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Aries Compatibility With Aquarius

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Aries Aquarius

Aries and Aquarius

There is a lot of fun to be had here for both parties! The Aries will love the offbeat ways of the Aquarius and likewise the Air sign will enjoy watching the Fire sign race around like a child, always looking for new adventures. The Aquarius can, at times, be very unpredictable. These Air signs don't do anything by the book, and this may cause some impatience for the Aries. It's OK though, your Aquarius lover may seem to occasionally be on a different planet, but will always return to the one he loves best. Remember when you were at school? Those children who were always getting into mischief and laughing in all the wrong places? Well, it was these two. I can guarantee it! With the Aquarius being the "behind the scenes" genius of any master plan for trouble, the Aries will be able to play up and get into all-sorts of trouble. I don't mean nasty, bad, horrible trouble, of course. I mean the mischievous kind! Yes, these two are great fun to be around. Many couples suffer in their relationships due to the "green eyed monster" That is not so here. Neither one is the jealous kind, so they both have the freedom they so desire without having to worry about any wild accusations, and finger pointing when they get home. This is a couple who can definitely make it work, but I suggest that this maybe one of those times to just "stay friends" as you can last in that way forever.

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70 Responses to “Aries Compatibility With Aquarius”

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  1. 1
    Emma Says:

    That is so true! I remember that i got moved in French for laughing too much with my friend in class! (he’s the aries). xx

  2. 2
    dora Says:

    Can anyone give a little in site, I have been married to an aries for over 25years, We get along great, but HIS sense of HONESTY seems a little off to me “such as telling part truth and not the whole truth is not lieing” to an aqurius thats not HONEST!! , I Love him dearly SEX is Greay Because there are NO Boundries “Who said Aqurians are not very Physical” This man lets me feel WHAT ever I Want TO FEEL {{LOVE IT}. but back to the point what is up with the “as long as I tell part of the truth thats not lying”???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. 3
    Saki Says:

    Dora, I would venture to guess that when he tells “half truths” it is because you asked him a question? But when he “volunteers” information you hear what appears to be the “whole truth?” As an Aries woman, I understand why he feels that he is NOT lying - I just don’t think he has explained it well (shocking.LOL). As everyone knows, Aries patience is short, so when questioned we tend to get irritated and offer the minimum amount of information in order to move onto a new topic or get you to leave us alone. When we are UNprompted for information, we will tell you more than you ever wanted to know.25 years together, Aries man with a wonderful Aquarian wife, great sex - I don’t think you have anything to worry about. With an Aries, vagueness = lack of patience/irritation.

  4. 4
    Jaime *a girl Says:

    My friend Matt (ARIES) and I get along perfectly. We were friends since the 4th grade (and still are). Most ARIES and AQUARIUS could make a real relationship, but it’s just a little arkward at first. I love in to death.

  5. 5
    hurtinscorpio Says:

    an aries man sqirmed his way into a bond and ensnared an aquarius woman who i was in love with. he controls her and sex controls her now she is marrying him after a short few months.. she wants to keep him under lock and key hoping he will commit to her while she pays all of his rent and bills..she is so beautufl yet so desperate..its digusting..i love and loved her..

  6. 6
    CRISTY Says:

    I would venture to guess that when he tells “half truths” it is because you asked him a question?

    AQURIAN WOWEN with a wonderful,
    i was ANYMORE in love with ARIEL MAN .


  7. 7
    CRISTY Says:

    im Aquarius women
    Aquarius women love you aries man Me : Kiss my behind (He gets all goo goo eyed) Him : Awww! You love me too. this aries man is handsome! (0.0){ that so cute}

  8. 8
    CRISTY Says:


  9. 9
    brownie Says:

    Who said that Aries men are not jealous is lying…I am an Aquarius woman and, this man tries to control me with mind games the accusations never end. But, when we are together it is beautiful. I can definitely admit that sexually we are very, very compatible and, we have fun when we are with one another even if we are just at home watching tv..He is bluntly honest and, tends to speak first and, think about it later. But, because of my outgoing nature and, maybe the unusual amount of attention I get he gets pretty jealous and, start accusing me of things that I am not even doing..LOL.

  10. 10
    Merily Says:

    hey, i just met this Aries guy today. We have had conversations on msn even before but today we met for the first time. and i can honsetly tell, that i was thinking : “i’m not gonna fall in love today and if i am then not too much, and if i still fall in love and TOO much then it’s pretty sure that he won’t fall in love with me.” anyways, i met him and i was totally head over heels when i saw him. He had this absoloutley gorgeous and handsome look, just my type. he ain’t even much taller than me too, just a tiny bit. he kisses good, and i had SOOOO much fun this day. Even when everything went absolutley wrong this day XD it was windy, raining, my hair was messed up, makeup was lookin shit in the end of the day, the buses always left when we got to the busstop :D even the streetlights went red :D but we didn’t care so much for it, we just laughed over it. we went to these strange places i’ve, nor him ,never been to. we were walking on railways and jumping over or in the mud puddles :D we had so much fun and we had so much to talk. even in the end of the day we talked on . Aries is curmudgeonly in a good way, atlest he is. And i’m also like that. We have much incommon also. But yeah… I kinda love him.. and i think he kinda likes me.. i hope he fell in love with me :)

  11. 11
    aly Says:

    Hi Becky!

    What are the prospects of any sort of relationship between an Aquarius Woman:

    with a Venus in Aries and Ascendant in Libra

    and a Pisces Man:

    with Venus in Aquarius and Ascendant in Aries

    ***Both of them love their freedom to the core, are mostly detached, but at times enjoy the conversation. Venus in Aries likes the chasing bit (what astrology says) but Venus in Aquarius doesn’t want to chase and committ. A weird relationship, both like and respect each other but don’t really express their emotions.

