitalized for two weeks about twenty years ago. My dear old brother told me that if I were closer to God then all of that wouldn’t have happened. He didn’t even blink an eye. It was the most unfeeling, unsympathetic and arrogant thing anyone has ever said to me. Fortunately, I was centered enough to take what he said with a grain of salt. I wasn’t gonna let that stop me from getting better. I understood I was only human and God understood that too and that was what truly matter. So I was like f**k my brother. What’s really weird is I have read that Libras are really in tune with people’s emotions and that relationships are important to them. My sister craved relationship but with someone of the opposite sex. Our relationship didn’t seem to be important to her. She always chose her pride over me, and us. I love both my brother and sister but to be brutally honest, I despise them at the same time. They have been awful to me. They can be pleasant, but it’s like a blue moon kind of thing. I’ve read that Cancers are moody, but my brother and sister change moods in a matter of seconds. You can be laughing one moment, then all of a sudden, the fun has drained out of them. I’m not kidding. They offer no explanation, and when their mood suddenly changes and you ask them what’s wrong they look at you like ‘what’s wrong with you?’ I really don’t like Libras. If there are more upbeat ones (upbeat being one of their aspects) I would really love to see what that’s like because this I despise this jealous thing.

  2. 2
    Anu Says:

    Yes, you’re so right Belita. Libras are nothing like what they describe. I’m a Capricorn and I’ve noticed a pattern in my relationships with Libras - both men and woman. One Libra woman I knew, slept with everyone for favors and stole my stuff, the other was a childhood friend who, again, stole things from my home even though she belonged to a stinking rich family. I broke with my boyfriend of 2 years. We met at work and he pursued me relentlessly. I resisted because he was married with a two-year-old child. But he gave me stories of how he was going to file for a divorce because of unmentionable cruelty and meanness of his wife but had to wait until he got his green card. I finally gave him because I was vulnerable as I had been treated by my fiance ( ex at the time) and was lonely. He must have sensed that because he began with telling me that he had loved me from the first moment he saw me, he knew that we were soul mates from many lifetimes before. Vulnerable as I was at the time, I lapped up every word he said. He made calls day and night to tell me how much he loved me. Since we are from different religions, he asked me if my family would allow us to marry. Anyway, all that changed when we had sex. He soon changed his tune, he became a little distant and said he could not leave his wife for the sake of his child even though he could not stand his ugly and demented spouse. I stopped speaking to him. But he changed again and told me to wait for him for a year. This pattern continued for a year and a half, he would become distant and I would try breaking up with him but give in when he cried and caught my feet and asked for forgiveness and time. In a year, he changed again when I left that job. He would call a couple of times a week and when I’d call him, he’d either say he would call me and never did. Since I had set up the mobile locator at the previous company, I began checking and saw that he was out every night on the highways between NJ and PA. When I’d call him, he’d say he was home with his kid since his wife worked the 3-11 shift but I could hear him driving. I instantly distant myself but still hoped his calls which were far and few between. In November of last year (2008), he called me at 5 am. I did not take his call but listened to his message which said that there was trouble at home and he sounded miserable. He called several times that day until I took his call. He said do not doubt me and told me that he was talking to a male friend at night when his wife came home suddenly and when she tried to snatch the phone, he disconnected. I asked him if it was indeed a male friend he should have let her check. This story changed over the next few weeks, at time it was male friend that he was talking to, then it was a deceased friend’s widow, then someone else. He asked for my forgiveness and told me that what had happened to him was fate paying him back for hurting me. And the amazing thing is that I believed him because I wanted to too. That I still loved him is a foregone conclusion. In January of this 2009, he went on a vacation so that he could save his marriage until he got his green card because all the lawyers I took him to told him if his wife withdrew her petition, he would become illegal. In that duration, promised were made (from his side of, course. He wanted to return to our country where we would get married. He said he was mine and that I was like his God. Anyway, at the back of my mind, I was still suspicious. Also, because he told me that his rich brother in law may have hired detectives and may have been tapping his phone. I checked all the old records of the cell phone that had been given to him by the company and found several numbers that he would call and talk for hours everyday when he would not take my calls. This was before he was caught. I checked out some numbers were disconnected. However, there was one number to which he would call and which would call back and the conversations ran for at least 4 hours. However, he stopped call all those numbers. When I called, some woman picked up and when I asked her who she was she became mad and began abusing me and threatened to have me killed by a terrorist organization from India. He soon called me and asked me change my cell number because he felt his brother in law was making those calls. In late January, the conversations between him and that woman began again. He also began visiting that place in NY. There were several numbers in that area and through a cell phone service, I traced the numbers and found that all belonged to the same woman who had threatened me. When I confronted him, he said she was a relative and his friend’s wife. But no man ever picked up. He said her husband was illegal and everything was in her name. Anyway, calls soon stopped and I found that he was calling another number on a regular basis. Guess what, it was where that woman worked. I went to have a look at her - she was 5 feet tall and about 300 pounds. His wife too looks like that. Maybe, that’s what gets him going. he changed again, from one year, he said told me to wait for 2 years. . Another trend, I had noticed was that he was always hanging out in the office (he’s a trucker) and had no business. When I’d ask him he would say that girl was short, ugly and black and she smelled of armpit and that she was like a child. But I had my doubts. Recently, he accused me of trying lure the new girl from my old workplace with a job. He said he had over heard the girl telling another driver that I had promised her a job. He also said now you are going to tell that girl. I was mad since that girl had asked me for a job and I had told her that I’d let her know if anyone was hiring. I called her and asked her and she told me that she had told my boyfriend (she did not know of my relationship with him). She also told me that my boyfriend had been making the moves on her, feeding her with the same crap and that he backed off when he got engaged. I believed because what he told was almost the same as what he had said to me. I spilled out my relationship and she told me that of recent he had asked her to introduce her to a girl and that he was looking for companionship. Then she told me that to confirm what she had said, she would call me when he was in office and put him on the speaker phone. Yesterday, she did just that, she asked him what kind of girl he was looking for, he told her, “someone like you.” She said, “I’m like your child (she’s only 21) and he is 40. He said, “yeah, that’s a shame.” Two minutes after that he called me from the office phone. I never mentioned what I had heard but told him never to call me and that I now realized what he was. Incidentally, another friend of mine had almost the same experience with a Libran, except that he was not married. Librans, in my view and experience, are sociopaths and self-serving. The only person there are interested is in themselves and if you suit their purpose, then they all over you. but when you don’t, they won’t leave you but will treat you with callousness. They put on a holier-than-thou attitude but are the most evil, sinful and depraved of all. Did I mention that in the looks department they are not all that though pages after pages in astrology have raved about good looks (???). My ex-Libra was certainly not and neither were my other good Libran friends.

