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Chinese Year Of The Snake

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SnakeThe Tantalising Snake

The Snake is Yang (male)

Snake years are: 1905 ~ 1917 ~ 1929 ~ 1941 ~ 1953 ~ 1965 ~ 1977 ~ 1989 ~ 2001 ~ 2013 ~ 2025.

This is a list of symbols that you, as a Snake, should surround yourself with as they will help you to become your true self and give you a feeling of happiness and comfort.

Tree - ~ Palm ~ Food - Caviare ~ Flower - Camellia ~ Fragrance- Musk ~ Birthstone- Opal ~ Number- 3 ~ Animal- Turtle Dove ~ Spice- Curry ~ Herb- Fennel ~ Drink- Champagne ~ Metal- Platinum ~ Colour- Ice Blue.

If you were to walk up to a woman in China and call her a Snake she would most probably be flattered. If you did this in any other country you would more than likely get slapped. Westerners do not want to be considered a Snake. However, Snakes are beautiful, in some way they are all gorgeous. You will never see an ungroomed Snake. They don’t exist. Cosmetics, Jewelery and all sorts of things are sacred to the Snake. They are accessory nuts as well and will no doubt have cupboards brimming with bags and scarves, all of course, designer. They wouldn’t, couldn’t have it any other way.

One of the Snakes lesser qualities is their laziness. Mornings are not their favorite time of day and having to get up and be at work on time can be testing for this slinky creature. They must battle daily to stay alert and fight the desire to slither off back to their lair of silken sheets.

Snake people don’t tend to just fall in love, they enchant their lovers. They swirl around them taking in every part of the other persons being until they are one. This is also known as a bad case of possessiveness. For the Snake loves to have complete faithfulness in a partner, which is strange as they are not always that good at it themselves, they are so good at charming people and so attractive that people often just fall at their feet, and they find refusing such a horrible thing to have to do, we wouldn’t’ want to hurt the persons feelings now would we?!!

Snakes always seem to have their pockets full of money. And they do love to go out and buy some seriously expensive items. I have known Snake women with so many expensive shoes and bags they have had to have a room dedicated to them. However, they are not spend thrift and probably are not the best people to go to for a loan. They don’t mind the occasional shopping spree but are useless at the mundane everyday household grocery type of shopping, so their cupboards are very often filled with Champagne, cakes and salmon. They are not bread and milk people, and even less, meat and two veg.

Snakes are not one of the healthier signs of the Chinese Zodiac. And illness’ can start in childhood especially if there is a lot of stress around them. This can lead to ailments when they are older such as kidney stones and digestive and urinary tract infections. To try and combat this the Snake should always try and drink plenty of water, and then it should be the finest mineral water to keep his system clean. It is a must to stay away from fizzy wines and although Champagne is drunk like water by Snakes, it is a definite no no I’m afraid. They also don’t recover well from illness and injury and normally stay coiled up for quite some time before emerging to take on another day. The Snake must try and take gentle exercise such as swimming and perhaps jogging. Certainly not anything too heavily physical such as boxing and even tennis. They must rest often and give their delicate mind time to unravel.

Snakes are most compatible with: Roosters and Oxen are known to keep you in check. Dragons you will enjoy immensely between the sheets but Tigers are one of the worst alliances you could make, as is the meeting of your nemesis the Pig!

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75 Responses to “Chinese Year Of The Snake”

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  1. 1
    eva Says:

    Pleaz help. My step mother is a snake, I am a pig. She has been so mean to me ever since my dad married her. It has caused me not to have much of a relationship with my dad. What should I do? Should I stay away or try to have some sort of a relationship?

  2. 2
    Bridie Says:

    my mum is a snake, and is beautiful. she always loves her nails done lol. my mums best friend is a pig, and really get on! i mean they have there moments. but they get on :S my mum dont get on with my sister tho who is a tiger. they fight alot i try to stay out of it lol. i love my mum to bits tho! we get on very well

  3. 3
    c Says:

    I am a bear and once met a snake scorpio.
    She was flirting, I kept my distance but felt attracted as well. Well, soon the contact deteriorated into drama and pain, with a snake lying and a tongue acting like a knife. It was very hurting and still ask myself why i had to meet her. I won’t go into further details to keep this an anonymous report.
    Keep your distance towards snakes that lie ! (not all of them do, to me, and I learned my lesson as well).

  4. 4
    Becky Says:

    Hi there,
    Thank you for your comment, but I was just wondering about the year of the Bear. I have studied Chinese Astrology for a long while now and I have never heard it used as one of the 12 animals of the zodiac! I’d be interested in finding out if you don’t mind :)

    Love & Light


  5. 5
    c Says:

    ’scuse me - i meant Boar, Pig of course. In our language, a male bora is called the equivalent of a ‘bear’. that explains a little of the unsolicited confusion. if any further explanation about a ‘boar’ is need, i’ll try to be helpful

  6. 6
    aly Says:

    Hey Dude C,

    Hahahaha. Your language is funny and interesting which can’t differentiate between a Boar/Bora (Pig)and a Bear. I would certainly love to learn that. Would you teach me that. Sounds fun.


  7. 7
    HL Says:

    You forgot to mention just how downright sensual Snakes are, as much as they try to repress it.

