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Aquarius Dog

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I have known a few Aquarius dogs, one of which I married! Did it work you may ask? I mean all the signs are going for me, Gemini & Aquarius, Horse & Dog. The fact is that no, in no way did it work, and we are now divorced. The problem is that Aquarius dogs are not really on this planet, they are creators of their own World and unfortunately that often means they opt out of the life and society we all know.

Aquarius Dogs make wonderful friends, who are always there for you whenever you need them, and I mean whenever. It could be the middle of the night but one phone call from a needy friend and they will be there like a shot! Not so quick to respond when it comes to their family it has to be said. Not their actual family, such as Mum & Dad etc but the family they have themselves. In fact most Aquarius dogs you will find either single choosing to live alone or separated from their family. I have never known or heard of an Aquarius Dog male or female who has a happy ever after. So if you are one such person or know of such a situation please tell me!

I hate to divulge in this but the Aqua Dog are monstrously selfish! This may sound a bit odd as Aquarians and Dogs are separately very giving people but for some reason when brought together unless others will be able to do something for them in return the Aqua dog will not do anything for anyone unless it benefits themselves. They will deny this profusely, but its a fact and there is no point ignoring it.

As they are so blind to their faults and unwilling to change and become more able to mix with the rest of the World they can end up becoming rather reclusive and solitary which makes it even harder than it already is to mingle with other people. It is quite sad really what can happen to these people and I feel the male of the species suffers that much more than their female counterparts.

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3 Responses to “Aquarius Dog”

  1. 1
    shavluk Says:

    Well as a gemini horse as you say ( I had though sag so maybe this isnt about you ?) but any gemini horse means double gemini to me and I would be foolish to think you were not in there in the same way

    maybe only a few of your 4 personalities hahaha

    yes I agree with this assessment and point out people know their sun signs and nothing else mostly and that moon is the real self and venus and mars tell the truth and dont lie

    sun is imposed year earned and moon true self

    nothing saying a successful union isnt short as it happened and was at one point
    awareness makes one realize they may be meant for many just like some are meant for few

    its in the stars all the same and easy to find out about for future reference


  2. 2
    TRACI Says:

    WOW! You nailed it on the spot; right now I am stuck leaving with an Aqua Dog and I hate it…he started out loving me, got us to rent a home together and as soon as we moved it EVERYTHING STOPPED!!

    Now it is 11 months later, he won’t leave and we are not talking because of his selfishness and no appreciation for me…

    I do not want to say I hate him, but I do hate him for doing this to me..he will live to be a lonely old man

  3. 3
    midnight Says:

    I am sorry to hear that the Aquarius dog did not work with you well, we Aquariuses are very selfish sometimes and insensitive, and for you A Gemini, it is very essential to be part of the Aquarius’s intellect and life at least on a stimulating level.

    this brings me to my point, I’ve visited your page and keep doing so since 2001, I’m an Aquarius/Dragon born on the 2nd of february, you’ve told me that I am quiet the energetic and charming mix. As such I though that My natural companions would be the usually told in most websites (gemeni, libra, saggitarious, aries, aquarius) and to avoid earth signs and water signs.

    Now I’ve dated 3 pisces men (horrible combination) 1 Aries man, 1 Saggitarious, 1 Aquarius, I’ve met many Gemeni’s and Libras but they never attract me I feel “unsafe” and ” too sensitive” to be with them, I’ve gotten involved with cancer’s too. out of all these relationships I realized that I am not the aloof off beat and detached aquarius I should be, I’m actually a very emotional person and as such i crave security and constant affection.

    that is why My long time bestfriends are Taurus and virgo (ironically sisters) and the male friend I get along best with are Scorpio and Cancer (again ironically water signs!) and one very special Gemeni girl which is my twin in all aspects besides the emotional part.

    As much as I wanna make sense of this I cannot! to sum up, astrology is a powerful tool of great knowlegde to know how to deal with people generally. but the mystery of Love and relationship is really impossible to predict, categorize or make sense of. I wish you all the love in the world and may you find it in your heart to forgive this foolish aquarius man that couldnt understand how to set aside his selfishness.


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