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Pisces Women

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The Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman is a woman of dreams. Logic rarely exists in her life as she dosen’t really understand it. Her favourite world is the one she has created herself in her own mind. She has a sweetness that is delightful and can warm up even the coldest heart. Not many people could refuse a Pisces woman, they are simply just too sweet. These women has a sixth sense, they just seem to know what’s coming next. Some people accuse these women of playing mind games, but mostly I believe that it is this extra sense, this added perception that is to blame for this. Pisces women are exceptionally sensitive and bring with this sensitivity an overwhelming kindness and care for others. They can’t bare to see others suffer and will always try and help out people who aren’t as fortunate as herself. She actually get’s embarrassed if she has been successful in her life and finds herself next to people who aren’t as wealthy as her. This lady knows how to please in a relationship. She is not pushy or nagging and just wants everyone to feel happy. Seeing her family unhappy will cause her a great deal of pain as she kind of has the attitude that it is all down to her to sort out. As a mother she will be soft and sensitive and lovely really. Definitely a parent a child will be able to talk to if their is a problem. They may be worried about upsetting her though. The Pisces woman does have a tendency for feeling sorry for herself, and just like the Pisces man, if she is not brought out of this it could well lead to depression. Also watch for post natal depression in these women after they have had a child. This woman does have a tough side too. She may look like the perfect angel from the outside but this can change and she can turn into something else altogether, which will undoubtedly shock anyone who is close to this lady as it really doesn’t seem possible. But it is, she is a pretty tough cookie under her armour of sensitivity. She will get especially riled if she is pulled out from her dream worlkd unwillingly. You have been warned. All in all thought this woman is a pleasure to be around. And let’s face it, none of us are perfect!

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168 Responses to “Pisces Women”

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  1. 1
    Aaren Says:

    EVERYTHING there is ME! Tio the last friggin’ detail! I’m so friggin’ glad that other people are like that! All this time I thought no one really “got” me as in understood, you know? “phew”

  2. 2
    Metallikafreak Says:


    I know a pisces-monkey woman. Being my eldest sis, she is one of the weirdest creatures I have seen on the face of this planet. Always curious, intrusive, self-centred, try to dominate, manipulative, cunning, liar, cheat, complaining, superficial, extravagant, spendthrift, and blah, blah, blah…………………………

    Whatever, you have written here about this particular women doesn’t make any sense to me. Im a also a pisces (male) and find it Xtreeeeeeeeeeemly difficult to contemplate any meaningful sis-bro relationship with her.

    One crazy pisces woman is undoubtedly Sharon Stone.

  3. 3
    rocknfab Says:

    I am a Leo woman and I know 2 pisces women friends very well (they don’t know eachother tho).

    I see similar characteristics, but they also live very different lifestyles.

    Both of them really “buck the system”… they tend to not follow convention. Neither one of them has a strong work ethic. They both have tendencies to blame other people instead of taking responsibility.

    They’re both in tuned to maternal instincts, but they don’t know how to discipline their kids… they don’t follow through with what they say. Both of them are somewhat unreliable.

    Nice people, definitly intuitive.

    I have yet to meet a pisces man who liked me. The just really do not click with me.

  4. 4
    lauren Says:

    Wow….I am a pisces through and through,,and it is a hard pill to swallow…

    Currently I am dating a Taurus, who seems to be going crazy with my Piscesness…and sometimes I have to ’swim away’ from the situation just to feel better,,

    I know pisces are hard to get and we seem like we are on another planet, but at the end of the day, you couldnt be with a more soulful, understanding, emotionally intelligent, and sensual being…so its almost like to have all those things (if you dare) you might have to deal with a little zaniness here and there….

    Its a preference I suppose,…ANd yes its true many man cannot refuse a Pisces, but sometimes they also turn insane when with a pisces and regret their decision…(but always want more later)….

    Any more thoughts..I need some advice!!


    Swimming in two directions

  5. 5
    HL Says:

    Wow, all this negativity about Pisces women…

    I think they’re some of the sweetest people alive, and so accepting of you no matter how crazy you are (because, it just might be true that they’re pretty loony themselves). A lot of my friends are Piscen women. They’re really little kids at heart and have such amazing artistic ability if they’re into that kind of thing. They also make some of the loveliest dancers.

