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Chinese Year Of The Dog

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The Loyal Dog

The Dog is Yin (female)

Dog years are: 1910 ~ 1922 ~1934 ~ 1946 ~ 1958 ~ 1970 ~ 1982 ~ 1994 ~ 2006 ~2018 ~2030.

This is a list of symbols that you, as a Dog, should surround yourself with as they will help you to become your true self and give you a feeling of happiness and comfort.

Tree - ~ Cherry ~ Food - Meat Pie ~ Flower - Calendula ~ Fragrance- Balsam ~ Birthstone- Ruby ~ Number- 9 ~ Animal- Dog or Sheep ~ Spice- Clove ~ Herb- Marjoram ~ Drink- Strong Coffee ~ Metal- Lead ~ Colour- Turquoise.

Dogs are the world’s crusaders. They think the world is a dreadful place and want to change it to it make nice and peaceful. If there is a protest for any cause the Dog feels is justified he will be there! Banner in hand! Anything that he deems to be wrong he will try and fix it. Dog people are the ones who are always writing letters of complaint to people, the school, the council, the government, anyone really that he feels has in some way done wrong, not only by him, but by the whole world too. The Dog person cares.

They can in-fact get a little carried away with rescuing other people and sometimes forget about the people he cares about most, like his family for instance. Once the Doggy realizes of-course, he turns into the sweetest little lap dog, jumps up on your lap stares at you with those big sad eyes and begs for forgiveness. For the Dogs family is very important to him, for he needs somewhere to go to hide from the horrible world. He just must remember not to forget about them, or one day they may not be there anymore.

Dogs hate to take blame for things. They really don’t mind blaming you, me or anyone else for something that is in-fact their own fault. Dogs don’t mind taking praise for the good things they do but are awful at receiving blame for their wrong doings. They can at times be snappy, and usually when you least expect it, they will just come out with a cutting remark which will leave you speechless for several seconds, until the Dog finally decides to explain this outburst. But, Dogs are nice guys and girls and they never mean to hurt anyone. They are often loved by lots of people and have a lot of friends to whom they also devote a lot of their time. Then may not see for ten years!

Dogs often appear very healthy, and they will no doubt boast that they don’t have to do any exercise or anything to keep fit and trim. This is of-course nonsense; it is simply that Dogs are lucky. For a while. Then the joint pain kicks in. They are prone to arthritis and all suffer from rheumatism. Dogs will avoid the Doctors and Dentist like the plague, even before there is anything wrong with them. It can be a real mission trying to get him to see a Doctor and quite energy zapping, as I have experienced. My ex Husband was a Dog, I made him go to the Dentist as his teeth were in an awful state, I have never seen anyone turn the colour he did when we entered the waiting room, and I’ll never forget it, and neither will he I doubt! One good thing for the Dog, they need to have sex! It is terribly good to keep the natural joint juices flowing, and all other juices for that matter. Also running and dancing are good to keep the joint pain at bay. Dogs once again need to live somewhere quiet, as they suffer from insomnia and need good peaceful sleep every night to keep them in good working order. So if you are lucky enough to have a Dog in your home, do make sure you take him/her for plenty of walks!

Dogs are compatible with: Tigers adore you Doggy and Horses are also in a queue for your company. Also try a reassuring Rabbit to curl up with or indeed a Piggy. Dragons are not a good match so stay clear, the same goes for Snakes, it just won’t work.

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7 Responses to “Chinese Year Of The Dog”

  1. 1
    flyin_free Says:

    Just a quick question that really doesn’t have anything to do with dogs but I couldn’t find another place to post it. I am a dog and when I do a compatibility test with my partner he comes up as a Tiger (Feb 5, 1963)…yet when I look up his bd everywhere else it appears he’s a Rabbit. I know the Chinese New Year changes every year but doesn’t his bd put him in the year of the Rabbit???

  2. 2
    leg Says:

    I was just wondering do you know how a dog pisces mix works cause when i read either sign i don’t realy fit thx for your time.

  3. 3
    Jo Says:

    My partner is a dog and I’m a tiger. This describes him to a tee and I do adore him!

  4. 4
    Rebecca Says:

    Hi.. I have really enjoyed reading all the information and comments… the comments are helpful.. I am an Aries born snake. I have been single for 4 yrs after my last very strange 3 yr long relationship. With an Aquarius pig.. I gave into their every want and need with everything I had in me, They couldn’t commit and after taking me for everything they left me for another Aquarius.. I wanted them to be happy so I let her go..

    Have striked a very intense relationship with an Aquarius Dog..I have been reading up on our compatibility everywhere and noticed your opinon on snake and dog was the only negative one I have seen… May I ask why you think this. The situation is I am gay and she is bi..I don’t want to be hurt again. I know I fall too deep. but don’t want to be alone forever.. I know she is keen on me but wants discretion. she told me I don’t fit her idea of the perfect family portrait - wife, husband and kids.(go figure).and in the long run that’s what she wants. but wants to see where we go…!!?? we both have kids and when we are all together we make 9..she has melted down the walls I built around me and now I am feeling a bit vulnerable..very interested in hearing your opinion. Thank you…Rebecca

  5. 5
    Sparkle Matthews Says:

    Nice. Thanks for writing this. It is always cool to see someone educate the interet.

  6. 6
    melissa Says:

    You really should take any compatibility anaysis with a pinch of salt. An astro (Western or Eastern) chart can NEVER incorporate all that has happened in our lives- that shape us. We are not walking cyborgs with all of this astro tendencies programmed into us! We have all been socialised differently, picked up different psychological schemas and patterns of thinking.If you were bitten several times as a child and you are shy and have an extrovert chart its pointless to try and modify your decisions to suit it. I used to take these ‘forecasts’ more seriously than i do now and ended up having relationships with Horse signs, Pig signs and Rabbits, thinking that they would compliment me as a Dog sign. I also stayed clear of those signs that were presumably a bad match. What a mistake!! all the so called ‘compatible’ signs were disastrous.And the most peaceful relationship I have enjoyed was with one that was given one star! In the end its about connecting, being self-aware,sensitive to your partner and MATURE. Yes we all have certain ’styles’ of personalities but that is not the comprehensive analysis of a human being. Listen to your heart and not what you want to hear for convenience or fear of making mistakes. As human beings we are all inconsistent, as is our luck. Best to everyone.

  7. 7
    Alix Says:

    I’m stuck, and your site and posts seem the most comprehensive. Here it goes (and I REALLY hope you can help): I’m a Fire Tiger/Virgo (8/28/86) and have recently met someone whom I just clicked with. I really, REALLY like him on all fronts: mentally, physically, and emotionally. He is a Water Dog/Pisces (3/11/82) - my thing is, the more I read around… the more I’m worried that the Fire v/ Water & Virgo v. Pisces will negate the amazing “YES! GO FOR IT! IT’S A PERFECT MATCH!” that Chinese astrology screams about Tigers with Dogs.

    He gets quiet and distant, he was texting me and such so much, we went out for a while, then last week, “it” felt right. He has said all the right things, but I feel he’s now distant. Less communicative. I’m paranoid - it took me so long to find him, what if he’s now gonna ’swim away’?

    Please, what are your thoughts on the pros outweighing the cons on this match?

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