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A day in the life of a Libra girl 2013

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A day in the life of a Libra girl

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This article has been written by one of my readers, she is sharing her insight and experience with us which I am very grateful for. Thank you for sharing :) I hope you all enjoy it!

I am a Libra girl who is dating an aries man. I love this guy to death. He is everything I want in a man. Im not saying he’s a perfect person, but he is perfect for my taste. He completes me. He is a skinny guy, relatively speaking; though he is still one and half times me. Even though he is a light guy, there is so much masculinity about him. The way he walks, talks and lays around the sofa exerts authoritativeness which i am simply attracted to. He will order me to make tea for him, specific to the way he likes it- with 3-4 drops of lime and without milk etc. and i won’t be able to help myself but get out of bed in the middle of a nap and go fulfill his wish. There is something about this guy which I can’t for the life of me figure out, that makes me head over heals for this guy. He will say the most arrogant things, he will boss me around, we have to live life according to his schedule, he is moody and totally self centered; however, he goes above and beyond to make me happy. He spoils me unselfishly, he takes care of my every reasonable and unreasonable requests and in return I have to put up with all the above mentioned negative qualities. So far, the benefits have far outweighed the costs. Last week, I told him at 1 am I was having a craving for dunkin donuts coffee, without telling me he picks up the keys to the car and walks out with a mere, "brb;" 20 minutes later i find him walking up the stairs with jelly donut (he remembered i like jelly donuts from months ago when i told him) and dunkin coffee. Now how could I not give him whatever he wanted in that moment? Thats the thing about these fire sign males, they will go to extremes for you, they will spoil you, they will make you feel like a disney princess and at the end of the day, you will owe them every ounce of love you have. I am more than happy to owe him everything i own because I know he really does love me. The kind of fiery, intense, hug-you-so-tight love that every girl craves deep inside. With an aries, everything has to be 110% or its not worth doing at all.

He is very emotional and insecure deep inside, though he hates for me to know this. He would rather be portrayed as the strong, and emotionally secure person. Once, before we became a couple, we had this moment where he unknowingly stole my heart and changed my life forever. He came over unannounced one evening, this was a month after his break up with his ex, and told me in a soft breaking voice that he was lost on the road for an hour because his gps’s battery died and he couldn’t find his way. He told me how lonely and scared he felt. I hugged him and comforted him. It was all very perfect in a way. This was one of the few or rather only time he shared his inner self with me. I long to sneak another peek in his heart but that hasn’t happened again since. I know I don’t see the soft, insecure man very often because I do enough of the emotional, insecure thing on both of our behalf and he happily lets me do his share. At least I think so. For his part, he can be excellent at sulking. Sometimes he drives me crazy with the silent treatment. His mind travels at a million miles an hour. We will begin to think about a situation and the decision we are faced with, before I can even lay all the facts down, he will spit out a decision on both of our behalf without even inviting me  to be a part of the decision making process. Thats the thing, there really is no decision making process, or if there is one, the aries man goes through it at a million miles per hour and be done with before I even fully understand the situation. This is one thing I can’t stand about him. Though he is right almost all of the time, there are times when I wish I had more of an input in the decision. This is not that big of an issue and mostly I pretend its not an issue at all. He is obsessed with wining, and I love to watch my man win at a social gathering in a match of cards, scrabble or table tennis. He gave me his table tennis tourney trophy. It was adorable like he was saying, "I did it for you, babe." He has shown small hints of jealousy and therefore I am afraid to ever make him jealous. I make sure to explain iffy situations to him with utmost honesty. He loves honesty and isn’t into playing games at all and neither am I. These characteristics of his, make me feel secure that he will never cheat on me. This is a man of integrity and prides himself on his ethics. This doesn’t mean that I have it easy though. My man has a lot of women floating around him and he loves to flirt and sees no harm in this. Occasionally one or two will even cross the line. I try not to be the jealous type but we are who we are. I am not too proud to admit I can’t stand him sharing feelings- or rather other women sharing their feelings with him.

