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Aries Compatibility With Capricorn

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Aries Capricorn

Aries and Capricorn

The Aries and Capricorn are very different people. They can be looking at the same thing yet see something totally different. However, they are both cardinal signs so there will be a lots of ideas jumping around between them. Aries and Capricorn will be full of ambition together, having lots of things they plan on doing and schemes they want to get going, and if the Capricorn is able to look after the purse strings then that side of things could be not so bad. Of course, that is really where anything positive ends i'm afraid. They are separately very competitive people, bring them together and their love life may become a battle ground. The Capricorn likes everything in order. Likes to know how much money is in the bank and lives life by the book. Aries on the other hand, dosen't. Maybe this union could be saved if the time spent in the bedroom becomes dramatically longer!! Both the Aries and the Capricorn are very sexy signs and may be able to ignite one another to such a temperature that maybe all the other things may not matter. Still, I don't think this could ever be more than a nice affair, but don't bother rushing out to buy any wedding presents!!

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68 Responses to “Aries Compatibility With Capricorn”

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  1. 1
    AARON PAUL Says:


  2. 2
    Janette Says:

    My boyfriend (Aries) and I (Capricorn) have been together for almost 4 years and haven’t had a problem. Luck that we get along?

  3. 3
    Heart Broken Cap Girl Says:

    I’m a Capricorn girl who’s in love w/Aries male. I like him very much, cause he is warm, generous w/his time and everything, but we fight over small things and can’t seem get anywhere. He is hard to control and it’s driving me crazy. He said that he loves me and he wanted me to be his girlfriend. The next day it’s a different story. Please can someone explain to me if therelationship between Aries and Caps work at all. Do they change their meind daily? As for Caps if I know this is the person I love and trust that will be final. No turning feelings on & off when it comes to love.

  4. 4
    Sunshine Says:

    Aries are impulsive and they lie a lot

  5. 5
    keneke Says:

    There’s no post on compatibility of Scorpio with Capricorn.

  6. 6
    Becky Says:

    Hi there Keneke,

    I am working on it I promise!! Haven’t finished the site yet. Stick with me though!!

    Love & Light


  7. 7
    Isabel Says:

    I’m a Capricorn girl currently dating Arien male.I’m not sure if I want to continue this relationship with him. He has done so many nasty things to me. He hurt me so bad.
    As a Cap girl I just want to know if anyone had such an unpleasant experience with Ariens.
    If so,why? I never dated Arien before.

  8. 8
    Amber♥ Says:

    I’m currently dating an aries man but I’m a little catious of our relationship. When I read the compatibility match on the aries man && capricorn woman it doesn’t look too good. Should I let my guard down && give it a shot at love? [In need of some advice!]

  9. 9
    evabraun Says:

    I am a cappy girl currently dating an aries male.
    He drives me mad sometimes because he is acting like a baby, but he is the one who melt my icy exterior, being so patient and warm to me.
    I really try to understand him because it is a crazy passion between us.
    It is the only relationship in which Aries gives up its egoism and give his best to his Capricorn.
    See Holly and Hugh Hefner or Natty and Jean Paul Belmondo. Wonderful love affairs!
    I am cautious about this relationship, but I try to enjoy it as much as possible.

  10. 10
    joy Says:

    Lovely astrology merged concept and website. I am a lesbian Aries woman who recently had a brief HOT affair with a Capricorn woman. Her initial interest and attention to me was so spot on and touched me deeply, and she verbalized a similar feeling. i thought we had a lot in common, a love of Shakespeare’s sonnets for example. She has stopped returning my calls. Seems to like to keep me at arms length. I may hav frightened her? the last few times i spoke with her she assured me we were still friends, but she has been deeply depressed and not connecting with anybody. But I found out that she has actually been dating casually during the time in question. VERY CONFUSING THAT SHE JUST DOESNT TELL ME SHE IS NOT INTERESTED. Guess I should give up. But it is so opposite what she said when we were going out!

  11. 11
    ash Says:


    I’m a cappy woman with gemini rising and I really like this aries guy. I read a lot on the web that two signs are not good match for each other, but I really dont feel like whats written on the web about the incompatibility. I am willing to give him the lead etc..he is definitely worth it. I wouldnt do it for anybody but he .. he is so superior. And I find him very handsome, too.

    Becky, could youe please advise me? I would love to make this work. I want him to want me as much as I want him. Can you teach me?

    Also, readers please do let me know of your opinions.

    Thank you all. Love…

  12. 12
    Melindark Says:

    As a Capricorn woman, I thought I knew all about myself. I didn’t. And I didn’t learn. I have dated several Aries men (I am obviously a slow learner) and it has never worked out. I married an Aries man. It didn’t work out. {Reading others’ comments on this page takes me back in time for sure!}
    Now, I am engaged to an Aries man. What is wrong with me?!?! Why are they attracted to me and me to them? They are sweet-talking, heart-breaking lying dogs. (bad liars to boot-not even good at it!)
    The problem is, I love him more than anyone ever. When he’s good he’s very very good and when he’s bad he’s even better.
    Please help!! Any advice would be appreciated.

