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Gemini Woman

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Gemini Woman

I have entitled this post 'Gemini Woman' What is should really say is 'Gemini Woman-Girl' as that is far closer to the truth. Inside every Gemini Woman there is a little girl, no matter what their Earth age is. Yes, it is fair to say that these Women never age either physically or mentally in comparison with the other 11 signs. It is pretty easy to spot a typical Gemini girl too, she will often have a big smile and sparkly fast moving eyes and an elfin bone structure, her outfit co-ordination is always her own unique style, not quite like the Aquarius Woman, as the Gemini does have some care for the opinion of others, but they will always look themselves, these girls are not sheep. Gemini girls know how to get what they want from a very early age and it is one of their greatest abilities actually. Turning on the little girl charm wins almost every time, and can turn even the hardest person into a soft hearted pile of goo. I am a Gemini girl and even at 30 I still know how to switch it on! In-fact I put my own children to shame when it comes to trying to get my own way!

Gemini girls can tend to have a bit of the 'spoiled brat' syndrome if our parents don't keep us in check, we can become too good at it and then expect our own way all the time, not really a great quality! Phone bills are usually astronomical as they do love to talk. Mobile phones of course are loved by all Gemini girls and they are always the fastest at texting! If they can be bothered to work out how to use one in the first place (patience with these girls is not their strong point). In-fact any form of communication is adored by these airy ladies. If you know a Gemini girl you will know what I mean. We all have a lot to say and do have trouble not butting in someone else’s turn at speaking to say our bit. But we are not rude, not one bit, we simply think so quickly that we need to get it all out before we forget what it was we wanted to say! Gemini’s are also very animated and will often look like a mad person waving their arms about when trying to get their point across, they make fabulous story tellers especially if they are making it up themselves. It is true that these Girls have a very vivid and in-depth imagination.

When you are a Gemini making your mind up can be difficult, it is so easy to see every side of everything and to not know which side to be on. This always becomes a problem when deciding what we wish to do with the rest of our lives. It appears to be something you have to be quite certain about, and for the Gemini girl being certain about anything is quite a challenge. Gemini girls make great friends and parents as they have an adventurous fun side yet are still very sensitive and caring. It is said that Gemini’s don’t listen, but actually in my experience I find that we are usually the ‘Agony Aunts’ As we do make great listeners too. I can’t guarantee that we will take in every word as we may momentarily leave this world; but we truly care and will always help wherever we can. You see Gemini girls wish the world was a nicer place with no war in it where everyone could be happy and smiley. This attitude is why quite a few Gemini girls suffer with nervous disorders of some kind, having a child like outlook on life is all well and good but having to see the reality of the world we live in comes as a hard blow to these Women. In-fact my advice is to stay away from news programs and papers if you are a particularly highly strung Gemini (which I am).

Sexually there is no better! Even if I do say so myself! Anyone who has been in a relationship with a Gemini girl will no what I mean. You see, you don’t get one Woman, you get several, intelligent, sexy, girly, sophisticated, bubbly, and this can be in one night! They know exactly how to please, to be both submissive and dominant. I shall let you into a secret, don’t be fooled by a Gemini girl, we all know exactly what we are doing we just pretend that we don’t! This is why Aquarius men make such good partners for us as they can see through us almost instantly and although at first this is most annoying, in the long run it is so wonderful to be who we truly are. Gemini girls you see have the ability to connect with anyone from anywhere. It will seem like they are interested in everything that person does and has all the same things in common. The Gemini will always fit in with other people they are so agile in their ability to change it is quite scary. It is also a bit sad as what the Gemini truly needs is someone she can be her true self with. Basically Gemini Women are very intelligent, bright and cheerful, caring, kind and funny people. They have the ability to light up even the dullest of rooms, and it is fair to say, the dullest of people too!

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144 Responses to “Gemini Woman”

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  1. 1
    Sarah Says:

    The “we all know exactly what we are doing we just pretend that we don’t” nailed it… it was simply spot on. I really like the way you write as it makes it fun and interesting to read.
    I was wondering though how compatible Gemini is with another Gemini..