If you like your man to share his feelings, be polite and a gentle, to have a feminine side, if you like a planner, if you need cuddling, don’t go for an aries. These are qualities nowhere to be found in my aries; despite that fact, he is a diamond in the rough and I love him very much.

-Ayesha Shafique

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26 Responses to “A day in the life of a Libra girl”

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  1. 1
    Happy for you. Says:

    Hello Ayesha

    Your above letter was great. First cause it was a letter of love and appreciation. I hope all of us get to experience 50% of what you have.

    I too am a Libra, male. My first crush was a darling bold Aries girl. So I to kinda understand what you are saying about the Libra/Aries match. She was everything I wanted in a women at the time. Bold,Sexy,Smart,Imaginative. Nothing came of this relationship for me, but I am glad it did for you. Remember that you two are opposites in many ways. It looks like you know the bad, so you’ll really be able to enjoy the good. I am so happy for you. In allot of ways I kick myself for never trying to have a relationship with the Aries I adored so much.

    A fellow Libra that is happy for you,— GOOD LUCK!!

  2. 2
    libramaleariesfemale Says:

    hi, libra male here.

    very nice article. i will write one too about my aries love.

  3. 3
    elegantlady Says:

    hi. i am a libra girl, i had a sort of fling with an aries guy for a short period. i couldn’t run away fast enough. he came on too strong and emotional :( too bad., i really liked him from a far. on the other hand, my best friend is a female aries. she is so smart and accomplished. she is an example for women everywhere.

  4. 4
    iFRS Says:


    wow. there is an essay posted about ME! I think this should be posted under “Aries’ as well.., i am sure the arians will find this very, umm ego boosting.. which is always a good thing for the aries!

    ps. ily woman!

  5. 5
    ArieswithAquaMoon Says:

    i just emailed something to becky. hopefully it will be posted here. nice work Ayesha!

  6. 6
    Lee Lee the Libra Says:

    I’m a Libra lady and I fell head over heels in love with a Aries male as well who also went above and beyond what could ever ask or imagine…he completely spoiled my socks off, unfortunetly we didn’t work out but I still often miss him so…hold tight to your aries man and I wish you too the best of luck…Happy Loving

  7. 7
    Ayesha Says:

    thank you guys ‘)

  8. 8
    iFRS Says:

    “He will order me to make tea for him, specific to the way he likes it- with 3-4 drops of lime and without milk etc.”

    i love you!!!

  9. 9
    Prasad Says:

    Hey Ayesha,

    That was a truthful insight .. but none the less as a Arien Male, i know we are difficult to be
    with.. but those who .. know that its worth it !!

  10. 10
    Shannon Says:

    I am sorry to tell you this, but one day you are going to wake up and you are not even going to know your own identity. When you finally realize this, it will take every bit of strength that your mother and grandmother instilled in you for you to ever find yourself again and be able to pull away from the aries. I’m a Libra, highly attracted to aries and vice versa. 3 out of 4 long term relationships (meaning more than 2 years) were with aries men. It is a WASTE of your life! Do NOT keep going there! I am truely sorry for you. I know from experience! They are the best providers of the zodiac…very sexy and manly in their own way…such a turn on for libra woman, but they will never understand your depths and you will not be true to yourself for trying to make him happy. What you do for him will never be enough. He needs someone that does not need emotional security…NOT YOU!!!!

  11. 11
    Ayesha Says:

    Hi Shanon,

    Why would you say something like that? You dont know me or my guy. My aries is a very giving person. He has a pure heart, he does makes me feel secure. I’m sorry your relationship with your aries man didn’t work out, I just love my guy too much. He never asks me for anything. I dont see how I can be unfair to myself in trying to make him happy when thats all I WANT to do. In fact, I wish he asked me to do more to make him happy. He rarely lets me do anything for him as he is very independent and maybe a bit detached. I know life is all about him and his dreams/ goals, I know his real loyalty is to himself first and I am second priority but thats a high enough level for me. Atleast he is an open book. It doesn’t take a lot to figure out his true intentions. I would rather be with someone like that then someone with whom I can’t even be sure if I’m loved. At least he has no hidden agendas. My aries man is just like my aries father. They both take care of me like they are my personal body guards, in shining armor too. Between the two of them, my every need is fulfilled so I can’t help but say that aries men are God’s gift to women.

