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Who are the best lovers of the Zodiac??

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I was talking with some friends the other night, discussing lots of important issues like which wine to drink etc when one of them asked me which Zodiac sign made the best lover. That night our group consisted of 2 Gemini’s, a Leo and a Sagittarius, so I knew I would have to be careful what I said as. let’s face it, we all know we are pretty good where that area is concerned!! The thing is I don’t think it’s a particularly easy question to answer, mainly because we all have different tastes and desires so if I was to say that Gemini men are better at say kissing than Leo men then I am going to get moaned at a lot! 

So, I thought that I would write a quick post so that you can all give your own point of view and then perhaps we can see how many of each sign gets the most votes. Personally I will go with Aquarius, but to be honest as I’m a Gemini myself, I think it depends what sort of mood I am in.

 I can’t wait to see what you all think.  

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458 Responses to “Who are the best lovers of the Zodiac??”

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  1. 1
    ruclvr Says:

    Best lovers? I’m a female Libra-Sun/Cancer-Asc/Leo-Moon. By far of all my experiences, the Scorpios were the best in bed. They were the biggest jerks I’ve ever dated, they’re much too intense and moody for me, but they rank #1 in the sex category.

  2. 2
    stevie-dee Says:

    okay!!! ^_^
    i love the loes even if they can be in your face, they are the best !
    they are passionate and tender and love to see that they are making you happy. it’s because of there ego lol

  3. 3
    oh really Says:

    dont think so
    arians and aquarians are best lovers

  4. 4
    Libra/Scorpio/Taurus Says:

    Libra sun/Scorpio moon/Taurus rising here! I agree with the other Libra lady here in that Scorpios are the best lovers. Jerks yes, but they can go on forever and their tongues…;P

  5. 5
    so so Says:

    I think libras are the best because they are brainy individuals and they take time to learn ur body so they can please u

  6. 6
    Sarah Says:

    My vote goes to Libras, they combine both form (stunning bodies, gorgeous faces and eyes) with (ahem) function :) and are surprisingly spontaneous, adventurous and passionate. Coming a close second (excuse the pun! Lol!) are Geminis simply down their cheeky flirtatious/inventive/fun nature and their duality, which can be massively intense, sensitive and powerful. I’m an Aries woman so I think my opinion is fairly typical.

  7. 7
    Sexy 1 Says:

    I 4 1 say Scorpio man is da best even though they ar cheaters. They ar good in bed, so yaa they ar da best…

  8. 8
    AQ Man of Mystery Says:

    It’s like I just won the lottery! Dang right we rule in bed! To each their own, though. The most intense in bed for me has been Libra and Sadge but the most creative and memorable has been with fellow AQ ladies. This is a nice ego boost and your check is in the mail.

  9. 9
    Max Says:

    A mature aquarian man is without doubt the most attentive and amazing lover. As long as his equipment still works…the older the better. He gets into the very soul and feels what your body is feeling. It can be spooky…but if you let him in - multiple orgasms will be a frequent part of your future.

  10. 10
    Tami Says:

    Scopio/sun, libra/rising, mars/leo female-

    I say scorpio men rock in bed. I love the aggression. Leo’s and aquarius another good bet.

  11. 11
    sofia Says:

    this is an interesting subject! the most intentse, deep, & mindblowing experience has been with a scorpio. based on the posts so far, seems like us aquarius’ dont have a bad reputation out there… looking back now, it makes sense why my scorpio and i had so much fireworks going on in the bedroom all the time!

  12. 12
    Ashley Says:

    I am an aquarius and yes we get all crazy and passionate but I’d say the best sex partner for me has been the scorpio HOLY HELL!! HE DOESN”T JUST MAKE LOVE TO MY BODY BUT ALSO MY MIND AND MY SOUL OMGEEEE UNNNFORGETTABLE!!

  13. 13
    Britt Says:

    I’d say Aries, and Libra.

  14. 14
    SexyAquariusFemale Says:

    I would say that the best lover for me was a Gemini and a Capricorn. Damn! that Capricorn took me to another level. But both has told me that I am good in bed. I am currently dating the Capricorn after I have been celibate for 5 years and it is wonderful.

  15. 15
    Femmi Says:

    hmm its between aries, leo and scorpio.. im a leo lol

  16. 16
    JhazyD Says:

    i would have to say libras! im a libra and i’ve been with a libra and he has won the sex token so far! their passionate they seek to please you and get deep into you as possible. If your pleased they are! And the kissing has to be the best thus far! Passionate long and intense

  17. 17
    SCORPION Says:

    noting comes close to a scorpion eagle….

  18. 18
    HL Says:

    Once you’ve had a Scorpio, any other sign just won’t do. There’s a reason to why they rule the sexual organs.

  19. 19
    KG Says:

    Let me start off by saying I’m an Aquarius Female.

    Scorpios are SO good in bed and reading these replies make me realize that my ex wasn’t the only Scorpio.

    Another good one is Gemini. OH WOW. I’m dating a gem male right now and the sex is perfect. He ranks about the same as the Scorpio but if we date a little longer and experiment more I know that he’ll be the best. So thats something I’m looking forward to :)

    All other guys I’ve had sex with, I had to do all the work.Libras are lazy, Capricorns are lazy.

    And according to the guys I’ve dated I am one of the best they’ve ever had?? Don’t know if its true or not but if they tell all their friends that I’m the best and they’re friends tell me then I figure its true. I don’t think they would lie to everyone about something like that.

  20. 20
    I. H. Says:

    Wow. I feel good being a Libra right know.

    Um my vote is for the Capricorn. So very attentive, Will do anything to please her man, imaginative. The best part is that she is reserved out side the bed room, but MAN when that door shuts. GAME ON!

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