  3. 3
    ryan Says:

    all libras aren’t the same. im a libra and im with a capricorn and we been together for 2yrs!!!! you just gotta make it work

  4. 4
    wade Says:

    I am a Libra who has been in a longtime on again off again relationship with a capricorn woman. Throughout it all we have managed to stay friends and are very close. No matter what happens in the relationship (ups and downs ) we always gravitate back to each other. While not a relationship made in heaven it has been very rewarding and at times frustrating for both of us. The fact is we are still and have been attracted to each other since the day we met and none of our mismatched stars seem to be able to destroy that.

  5. 5
    Marry Says:

    Im a capri and i get along with Libras very well.
    Yes at sometimes their(unexplainable) and at other times, when you really get to know them their verrrry sweeeet and loyal, faithful.
    Maybe some people just don’t know hope to treat a libra right!

  6. 6
    Rosalyn Says:

    I’m a Libra and I’m involved with a Capricorn. We have been married for 10 years now and have been together a total of 17 years. We have a GREAT relationship, but we work hard to make it a great relationship. As a Libra, I can say that I am extremely faithful to my husband, my friends & family. I am very loyal. As far as being jealous, I only get jealous when given reason to be. What I do hate about myself is when someone upsets or hurts me. It takes ALOT to upset/ hurt me, but once I’m there, I can go days, weeks….even months without talking to that person.

    The only problems my Capricorn husband and I have are that he likes to drink & be out late often, be in control of EVERYTHING and have little trust in me. He hates that I like to do things with just us alone, can only handle 2-3 beers and socialize. BUT, we meet each other in the middle. We’ve learned to do that simply because we can’t be without the other.

    My solution to our problems is that I let him believe he is in control (most of the time), tell him I’m on my 6th beer, and flirt with him constantly. He loves for me to flirt with him. He does his best to spend as much time with me & our daughter, or he does something really special for us once a week. And, he tries his best not to question my loyalty to him as I’m home, if not with him, most of the time.

    I think we’re a wonderful match. We love each other so much and are constantly complimented on how we love one another. I believe that with every relationship, everyone must work hard & equally to make things work.

    Not matter what (sign or no sign), we are all different. Not all Libras and not all Capricorns are the same. We have to take into consideration who are parents were and how we were raised.

