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Taurus Compatibility With Cancer

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Taurus Cancer


Taurus and Cancer

This is a rather scrumptious combination it has to be said. The Taurus will respect and appreciate the caring family orientated ways of the Cancer and likewise the Cancer will love the rock like support of the steady Taurus. These two compliment each other beautifully, and a life together will be a happy and fulfilled one! The Cancer will make the Taurus feel like a King or Queen, but won’t want this to go unnoticed, which it won’t.

If this couple chooses to have a family (which they will) they will thrive as parents and really enjoy the whole family lifestyle. They will dote on their children and make sure they have all the love and of course material possessions they will ever need. But also believe in discipline (especially the Taurus) and will expect their children to be well mannered and behaved. Making the babies may sometimes cause a few problems due to the Cancers sensitivity. If there has been a row or any bad feeling the Cancer subject simply retreats into his/her shell and love making goes to the bottom of the list. The Taurus, is rather foot in mouth when it comes to subtlety and may find that their appeals for their Cancer lover to come out of their shell may go wrong.

This relationship is one that gets better with time. A lot better. The Cancer person can be quite needy and woeful emotionally and likes to have a lot of sympathy, the Taurus won’t mind playing this part at all, luckily, and he or she may be one of the few people who can put up with the Cancer’s need for moping!

Basically though this relationship works. When dating the Taurus is very hearts and flowers and the Cancer is one person who will appreciate this greatly. The Cancer can tend to be a bit dreamy about his or her loved one and when a problem arises this can cause them upset. Other than that though I think these two have a lot of potential with one another, and a very bright and happy future. Enjoy!!

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54 Responses to “Taurus Compatibility With Cancer”

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  1. 1
    Kallery Says:

    I LOVE this website!
    I am so happy I found it!

  2. 2
    Ashley Says:

    Hello Well i’m getting out of a bad relationship with Me (cancer) and my ex (sag) but now that I met someone awesome he seems to be the one! He is a taurus and everything you said seems to be right on! I’m so happy for the future! Thank you!
    Ashley Az

  3. 3
    tanvi Says:

    I am a cancerian women with all cancerian traits and i am married to a taurus guy,but somehow we have a lot of differences in opinion and these leads to a lot of arguments and i end up retreating into my shell and rue the day i met a taurean man

  4. 4
    lucylu Says:

    hya guys, im lucy,17 and i live in the UK, im really in2 astrology and im also a cancer. ive been with my taurus man 4 2years and were both really happy; its true what they said, the relationship does get better in tym oh and in future AVOID SAG’s. gd luk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. 5
    Victoria Says:

    Hey ya. Taurus female here, engaged to Cancer man, after horrible relationship with Capricorn. I have met my Soul Mate.

  6. 6
    april Says:

    i’m a taurus female with a cancer boyfriend! he’s a dream.

  7. 7
    Priscilla Says:

    I am a taurus girl, currently with a cancer man. i read a lot about our compatibility. i was extremely content when i found out he is one of my best matches. at first everything was great and interesting. but now is like everything is boring. it really hurts me to know he’s not as interested anymore. is there anything i can do to save our relationship and make it like it was?

  8. 8
    lucylu Says:

    im 17, ive been with a taurus man for 2 years now he is also 17, 18 at the end of this month; our relationship is blissful, the sex is overwhelming and we plan on growing old 2gether, it dosnt get n e better!

  9. 9
    Christina Says:

    I am a cancer with a twin, we both are currently dating Taureans, Her man lavishes her in luxuries and they communicate very well… Were as me and mines don’t get along all that well… He never has time to be with me, he is always with his family, we see each other whenever he feels like it and I rarely get anything from him, I get him gifts for every occassion, last valentines day he got me last minute gifts, this year he took me to walmart and had me pick out my own gifts.He never does things he says he would. My birthday so far I have recieved nothing from him I barely get time from him…. We get along great other than his distnace, he understands me, makes me laugh, and brightens up bad days….

  10. 10
    Ashley Says:

    I am a taurus female and my boy friend is a cancer, I feel like he is a good guy he does alot for me it just he have a bad attuide an is easily to get upset about nothing i am a pretty laid back person so i try to do whatever it take to make him happy but for the most part i do believe we will be together for a while

  11. 11
    shy Says:

    I am Taurus girl with Cancer bf…we are dating since the past 5 years and now thinking to get married next year. we have been through many tough times though…we have broke up several times but finally in the end we come back together…he is a gem

  12. 12
    concerned citizan Says:

    clearly all the comments are written by girls!!! jeez like wtf!
    (im a taurus btw) so if your cancer ladies… you know where to find me

  13. 13
    JD Says:

    Here is an odd one. Two of my best male friends are Cancers (same birthday 4 years apart). The intensity and fundamental understanding on certain levels is impressive. Their similarity to each other is downright scary. But they aren’t very loyal in certain ways (which seems odd). This being said, I wouldn’t trade their friendship for anything.

