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Sagittarius Rat

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 I have been blessed with a Sagittarius Rat of my very own for the last 13 years and I have to say it is a wonderful experience and for those of you who were lucky enough to have had children in the last year of the Rat (2008) you will know what I mean! As toddlers these little darlings will need a lot of stimulation, they have very bright and extremely quick minds which need constant attention. Learning is somewhat easy for the Sagittarius Rat and they devour books with gusto and if given the right encouragement will be reading and writing even before they start school. I never pushed my little Sag/Rat into anything, I like to encourage my children into the paths they seem to naturally be taking, and Amber was naturally academic.

Something which cannot be ignored about the Sagittarius/Rat’s is their constant chattering, they can’t stop themselves. Don’t get me wrong these people are capable of being very quiet indeed but once a conversation has started or the mood simply takes them then you’re in for an ear bashing! It’s not the volume at which these creatures talk it’s the sheer speed of which the words come sprinting out of their mouths that make you stand back in amazement. I am a Gemini so to outdo me with quicker than lightning speech is very rare, but I admit defeat to the Sagittarius Rat. If you are a parent of a chattering Sagittarius Rat a little bit of advice - teach them from a young age to form their sentences properly and to think about what they are saying for as intelligent as they are when they open their mouths they tend to start halfway through what they were thinking in their head! It’s almost like they were in the middle of a conversation with someone else and they turn to you to finish it and you of course have no idea what they are talking about, in fact you probably thought they were listening to you!

Physically these people never seem able to gain weight, the nervous energy from the Rat coupled with the activeness of the Sagittarius means that they are constantly burning calories, lucky them! Due to their naturally high metabolism it is easy for them to eat quite an unhealthy diet without having to worry about putting on any weight, they can get into bad habits of eating far too much fast food and kidding themselves that because they are thin they are healthy. This is wrong (which they know really) and it’s a must for them to eat a well balanced diet with plenty of Water as Rats tend to be quite susceptible to illness and if their bodies are nutritionally weak then it will take them longer to recover. Sagittarius/Rats can be known to be a little clumsy as well, I’m not sure why, perhaps the boisterous adventurer of the Sagittarius bowls over the more sedate Rat causing them to trip over their own feet from time to time. One thing is for sure though these people will always have something wrong with them, whether it’s a broken toe or the common cold this combination of signs just can’t seem to stay 100% healthy for very long!

Luckily due to the adventureouness of the Sagittarius these people enjoy getting out into the world and being as active as possible. They are very agile and are great at Gymnastics and athletics although are always drawn to the more extreme sports which they are not really built for but somehow manage to keep up with the best of them! Sag/rats are also very competitive and will always try and beat other people but are good sports and dont get overly agitated by losing, it certainly dosent deter them they simply try harder the next time!

Sagittarius Rats make wonderful friends, they are fun and loyal, two things which in my opinion make any friendship a good one. They are also highly protective of those they love and care about and don’t take kindly to anyone hurting them in anyway. I feel that one of their greatest skills is their ability to be very diplomatic, to stand back and look at a situation as a whole weighing it up and then calmly trying to help people to sort out whatever the problem is. The Sag/Rat is always called upon to help with friendship squabbles at school and later in life in the workplace. Of course dealing with their own personal issues isn’t as easy for them and if you know and love a Sagittarius Rat you must make sure you set aside time to ask them if there is anything wrong and if they need to have a chat, they will NEVER come to you. They appear to be loners when it comes to this, they bottle problems up inside until they simply can’t take anymore and then explode in a tsunami of tears and sobbing, which is heartbreaking to watch as on the outside this person is usually as solid as a rock. Sag/Rats hate to feel as though they have let people down and will punish themselves mentally for this. My daughter Amber is a prime example, she got very behind on her homework due to lack of organisation (another character trait of this combination) and instead of talking to me or her Dad she simply said nothing at all. I knew something was up as she wasn’t her usual chirpy chatty self and went on at her until she gave in and broke down telling me everything. Since then she has learned to come to me even at 2am (which she has done) if she needs to talk. It’s hard for her but she is opening up more, they just need to know there allowed, it’s very sweet really.

Overall these people are destined for a very exciting life. The Rat gives the Sagittarius a very quick mind making these people highly intelligent and mentally capable of anything. The Sagittarius gives the Rat a passion for adrenaline making this Rat far more outgoing and adventurous than they are in other sign combinations. If you hook up with one of these people romantically then you’re in for a whole lot of fun, the question is are you good enough? The Sag/Rat sets their sights high and won’t go for someone simply for good looks along, they need someone who works hard and plays hard and can match their own sense of fun and adventure, but you had probably work on your listening skills anyone who gets involved with one of these people will need to be able to listen, or at least look as though they are!
As parents they don’t come much better, its more whether they find the time to have a family at all, but please don’t leave it until it’s too late as you really shine as a parent, you are in fact at your best as a Mum or Dad and will feel something is missing if you don’t settle down and have a family.

