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I’m back!

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Hi guys,

I have been away for a long, long time for various personal reasons. Although I have been keeping track of the comments, which are always so entertaining, interesting and insightful, this is just a quick note to let you all know I am back! I am also going to be offering birth charts etc. at a much reduced rate as, let’s face it, none of us have much money right now and I am not here to rob people, just to educate and help whilst being able to at least put a little something on the dinner table :-)

I will be writing more posts soon, the first to be on the Cusp as this is an area I find particularly interesting. I will also be continuing the combined astrology posts which bring together Western and Chinese astrology which is a real eye opener.

There are also another 9 eBooks waiting to be written…so I have my work cut out. It would be great to get to know you all again so please feel free to drop me a line.

Love & Light


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2 Responses to “I’m back!”

  1. 1
    ManiacTenshi Says:

    Welcome back! I love your site and I’m glad you’re not abandoning it. ^ ^ Good luck with everything going on.

  2. 2
    Becky Says:

    Thank you very much :-) Nope, not abandoning it, life just gets busy. We have just moved as well….hopefully soon I will get some proper time to sit and write. In the mean time please fel free to email me and let me know anything you would like to see me write a post on.

    Love & Light


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