    But I haven’t found real romantic sparks with Cancer women. There just isn’t any attraction for either party. There’s always a healthy respect, but it’s like we’re too similar and cannot compliment each other.

  14. 14
    Lee Says:

    I’m a Taurus female and I was truly in love with a Cancer male we was together for a little bit over a year and then I just stop hearing from him it left me heart broken that after a year he gave up I didn’t know what went wrong but that being said I still love Cancers and I would date a Cancer again I have a great respect for them they are great people that are able to take me to a emotional high like no other they understand me and I love there personality.

  15. 15
    Mizzy Lette Says:

    Im a cancer, and have yet to find a tuarus man. I always attract my worst matches… aries and sag. in one hand this gives me hope to keep lokking, but on the other its like a grim exsistance cause , like i said, i get the worst, and it always ends badly…

    STILL there is hope… but hmmm its grewsome!!!

  16. 16
    Reality Says:

    I am a Cancerian MALE and not half as moody as all the bullshit websites claim, however you can’t put aside all of astrology’s teachings, as everyone has their own particular qwirks and tendencies.

    After a horrible relationship with a Leo, I have met an awesome Taurean lady who just plain seems to have what I am looking for.

  17. 17
    Jeesica Says:

    I’m a female Taurus with an ex Cancer male. We were together for almost 5 yrs and living together for 3. They are usually great cooks, tidy, and just good company. We however broke up within the last few months and I feel like I’ve lost my sole-mate.
    I’d get very upset over his selfishness, moodiness, and his uncanny ability to manipulate me and others around him.
    I tended to always hold in my anger till i explode, which always hurt his feelings. I know these can be overcome with work and communication but my cancer has a hard shell to crack. Suggestions?

  18. 18
    MoosL Says:

    I am a Taurus woman with a Cancer man, ben together a total of 4 1/2 years married 4 years..we married fast! I love him to no end and we are a great match. The one thing about taurus I find is we don’t like to be locked up and put on a leash we like to do what we want, when we want, how we want..Cancer’s are kinda the same there more likely to back down first. With our pairing it CAN be a great one, but you also have to realize that upbringing, past relationships can make people be very different no matter there compatibility. If a cancer gets hurt really bad he/she will clam up severly! Taurains we want to be loved and take most chances to have it, we also patient when it comes to getting said person’s love.
    I have noticed with my cancer he is extremely touchy feely, and he takes time to come around to ideas, he thinks he is always right, and his way is the best. When you get into aurguments with this sign remember to be patient and turn it around!!! Try to ease it in to being his idea, yeah its tiring playing that game but for now thats how I see things work with him lol.
    Just because your signs match doesn’t always mean it will be a good pairing, I have a few cancer friends we seem to always click, but some of them are very different form each other! Those born in different parts of the month normally are. 1st 2nd and 3rd parts of the month always carry different personality traits. For example I have a cancer friend that rarely talks to me, he’ll do it when he feels like it..hes born late month. One who chats with me all the time and we make regular dates or try to..shes born 1st part of the month. Then one who is slightly possesive and unpreditictable..and at times a bit boring..he is midmonth! Just some examples of what I see and its true with all my cancer friends born at these times..kinda weird. I have about 13 cancer friends mixed gender and though they are similar in a lot of ways they all have corks..
    Beware…SOME CANCERS if they feel they are getting to close to you they will cut off the relationship, they dont want the attachment..once there invested they devote everything they have! Some contradition to that is that some are not that faithfull, they have very high sex drive so if you can’t keep up do not bother! Mine has never cheated on me, but technically he can’t considering we have a more open marriage, were just more logical than the average marriage and since he is in the military we have decided its best to keep our marriage open! For the simple fact that I also have a very high sex drive, we love each other completely but realize we are human and we have needs and it does get hard when he leaves for 3-6 months, so we thought this was logical till he gets out and we renew our vows. I know that was a tad off subject, but maybe someone can relate!

  19. 19
    Lisa Says:

    Im a Taurean female and I just broke off my engagement to a rubbish Cancerian male. I just couldn’t stand for the moping and attitude changes. He never had time for me and always tried to turn it around and say it was me while he had plenty of time to chat up the ladies wherever we went! (He had taken out a female “friend” to a picnic and pool party when he felt I wasn’t interested in him). The sneakiness and lying was not gonna last in my world. The myna bird imitation was the most irritating thing ever! I hate to be copied and it seemed like he did this all the time! I’ve never felt so angry in my whole life! I will never get with another Cancer male as long as I live ‘cos that was a complete waste of my time, energy and love!!!

  20. 20
    Jasmine Says:

    My Taurus boyfriend is just as moody as me (cancer)

    He always treats me exactly how I should be treated, although he tends to be a bit possessive, I like that attention. Ohh, I’m your typical cancer :)

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