  13. 13
    Hopeless Says:

    Im an Capricorn girl and was dating with Aries guy.I love him and want to be with him.But, i really cant understand and predict his mood. He told me he had feeling for me, wanted to know me further and on the same day,he did say sorry that he still had feeling for his exgirl friend and he would prefer to stay as friends for now. Is it true that there are no future for Cap and Aries?

  14. 14
    The Mars in Aries Says:

    Firey Aries female here…… One thing about Aries, male and female, is that you have to have their respect. We are fiercly loyal people, mostly to our own detriment, and it becomes our undoing. But one of the most beautiful thing about us is that we bounce right back up from our downfall and head straight into our next brick wall with all the passion, heart, soul, and what makes us us.

    Yes, we are impulsive. Yes, we are hotheaded. Yes, we are stubborn, opinionated, argumentive, and everything else underneath the sun, but when times are tough, or if you are having a bad time in your life, you have to look no further than right next to you. We are warriors who probably would have an easier life if we just listen every now and then, but who is anyone else to TELL us that. Now, showing us is something else………

    Caps are very stubborn people too, who I like to consider the sibling to Aries. Very similar in many ways, except caps aren’t as intense and are more in control. The two signs can learn alot from each other if they allow it.

    With Aries, what you see is what you get. When we are angry, happy, sad, rowdy, horny, loving…. you’ll see it. What you will never see are tears. If you see Arian tears, you are seeing something very out of the ordinary. Don’t make the mistake of taking it as a sign of weakness, because the very opposite is true. Our emotions run high, but just like a scorpio, our true emotions run still and deep.

  15. 15
    saira Says:

    in my point of view aries women and capricorn are compromising realrionship,cause capricorn men always wants to earn money.he is not so sexy,he always thinks other stuff while having sex.he always condems a women for having sex with her.this is ridiculous

  16. 16
    joy Says:

    Hi, Becky! Great stuff yours! And please advise if possible regarding Chinese astrology. A person born January of the year 1964 is actually a hare not a dragon because of the Feb date of Chinese New Year. Correct? or not? Or is it a cusp situation where the qualities of both hare and dragon will be found in that person?

  17. 17
    Velvette Says:

    Okay. I am an Aries woman. I admit that I am hot headed but I am a passionate lover. Currently, I’m considering a Capricorn guy to be a new date. Unfortunately, I don’t trust guys easily. I’m debating with myself whether I should accept him. I have a Capricorn and a Pisces sister. I do get along with my Capri sister.. She’s like you said, always in schedule and etc.. I do learn a lot of things from her.. but I’m not sure about this Capri guy.. Even though we went to the same highschool and he was really in love with me back then.. And after 10 years of separation, we met again. From what I know, Capri girls and boys can be.. very flirtatious. :( Am I wrong?

  18. 18
    Sam Says:

    Capricorn girl here with Aries guy. Been together almost two years and I love him dearly! Not gonna lie he is hard headed, lied about some things in the very first couple months, but its working now. Everything in the description is true. He’s clueless about our money and is a big dreamer. I love him for it. He keeps me more spontaneous. It can work I swear, I’ve never been happier.

  19. 19
    carly Says:

    capricorn lady her; my aries and i fight alll the time and every time i try and end our relationship he says no i love you i wann be with you but the next day its a diffrent story,i love him so much he said im gonna be his wife.his words never add up with his actions;;;he did lie to me when we first got together but i ended up lowering him in to telling me the truth [he says it took so long because he dint know how to tell me]?
    -he also tends to tell me rude things -on the slick

  20. 20
    Proximus Says:

    I am a Capricorn man with an interesting Aries lady in my mind. First of all, I feel that I am the man in the relationship. This is also about making a woman feel like one in terms of gentle conduct. Capricorn’s feel in a way like they are part of the foundation of everything and as such they need to provide foundations also for the others close to them, so everything is built to last. This is not just material stuff I can tell you that right away. I think that people often make the mistake of defining Capricorn (men) as frigid and distant and work oriented, but this is just an “investigation” or internal dialog stage where a Capricorn puts a lot of effort in order to figure out weather he and the partner are going to be part of the “foundations”. In a way it is a kind of a paradox, because Capricorn can easily provide the material security, but he is very very careful on opening his heart and the deep passion that can move worlds and universes. Since Capricorn is down to earth person, it is the simple and genuine things in terms of behavior and loyalty that gives him the security to show the other side…

    I am definitely looking for the collision of passions between Capricorn and Aries.

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