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Chinese Year Of The Dragon

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DragonThe Dynamic Dragon

The Dragon is Ying (male)

Dragon year’s are: 1904 ~ 1916 ~ 1928 ~ 1940 ~ 1952 ~ 1964 ~ 1976 ~ 1988 ~ 2000 ~ 2012 ~ 2024.

This is a list of symbols that you, as a Dragon, should surround yourself with as they will help you to become your true self and give you a feeling of happiness and comfort.

Tree - ~ Sequoia ~ Food - Steak ~ Flower - Rose ~ Fragrance- Eau Verte ~ Birthstone- Ruby ~ Number- 2 ~ Animal- Monkey ~ Spice- Cardamom ~ Herb- Dill ~ Drink- Bloody Mary ~ Metal- Hammered Silver ~ Colour- Gold.

“Wow” That is what most people think when a Dragon has entered the room. Dragons are almost always highly attractive and cannot go unnoticed, by anyone. Whether for better or worse these people demand your attention, they are boss, top dog. And you better not go forgetting it. Dragon people almost seem to have some kind of magic power that makes people just do what they want them to. People become magnetized by them, even if they don’t like the person!
Dragons don’t need to fight for power, for theirs was a birthright. They were born with an amazing amount of ability and when it comes to work they don’t mind who they have to take down to get what they want. Or flirt with! Co workers normally just move right out of their way, it’s easier.

These people certainly take up a lot of room; they are loud and demand to be noticed by everyone, all the time. They also never seem to tire. Dragons can get up in the morning, see to the kids, go for a jog, get to work, blaze a trail all day, come home, cook dinner, go to a party, you get the picture? Dragons also don’t and won’t take your advice, so don’t even both trying to give it to them. They will not listen, for they know everything already.

Yes, these people are at times hard nosed and brutal flame throwing arresting dynamic creatures. No sensitivity at all you may think. Then you would be greatly mistaken for although they do not wear their heart on their scales, inside their armour lies a soft hearted tear weeping little darling. It’s getting to it that’s the problem. You could be the long term partner of a Dragon and never seen them cry or show emotion, other than the pure hotness they ooze between the sheets. There is only one way to get to it, and that is by crying. Weep your heart out and the Dragon will melt and before you there will be a beautiful lump of goo willing to love and protect you forever more.

The health of a Dragon is very healthy indeed. Slaying Dragons has never been easy… not even for the best Knights of the Round Table. They are lucky and will still be commanding the family at age 100 so if you are a child of one of these beasts, as I am, you best watch out. You will be nagged forever!! Of-course, we best not forget the over indulgence that comes from the love of parties and eating out. Smoking, drinking and eating are the Dragons faults. He does all of them as often as he can, which due to their fast paced life style is pretty often. Also, all who know a Dragon will be rather familiar with the temper that they are famous for. It’s scary. But apart from that can lead to angina in later life and adding that to the other bad habits isn’t a good thing. Dragons need to communicate to ease their burden and frustration with things. If they do not and are left to feel helpless, that’s when they can become violent and detached.

A Dragons favourite exercise is sex. So if you are in a relationship with one then you are very lucky. Enjoy it! But please keep them away from the post coital cigarette or your active sex life will greatly diminish!

Dragons are most compatible with: You love dragging Rats and Monkeys into you cave, but for a lasting relationship you should choose a Rooster or a Tiger, but be sure to stay away from Oxen and Dogs. For they don’t suit you at all.

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37 Responses to “Chinese Year Of The Dragon”

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  1. 1
    Justin Says:

    Well that is very interesting; however, some of the grammar needs some work on. But don’t worry about it too much since I’m born in the year of the Earth Dragon 1988. And we kinda notice something wrong and want to help fix it right?

  2. 2
    Becky Says:

    Oh my you sound like my Mother! Who is also a Dragon..and my youngest daughter too. I know the grammar Isn’t up to scratch, I’m sure it’s computers, on pen and paper I’m fine!! Thank you for the criticism’s duly noted…I’ll go off and cry now!!

    Love & Light


  3. 3
    Justin Says:

    Sorry I didn’t mean to be that critical. Well my areas of English are good ,but not that good, since some words I say may sound like another word so they think that I said a bad word at school, that has gotten me into a lot of trouble when I was in middle school and someone thinks I said something esle.

    By the way do you think you can add a page or pages about the Eastern Zodiac and Western combined?

  4. 4
    Bridie Says:

    lol! my brother is a dragon, and is so much like this! he is like hell to live with at times and windes me up! but others really kind and very protective lol.

  5. 5
    saurav Says:

    Hey I was also borned under the dragon sign with the element earth !!! hehe……

  6. 6
    Midnight Says:

    I was wondering…You didn’t mention the possible compatibility between a dragon and a dragon, is it a good union?

    I’ve seen the compatibility test and it said its up to 90% compatible.

  7. 7
    APBTgirl22 Says:

    a quick question, would a Fire Tiger and Earth Dragon do well together?

  8. 8
    pisces/rooster Says:

    yessss!!!!!i love the dragons also……..these ppl are very special to me!! we are the best of friends and the best of lovers…….i have never been with a dragon before but i have been reading about how 100% compatible i am with them and i am dying to know what it is like to be around one…well my daughter thats about to turn 8 yrs old is a lil dragon and she always have me laughing at vrything she do and on how she thinks on certain things…she is very talented and very entertaining……and most of all very beautiful……but i want to meet one very soon to have a casual date with….i might over heels,,love at first sight

  9. 9
    tabby Says:

    Im a dragon down to the very last letter..

  10. 10
    pOi Says:

    Very Accurate info… heheh i’m impressed… i really am a Dragon

  11. 11
    X Says:

    My ex-girlfriend is a dragon, and I’m a rabbit. she’s a Gemini and I’m a Virgo. we have so much in common. we enjoy being together and our relationship was good. we had our fights like it says at the descriptions but at the end we were perfect. Now she’s dating an Aries Dog. That’s the reason she broke up with me, and it say there that it’s a terrible match.

  12. 12
    shae Says:

    how would you tell that a dragon and a dog don’t suit together? me and my boyfriend are both happy, i am a dragon and he is a dog, i was born in 18th of April year 1988, and he is born in 16th of June year 1982..

  13. 13
    ehe Says:

    hello darling!
    i know its you hahaha

  14. 14
    Christian Says:

    shae, if it’s the beginning of it you may be right, but with time there will be a lot of differences and the cheating will start form one side, at least that’s how it happened to me. I’m a dragon and I had a dog boyfriend for 2 years who made me believe he was faithful but lately I found out he was just a liar, and he was cheating on me. I’m not trying to jinx your relationship, I’m just warning you. Be careful.

  15. 15
    Pei Yee Soo Says:

    I am dating an Capricorn Oxen….. and I am a Aries Dragon.

  16. 16
    Lord Cerjun Says:

    I am a dragon, born 1976, just wondering… are there other kinds of dragon? like a arian dragon, or like me a libran dragon of fire, whats their difference?

  17. 17
    Lord Cerjun Says:

    i mean an arian dragon (a arian) lol… haha

  18. 18
    Ellen Says:

    I am a scorpio dragon female and my boyfriend is a cancer dragon male. We have had our problems but want to stay together because of our deep love for each other. Is it possible that we are soul mates? I believe that we are.

  19. 19
    abhsny Says:

    wow its awesome, nicely written, am a dragon 15 june 1988

  20. 20
    Sai @ BloggerStop.Net Says:

    I am Dragon too…living on Earth !

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