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Compatibility For Cancer And Capricorn

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Cancer Capricorn


Cancer and Capricorn

The relationship between these two signs stands every chance of enjoying a lasting bond together, but they must both work at this for it to be achieved, nothing good ever comes easy, but then once everything starts clicking into place and you see the fruit of your labour growing you will realise it was a worthwhile cause. That is what this pair is like. Out of the two the Capricorn is the dominant one, who will go out to work everyday and earn a fortune, the Cancer staying at home and looking after their brood of children and putting dinner on the table. What a lovely picture.

The Cancerian of the couple may feel as though his/her Capricorn partner works too much and doesn’t spend as much time at home as the Crab would like. However, if they can put up with their beloveds workaholic lifestyle then the Cancer’s home will never go without as the Capricorn always looks after there own very well indeed. Security is something the Cancer person really needs and it is something that the Capricorn can readily supply. Likewise the Crab will always look after their Goat and stick by him or her through thick or thin, good times and bad; making sure they are all well loved and looked after.

This is a great match but there will be hard times and obstacles which will need to be over come if a long term relationship is wanted by either party. Capricorn may, at times, feel smothered by the powerful love of their Cancer love and in turn the aloof and detached emotional ways of the Capricorn can leave Cancer left out in the cold and very confused. But I do believe that with the right people this pair can make it to the alter and last long after the honeymoon too! Good Luck!

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33 Responses to “Compatibility For Cancer And Capricorn”

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  1. 1
    k Says:

    i am capri who fell in luv with this sweet sensitive timid man ,at first sight later found out he was a was y first luv athe age of 34 .till then i have neverbeen in luv.

  2. 2
    lian Says:

    Another love at first sight…lol…
    or at least very powerful attraction
    I am capri, he is cancer
    And yes, i am a woman blessed with the feeling loved by his tender heart and soul

  3. 3
    k Says:

    oh t ,please come back.cant get over you still in love with you.

  4. 4
    Dana Santana Says:

    This Cancer man takes my breath away with just his e-mails. I have never been with him, but have known him forever. I know it is fixing to happen for this cancer man and capricorn woman.

  5. 5
    Inez Says:

    I just mate a Capricorn so far I must say sooo good he is really sweet and we have lots of fun together!!! But there is a problem I really dont like his hair….. I need to just think with my heart and not my eyes, these days it very hard to find a good man….. and he is a good man hard worker and all! He is really my sweetie pie.

  6. 6
    WWW Says:


    We LIKE them so much

  7. 7
    cancer jelly bean Says:

    I’m a cancer and when I ran into this one capricorn. There was immediate attraction. This is so weird. This guy is a dork, but I just stopped walking and started staring and smiling at him. I later found out he was my sister’s boss, and was very hardworking and intelligent. But he really wanted to settle down. And I was not ready to be looking for a settling down type of guy especially since the quality of women he was dating didn’t impress me as someone who was chosey. In my case, I know what I want, and value marriage. So I wanted to take thing slow and not rush into anything especially that important with just anyone.

  8. 8
    Mandi Says:

    Love love love my cancerian. the most considerate, caring, understanding man i have ever been with and i swear i fell in love with him the moment i saw him.

  9. 9
    man in love Says:

    i knew capiyy for a while and been in love didn t know it but she makes me feel so reAL she a lot younger thats so wierd we never been together but i know she wants to

  10. 10
    married to a family member Says:

    I fell for my wife niece whos a capricorn I never knew why i was so attraced to this PYT but she very mature for her age very sweet girl but she is way to young we ve talked a few times and she says she loves me as much I don t want to hurt my wife but her niece is what I want I tried to fight these feelings but it only makes me want her more good thing she lives 500 miles from me or I would be with her I have no will power when shes near me my love is so strong for her you see me now telling you srtangers how I feel for this young girl she s my everything and know if we do become one our love would go from pation streight to deep love inseprable love never ending love my haert belongs to this lady where my light will shine for ever more to eternity and beyond I LOVE YOU BABY !!!!

  11. 11
    www Says:

    What I will say….
    I Met a Cancerian who is so loving and caring.First time when we met I felt he is bit ambitious,Good.After 1 month he started to LOVE me.
    I have a Gemini boy friend and this Cancerian man is living with his Girl Friend(I think so).
    Still he LOVE me MADLY.
    I don’t know what type of ATTRACTION between CAPRICORN and CANCERIAN.
    My relationship between Gemini is not Good.

    Sometimes I Felt that Cancerian need something from me.Sometimes Motherly Affection.I started to attracted to him Slowly.
    We Express our LOVE through our EYES.

    HE is a Doctor who teaches me in an institude.
    Everthing was Fine………..SUDDENLY OBTACLES comes to our life.
    Director of our Institute changed Him and put another person in place of him.
    Suddenly He Went. No TIME we get to see other.
    ‘Very Painfull’
    I cried a lot.
    I don’t have his phone no:,address.He also don’t know anything about me.

    I PRAY to GOD to give him Back to Me.

