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Chinese Year Of The Tiger 2013

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Chinese Year Of The Tiger 2010

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TigerThe Fearless Tiger The Tiger is Yang (male) Tiger year’s are: 1902 ~ 1914 ~ 1926 ~ 1938 ~ 1950 ~ 1962 ~ 1974 ~ 1986 ~ 1998 ~ 2010 ~2022. This is a list of symbols that you, as a Tiger, should surround yourself with as they will help you to become your true self and give you a feeling of happiness and comfort.

Tree - Sycamore ~ Food - Fruit Pie ~ Flower - Carnation ~ Fragrance- Jasmin ~ Birthstone- Ruby ~ Number- 7 ~ Animal- Tiger ~ Spice- Cinnamon ~ Herb- Thyme ~ Drink- Lemonade ~ Metal- Gold ~ Colour- Bright Red.

I am a bit biased when it comes to Tiger’s I’m afraid. I love them. They are lovely! And of course there is the small fact that I live with one. Tiger’s in China are the sign of luck and as such the Chinese always like to have some kind of Tiger symbol in their homes believing it will bring them luck. The tiger always lands on his velvet paws. If he/she is short of money, the Tiger doesn’t worry, he will just go and get some more. You see Tiger’s don’t really care about money, I mean obviously there are some Tiger people out there who have buckets of it and live in pure luxury, but more to the point they don’t live to make money, they are not preoccupied with acquiring it, unlike so many other people. If they have money, they go out and spend it, and when they run out they just go and earn some more. That’s it. Pure and simple.

The Tiger is somewhat the hero of the Zodiac. He/she is the one who rushes in on a noble stead ready to take on the dragon and save the Princess!! If he sees a person falling to their death into the coldest sea from the tallest bridge, it is the Tiger who will be seen diving in to the rescue! And that’s great! Wonderful! And also slightly stupid. Yes, I’m afraid to say it, Tiger’s can be foolish. You see they forget to think. They just run into the deep end, and then think afterwards. This isn’t perhaps the best thing to do. Fear? No. This is one of the problems. Tiger’s seem to have no fear whatsoever. They take things on that most mortal beings would at least have to seriously think about, and probably decide not to do. Like swimming with great white sharks or something equally nuts. For some reason this lack of fear draws them to the more outrageous kinds of life. They prefer the unusual to the norm. And that goes for their partner’s as well (I’m saying this in full knowledge that I am a partner of one such creature). If you happen to be a little strange, unique shall I say for risk of condemning myself, then they will take an interest in you, they can’t help it. When the going gets tough for these feisty being’s they simply pounce beautifully to safety, lick their wounds, have a snooze, then they are up and running again.

Tiger’s are often involved in situations which would drive most people to drink or worse. It’s this velvet footed ability of knowing when to run away that keeps them sane. Tiger’s are gifted with natural authority and normally have high powered jobs. However, Tiger’s also crave change and can sometimes end up nowhere fast. This is why they need a herd of safety people behind them to pick up the pieces and help the Tiger learn some kind of moderation. Then the Tiger will always be successful. From experience I can tell you that Tiger’s are perfect, oh and immortal. I can also tell you that that is what THEY believe. Sadly, it’s not true. They are constantly trying to catch up with themselves. So many things to do and so little time to do it. Tiger’s long to be healthy and will try all sorts of things to be just that. Problem is that it involves discipline, and their not too good at that, not in themselves anyway. These people have great strength and will always over do it with weights and other machines meant to make them stronger, they can’t help it, they don’t seem to do half measures. You can’t tell them either. They will not be told, as they know best and often have to learn the hard way about the down falls of excess! Tiger you need space for your energy so the country is the best place for you so you can breathe in the fresh air as you run your marathon, but please do rest as well, and do try eating fruit once in a while!!

Tigers are most compatible with: Horses, Dogs and Dragons. Stay away from tricky Monkey’s, Ox are no good for you either. And don’t even think about taking up with another Tiger!!

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43 Responses to “Chinese Year Of The Tiger 2010”

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  1. 1
    jenny Says:

    I am a young snake and I think you were being abit unfair describing tigeres. I mean I have some friends who were born in that year and they are really great and powerful lot also not to mention really attractive and fun. Some of them are not all what you described for example the piscean tigers. They are different.

  2. 2
    admin Says:

    Hi there Jenny, and thanks for your comment.
    I actually adore Tigers, as I mentioned in my opening line. They are great people and I certainly enjoy living with one myself. All signs have a few unattractive qualities, it’s what makes us different. As adding western astrology to the Chinese, I agree totally, and I will be writing about western and Chinese combinations soon. But this, however is just the basic characteristics of the one sign. I am sorry if you feel I was being unfair.

    Love & Light


  3. 3
    Desmarie Says:

    OMG…Yes, they do think they are flawless don’t they. I think that this might be their biggest flaw!

