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Pisces Rat

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I have the pleasure of knowing two Pisces Rats both of which are female and both of which are lovely and extraordinary. Pisces rats are either extremely chatty or excruciatingly quiet in fact they can at times fill a room with their silence. Pisces Rats are very clever and very quick and can be experts at anything they choose.
Creativity is second nature to them in all forms from fine art to singing and dancing! Pisces Rats are always willing to help their friends and will always be there if they are needed but don’t ever let it be said that these people are push over’s they can be quite bossy when they want to be! One of their problems is that they tend to see the best in everyone and then are always incredibly shocked when things go wrong and people let them down. This is something that is often a hard lesson for them which can take a long time to learn as Pisces rats do tend to keep going back to the people who let them down with some belief that things will change.

 As age forces us all to mature there will come a time when these people suddenly realise enough is enough and begin to toughen up a bit but while they are young and especially in their twenties these kind hearted people are targets for being taken for granted. Maybe the Pisces Rats most redeeming personality trait is the way they care for their friends and family. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or how they themselves feel they will always be there for a needy friend or relative even just for a shoulder to cry on. Something I have noticed is that Pisces Rats always offer very wise advice, and this stems from their own experience and suffering. You never feel judged with a Pisces Rat only listened to and loved.

Pisces Rats do like to make the most of their appearance and really enjoy shopping for clothes. They are almost always responsible for choosing the wardrobes of everyone in their family! They mostly have liquid Pisces eyes that are dreamy but also very quick they miss nothing! That is unless they are engrossed with what they’re doing then there isn’t much hope of them noticing anything else. Partying is also a favourite pastime of the Pisces Rat, ‘why have a glass of wine when you can drink the entire bottle’ should and is often their motto. My very good friend is always ‘topping’ up my glass and it’s rare for me to leave her company sober!!

 There is always a certain ’something; about these Rats that makes them stand out from others. They have quite a hard edge look to them but with softness that makes them rather charming. As they are Pisceans they are of course drawn to using their ‘gut feeling’ and instinct to work things out but whereas say a Pisces Goat would be completely reliant on this the Rat brings a great dollop of very bright intelligence which the Pisces can use well to help them back up their natural instincts.

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4 Responses to “Pisces Rat”

  1. 1
    If I only knew... Says:

    I am a Pisces/Rat and so is my dad. Even though we share the same signs, we are more or less polar opposites. He is very charismatic, driven, and thrives on helping people in the large sense. I am more quiet and reserved, and try to help people on a case-by-case basis. He is quite bossy, and I am (sorry to say) a little more submissive. He is a more trusting person with the people who come in and out of his life, whereas I take the time to evaluate them before making a decision about them. He’s quick to forgive, but I’m… well… harsher. I prefer silence, he likes the crowds. He can command a room, I do my best to blend in.
    On the other hand, we both go with our “gut instincts”. We devote ourselves completely to our families, and our causes. Neither of us seems to be able to say the right thing (although we mean well), it comes out like a judgement as opposed to friendly advice. We share a love of art in all forms. We try to surround ourselves with people who let us express our crazy ideas.
    We don’t exactly see eye-to-eye, but we have an understanding of each other that our other family members (2 virgo/oxen, 1 scorpio/monkey, 1 capricorn/ox) can’t comprehend.

  2. 2
    jeannie Says:

    i’m a pisces rat, and i’d say this is pretty accurate of me. usually, i’m pretty chatty, and loud and boistrous (sp), but sometimes, i get very uiet, and everyone starts to worry. i usually go by intuition a lot, but do use my brain to figure if my gut feelings are making sense, or if i’m just being silly. and i do tend to like to keep drinking once i start, heh. i am sending this to my girlfriend, in hope that it might help her understand me a bit more, thanks for this…

  3. 3
    Holly Says:

    Thank you - very insightful and mostly too true!

  4. 4
    cake Says:

    I believe I’m a Pisces/Rat yet some say I’m a Pisce/Aries cusp. I was born March 18th. Anyway, some of this rings very true to me, I always say people can smell a good nonjudgemental (see the best in everyone) listener and that’s me. Perhaps the part that doesn’t align, and maybe it’s that I’m a late Pisces is the taken advantage of. It begins to happen but I quickly learn how to walk away; it was worse in my teenage years but by the age of 22 I had learned to only surround myself by people that supported my greater ambitions.

    Thanks for the post!

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