    “My PRAY and LOVE is allways for him”.
    I Cann’t forget him never in my Life.
    I LOVE my Cancerian a LOT………

  12. 12
    Tanji Says:

    I went into a store one day and was love struck by a security officer that worked there. I found out later that he is a cancer(and i a capricorn) i have been going out of my way to see him since ! im nervous because i havent been in a relationship in 1.5 years but something about him im utterly drawn to. i finally got his number and i hope all goes well. i want to take it really slow…dated an aquarius and he was a very negative man….hopefully this cancerian will be the last! :) wish me luck!!

  13. 13
    Tee Says:

    So I met this capricorn man (I am cancer woman). I met him through a mutual friend that I seeing at the time, but he introduced me to this Capricorn man and when I shook his hand I felt an unbelievable energy between us. Time went on we became a couple and had a beautiful child. But as time went on, I start to realize the conflicts that is stated in our horoscopes are true. Cancers are family oriented/homebody’s who loves to build a family. Capricorns love family as well but they feel that the only way to maintain one is through bringing home the bacon. Therefore, your love-life suffers. You are secure finanically because Caps are very reliable, people who take care of home, but they can not multi-task! nothing is right,unless their money is right! They are very driven people, who loves success and Cancers are the same way but we are able to multi-task. we can take care of our children, our mate, and still be successful in own right. So it is hard work because capricorns are very cold and unemotional. It is not that they dont’ care about you, though their attitudes would “read” that they don’t but they are just incapable of expressing through emotion. They only seem to express through material things. Cancers need lots of attention and to be reassured but its hard to do that when your Capricorn mate is either always out working/socializing or when they are home they are thinking about how to maintain financially. Your crying and moaning won’t move them because they are unemotional and don’t quite understand why you are wasting time on something as frivilous as “emotions”. So the Cancer has 2 options. Just understand that this is why his/her mate is and not take it personal, and try to occupy their time with children, work and goals to push out the need for affection, attention or emotions and just enjoy it when it comes around every so often, or get the attention,etc..from somewhere else. Unfortuantely, since Caps live in a bubble. If you get caught at the dangerous game of cheating, they will not understand why you did it…I mean…what? They were just trying to go out and make a living to keep the family finanical secure even though you were being ignored. On a lighter note, once they are where they need to be finanically, you both can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

  14. 14
    Sadie Says:

    Cancer who once again love at first sight with a capri!

  15. 15
    uuuuhhhgg Says:

    Im a Cancer and i am in love with a Capricorn hes so sweet and nice plus hes hot. i knew he liked me then i felt he stopped but i still like him although he has a girlfriend but he still stares at me but now hes gone and moved somewhere else! i want him back sooooo bad i even pray about it uhg.

  16. 16
    WWW Says:

    I want to ask you ALL


    Is the CAPRICORN here Saying have Little bit SAGGITARIUS INFLUENCE?

    I think those CAPRICORN have SAGITTARIUS influence can get CANCERIENS.

    My Aunty(long faced) is an Abmormal Cancerian(means she has a special type of problem if somebody say ‘you cann’t do that’ she will take that to her heart) get Capricorn with high Sagittarius influence man,my Uncle(round faced).
    My Friend(round faced) who is a Normal CANCERIAN girlgoing to marry a Long faced TYPICAL CAPRICORN boy born under the sign SAGITTARIUS.

  17. 17
    chloe Says:

    I just met this Cancer guy. I’m confused but I think it was love at first sight. He doesnt know. & I dont know how to say it.

  18. 18
    WWW Says:

    I got my Cancerian back after 6 months.But I don’t have the capacity to say, may be this is because of Capricorn Shyness.I got his mobile number and I call him,even I don’t have the capacity to speak.I send him messages.I don’t reveal my identity to him.Then he can understand me then also I don’t know why?

  19. 19
    young one in love Says:

    so i met a man while he was @ work i actually wasnt even looking for a man or any thing. well first im a capricorn and he is a cancer male and we get a long very well it seems like my whole life has came to me meeting him it is a underscribable feelin when im with him. well first im 24 and hes 45 it may be a big age diffrence but we click so well well right now he is the provider because im unemployed @ the time but i love money and im almost like the lady said above but a little diffrent i just can multi task things the only thing is that his daughters are my age i never met his parents or children but he has met everyone really who i talk to . he says when we met it was so weird cause hes a bus driver and he was @ work and i end up huggin him and he said he felt some type of energy from me well i can talk for hours about him i hope he proposes one day i would love to be his wife one day so please pray for me i hope we work…..

  20. 20
    WWW Says:

    Cancerian of mine love me a lot but I don’t know what type of obtacle is coming into our relationship.I felt some type of force is there which is trying to separate us may be this is because of my gemini boyfriend and his scorpio girlfriend(or wife I don’t know exactly)

    But how can I explain that I LOVE him a lot.

    Our True LOVE will last forever.

    I can feel his painfull Heart but unfortunately I cann’t reach there.For 6 months he is putting same Dialer Tune in his Mobile,the song means “My memories will comes to your mind also after this meeting…….we are one Heart and one Soul…….I will keep you in my Heart and I will LOVE you allways”.

    Please PRAY for OUR RECONNECTION and it will NEVER BREAK.

    A ‘MIRACLE’ should happen.

    I leave my gemini Boyfriend.He is irritating me a lot.I don’t need him anymore in my life.

    I need only my CANCERIAN.
    I want to be MRS.CANCERIAN.

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