  4. 4
    Desmarie Says:

    ok i feel kinda bad. Tigers are great people, its just that this thinking that they have no faults can lead to them forgetting that others are only human, need love and encouragement also. No one is perfect. HAha…

  5. 5
    Jennifer Says:

    I am a Tiger and proud of it…yes, Tigers do believe they are in the right, but it’s usually for good and unselfish reasons. We feel things very passionately and in the pursuit of undoing a wrong, we do we march forward without heed for another’s advice. Becky’s analysis of the Tiger is right on…we are funny, assertive, intelligent, and deeply passionate people, and we mean well. We are forever children at heart…

  6. 6
    dionne Says:

    I am a Tiger and think the above was near enough me all over!! One thing i do tend to do is judge people before i know them which is bad and quite common with tigers. Spot on description, well done!! x

  7. 7
    dionne Says:

    but i will add, i would help anyone and go without to help others x

  8. 8
    Natalia Says:

    I don’t really know how others will relate to this and maybe I shouldn’t even write it. My father is a Tiger, and one time when I was really young, I actually saw a tiger on his face. More like an impression than anything. We were on vacation in a very remote jungle area. The only other live tigers i have seen were in a tiger sanctuary.

  9. 9
    Tia Says:

    Hi, I’m a tiger and I thought what you’ve written is pretty accurate. However my partner is also a tiger, is this a bad thing? We’ve been together 3 years, our relationship is extremely passionate in good and bad ways!!!

  10. 10
    TigerAquarius Says:

    First off, I would like to say i love your site. I just spent hours clicking away in the wee hours of the night.
    Secondly, you couldn’t be more right about everything on your pages. From personal experiences, as a Tiger and an Aquarius female, i feel you explained me to a T. I mean, some combination right? No wonder I’m still single! Sometimes I feel like no one is right but me, and I do require an immense amount of alone time, oh and of course I’m the smartest person in the world, duh! (sarcasm of course, haha).

    Anyways, I loved this article. It’s honest and correct. I’ll be back here more often. THANKS!
    For once a site that doesn’t make me feel like I’m reading garbage.

  11. 11
    The Monkey loved the Tiger Says:

    Hey there, I love reading astrology, as I find it really interesting and fairly accurate! However, I’m a big confused because on the Monkey’s page it says that they are compatible with Tigers, and on the Tiger’s page it says to stay away from the Monkeys.

    The only reason I’m so interested is the fact that I fell in love with a Tiger, and I am a Monkey.

    I would really appreciate some feedback because I’ve never really understood if monkeys and tigers don’t get along, or if they do.

    I know some cases are different than others, but my Tiger is a Scorpio Tiger, and I’m a Virgo Monkey. :)

    Thank you for your time and much love,
    The Curious Little Monkey

  12. 12
    APBTgirl22 Says:

    I loved this! lol this is so me!!! my mother ( an ox) hates that i act before thinking. she thinks i’m being immature. turns out i’m just a tiger! lol :)

    this also was nice to know that the money thing isn’t weird. I live with thrifty ppl and i’ve always felt odd that i could care less about money. once all my things are taken care of - i always blow the rest. more often than not i give it to others who need it more than i do.

    i’m also glad to know that my always wanting to help ppl and ’save’ them isn’t that bizarre either for my sign. :D

    thank you for this!! and since you love your tiger… maybe i can hope to meet someone who’ll love me too. right now i’m interested in a dragon… good to see we’re compatible :)

  13. 13
    pisces/rooster Says:

    i thought that the dragons was the sign of luck???….anyways i make good friends with a tiger…we have a lot of fun together…dress up, have a drink to having sex with the same person and laughing about it the next day..lololol they make the best of friends….but not lovers!

  14. 14
    Lunar Says:

    2 Tigers not a good match???? I am a cancer Tiger(1986) in love with a pisces Tiger(1974). Very passionate relationship.We really seem to understand each other very well and equally confuse each other!LOL. I dont know about thinking that we are flawless but we tent to have very high expectations as we do tent to believe that we are quality beings ourselves and match what we expect from other! Its true that we always land on our feet and cant really come to no harm and get right up and going agian after a fall! I do tend to be a bit on the fearless side because of that ability to pounce to safety when in dought!! Money is meerly a means to survive and not the center of all desire even to a “security obssesed” cancer tiger.I Do love to laugh!LOL

  15. 15
    Jan Says:

    What a great website.

    I’m a female Capricorn/Tiger,my Daughter,34, is an Aries/Tiger… Can you imagine the conlfict between us over the years? Not so now, she has calmed down & I’ve “mellowed”.

    Your discription of Tigers fits us perfectly in one way or another.It is true with money,my daughter,said recently “I don’t worry about money they will print more tomorrow”.
    Not quite my way of thinking, but don’t let money problems worry me as I know the problem will be solved.

    Helping & sharing with people is one thing I enjoy without a thought of how I may be affected. Sometimes I’ve been hurt & say I’ll never do it again…but,then when the need arises I’m there,once again with out thinking.

