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Aries Rat

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Aries Rats are not the type of people to sit around pondering, they are not the type of people who procrastinate, Aries Rats are doers, thinkers, and most of all achievers. Aries brings an outgoing adventurous and friendly disposition while the Rat brings a kind and very clever mind to this winning mix we know as the Aries Rat. Wherever you go within their lives there will be something on the go, projects being planned, books being written busy busy always busy. You won’t be shocked to learn then that the Aries Rats suffer with their nerves, they live on them and although on the outside they may seem completely in control inside they are fizzing over as their quick minds just won’t let them rest. They NEED to be involved, doing something, constantly feeding their quick and clever minds. It isn’t rare to wake up the middle of the night and find your Aries Rat cooking up a storm in the kitchen! I wouldn’t bother asking them why, I also wouldn’t worry about trying to keep up with the fast pace they set, they have to live this way, you do not!

Aries Rats are a lot of fun to be around and you never know what or where you might end up next. They think nothing of packing a bag and heading to a far off and unknown place for a spot of adventure! I have often wondered what would happen to one of these supremely alive creatures if they were to actually stop for a moment and relax. I think they would mentally fall apart one way or another, their minds would bubble over, but this is why writing is a good hobby for them as it forces them to sit down and ponder whilst keeping their minds activated. I say that knowing that I have an Aries Rat friend who I mentioned this too, she took off with a laptop and began travelling around and writing at the same time about her extraordinary experiences, she learnt a way around the sitting still part of writing a book.

One characteristic of the Aries Rat is quite amusing, but possibly rather frustrating to live with. I hate to say it but these people are slightly attached to the saying “do as I say, not as I do”. You will watch them live the most outrageous life doing exactly as they wish, pushing the limits if need be, but, however open minded their behaviour may seem if you as a friend or family member decide to follow suit by leading a wild life of your own then you may find yourself being lectured by your Aries Rat friend! They are actually quite traditional people who prefer their friends and relatives to lead a far more sedate lifestyle. I can think of one occasion where this rang true for me and my Aries Rat friend. I was staying at her house but we had both gone out separately, she returned home slightly later than me but I had had a little to drink and even though I was nearing 30 I still got a lecture from an Aries Rat who could barely stand up!!! What can you do other than smile!

When it comes to matters of the heart the Aries Rat won’t settle properly until he or she is much older, as a young Aries/Rat these people are normally always looking for something better, the chase, the excitement, if you are indeed dating an Aries Rat in his or her twenties then you will know what I mean. Never a dull moment, there is always somewhere to go to, but also these people are incredibly gentle and caring. Life is to be enjoyed, life is a big adventure. And then adult hood begins to take its toll, work responsibilities and the desire to achieve grip this person quite strongly and doesn’t let go. All of a sudden the fun loving live for the moment person evaporates and instead is someone who takes love very seriously indeed. These people stand by their responsibilities. I think that the Aries Rat panics when they suddenly wake up as a proper grown up, they worry if they are doing things right, if they look right in fact if an older Aries/Rat falls in love with you will know about it. If you are the sort of person to enjoy being sent flowers by the dozen and taken out for fancy meals every night then this could be the perfect person for you.

The Aries/Rat then is, in my opinion, one of life’s lovely people. They are sensitive and kind to the needs of others but also know how to have a good time. These people are not in the least bit dull and they have great drive and ambition to succeed in life and most of them do very well thank you very much! As parents the Aries/Rats shows up just about everyone else. They take their role very seriously and will get stuck in and do everything they can to ensure their children have everything they need, I don’t mean just in a material way, but the Aries/Rat parents will make sure that their children have a good view of the world they live in, the people, places and Mother Nature. It has to be said that the Aries/Rat parent lives alongside their Childs life, loving every moment and always being there should they be needed.

Aries/Rat – Compatibility

From a Western point of view choosing a Gemini, Leo or Sagittarius will keep you happy and understand all your needs, match it with the Chinese year of the Dragon or Ox, perhaps even a Monkey and you will be in a really happy place indeed. If you fancy someone who is different to you but who you will get along famously with then do try an Aquarius Pig or Dog, but try and stay clear of Cancer and Capricorn Horses you will never agree on anything, even to disagree!


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18 Responses to “Aries Rat”

  1. 1
    Linda chapman Says:

    I am a female scorpio and my boyfriend is a aries we always arguing why do they lie so much

  2. 2
    Linda chapman Says:

    I am a scorpio and my boyfriend is a aries why do they lie so much i always think that he will cheat because he has before and lied i found out on my own

  3. 3
    TARA Says:

    I’m a Aires Rat! April 9th 1984
    Thanks Becky for the post! You awsome,
    love the site!

