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Aquarius ~ The Water Bearer


  • Aquarius ~ The Water Bearer
  • Aquarius ~ January 21st - February 19th
  • Ruling Element ~ Air Sign
  • Ruling Planet ~ Saturn & Uranus
  • Metal ~ Platinum
  • Plants ~ Orchid; daffodil
  • Trees ~ Peach; cherry
  • Stones/Jewels ~ Turquoise & Garnet


These people are not at all conservative, in anyway. The do not conform to an ideal just because other’s do. they follow there own ideals and beliefs and these are normally more connected to the more alternative way’s of life. Aquarian people make very loyal and good friends, and will always be there to help you if they are needed. At the same time if they are not needed you may not see the Aquarius for day’s, weeks and even months is not unusual. They will be off somewhere doing something important. Or perhaps just having some well needed ‘alone time’.


The Aquarius needs a lot of fresh air, and likes to have the windows open even in the winter! Too much heat will make the Aquarius feel quite ill. The parts of the body associated with this sign are the ankles/shins. Sprains are common for this sign. If this sign does get ill it is most likely to be from an accident rather than from a virus such as the flu. If you are the spouse of an Aquarius expect to run around for him/her (especially him) if he/she has to take to bed. You will be expected to be nurse to some degree. The Aquarius hardly ever goes to the doctor, and doesn’t like taking prescribed medications at all. Alternative therapies are normally the direction that the Aquarius heads in and is normally right at choosing what is the right treatment for which illness.


The Aquarius is very intelligent but often chooses to go for jobs where he/she feels that there is a cause involved that is worthwhile. Although some do very well at university and can learn just about anything they always seem to end up doing something different than what they had originally started out to do. For instance, they may prefer to do some work for a friend and get payed less because it is worthy than get payed more for something that isn’t so. Modern technology ghas brought an interest to the Aquarius males especially as they love to solve problems. So computer technology is often a good place for an Aquarius to gain knowledge. Money isn’t everything to an Aquarius, if they need some for something they will earn more, but if it is just for themselves then they are not so bothered really. A lot of Aquariun’s especially the women are great with instruments. And would be wasted if they did not in some way become involved in music. Basically though the Aquarius is a very capable person and can do anything, but only if that is what the Aquarius chooses. They can be just as good at doing nothing at all!!

Aquarius Best Matches

Libra, Gemini and sometimes Sagittarius. More about the Aquarius profile.

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31 Responses to “Aquarius Profile”

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  1. 1
    Desmarie Says:

    Hi I am a sagittarius and I am interested in the aquarius.I was curious what the Water Bearer stands for.If there is any kind of symbolism?And if they are only good fo sag. girls somtimes, are there somethings that i should know before I hook up with an aquarius ?

  2. 2
    Shelly Says:

    Responding to Desmarie…I’m an Aquarius that dates a Sag and I think you should give it a try. I’ve had 4 serious relationships and they’ve all been with Sagitarians, and I think we just connect well together. Aquarians are an air sign and Sag is a fire sign, and as you know, air fuels fire!!! Go for it!!! :)

  3. 3
    joy Says:

    hi im a aquarius girl in a relationship in a virgo type….are we compatible,,,,

  4. 4
    rich Says:

    im an aquarius man and i dated a virgo for 2 years. there is a VERY different approach to life, love, fun… everything is very different and, for me, was not easy to get along with at all. i dont want to make it sound discouraging, but GOOD LUCK!

  5. 5
    jana Says:

    i am a gemini girl and i am in a relationship with Aquarius man. i have to say he has got a fun and loving personality. give it a try Gem girl with Aqua MAn plz

  6. 6
    Rich Says:

    oops… forgot to comment back.. HAHA that was like a month ago. no that was for becky.

    but this is very interresting. people either think astrology is retarded, or they HATE us aqua men! ive known ladies to walk away when they hear im aqua! but its pretty cool to know of someone who thinks its interresting!
    hard to understand is one thing, but interresting? thats cool! whats hard to understand? we were once the most caring, emotional, whiney babies… then we realised NO ONE really cares! there, that was easy to explain. were not always right.. we just refrain from talking until we know what were talking about… THERE! that one was easy too! hmmmmmmmmmm nevermind, maybe it IS hard to understand! well as long as there are cool ppl like becky, its all good :)

  7. 7
    Valeria Says:

    i am an aquarius girl… i know my husband is a Leo but Leo always hates aquarius!.. :(

  8. 8
    TR Says:

    uh yeah I’m an Aquarius girl and i dated a Virgo male for over 2 years and let me tell you there was a lot of BS involved. i will never date another Virgo ever again.

    i hope to find a Gemini.

  9. 9
    CatNotForSale Says:

    Wow, I feel so stereotypically aquarius. I think that every Aquarian should play the theremin. That is like.. the best instrument ever invented, and people will think you’re an alien or whatever because when you play it, you can’t help but sport this blank, freakish expression while lost in thought playing your song with your hands. You don’t even touch the instrument, it’s amazing. You can do anything.