    Travelling the world is something I’ve been lucky enough to have done and love to share my experiences,most of the time people enjoy hearing of my experiences & seeing items bought overseas,yet others get the wrong impression as if I am boasting,not so,just trying to share.

    Being misunderstood can be a problem from time to time.

    Talk about being perfect,I’ve been told I am perfect and intimidating,yet I think the person who said this has a very different version of perfection than me.

    At times I can be in a situation where others find it difficult yet to me it’s quite simple.

    Yes, we’re always right and will fight to the “death” especially if we know we ARE right. This too has caused problems. One time I was called a “self righteous know all” yet, at the same time the same person told me I WAS right.Talk about being misunderstood.

    I will appologise if I am found to be wrong.

    Relationship wise,I have been happily married to a wonderful Virgo/Snake for 40 yrs.

    I enjoy my moments of solitude,live near the coast in a small town,so my batteries get recharged often, eat lots of friut,so maybe I am on the right track afterall.

    I am proud to be a Tiger and wouldn’t change it for the world.

  16. 16
    Danny BOY Says:

    As a male tiger, it almost feels like you could read me, but then again I am also a sagittarius. my life is pretty interesting and filled with events you wouldn’t ever think to go through. I constantly “jump into the fire”, but I find my way out unscathed. Its almost as if I have a certain mechanism implanted in my brain that keeps me mentally safe when others think that I should be more worried. For instance, money situations… I take care of the important stuff then i go out to enjoy the NYC night life… Is that a sin? if so, I’ll meet you somewhere warm. personal life is really interesting… I long for the companionship when I’m lonely… but after being in certain relationships I feel like i just have to escape. I feel locked down, which probably explains why I’m always the single guy in the room, which is another thing because I’m not the worst looking guy. I hate hanging out with my friends when they bring their girlfriends. My friends and i are similar so we have a common taste in the women that we date, and they know what i like, but I’m always the single one and the girls resort to me for some odd reason to piss their boyfriends (my homies) off! they get into it with each other then bring in my name. like WTF?
    i cant keep a girl for too long but all the ones in relationships love me? Whenever I meet women they seem to already be in relationships, which they don’t care about and just want some fun. And they want me to be that one night stand guy. I’ve pretty much been the single guy for a long time and some of my friends really envy that. i talk about going into clubs just to meet people and have fun, they talk about the night they spent with their girlfriend watching a chick flick only because they want to get laid, and then in the middle of the movie he finds out that right then and there is not a good time to get intimate because the chick lost her boyfriend and “now is not a good time”. “neither is the last few days” he says, “i should have gone to hang out with danny” and she says ” maybe i should have went to go out with Danny!” and then they both dont like me . Is this what tigers/sagittarius males go through???

  17. 17
    Reggie Says:

    Hi again,

    As I said before, My birthdate is Dec. 8, 1986(1:19 am) which makes me a Sagittarian/Ophiuchus, Tiger.
    I don’t really describe myself as daring or fearless, but the first paragraph you’ve mentioned about the money issue can be true to a certain extent (seeing how I’ve been institutionalized and dependent at different group homes). I do get $66 per month through social security and spend it all in one week or two; Sadly enough, I’m not even motivated in making money. Anyways, I do suffer a lot of depression and ended up having certain “freak outs” because of a dispute (i.e. destructive out of anger when provoked). I do, however, consider myself passive-aggressive (aggression comes when provoked while feeling weak and depressed) and a melancholic: reserved and introverted. and I really don’t stand myself as pretentious either.

    Please let me know your feedback.

  18. 18
    TIGERFISH female Says:

    I am a strong female pisces/tiger born 1974, March 8th…
    I totally agree with most of the description for the tiger. I am running my own very successful recruitment firms which involves helping a lot of people on a daily basis. I would say as a tiger I am a born leader and genuinely care about other people & will do what I can to make a difference in their lives.

    My partner is a rooster/gemini..Can you let me know about this mix? As your description mentioned about tiger partners - he is a very unique individual & we challenge one another in a positive way but also support & respect one another a great deal.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  19. 19
    Julie Says:

    Hey Becky,

    I am well aware that your chinese horoscope is a horse and I think you mentioned your husband is a tiger? how does that relationship work for you?

    I am a horse also (pisces)
    and my bf is a Tiger (Aries)

    I know our chinese horoscopes works well but the western one scares me.
    We have a lot in common but I know Aries get bored easily..(I’m terrible at playing hard to get, because I am very straight foward in what I want)
    Do u have any ideas on keeping an aries interested?

  20. 20
    Tiger/Libra Says:

    I was born Sept 29, 1974 and I TOTALLY AGREE W/ ur description of the Tiger… I am very impulsive, get myself in trouble or tight situations that most people avoid but always find a safe way out of it… granted I say I’ll never do that again but in some other way I find myself back in the frying pan…
    and I love unusual people that is for sure! GREAT JOB BECKY!


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