  2. 2
    Becky Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for your nice comment!! Well, Gemini with Gemini is a good match but will need a bit of work. I had a Gemini boyfriend when I was at college and we were very much in love and had a lot of laughs. But Gemini Men are different to us Gemini girls in that they are more vain and can be a bit more (even more) flirty!! Basically they can get themselves into trouble..but is a fun matching thats for sure!!

    Love & Light


  3. 3
    Anux Says:

    Hi, Many centuries ago, people considered astrology as both an art and a science. Those who practiced it were held in great respect. They gave advice to ancient kings and emperors on important matters like when to go into battle and when to marry.

  4. 4
    jessa Says:

    hey! i love your description of us geminis! it’s so true. i was wonderin tho, who do you think is the best match for us.

  5. 5
    Becky Says:

    Hi Jessa,

    Good question! It all depends on what it is you want. If you want an exciting relationship but one that may not last too long, then perhaps go for an Aries or a Leo. If you want the very best then I would always recommend an Aquarius, but you have to work on the patience side! It also depends on the rest of your chart…But I’d definitely say Aquarius…they see through us and allow us to be truly our unique selves! :)

    Love & Light


  6. 6
    Lena Says:

    I am a pisces female and have been friends with a gemini girl for about 2 years. However, the friendship has ran it’s course. Over time, I found the gem girl to be VERY attention seeking and manipulative (especially with men). Of course being a fish, this did not sit well with me because I always feel bad for everyone lol. also, her methods for getting attention were so annoying becaus once again, as a fish, I saw right through them, and after a while I just ignored her, I’m not hear to feed anyone’s ego. all in all, I think gem girls are great and nice people but just not ment for close relationships with pisces. my question, is it typical of gem girls to be so manipulative and attention seeking? Oh, the gem girl and I never have had any open animosity towards each other, but I could “feel” the undercurrents of tension. sometimes I felt as though she was competing with me, or even threatened by me (who gets threatened by a pisces? lol).

  7. 7
    Lena Says:

    Oh, and the reason the attention getting things was so annoying is because she would put on airs as if she wasn’t trying to get attention, which is just irritating. I’d rather someone just be upfront about it. But I don’t hate gems, I think you are cool people, just not for the fishies.

  8. 8
    Becky Says:

    Your 100% right Lena, Gemini and Pisces just are not meant to be around each other. Two very different types of people, and not a good different either. Both wonderful of course! And yes, the Gemini girl can be terribly attention seeking, it really is something that needs to be sorted out when they are children or it can get really out of hand. A lot of actors etc are Gemini’s, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, then you have Jordan, Kylie Minouge…All love attention. But some of us (me) aren’t like it to quite that extent, but we do like to be noticed!
    As for being manipulative, thats not quite how I would put it as Geminis are not ‘nasty’, but as I have said we do like to get our own way..and it may come across badly. Pisces and Gems make good pen pals!

    Thanks for all your comments Lena very interesting.

    Love & Light



  9. 9
    Lena Says:

    Thanks Becky. I didn’t think the manipulative things was a gem trait anyway (I’ve been told my own sign can be a bit manipulative). I think she’s just a gem girl whose gotten out of hand. Most gem girls I know are pretty cool, I know one who bounces around when she eats anything with sugar in it, and it’s quite funny to watch. But all in all they are cool girls and hey, you seem nice!!!

  10. 10
    sangeetha Says:

    hi becky,
    I just wanted to know if a long term relationship(possibly a marriage) with a Pisces man would work…i am a Gemini woman.
    we both like each other.

  11. 11
    Becky Says:

    Hi Sangeetha,

    Well I personally wouldn’t recommend the union of a Pisces and Gemini, especially not for the long term. There is always an initial attraction between them but it will fade and some quite nasty behaviour will most certainly set in. There are of course times when this can be different, for instance, if you have a lot of Water/Earth in your chart and/or he has some air…but as far as the basic Sun Sign goes then it’s prognosis isn’t too favourable I’m afraid.