  10. 10
    Grace Says:

    why do you think that leo hates aquarious? on the contrary they arethe opposite sighns and they are the same persons somehow, they attract each other very much
    I’m an aquaorious girl and i ve just started relationship with leo boy, he’s great!:)

  11. 11
    waznot was Says:

    You can have fun with a leo you just have to find ways to let them think their in charge. Leo’s love and protect so when you need your space find away to asure them that your not leaving them. They are really wonderful people but you need patients and creativity with them.
    It’s so easy to be annoyed… be kind.

  12. 12
    Daniel Says:

    Hi all.I am an aquarius.
    I had a friend who is a virgo.We were friends ever since school.we had problems from time to time but we seemed to get along well most of the time…..well i thought we did.But i knew we were very different in thought.i wanted something he would want something else.and it has always been like that.This astrology syuff is really tells u all the right things, u just have to find the right professional, like the one on this website.SO the conclusion here is Aquarius and Virgo, never go together.They can never be together.Take MY WORD.!We stopped our friendship now and i am living a good life.

  13. 13
    Reign Says:

    hi, everyone! im going to put my 2cents in about aquarius/gemini pairing. i am an aquarius and dated a gemini for 8yrs. we make an amazing pair due to the fact we just get eachothers weirdness lol. we are perfectly content just sitting around talking/laughing about nonesense and actually enjoy doing so. both signs are very strong and open minded- we are never bored because we are not boring people. we also never take it easy on one another- we constantly push each other to be the best we can be because we know we are different or special :) there is always something to discuss, talk about and no topic is too farfetched.

    now, my question is about an aquarius/aquarius pair. i have to say i have finally met my match. this guy is so much like me, i dont think it will ever go anywhere! neither one of us is doing anything to initiate a relationship. its like we are both scared of one another. we see eachother 5x a week and just stare at eachother lol. pathetic, i know, but he’s perfection in my eyes. almost feel like i dont deserve someone like him. what are your thoughts about this pairing and any advice would be greatly appreciated :) ty.

  14. 14
    Reign Says:

    Becky, I have noticed that u respond mostly to the males who visit your site. It’s probably due to your Gemini complex. No pun intended, just thought you should be made aware that you are doing this ;)

  15. 15
    Jhazy Says:

    wow so its weird
    that becky has there that
    one of the best matches
    for aqua (men)
    is a libra (woman)
    its funny how i see
    nobody post on
    aqua/libra love
    are they rare to us?
    i read about us
    and we are one of
    the best matches!
    i’m looking
    forward to meet
    one in my lifetime..
    to see if all
    the whiz about us is true!

  16. 16
    Suzanne Says:

    What about pisces/aquarius?? I am so into this aqua man, the most interesting man I have ever met. He is so kind to me, but I just cannot figure it out is that simply his nature or does he like me? When we meet he walks up and down like he is nervous.Somehow I feel connected with him but cannot be patient anymore. What to do, cause I want this man.

  17. 17
    lucy Says:

    i am an aquarius woman that just happen to be falling for two mens, an gemini and a leo…this has been going on for a year now and i cant do this any longer
    i am so confused at what to do..i just want the whole package in one, wish they can be one.
    i dont want to be selfish for i have and this is not me. i never inmagine myself falling for two people at the same time. what should i do, as i know gemini is the 5th house for friendsip and leo is the 7th house for marriage. i think thats what i read of…please help me some advice…i dont want hurt anyone and want to move on with my life with one person…

  18. 18
    Hannes Says:

    Hi i`m aquarius (male). The strangest thing happened to me, I never meet up with poeple from sites etc but recently started chatting with one of my primary school friends (she`s sagitarius) on facebook. The 1st month was very platonic and flirtatious however we came to realise that there is a genuine connection. Normally i choose girls based upon 1st attraction but in this case the intellectual side came 1st… Though i have not seen her in 16 years i had to admit (only to myself - this might sound CRAZY ) that i am in love with her…. We`ve been chatting for over 4 months now and she`s coming to visit from cape town. If there`s anyone who wants to give me tips on how to make this 1st visit special for her please feel free to do so… I`ve pretty much dated all the starsigns and so far inlellectually have never met anyone like her! We`re DEFINITELY on the same wave…

  19. 19
    Breanne Trueman Says:

    Lucy , Drop the Gemini -I dated a gemini and It got to the point where I could not Stand to be around him
    and my current Boyfriend he dated a Gemini girl and He dated her for four years but she constantly annoyed him and
    me being a Leo with my boyfriend being a aquarius we have been together for six years and We love each other and we have never had any fights :) so go for it !:)

  20. 20
    Dex Jerkon Ahme Says:

    Lol, I always suffer from heatstroke and rheumatism.

    It depends on whether each of you are typical of your signs.

    I get bumped into lots of Gemini and Taurus, the latter never works though. Saggit are really cool to roam with. Aries and Leo are quite interesting but I’ve never socialize with many. But Libra is quite dull (no offense)

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