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Chinese Year Of The Rabbit 2011

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RabbitThe Refined Rabbit The Rabbit is Yin (female) Rabbit year’s are: 1903 ~ 1915 ~ 1927 ~ 1939 ~ 1951 ~ 1963 ~ 1975 ~ 1987 ~ 1999 ~ 2011 ~ 2023. This is a list of symbols that you, as a Rabbit, should surround yourself with as they will help you to become your true self and give you a feeling of happiness and comfort.

Tree - Poplar ~ Food - Fish ~ Flower - Rose ~ Fragrance- Shalimar ~ Birthstone- Sapphire ~ Number- 4 ~ Animal- Squirrel ~ Spice- Pepper ~ Herb- Tarragon ~ Drink- Bordeaux ~ Metal- Bronze ~ Colour- Grey.

Rabbit’s are full of sensitivity and refinement. They like the finer things in life and are rather interesting people to know. Although there tastes are somewhat chic, they are normally understated in their appearance as they prefer the classical to the flamboyant and don’t like being the center of attention. But, although the Rabbit’s clothes may look plain and conservative you can rest assured they are made of the finest and most sumptuous fabric money can buy.

The same applies to their cuisine. In-fact some people do tend to assume the Rabbit is rather snooty, they do have a tendency of when first meeting people to sly away into a corner somewhere, usually on a comfy seat. But, quite simply, they are shy of meeting new people especially if they are loud. The best way to get a Rabbit to notice you is to be modest and refined. People born in the year of the Rabbit hate conflict. Whether it is a World War or in a personal relationship they cannot handle bad vibes. You can scream at one of these creatures as much as you like, but the most common reaction is for the Bunny to hop away into the safety of his burrow, alone.

They don’t like their home to be a war zone. Rabbit’s are of the traditional way of thinking. Roast dinners on a Sunday, and occasions such as Christmas and birthday’s are big events and should be celebrated correctly. These people love their home, it is perhaps the most important place to them and they don’t like leaving it too much, even for holidays. If they do go on a holiday you will have to make sure it is somewhere equally homely for this person to be able to relax. Rabbit people are good at making money. They quietly succeed in their job not making a fuss but winning admiration nonetheless. If you are a friend of a Rabbit and you ever get in financial trouble the Rabbit will be sure to be the one to help you out. He will lend you however much you need and probably throw in some wise advice for you as well.

However, I did say "loan" you will have to pay the money back, he/she will not just forget they loaned it too you, it will probably be written down somewhere. Rabbits are incredibly squeamish. They hate the sight of blood, it doesn’t matter whose it is, if their own child cut’s themselves they will always try and find someone else to clean it up as they have a tendency for passing out at the sight of it. The also love reading and watching films, but they always make sure they are lovely, romantic and certainly not in anyway connected to the horror genre. So, I suppose if you are having trouble wooing one of these fearful bunnies you could always take them to see a horror film, that way they may have to jump into your lap and hide, just an idea!! Keeping a Rabbit healthy isn’t too much of an ordeal for although they always seem to have something wrong with them, they are willing to visit the Doctor. In fact it would be there idea.

A Rabbit person’s cupboard will be full of vitamins and minerals, anything that may help to improve their health. They certainly don’t let illness get the better of them and after some rest they will be back to work as right as rain.

Rabbit women do tend to suffer with gynecological problems and should go for regular check up’s with her doctor to make sure her hormones are in good order so as to keep away any metabolic, digestive and weight problems. As these can lead to her suffering with depression in later life.

Rabbits need peace and tranquility. Any stress will lead to them living a thoroughly miserable life that could lead to mental health issues. For these creatures are very sensitive both physically and mentally. What they need is a nice well run, quiet, loving home life, with a couple of well behaved children and well trained dog’s and perhaps a goldfish.

Rabbit’s are most compatible with: Goats, Pigs or Dogs. But do please stay away from Tigers, Roosters, Dragons and Horses, for they will upset your plan for a smoothly run life.

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15 Responses to “Chinese Year Of The Rabbit 2011”

  1. 1
    Lisa Says:


    First and foremost if someone’s birthday is 4/27/63 how is he the year of the tiger? And wouldn’t a rabbit and a tiger get along? In addition, can someone’s birthday that is 10/15/1982 be compatible with 4/27/63? Hope to hear your response and have a good day. Please feel free to contact via e-mail at subject: ASTROLOGY Thank you!!