  6. 6
    AS Says:

    I am a pisces woman and this fits me to a tee! I have my own little world. A lot of times people think I am snubbing them or that something must be wrong because I tend to be very quiet at times, but that’s not the case, only watching and listening. Hate being the center of attention, very sensitive.

    Am currently in a relationship with a Leo and I drive him crazy. He is definitely a Leo. We have bad fights, but can’t seem to stay away from each other for very long. Not sure how it’s going to play out in the long run. But everything I’ve read seems to say this is a doomed relationship….so we’ll see!

    To the person who says they know 2 pisces women and they aren’t reliable, don’t have strong work ethics or take responsiblity…I for one am very reliable, I have an extremely strong work ethic and I take full responsibilty for all my actions. So all pisces women aren’t like that :)

  7. 7
    skeptic Says:

    This description does not at all describe me! I am a Pisces-(wood) Tiger and identify much more with the Tiger description than this one. My feet are firmly on the ground and I live in this world, not a dream world. I do find it most annoying to read some of the reader comments on this page; horoscopes are varied and are also suggestive, not prescriptive. That means you may identify with the remarks, but there’s no way a brief synopsis could possibly — nor should it — therefore reveal everything about all Pisces all the world over.

    And frankly, if there’s so much deviation and complexity in each sign, it’s pretty clear that horoscopes are basically meant for entertainment. They’re amusing but definitely no stand in for the infinite subtleties and contradictions that make up any person.

  8. 8
    jori Says:

    I’m a pisces/arises woman @ I’m a bit of both headstrong/ dreamer @ doer. I can be emotional @ times but when I’m alone not in public or around family. I’m moreso misunderstood. people say I’m hard to read or they think they can read me @ in a blink of a eye I’m totally diffrent. I switch from passive to aggressive quick. I’m am really two signs. I get along well with some leos, some aries, gemini, some virgos, libras men are just whorish @ dishonest I think.. they live double lives… cap men or ok. I love a tauras males. but pisces are the most giving sign of emotions. I think.

  9. 9
    Becky Says:

    Hello there Skeptic,

    Thank you for your comment. It is true that this is all very generalised which I have stated several times. Believe it or not I too am a very sceptical person and wouldn’t have such an interest in Astrology if I didn’t think it were spot on. You are correct though, there are so many intricacies that make us up as people and a basic Sun sign reading cannot unravel everything, but it can help. If it is entertaining along the way then I see that as a positive, human beings are after all, very amusing..and the Sun signs emphasise that.

    I love Tiger’s by the way I am sure your quite a handful!

    Love & Light


  10. 10
    julez Says:

    I’ve always that when describing a pisces I find myself going , True, true!!!! I wish ppl would read this to understand me. I’ve been called weird, unique even a tease. Yes I do have a strong 6th sense. Go with the flow, lover not fighter, id have to be really pissed off trust me you won’t even know what hit you so don’t underestimate me.
    From experiance Leos r enemys always betray us! Geminis will never like us. I’ve crushed on tauros & cancer but fallen real hard 4 pisces men. One in particular we have the same birthday even month day and yr. I just wonder if it can ever be and is it worth the risk, he’s a player, which is why I hesitate to admitt my feelings to him. Plz any advice get @ me
    -is it just a dream.

  11. 11
    Stef Says:

    I’m a Pisces/Aqua born on Feb.19. I am so sensitive and very emotional.. but at times I keep it to myself. I love love LOVE art! I’m artistic inclined. It seems like I have a sixth sense occuring when needed. The weak and the poor do interest me. What else, I’m a shy young woman..I CAN use my charm to get the guy I like haha. Last thing, I can be dependable because I am quite impractical.

  12. 12
    Kelli Says:

    i was born on march 4th. i’m not exactly the quietest person, i’m very headstrong and don’t like to blend in but i think a lot, ponder things and love art.
    i can also be a logical person and a dreamer. so a lot of the pisces traits don’t apply to me.