  7. 7
    Flyanna Says:

    Eminem(LIBRA) and KIM(CAPRICORN He and his exwife got married twice and the second marriage only lasted 3 mos. According to Kim, Eminem was indeed too in love with his self as his fame grew. LIBRAs need love in return. Kim said she wasn’t going to worship him. I read somewhere this is what LIBRAs like in a partner. Someone who practically worships them. I also noticed how she really wasn’t supportive or proud of him. It seemed more like Dr. Dre,his manager and D12 were the only ones who really showed their support and proudness of him. I know I would’ve been the talk of the hiphop world if he had been my husband. I’m an Aqua though. We are more compatible. Anyways I would’ve been everywhere with him. We would’ve been like John and Yoko joined at the hip.

  8. 8
    ana Says:

    Libra and Capricorn is a sour grape of a marriage..I have met some of these couples, they just stay together just because nothing else…Love went out the door, they are drawn to each other for home life thats it…Libra cheats on Capricorn every chance it gets…Dont be fooled by it…

  9. 9
    Mattison1 Says:

    Hey all….

    I am a Libra male who came to your site to check my compatibility with Capricorn female. Based upon the blogs, it seems clear goat and scale don’t mix. Whatever! :)))) I have many more to choose from, as does she.

    However, there is always more to a situation than stellar alignment, and using astrology as a predictor may not be smart. With all due respect, Belita, it appears you are dealing with socio-politico issues, re: “first family”, not those of astrology. I’m commenting because I have identical problems as you. Similar to you, I always would bend-over-backwards to get my sister’s love. And just like you, I failed. But unlike you, she and I are supposed to be a perfect match, as she is a Gemini. Hmmm. And then there is my brother. Like me, he is another Libran, yet we have little to say to each other, despite the fact I have tried for years! Literally years.

    On the other hand, my kid sister — a Scorpio — and I get along great. My mom was Cancer, and we got along fine too. Again, neither of these positive relationships would be predicted. hmm.. perhaps because she was my mother, this spoke MUCH louder than her sun-sign. Whadda ya think?

    I believe what this shows is that marriage relationships always have more incentive. ‘First family’ problems, or so it seems, are of a sociological type, not astrological. Sociology and psychology are not mutually exclusive, but sometimes astrology is.

    Regarding your generalities: I am so friendly (at 45 years) that my friends actually call me naive. I am as conservative as any Cap i have met. I am not particularly jealous or selfish…I always give a $5 bill to the guy on the freeway off ramp who will “work for food”. Do you?
    Astrology would say “no” as Capricorn is too fiscally conservative…..then again, if you believe in Christian charity, maybe you do! Point: Don’t put all your eggs in the astrological basket.

  10. 10
    klearlydistinct Says:

    I am a libra woman currently in a relationship with a Capricorn male. I must say that the comments regarding Capricorns being controlling are correct in my experience. We met over ten years ago and reconnected this past April via Facebook. He declares his unwavering love for me at all times. He is very sensitive to his role in our relationship and our communication is great. We have had incidents of misunderstandings that could have been avoided. He prides himself in loving me. I am a resolved libra and some of the details mentioned here are true. I can be jealous, when prompted. I am also very faithful and loving. I am drawn to my capricorn’s love for me. No matter one’s sun sign, folks in relationships must feel as though their individuality is in tact while committed to being in a relationship..that’s is a strong emotion that wavers. The committment is most important!

    On the flip side I have a female capricorn cousin and a nephew who is a capricorn I think they are sweet as peach pie.. outstanding individuals!

  11. 11
    Julie Says:

    I am a female Libra that has been in a relationship with a Capricorn for over a year. It is hard work, I have to agree with some people. He is very much in love with me and he proclaims his love very often. He wants the same from me, but I think sometimes the words “I love you” can be so overused that they become meaningless. I think I respect him more than I love him. We work in the same field and sometimes I think that our career relationship keeps us together.

    Being a Libra, I’d say that Libra should be with a Capricorn only when she is looking for a safe and steady partner for the casualties of life, not love. Capricorn doesn’t provide Libra with enough excitement in life, but they are very reliable.

    I believe that me and my boyfriend should have stayed friends from the beginning. Now I’m tied with him so much that it makes me unhappy.

  12. 12
    I. H. Says:

    After reading the above I see that you have seen what I am going to talk about as well. However I am a LIBRA that will soon be ending the best relationship I could ever had… With a CAPRICORN!