  2. 2
    Lulu Says:

    I have been reading all of your posts about aries and aquarius. I am an aries woman and i found out that i am of the year of the rabbit. Now, i agreed with all of the things posted on the aries woman and the AQUARIUS MAN (really great…my boyfriend is aquarius and I felt like you were describing him!) Well…anyways … I am NOTHING AT ALL like the rabbit!!! AT ALL!!! The only part that fit was ::n-fact some people do tend to assume the Rabbit is rather snooty:: But the whole finer and chic things…it isnt quiet me…Im more of the tomboy! Then the part that said ::You can scream at one of these creatures as much as you like, but the most common reaction is for the Bunny to hop away into the safety of his burrow, alone.:: Im always the one that doesnt let my other win…Or atleast ill get my point accross. :) Also..I HATE being at my house!!!! :)my boyfriend is always complaining that im never home!!!
    And i do let people borrow money…or what ever it is they need…but..i always very forgetfull… so i never ask for it back…even in the rare occasions that i do remember.
    Then the whole squimish thing…not me at all… I love everthing that has to do with that “gross stuff” My favorite class was anatomy …and my favorite thing that we did was disecting an animal.
    Also…i hate taking medicine! :) if i dont have to (in other words…if im not dying) i wont.

    Now…how is that possible..when everything fit so well with the western sign??? Every single little thing was me…but this one…WAY OFF…I know its not you …its me! hahaha :)

    I love this site!!! i just didnt get this sign???? Ill be looking forward to your reply!! :)

  3. 3
    Becky Says:

    Hello Lulu,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I imagine it will be your Aries getting in the way!!! It is quite a strong sign so I am not suprised to be honest as the Rabbit or Cat as it is sometimes known is a weaker sign and therefore your Aries may have bullied it into submission!! :) Perhaps once I get the combined astrology written and published you will find it more accurate. I think that when I mix the Aries with the Rabbit it will give you a different reading

    I am really pleased you enjoy the site. I will be getting more up soon but it takes a while to write it all :)

    Love & Light


  4. 4
    Syed Faiz Says:

    I am Virgo born 11 Sep 1975.Will i know whats about Rabbit which belongs to virgo sign.I am too eager to know myself in business,marital life still i am unmarried.

  5. 5
    Lila Says:

    Hi Lulu,

    My sign is rabbit and I’m concern about the overview of my sign next year (year of ox)and also for dog sign.

    yours truely,

  6. 6
    Junavie Says:

    i love thus website..all my friends the same with my birthday….
    can u give me information about year of rabbit
    so that i want to know that year of the rabbit lovelife…is good.

  7. 7
    Junavie Says:

    thank you

  8. 8
    karen Says:


    can i know more about year of rabbit..
    please reply that rabbit is good in relationship…thank you…

  9. 9
    Becky Says:

    Hello there, thank you for your comments.

    Rabbits are pretty good in relationships, but do require some time alone. They will come to you if they want attention and don’t like being smothered.

    Love & Light


  10. 10
    Ann Says:

    Please i want to know my 2009 my love life status and my work.


  11. 11
    rhea Says:

    I am the same with lulu, an aries woman in a rabbit year. I understand the weaker point of a rabbit seemed to be bullied around the stronger aries. I, too am very aries as we saY but sometimes could be the weakest woman on earth. I am very passionate when it comes to relationship and the aries in me to be very assertive and aggressive in all that i do.

    I am looking forward of your combined astrology finally published, it would be a great help or an indication for our decisions and in understanding our selves even more.


  12. 12
    jass Says:

    I am of rabbit year..Am not yet married…but ve chosen my life partner..
    We both love to fight n make up..wen we fight we fight nasty(not physically)…n then wen we make up..its like a overdose of love..
    bottom line is i jus love being wit im..n he feels th same way about me..our comfort n compatiblity levls re really awsome..
    He’s of the tiger year..and accordin to wat u tol..rabbits re meant to stay away from tigers..
    but i find it very..unusual..n also curious..

    Can u explain more about exactly how a rabbit n tiger relationship ll be?

    By the way..he is a leo n i am a libran..

  13. 13
    Priya Shirname Says:

    I am born in the year of the fire rabbit. Birthyear 5th may,1987. According to my vedic birthchart my sun is in aries and moon in cancer..Well I did relocate to a completely different country to study which might be an aries characteristic, but I love being home :) Also, as a fire rabbit do you think theyre fiery individuals? I have alot of cancer traits in me too thats why Im asking. Really liked your site. Also, are rabbits known to not marry and be able to commit?

  14. 14
    Aneri Parikh Says:

    my birth date is 5th May 1987 & timing would be 2.35am in the very early morning. i just want to know when i am going to get married n to whom means how would be my dream man???

  15. 15
    cez Says:

    hello! my dob is 1975/12/28 at 11.30pm in the phil i want to know if i am going to get married and when.
    thank you!

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