    I am really sorry to hear your 3 relationships with aries didn’t work out. If its not too personal, I would want to hear what happened as in where did things go wrong? I mean Im sure you know how the libra-aries attraction is as natural as male-female, opposite poles of a magnet kind of thing, where exactly did things start to go wrong?

  12. 12
    Angelica Says:

    I do wish you the best of luck with your relationship, but that scenario sounds like a nightmare to me. To my experience, Aries (male or female) are difficult to be around for long periods and tend to be quite self centered. I also am a Libra female but I am on the cusp of Virgo so this may have an effect on my viewpoint. I also prefer a partner, i.e. equal, as opposed to being spoiled or spoiling someone. Confidence is admirable in a person, sometimes even to the point of occassional cockiness but being possessive, demanding, or arrogant is not acceptable. There is nothing wrong with him having goals and priorities but it would be wise to find someone who puts you at the top of these and you owe it to yourself to believe this and settle for nothing but. Luckily, I believe there is someone for everyone and I am happy for you but I would have to say I am more happy for him. He sounds like a handful that more than a few would send packing before he warmed his seat. The opinions of others are exactly that, opinions of others. I say these things only as it seems you may be looking for general feedback from the public. No one knows your relationship as intimately as you and yours and ultimately that is all that matters. Best of luck to you!

  13. 13
    satine Says:

    hi, i’m a libra girl too, usually get the best along with gemini (guy & girl), never knew that we’re so compatible with an aries even tho my little bro himself is one (oh and a female aries cousin too), until recently i happen to get to know an aries man, he’s like the first aries man i’ve ever met, apart from the ones from family, thats why i’m like searching everywhere to see if we match in someway, so happy to find this article of urs ;)

  14. 14
    Nahid (Aries male) Says:

    This the best article I have ever read about compatibility. Being an Aries, I would say, yes, it’s really ego boosting that every Aries’s dreamed of. I don’t know how many times I have read this article. Each time I read I feel like it’s written by a Libra angel who really understands Aries inner side. It’s true few signs can keep pace with Arians.

    I have been romantically linked with Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius (full of humor that caused big trouble in relationship, especially with Arians) and Capricorn. The worst match was with Capricorn girl with whom I’ve recently broken up (though she tries to come back again and again). She appeared to be a cheater who cheated on me during my absence of few months. She always made me feel unsecured, bored and insulted me very badly.

    What about Libra girl with whom I met a few years ago? She is (was) the one in thousand. She cared me like my mother. She spreads her hands and takes me in her heart. She never let me feel upset and treats me like I am a man, the real MAN. She has much patience which I have not seen to any other girl. She understands me very deeply and supports me whenever I am in any critical situation. She looks at me and I love to take care of her. She rushed to me whenever I fall in any problem and forgot everything until my problems solved. Each Aries has a soft side and very few people understand this. Libra girl is among of them. I feel sorry for other Libra girls who could not make it out.

    There was a social boundary between us. So I had to keep this relation in limit. Did this make us apart? No, never. I would love her till death. No girls would love and care me like her. She is my princess and always will be. These days I am feeling quite lonely. Her each speech, lovable attitude takes me to back in those days. I always pray for her to god and wants to be with her next life!

    This is the love of a Aries man for a Libra girl. A love that made a heaven between us !

  15. 15
    Bleeze Says:

    I’m an Aries male my Libra angel just left me, (broke up with me). I miss her dearly.

  16. 16
    Nahid (Aries male) Says:

    Bleeze, I feel really sorry for you. Was there any specific reason that your Libra angel broke up with you?