  13. 13
    sheenz Says:

    I am a pisces woman. Some of the statemenmts r true. I spend a lot of time day dreaming.I get along with mostly every1 until I c something in them that’s a turn off then run 4 my life. I disagree with Cancers and Scorpios being my #1 match. Cancers fall in love 2 quick n they r 2 clingy. As a pisces u have 2 respect my space n let me miss u. Scorpios love 2 kidnapp n hide keys. I’m too grown 4 that n will still leave the house anyway. I love leos until they open their mouths n say something selfish n uneasy 4 me 2 digest. They also lie too much even on their kids.I dealt with a few leos but the last one was it 4 me. I think pisces best match would b another pisces bc they understand without asking questions or hearing the whole story bc they r also pyschic.

  14. 14
    Michel Says:

    Im a pisces girl too, 24feb. I agree so much to about the tendency to feel sorry for myself, and I do understand Im always in a state of depression for unable to forgive myself. Everything about pisces here is quite truth but one thing it doesnt seem to be applicable to me is that I dont really have a so called “sixth sense”.. haha.. but Im the highly emotional and sensitive girl, loving dreaming and dislike reality.

  15. 15
    Cele Says:

    I am a Pisces, and my husband is a Pisces. I fit the “Pisces prediction” more then he does. I don’t work, but I do go to school a lot. I am a pretty social person, but hate lots of attention. I live for love, without it I don’t know what I would do! A lot of the things you said are true about me. If I read something about other signs like Scorpio etc I am nothing like their descriptions!! I like being a Pisces because I feel we are open minded and I know a lot of people who aren’t…which is a characteristic I’m glad I don’t have. Anyway’s just wanted to leave my 2 cents!

  16. 16
    Wendy Says:

    Hi. I’m a typical true pisces female and everything that is said here about the females is absolutely true. Virgo males make perfect friends but that’s it. Had a Libra boyfriend until recently but he broke up with me saying I was too clingy. I think my best match would be scorpio, pisces, or cancerian guys so might test those waters at some stage. I get along with all the star signs but find gemini’s two-faced, Leo’s too outspoken and Libra’s sneaky. Not many people understand me and I’ve been told I’ve got a weird, wicked sense of humour. Being compassionate, loving, loyal etc. fits me to a tee. What I can say about pisces people….we are one of the best star signs but don’t stand on their toes. In my case, if someone tramples on me too much I have a nasty habit of ignoring them. Thanks for a great website. :-)

  17. 17
    Christy Says:

    I am a February 25th pisces. I grew up in a household of all fire signs (Leo mother, Aries sister, and Saggitarius brother). They make me steam and I put out their fires! I can really relate to the description. Very emotional, relentless dreamer, unbearably sensitive (I get misty eyed when people tell me their woes). I would much rather live in my dream world than the real one. As far as relationships, one of the best ones (it lasted six years) was with another pisces. I can’t describe what was so great about it, except that he just “got it”. It was great to know that someone else knew so intimately the world I live in. But we lived in that dream world together, and that just doesn’t cut it after 6 years. Now I’m in a relationship with a wonderful Capricorn man. Very grounding, very understanding. It’s great to be able to dive into the dream world with a strong tether to the real one. I’ve had relationships with Libras, but they are too shallow for me. The last one was waaaayyy too clingy. I couldn’t get away from him long enough to recuperate and dream alone. Extremely frustrating. But all in all, while this pisces description is great, it also helps to know your moon sign and your rising sign.

  18. 18
    Sarah S Says:

    I don’t really take these things seriously but I’m really surpised at how well this describes me! I’m a pisce/(water)monkey. =]

    Was wondering if I could ask how Aquarise (Not sure if I’ve spelt that right) females and pisces females get along? ^^; As friendships or/and relationships? ^^;;;;;;

    Nice layout by the way! =] And I love that picture you’ve used ^^ You didn’t make that did you?? =]

  19. 19
    Carol Says:

    That explains much of me. I am born on March 20th. Does that mean that I have Aries characteristics too?… would like to know that.

  20. 20
    Tammie Says:

    I am a pisces girl (Feb27th)i am talking to a pisces boy(feb 25th)….i must say that so far it is a match made in heaven….there is so much compatibilty and chemistry there….he is honest..has a good sense of humour…

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