    We must all admit 1st thing that we shouldn’t expect to much out of these relationships cause we are way different. Not just from the aspect of seeing things differently but expressing them differently as well. Tomatoes vs Tomotoes.

    The libra mood is so unpredictable that we dont even know whats going to happen. vs a Capricorn that knows what there mood is about. And the Capricorn isnt as flexible as the libra. This isnt a bad thing, we must learn the Beast that we are dealing with inorder to make it work. Dont jump into the Rhino pit at the zoo with out the proper protection.

    A Capricorns words can seen so harsh to the Libra. But the Capricorn isn’t going to sugar coat things to feed the Libra emotions. We must respect each others way of communicating.

    I married this beautiful Capricorn, she taught me so many things and settled down my flighty side. She listened to me most of the time, as best as she could, cause she loved me. A Capricorns love is one of the most genuine of all. She taught me to speak my mind to the point. This is hard for a Libra cause our natural inclination is to not ruffle feathers. Both of us have to make exceptions to our own rules. If we can grow individually then A Libra/Capricorn relationship will be very rewarding to both.

    I suggest that the Capricorns need to stop doing so much if they say they are so tired. Let someone else take over for a bit, you really can trust us cause we love you as well.

    Libras need to stop playing around and get to the point on important matters and don’t overwhelm the Capricorn with to much flights of fancy. A Capricorn/Libra relationship will be the best thing if each person gets to know the others Zodiac like the back of there hand. Then we wont be confused by what we don’t understand.

    My Capricorn had a habit of telling me something was OK when it really wasn’t. She was frustrated and deep down I knew it. I just didn’t listen to my inner senses. I put my work first. I’m sorry to Capricorns for this but Libras like deep relationships and sometimes its work and not you. We don’t mean to forget you its just that we can do both at once. Give us time to rest and realize that we need to regroup.

    At the end of the day both signs will have to give. And if either of you care to be really happy then you should study the other first before making a go a it. You wont regret it!

    I have never met many Capricorns in my life. I was completely in awe and shock of their personality. Harsh, pretty, genuine, firm, stable. We Libras only think we are stable. But its not in our nature.

    I will miss her so.. Nothing in this world has made me feel more content and at home and in love than being with my goat.

    One of you said that most people underestimate how delicate a Capricorn is. You are right, we do. To us if you are stable and capable of harsh words then you should be able to take the same treatment that you have dished out. A Capricorn would also do well to know that a Libra will ruin themselves trying to make it work. What a Libra needs to understand is that you don’t have to try so hard , it will work on its own if you do the right things.

    This relationship may need constant attention but you wont have to baby it. Just say what you mean when you mean it not a day later Libra! And Capricorn, if it does take a day for Libra to think it out just give them the opportunity to say it all in there own time. They hate to argue with the ones they love so much.

    My Capricorn women will give anything to her family , its her duty. Although I have never understood it , they don’t treat her right, never have. I would of cut them off long ago. She doesn’t have it in her to let them down. They take advantage of her.

    Good luck to all. We really do love those Cap’s


  13. 13
    CRAZYCAP :P!! Says:

    HMMM, I’m just astonished. Maybe all this reservation Cap’s are supposed to have is supposed to come with age or something (I’m only 25) cause I’m barely getting to the point where I can even have a relationship. Most of my mine ended because I was too much of a party girl. The talk of Libra is weird too, because I’ve actually known a couple who were very aggressive, violent even. As much of a coincidence as it may seem, people should still keep an open mind to the idea that there are alot of other factors that play into a person’s personality. For example, the other signs in ones birth chart, not to mention parents and upbringing. Not all Caps are going to be the same nor are Libra’s. One of my best friends (Libra) dated a Cap female for two years and she seemed to fit the stereo type, was occasionally cold to him and so forth, and he would come to me for advice. But he and I on the other hand had a completely different kind of relationship and very sexual. I think people need to keep an open mind…. I mean, come on, Maryln Manson and Kate Moss can hardly be called conservative.

  14. 14
    purna Says:

    Dear all,

    I am a capricorn woman who just broke up with my Libra ex boyfriend. It was indeed a hard work and confusing relationship. My ex did not like my direct attitude especially when I deal with other people. I say the truth and sometimes he was hurt when he knew that I did not like what he liked.He often gave pressure when he asked me opinion that made me uncomfortable because my nature is being honest, bad or good. I also do not like his habit of hanging out with his friends till 3 o’clock in the morning, even if it is once a week, I still do not like it. My libra ex boyfriend was also sometimes too soft and indecisive, sometimes it made me very tired.