  17. 17
    J Says:

    I am a Libran female who did date an Aries male in the past, he was just too easy going on life , not as ambitious or brainy as like my men. As soon as we were an item he would ask to borrow money(this is a big no-no for me). I am not in any way saying this is the norm for all Aries men, I am just stating my own experience. In any case wish you well on your relationship. I must say the whole Dunkin donuts and the 3-4 drops of lime in the tea had me laughing. If it works for you, then run with it and enjoy every morsel.

  18. 18
    libran_me Says:

    i love this article! i feel the same about him too! and thanks, Nahid (Aries male),you made this article more beautiful!
    i practically worship my aries guy,and he is crazy on me(he didnt say that ofcourse)and ill lov ehim for life!

  19. 19
    Minnie Mouse Says:

    Well Well, I am a libra women and I met an Aries man who fell for me…I did not fall for him. I had read a lot of bad stuff on aries. The main one being they are womanizers, violent and game players. The good stuff: they spoil you rotten (if they are rich and libran women love rich men - rich everything!) So it turns out this aries guy never had any money on him, I had to pay for things and he would ask me for money and I never gave it to him, dating for 2 weeks and he wants money of me! Turns out, the guy was married with a child! Even when he told me this information and was crying…I laughed, because I knew it, investigation over! I told him to go home to his wife and he kept trying to come back and call me, Harassment! Never happened and then he got really angry and tried to insult me but I laughed my libra ass off again.

    Never would I date an aries man again. All the ones I have ever met or known about have cheated on wife/girlfriend. The women stay with the rich aries man for security, he will take her and her friends on shopping sprees, give her an allowance and buy her anything she wants while he f***s other women.

    My libra friend is with a aries man and she gets upset a lot of the time, they have crazy fights but still stay together. She has no trust in him because he’s a flirt and he always gets too close to other women. Even to me! My libra friend….she’s like his lap dog, poor girl. In her own time she will leave him, I am certain

  20. 20
    blueberrylibra Says:

    I firstly want to give you a big fat hug, you are my sister! This man could well be the love of your life. I want to share a little of my story with you, so you can avoid any of the pitfalls that befell me.
    I am a single mother, i was with my Aries ex for over 9 years. You have described the beginning of our relationship to a tee. I too am a lovely libra.
    Somehow over time, our relationship became, me adoring and doing every thing for him, and him soaking it up, but so focused on himself that it became normal for him to take and me to give, but never the reverse. He was so super competitive that he had to win at everything, and preen about how he was better then me, after a few years of this, still so in love with him, i thought he was invincable, and that i was…..well……lacking.
    Something simple like me putting a picture on the wall, would turn into him pointing out that i had put it in the wrong place, this other place he would put it was far better, and a big long lecture on why his idea was so better than mine would start. It got so that without noticing i would only make decisions when he wasn’t around, or else i would have to fight just to be allowed to make my own decisions.

    One week after our daughter was born, my ex started a new job, i was at home, exhausted (he refused to do any cooking/housework/child duties, because he figured i was at home all day so why should he), he stared to ring me several time a day to complain how his new job sucked, it was hard for him, why didn’t i find work from home to support us etc. I was so exhausted from the new baby, breast feeding etc, that i would cry after each phone call. I explained this to him, and from that point he was very cruel, going out of his way to make thing harder for me, when i asked why, he said, that as i had given up, so had he. He was punishing me for not wanting to take his upsetting calls throughout the day. Even though i was at a time in our lives where i needed the support, he was unable to give even a token effort. This was the first of many times when i needed him, through sickness etc, that when times were tough he would purposely make them harder, in anger over all the energy not being focused on him.

    Obviously this has been a worst case scenario, but my point is, that it happened so gradually that i didn’t notice, and ended up believing all his hype that he was the best and i was nothing.

    My advice with love to you is to enjoy being passionately in love with your Aries, but make sure that you keep true to yourself, feed his ego, but never ever at the expense of yours. Yes he is a passionate, exciting and amazing Aries. But you are a loving, caring, beautiful Libra.

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