Compatibility - From a Chinese point of you other Rats and Ox’s tick all your boxes as do other Sagittarians, Leos and Aries. Try a Gemini for a bit of fun or a Libra to settle down with. An Aquarius is nice but will slowly drive you mad! Cancer could be a good match too as long as he or she has a very patient streak!




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17 Responses to “Sagittarius Rat”

  1. 1
    HL Says:

    I read somewhere that opposite Western sign and Chinese sign partners work well together. For example, your Sag/Rat daughter and Gem/Horse you. I’ve noticed that even though I can barely stand most Rats of any sign, even those beloved Virgos, I get along surprisingly well with Scorp/Rats despite being a Taur/Horse. Thoughts?

  2. 2
    Cristiana Says:

    Hey, I’m a Sagittarius Rat as well and this describes me!
    I’m just 14 but I love astrology.
    (Sorry for my bad English, I’m from Romania).
    Congratulations for the article.

  3. 3
    Deanna Says:

    My daughter is a Gemini Rat and she is exactly the same way. SHe is 18 months old and already talks more than most 2 year olds that I know. She loves books and as you said, needs to be constantly stimulated. I to let her find her own way and she continues to amaze me with the fact that she always returns to the books. Always the chatter box and like with your little one, has the same problem with bottling things up and just exploding.

  4. 4
    Emily Urena Says:

    haha its kinda funny actually i am 14 now and i am a sag/rat. It is weird how well this descirbes me, i laughed a lot when you said they speak really fats cause well people are always telling me to slow down xD and O: haha athletic? ehh, but i like extream sports [: and always wanted to go sky diving and bungie jumping …zero gravity maybe[: haha and i am also VERY competative, EX: today i had a debate in my class, me and the person i was debating with were screaming at each other to win and finding counter arguments to everything ( he is also a sag/rat ;] ) then he went up to me and got in my face so i screamed at him more till the teacher came and pulled us apart and put us in little boxes and had to argue from there. I won(: haha sorry kinda a long story, but what i was most impressed by what you explained us as is how we help other people and give good avice and whatnot but we are soild as a rock, we dont go to anyone and bottle everyone and in the end well.. expolde. But i know a few other sag/rats and they NEVER expolde in front of other people, they hate it, as do i. Usualy we go in a separate room think think think, throat starts to choke and well.. down hill from there. But i LOVE how you explain it(: made me smile haha, oh and yes love learning about plantets too(:

  5. 5
    L.P. Says:

    You are very blessed to have such a unique and dynamic child, Sagittarius and Rat are both luck signs, they have a natural tendency to attract good fortune wherever they are, especially in times of need! A little warning though, later in life there is a big tendency to gamble.. as Sagittarius and Rats liek to take risks, especially when it involves money, and also most people I know who came from sign of the Rat are good at manipulating people which is good for business but may be harmful in the lovelife department someday ;)

  6. 6
    SchizophrenicX Says:

    Hi, I too am a Sag/Rat ‘84 and this definitely describes me very much :) however, I’m actually very healthy, it’s probably because I’ve hated to take medicine since young and have my illnesses heal by themselves; thus building up my immune system. I have a Cancer/Rat girlfriend and she isn’t really up to the “Play Hard” part :( but we’re really great together though.

    It is common for us Sag/Rat to bottle up everything inside as Rats are usually quite scheming in nature, this is viewed from the outside as what you’ve mentioned “Solid”, dependable. Others will come to confide in us more often than not. Unfortunately I did not have such great parents like yourself and this have stick to me till now, my girl is at lost due to this and I’m working it out.

    Sag/Rats also have a unique charisma that works well only with a specific group of people while not so much for the rest. This gives them a big circle of friends that are Loyal and Fun like you said.

    You might want to teach some patience as that’s what I have been struggling with when I was in my Teenage years, and luckily for me I took my own initiative to pick up some hobby that requires of it (Chess, Piano, Programming, etc.); It’s best to let us get into something that provides challenge to the nimble mind of the Rat while exciting for the Sag.

    This patience have deterred me from the selfish/scheming nature of the Rat to harm others for personal gain and although coupled with the adventurous & competitive nature of the Sag; I’ve learned to get my adrenaline fix from other areas of life, these have also helped me away from the Gambling issue mentioned by L.P.