    But in the other hand, he was very kind, generous, loving, caring, one of the best man I have ever met. He was very special, and when he is away, the things that I remember are only the good one. We broke up but we will never hate each other.

  15. 15
    alex Says:

    i just recently met a libra girl. im a capricorn but within the sagittarius-capricorn cusp.

    i wonder if itll work out.. because at the moment, im way head over heels for her!

    would anybody know? its hard to look for compatibility when you’re on the cusp :/

  16. 16
    Marilyn Says:

    Alex i would imagine its a good compatibility for you to be on the cusp with a libra..
    Im a male capricorn was with a libra for over two years and basically the entire time we was together alone or talking every single day we always found something hilarious to do..I wouldn’t date a libra again for the fact that when she cried i was there when i cried she was out the door..And its funny cause i read the compatibility in the birth date almanac and it specifically says a libra and capricorn will most likely only last for twos years due to the fact you’ll always have to keep changing to keep them interested and i do/did constantly change…so ANYWAY
    Any female capricorns wanna climb to the top of the mountian with me lol

  17. 17
    Avander Says:

    I am a Capricorn male in a relationship with a Libra woman for the past 3yrs. Its been a very interesting ride thus far. I can’t tell you how hard its been for me to be able to translate my emotion to her with 500 miles between us. Although, I have never been the one to step down from a challenge, but its been hard enough for me to think about it several times over and over again. But, its the hard work that I enjoy putting in that makes me stay. I love to love her even at a distance. But, I guess, its hard for Libras because they need constant attention all the time to feel “loved” at moments. Sometimes i feel my optimism is pointless; thinking that she will finally get the freakin picture, but you i’m okay with that. She has changed my life in alot of ways. I know I could be with her for a longtime, but not like this… definitely not like this. I guess the thing is, its hard anyway! Its all about them at the end of the day, and love and compassion from someone who would otherwise be heartless, doesn’t ring a bell i guess. Seemingly screwed from the get-go.

  18. 18
    Jeneen Says:

    I am a libra female currently in love with a capricorn man. We have been knowing each other for a little over a year. We have just gotten serious about 7 months ago. It has definitely been a wild ride! I have a scorpio acsent and mars in scorpio so I think that is why we get along so well. It was rocky at first. I didn’t like him much. He was too quiet for me. I would purposfully try and make him mad so he would stop talking to me and stop calling me, but he would end up calling me again a few days later asking me to come see him or if he could come see me and take me to dinner. :) I couldn’t understand why he was so persistent in winning me over. We’ve talked about it since and he told me it was because no one had ever talked to him like he was a nobody before, it excited him and he loved the challenge, and ended up falling in love with me. I told him he was just as crazy as I was, he just has a calmer demenor. When we are together we giggle, laugh and have fun like two middle schoolers who have crushes on one another, but won’t admit it. I realized that we “get” each other, even though we can frustrate each other sometimes. It’s like we really compliment each other. I believe that Libra and Capricorn are really destined to be together, Libra just doesn’t have enough patience to see it and understand that true love is not picture perfect, it’s what you make it, and Libras tend to want things that come easy and stay in their “fantasy world”. I’m guilty of it, thats why I can speak on it. My Cap has a slow and gentle hand that I adore and it makes me feel secure and his loyalty is unmatched. The key to a Libra/Capricorn relationship is that Libra HAS to have demonstrate enough patience to earn Capricorn’s TRUST, and in return, Capricorn will be willing to learn how to love and open up. Speak up Libra for what you want, Capricorns are not mind readers. If you want romance, say that, if you want to travel, say that. Once your Capricorn understands that like to communicate, they will in turn communicate. Deep down, a Libra is what a Capricorn wants and needs and visa versa. And don’t give in to the Cap so easy! Make him work for it! He will love you for it.

  19. 19
    Ana Says:

    Libra and Capricorn, run for your life….get out while you can….don’t do it..

  20. 20
    ArtMuse Says:

    I’m on the Libra/Scorpio cusp, and dated a Capricorn on the Aquarius cusp for three years. It was the most wonderful and exhilarating relationship, and it ended in betrayal. He betrayed me. I was wary, and that steady, grounded Capricorn won me over, and his Aquarius took me for a ride.
    I’d say it’s more to do with communication, awareness, timing and maturity. Almost any combination will work if these other elements are tended and in place.
    I miss the good we had together; it felt like I had always known him, and that he was my best friend. Two years now since the breakup and I can talk about it without any emotional response. It is what it is (or was…). He remarried in February…a Pisces.

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