    I had a question about Horse/Snake compatibility. Nearly every website I go to says that we are “opposites” or we’d be better off as casual friends, but I highly doubt it because I’ve yet to see proof of that, in mine or anyone else’s experience. I’m a Horse and my one of my most succesful relationships was with a Snake. Some of my longer-lasting and more loyal friendships are with Snakes. I also tend to be highly attracted to most if not all Snakes I encounter. So, what gives? Why are Horse/Snake couples frowned upon constantly?

  8. 8
    Becky Says:

    Hi HL,

    Your right, snakes are sensual and yes snakes and horses do make a teriffic team. And you are also right that a lot of people frown upon it. Snake people are enchanting and us Horses do get struck by their charm almost instantly. And yes there can be many pleasurable times to be had with these two. Like you I have also had a few very good snake friends but I do think the reason we stayed friends for 20 years was more to do with her other signs than just the Chinese Zodiac. Snakes can be a tad too slippery for Horses in the long term and it certainly isn’t wise to enter into marriage with one if you happen to be one of the more possesive Horse people. But your point was well made and thank you for sharing it :)

    Love & Light


    P.S The Chinese section just like the rest of my site isn’t fully up and running yet, there will be a lot mroe info to come in the future!

  9. 9
    daiseedoo Says:


    i’m a libra-snake! when i first found out i was a snake in chinese zodiac, i freaked out a bit but it’s actually quite a good sign!

    you are so right about everything on this page. although i don’t drink. but yea i do love accessories and stuff. and you’re right about horses and snakes.


  10. 10
    Stef Says:


    Oh wow, I’m a snake. I know for sure that I’m a “charmer” but not to an extent. Also, I must admit I’m quite lazy but we snakes have critical brains. Interesting part about Boars/Pigs, (the opposite and “enemy”) they always come in my way and I find them very different. I fall for them than any other. I don’t know why. My mother was born under a Pig. She’s a VERY domestic home-ly loyal mother who wants her home to be very clean consistently. We do have big fights. We don’t really understand each other but we resolve it often. If you have a Pig and Snake compatibility there will be major, I mean MAJOR highs and lows for sure.

  11. 11
    LL Says:

    hi there,
    am a lady snake, pisces and AB+ blood type. you should know about blood types too. blood types are based on one’s personality. most of the people don’t know and don’t bother about about their blood types. it’s true and it’s more interesting. if you know you have the same blood type, you know exactly what personality you will have.
    chinese signs, zodiac signs plus blood type=it goes well !!!

  12. 12
    anthony Says:

    I am year of the snake, but more interesting is that I was actually born on the day of the fire dragon. This symbolizing my personality more so than snake. The year of birth has more to do with ancestral relation, the month being parental relation, and the day being the personality. And of course the hour signifying your appearance to the world. Visit and click concise reading to find your own.

  13. 13
    Solidus Says:

    I am also a snake, I found it very interesting that I was born during the year of the snake and the time makes me a Fire Snake. Also, my location of birth was in the place translated by Mayan as the Snakes Nest.

    The descriptions are very liking to my personality, which adds even more intrigue to the chinese zodiac. I’m O Positive though and do not know much about the blood affect on me, I’ll look into it. If you were to share a little more on the subject I’d be appreciative though.

    We do not lie, but I will tell you that there is a fine line between lying and its crossing is based upon the persons intent. I find the gift bestowed upon snakes is that we are able to describe or tell things from a point of view which a person can mis interpret, hence consider us a liar which is not the case.

    I guess you could think that a snake who is young or unlearned in “not being selfish too much” can hurt people, not really wanting to though because it is our nature to help.

    I am definitely a problem solver as I am described.

    Thank You

    “The truth will set you free.”

  14. 14
    evoj Says:

    hi there!!

    yes! indeed…i agree how you defined lady a taurus-lady snake..and i loved food,music, money and expensive things. I don’t easily give-up because i love myself..well im a quite stubborn girl sometimes and i hate plastic friends…coz i consider myself a true one…honestly!!im an honest lover and flattered easily with love stories, and success…

  15. 15
    Kacey Says:

    This is my eastern sign…

  16. 16
    VeN Says:

    hi im snake-virgo… could u plz tell how good/bad it is…
    thanks a lot i like this site:)

  17. 17
    l Says:

    i know a snake and she is just liek this. so i believe it! plus i’m a rat and im exactly like the descriptions i read of rats.
    i hate the snake i know btw..i dont think rats and snakes get along.

  18. 18
    pisces/rooster Says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love the snakes… i am a 27 year old pisces/rooster…and in love with a aqarius/snake… first relationship and i feel like she is going to be my last!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love her so much….you all are so sexy and great leaders..i read about you all, all the time….and the more i read about snakes, the more aroused i become..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  19. 19
    aphroditesnake Says:

    I am a Libra born in the year of Fire Snake.
    The description somewhat matches me specially in possesiveness and extravagance. We are not liars but the thing is we know how to communicate. And for sure as what most snakes says here…”we are true and loyal” and we are really lovable,chanrming and we Give a lot in the name of love.

  20. 20
    pisces/rooster Says:

    i am a rooster, deeply, deeply in love with my snake..yes indeed you all are very charming, very sexy, very wise, very lovable,great leaders and can be very possessive over the things or ppl that you love and posses…i love snake ppl..i love you all so much, especially my sexy snake……i cant get enough of her……..

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