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Gemini ~ Celebrity Star Signs

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Gemini Symbol ~ The Twins Element ~ Air Ruling Planet ~ Mercury The third sign of the zodiac is Gemini. These people will be quick witted and young in disposition. They are barrel loads of fun to have around but do have a tendency not to take things as seriously as other people. They are known to have short attention spans and need to be made to stick at things. They would so much rather be outside playing you see. In love Gemini's are loving and in their own way romantic, but a lot of the time it may seem like there are more than one person in the relationship thanks to their dual personalities.


Some celebrities that share this sign are: A.J Langer ~ Adam Faith ~ Alanis Morissette ~ Alison Eastwood ~ Alexa Davalos ~ Angelina Jolie ~ Anna Kournikova ~ Anne Heche ~ Barbara Rush ~ Ben Feldman ~ Bob Dylan ~ Brooke Shields ~ Chris Evans ~ Chris Isaak ~ Christopher Lee ~ Clint Eastwood ~ Colin Farrell ~ Courteney Cox ~ Dave Navarro ~ Denise Van Outen ~ Donald Trump ~ Elizabeth Hurley ~ Gene Wilder ~ Greg Vaughan ~ Heidi Klum ~ Hugh Laurie ~ Ian McKellen ~ Isabella Rossellini ~ Jason Donovan ~ Jennifer Ellison ~ Joan Collins ~ John Wayne ~ Johnny Depp ~ Josh Lucas ~ Juliette Lewis ~ Kylie Minogue ~ Karen Duffy ~ Kendra Wilkinson ~ Lauryn Hill ~ Lenny Kravitz ~ Lisa Lopes ~ Marilyn Monroe ~ Mark Wahlberg ~ Mary-Kate Olsen ~ Melanie Brown ~ Meryl Streep ~ Michael J Fox ~ Mick Hucknall ~ Mike Myers ~ Monica Keena ~ Morgan Freeman ~ Naomi Campbell ~ Natalie Portman ~ Nicole Kidman ~ Noah Wyle ~ Paula Abdul ~ Prince ~ Prince William ~ Priscilla Presley ~ Rebecca Loos ~ Sadie Frost ~ Sondra Locke ~ Stevie Nicks ~ Tara Lipinski ~ Tim Allen ~ Tupac Shakur ~ Venus Williams. Gemini is most compatible with the signs: Aquarius, Libra, Aries & Leo. Johnny Depp Nicole Kidman Angelina Jolie

Combined Astrology - The Gemini Horse

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2 Responses to “Gemini ~ Celebrity Star Signs”

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    Monica Keena » Gemini ~ Celebrity Star Signs Says:

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    Diana c Says:

    I am a gemini as well and I have been following astrology lately. Earlier this year I just realized how Alanis’ songs are filed with Gemini Traits. I met her at her signing and after she finished signing my song, she said ” you are a gemini right”, i was flood and we both laughed. There was an instant connection. I have met a lot of gemini but I also notice an instant connect with those who are aware of the gemini influence. Geminis are fun to watch.

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