  4. 4
    sawahbOO ' Says:

    aries do not lie , ur boyfriend just must be a loser ,
    kus i keep my word on everythinq i say & do & have only
    cheated once in my life & neva will aqain , so just dump
    him he prolly just a playa ;

    & yeaaaaaah , us aries are pretty amazinqq (:

  5. 5
    Mike Says:

    I’m an aries rat and this is sooooooo me!!!!! seriously! I joined the Marines fresh outta high school to go c the world. Moved here to go to school, Ive only been living here for 3 years yet I can’t wait to be done in 2 months so i can move again hopefully to somewhere new. No to mention I often get in trouble at work for ytelling at my co-workers for bein lazy despite the fact that I am in charge of absolutely no one, lol.

    As for Linda, Aries Rats have entirely too much goin on in our lives to try and keep up with lies. We tell the truth more typically just because it makes it easier to multitask. Rather the person gets the truth right away so they either get over it because if I know they are probably going to find out the truth down the line anyways and walk away I don’t want to waste my time with someone whos going to leave when I could be chasing someone new.

  6. 6
    A.C Says:

    Aries-rat over hear and no Not all aries are the same some are mroe of a nother one I was born on April First of Nineteen Nitey-One—You wont find me siting still infact when i broke my ankle i was still trying to get up and go around :( (was going to join Army but have hardwere now so guess not));P right now im twisting around looking for soemthing to do this keeps to me so well x) any ways tata toodles to you all im sure i’ll forget this site or wonder on it again im useing a work computer to print off color pages for the kids up were im at and got slightly side-tracked eheh.

  7. 7
    T.J. Says:

    I understand you A.C.
    Because I also was born on April Wiseperson’s Day! hehe
    (though I graduated from high school the year you were born;)

    Back on-topic…
    I have a question for the administrator of this site:
    With details, typically (meaning there are obviously exceptions) how do an about 86%Aries/14%Pisces Rat man and a 57%Sagittarius/43%Scorpio Tiger woman relate to each other?
    (the good, the bad, and the boringly neutral:)

  8. 8
    T.J. (again) Says:

    Additional question:

    Everything the same, but this time it’s about a 90%Sagittarius/10%Scorpio.
    (I’m getting to know this one in person in a large group setting, whereas the other one I sent FB messages to who knows in person mutual friends of ours)
    This 90% Sag, I don’t know her birth year yet.

  9. 9
    John Horn Says:

    I am a Aries Rat, thru and thru….I have been dating a Capricorn Horse for over a year now, with different degrees of seriousness.I have had so many experiences in my life that have led me to believe alot in the signs, but this one has me baffled!! We have never had an argument of any real substance, we have an amazing sexlife, and we have fun together in social situations, and all my friends like her too!!

    What gives? Everything I read says we should be wrong, wrong, wrong!!! We did break up for a little while, only because I wanted a little space and time to decide if we should move to the next level…what do you think? Is there any explanation?

  10. 10
    T.J. Says:


    I’m guessing that this Capricorn girlfriend of yours is within 1.5 weeks of the Sagittarius sign?
    (I calculate that for every day one’s birthday is away from the centre of their sign’s middle day, that they are about 3.5% less of their sign and therefore 3.5% of the sign they’re closer to)

  11. 11
    Willy Kurniawan Says:

    hey, I’m from indonesia and i’m aries rat too (4 April 1984)
    my girlfriend is taurus monkey (12 May 1992)
    I love her…

  12. 12
    Aries Says:

    I would bea Aires rat (april 1st 1991) But what would my Boyfreind be hes May 28 1991

  13. 13
    CaseySweetness Says:

    I am an Aries-rat..and i am outgoing..happy ,energetic..great looking.but what i was reading was..that Aries are liars?? sum yes…and it’s more than thr is our, being a social-bug..if u will… well u get tha point..i would we are know-it-all’s…

  14. 14
    Jessie Says:

    well… i am an aries rat (march 28 1984). indeed, when i love, i love to the fullest ensuring i am sensitive enough to meet the needs of my partner and sometimes go even beyond than sensitive. My partner (who is a Capricorn Dog - Jan. 19, 1983), is likable. We get along sometimes. Our sex is great. It’s just that, other than that,it seems that we always have to exertet effort to get along so well.. what could be wrong? i love him so much. he loves me too. but because of my jealousy cuz he goes around so much and lies about it, we ended up separating. but am still hoping he’d come back. and apologize and promise to never do it again.

  15. 15
    jual baju couple Says:

    I would bea Aires rat (april 2st 1988)

  16. 16
    Noosiekins Says:

    I’m an Aries Rat. (April 14, 1984) I’m in love with a Cancer Horse (oh no!) He recently told me he needs space and told me to stop messaging him as i’m adding to his stress level (apparently work is really stressful and he doesn’t have the energy for a proper relationship?)

    ya.. I’m hoping he get out of this funk soon…i’m trying really hard to hold back and not bug him at all.

  17. 17
    Levey Says:

    This made me chuckle guys!! Every word of this article fits me to a ‘T’! Almost scary. I have also been seeing my birthday a lot lately;April 14, 1984. Weirdness!!

  18. 18
    Cosmira Says:

    I’m Aries Rat and this fits me to a T except for the lying part. I’m also one of those April 14 1984 babies… What is going on? Too weird.

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