  7. 7
    K A T I I Says:

    i have only one word to say. 14. i’m 14, and so its very weird age right now in my life, [ill honestly say that] and for you to publish this kind of work, that describes me, so well its really quite funny, and makes me know my self a little better and it makes me happy. ;3
    but the words you used to describe a “sag/rat” was “solid” its anything but you see, we bottle anything and everything up so we: don’t show any un-neat-ness in or self figure, so we don’t burden others with or problem [so they don’t think were cry baby’s and are weak, {because many think were weak already}], and at the time we think “i will get over it, its just to overwhelming”, but really its important to us because were really really emotional people. so when we burst out in tear telling you the truth, we seem to stumble over our self because we feel like a failure, ashamed, unsure, afraid.

    But you said most sag./rat’s are athletic, i dont belive in every day sports like going into baseball, because the sag never likes to keep to one thing, [being afraid that he/she will miss out on something much better and wants to be a master or every art.] but maybe doing a one or a few time sport or risk like rock climbing or air diving. now that is the kinda sport id love to do!

    and also non of the stuff you say is wrong at all i guess being a mexican/white, 5foot, pron to panic attacts makes a diffrence in the exersice i like to enjoy.

    and yes it is hard to put a book down because of its story, knowledge, imagination. your child will be come a very kind and loving person, [you dont seam like a bad parent] and so with the sag/rat as its self, you child will be alright in life. ;3

  8. 8
    Nia Says:

    I’m 14 :) and oh gosh, the whole “bottle It up and explode” thing is soooo true. I’m trying to get better though haha :) and I wish I had that “fast metabolism”… But you know, genetics -.- and I devour books like chocolate. I’m on my 10th since like, October haha

  9. 9
    Tanya Says:

    Hi, even i am sag/rat 5/dec/84 ooooh my god … its so nice to know u just described me .. i showed this to my mom and she was so surprised and laughing so….. as too remembering all trouble that put mom through and she always call me ” a angle in a devil’s suit ” haa haa haa

  10. 10
    danny Says:

    Cool way to be described! Love sagitarius people!! Very exciting!

  11. 11
    Klar Says:

    Hello, I too am a Sag/Rat (1984). I would like state that I’m and avid gambeler, and have been so ever since I was a little kid. My father taught me how to handycap dogs and horses when I was six years old. This actually sounds bad, I know, but its helped me inthat I work as a trader for a hedgefund, and a very good poker player. My point is, its not all that bad, it can be and in most cases with most people I would say it is. But if the sag/rat learns selfcontrol they easily gain a profit for they have an amazing ability to calc odds, and read situations.

  12. 12
    Jelena Says:

    Hey,I am also a sag/rat (6.12.1996)! This perfectly describes me : I hate showing other people how I feel (it’s especially hard since my rising is cancer) and I always bottle it up inside of me! But,I have learned to control myself (that’s the work of my moon in libra,huh?) and not show any emotions or fall in love fast.Yes,I do like reading (but,only books that interest me from which there are lots). I love talking,talking…and more talking. I can’t just stand still. I love sports,but since noone from my friends is really interested in them,so I don’t play any sport unfortunately.
    Arguements? Of course,I just love arguing when I know I am right,haha.
    And,in love I want the whole package like you said : nice body,gorgeous face,great personality.
    Seriously,why settle for anything less? Everyone deserves the partner he/she wants! :)
    I apologize for my bad english,I’m serbian. ^^;

  13. 13
    jun yan Says: new zodiac is sagittarius rat…my previous is a capricorn rat…now i am confuse…so 17 dec is a oph-sag rat??? but i think dec 17 is more to sag and 29 nov is to oph..

  14. 14
    Minha Says:

    Hey I’m also a sag/ rat. 1996! This is so amazingly accurate, especially the part about the bottling up and then exploding.

  15. 15
    Lizet Says:

    Hi! I love your article. I am 14 years old and a Sagittarius Rat and this totaly describes me. At least now iI kinda know why I always talk or why I am always so adventerous and protective of my little Sagittarius brother. Thanks for writing and keep up the great work!! :)

  16. 16
    Emma:))) Says:

    Hi Im a Sag/ snake and i just laughed when i read this!! its so true we are what we are….u ither love us or lothe us:)) I love me very much!! Ive had problems with tons of women in my life due to my energy and gusto for life and sex!! Ither there jelous or they just are unhappy with there lives:(( sad. I will continue being who I im and i love my parents for having me on the date they did!! Dec..10..1965!!!!!! I celabrate that day every year with so much joy and happiness.

    thank u for reading:) Love who u r not who u wish u were!!


  17. 17
    Cindy Says:

    I love this!

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