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Pisces in Love and Life - Ebook

Pisces in Love and Life will help transform your life and
open your eyes to who the Pisces person really is.


Reading this ebook will enhance your ability of truly acknowledging yourself as an Pisces and allow you to discover how to fulfill your specific needs with the guidance of astrology.

This ebook will also be of great help to those living around Pisces people

Perhaps you have a Pisces girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife and you wish to gain some insight into why they behave the way they do, or maybe you are a frustrated parent of a boisterous Pisces child, or even a highly intelligent one and you wish to learn how to create the best possible environment for your child so that he or she can flourish.

Perhaps you are an Pisces looking to change direction with your career and are stuck as to which way to go, this ebook can help and guide you with all of these things and much more. Over 9,000 words contained in 30 pages.


The Bare Facts – This first section outlines the basic facts of this dreamy Water sign including their element, quality and ruling planets and what this all means.

Who are they? – Here I have written an in-depth view of the Pisces person, mind, body and soul.

The Women – Here we take a closer look at these beautiful mermaids of the zodiac.

The Men – Discovering who the mysterious Pisces man really is.

Pisces Career – The best choices of career for the Pisces.

Pisces Health – Here we look at the health of the Pisces, and what they should do to keep their heads above Water.

Pisces as Children – How to give your Pisces Children the best start in life and how to tend to their physical and emotional needs.

Pisces In Love & Sex – Here we take a closer look at the love lives of Pisces people. We find out how they behave in relationships, including what turns these mysterious creatures on, are they hot and passionate lovers, or do they prefer a deeper connection and bond in their love making?

Pisces Compatibilities – A write up on the love and friendship compatibility for the sign of Pisces with the other 11 Zodiac signs. See which signs suit you the best and which ones will need a lot more work and understanding and also how this can be achieved.

The Pisces Compatibility Wheel

Pisces Compatibility Wheel.jpg

The center of the wheel represents Pisces. Simply find the sign you wish to compare and next to it is a short sentence about how the two get along. This is a quick, easy and fun way of finding out which of the signs you are most compatible with.


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