    Would really appreciate your casual response.


    Aly, The Water OX

  12. 12
    LittleImpaler Says:

    I am an Aquraius woman. I am just curious, since I cannot find nothing on it. Would I get along with a guy who was an Aries/Pisces cusp? They say Aries and Aqurarius get along really well, and also good with Pisces.

  13. 13
    LittleImpaler Says:

    To huntinscorpio LOL I am sorry, I have to laugh. Women, cannot change men after they marry them. People are not going to change just because you want them too. People change, because THEY DECIED for themselves that they are going to change. I really wondering if she really loves him, NOT the sex that he gives. Because real love is unselfish. And if I had to keep an eye on a man, I would not date him at all! Sorry, I made a rule I am no ones babysitter.

  14. 14
    Calvin Says:

    I’ve accused my Aries girlfriend because as someone mentioned above they leave out information leading to deceit, I asked her if she’d slept with anyone living local 2 me she said no! unfortunately for her the stars aligned and one of my friends told me she had a 6mth relations with this guy down the road with when confronted she casually said oh him, i didn’t mention him as it wasn’t serious…. SORRY!?? so how many other not so serious sexual partners have u missed out, from little lies come big secrets in my eyes and i wont rest untill shes opened her soul then allowed me to analyse her brain matter! sexy innit! don’t get it twisted i just want to make sure i havn’t put my eggs in this girls basket for her to leave them cracked on my doorstep 3mths later leaving a smelly mess 4 me to clean up, ya dig!

  15. 15
    Julesfordale3 Says:

    I’m an Aries (41) that has fallen in love with an Aquarius (50) ~ and omg what an amazing relationship we have… its both easy going and out right wild at times! This man knows his way around me and I swear he must have gotten my “manual” before he met me and studied up! I have never felt such a balance before… I help him as much as he helps me ~ I love him as much as he loves me ~ its not an easy relationship… we have to communicate (but who doesnt that wants it to last?) I read above that maybe we should just stay friends??? Why on earth would I want to do that? I can say that we both have our own homes and fairly separate lives… maybe thats why it works? I’m wondering if living together would ruin such a wonderful thing? Yikes… gonna have to ponder that one!

  16. 16
    Julesfordale3 Says:

    Calvin ~ wow ~ Sorry she was not truthful… I mean… lying by omission is still lying in my book (this is coming from an Aries~) deceit is one of the lowest forms of disrespect I can think of and if she wants something lasting with you she is cheating herself not being truthful!

    When I love a man… really love him… I do let him see my soul… its a very scary place to let someone go and after all my years you would think I would be tainted and not let someone go there just out of being scared of getting hurt… but if she doesnt let you in… she will never find true love~

    Just my opinion of course… good luck Calvin you sound like a wise man!

  17. 17
    alixandra Says:

    I looked this up because I met this guy who is an Aries, and I was just curious about how compatible we are. I am, of course, an Aquarius…and for some reason, it seems like all the guys I like are Aries. I don’t know what will happen, but I do like him a whole lot, and it’s nice to see that it could possibly work. I guess it will work out or it won’t, but it’s reassuring to know that it COULD. And I bet it will be fun to find out….LOL!

  18. 18
    Jenny Says:

    Hi I am madly in love with my Aquarius boyfriend and i am an Aries, we have been together for 3 and a half years, he broke up with me this past october because he was “stressed” with school and work and then I found out that he had been talking to another girl via texting and a few phone calls, we had some pretty big fights and took a break for 2 weeks and got back together. I love him with all my heart and I want to marry him but I know he likes to live his own life and I am starting to see how things work in his life, it’s his way or no way. All I want to know is how to give him his space, he told me not to give him to much speace because he’ll “wonder” again but if I don’t give him enough space he wont be happy and that will make him “wonder” so I want to know how much space he needs? what are signs that Aquarius are bored or are stressed? I want to understand him and make thigns work but it’s so hard when he doesn’t help me out. we have been doing so amazing and everything is going great, we are having lots of fun again and going places together but in the back of my head I am always wondering what if he’s talking to some other chicks, what if he actually does it again.

  19. 19
    LittleImpaler Says:

    To Jenny: Hey Girl, I am Aquarius woman here, I can’t tell you from astorlogy point of view, but I will tell you honestly from logical side.

    You need to sit his Aquarius ass down, and lay it all out! I mean it, really! You can’t just let him do as he pleases all the time. When he doesn’t give a clear explation why. I don’t mean control him Just telling you to give him his space, but don’t give too much, I am sorry that sounds like BULLSHIT coming out of his mouth. I am sorry, but I am really heated here.

    You need to sit him down and tell him to EXPLAIN himself clarly to you. What he means by “Give me my space, but don’t give me too much.” You can’t read his mind, and if he wants his god damn bleeding space he got to tell you, when “YOU” can come back. Because if he doesn’t clarfiy how much or how litte space he needs, that means he up to no good.

    I got to get this off my chest, I really hate the whole cheating bit. Just be careful, always be on your guard, don’t fall for his traps. God, it much really suck always worry about if he is always with another girl.

    If I were you, I would leave him, you don’t need all that stress and worry in your life. If he does cheat on you again. End it. Turn on your heels and never look back.

    And don’t let guys uncontrol lifes give him a reason why he cheated. Just because one has a stress out life, one can keep their dick in their pants.

  20. 20
    LittleImpaler Says:

    To Jenny:

    Also, he needs to learn to give and take. Don’t let him have all the control, you got to be the master of your own life.

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