    Good Luck

    Love & Light


  12. 12
    Milena Says:

    Hey, Becky!:)The description about Genimi is so true!I am myself a Genimi girl and the thing I want to ask is what are Genimis good at?I mean what kind of profession can fit them right?:)

  13. 13
    Becky Says:

    Hi Milena,

    It all depends whether they are disciplined Gemini’s or not and it is usually not! I always think that outdoor work suits a Gemini girl better than being stuck in an office. Journalism is also a really good line of work for them (us!)As they get to write and be creative, catch up on the gossip and move all over the place. I studied media myself. Acting is something Gemini’s are best at…obviously, some of the best actors are Gemini’s. A happy Gemini has to be happy at work, so it must be something they enjoy doing as the normal working week monotony just isn’t for them. Lifeguards, Gardeners, Environmentalists, Zoo keepers, Computer technology/web design…

    I hope this helps and thank you for your comment Gemini :)

    Love & Light


  14. 14
    starl Says:

    hi..i am gemini(with a taurean cusp i think)..and an aquarian is giving me major trouble..i thot i was nearly immune to attraction..and then he comes in..he’s great..and believe me i have never been this smitten…but how do u no ur special to an aquarian?…i dont want to read meaning into anything he says and hurt myself…are they flirty?…coz hes cautious most of the time..and wen all of a sudden he says these things..his hints at how important he is to me..its frankly frustating..and he can tell wen i am lying..i’m not used to some1 being able to see thru me even if it is alitte…something about him stops me from asking him forthrite and lets him remain all closed…o and if it helps hes numeralogicaly 2…its become long distance now..and it just hurts…his quiet thotful take cares and how are u?…do they really observe the boundaries of friendship?i no he’s mysterious but frankly…if he’s just playing..i really need to get over him now…and i no i can and still be friends with him…some help plz..

  15. 15
    anu Says:

    Hey..i am a gemini(with a taurean cusp I think)…and an aquarian has been giving me major trouble..i really thot I was immune to attraction..and then he walked in..he’s not at all like I thot he’d be..he’s not tht funny..he duznt love arguments like I do…but still something bout him ..i no wat it is and u must no too…makes him all tht…but how do u no ur special to an aquarian?…his hints at how much he means to I was probably waiting for him..and the way he can tell when I am lying..its all frustating..he’s cautious all the tym…and then all his hints..i really don’t want to read meaning into anything he says and hurt myself…is it that he just doesn’t no the boundaries of friendship?…something about him makes me stop from asking him forthright…if he’s just playing?…I need to stop falling now..and I no I can..and still be friends with him..
    Some help plz…

  16. 16
    Bridget Says:

    I am 18 and a gemini girl, and i totally agree with all of this. I never realized how big of a role Zodiac signs played in everyones life, until i started reading about it. I have a question though…I am in a relationship with a pisces on the cusp of aries man, we do have many differences, but i really think it could work. My biggest problem with him is that i get extremely jealous, and attention seeking. Is jealousy a trait that “us” gemini girls also have?


  17. 17
    dimitra Says:

    hi becky!!i think your comments upon geminis character are very pertinent!i ve got some questions though.firstly i was born on the 21 of may 1989 and many people say that im not a gemini im a taurus and vice versa whats the truth and finally do i match with libras????ive heard that theyre liars especially men is this valid?thanks for reading this hope you reply soon!!!!

  18. 18
    Bella Says:

    Gemini-girls. Do we ever grow out of daydreaming or making the world perfect? I totally agree with your summary of Gemini Women here.

    Also, I agree with Gemini girls dating Gemini Men. Lots of fun and love, but the Gemini Men are definitely looking always.


  19. 19
    BENITA Says:

    i love ur description about us becky and i also love the fact that u r a gemini urself and there4 know what we re all about from experience. I would like to warn u G-Girls out there, stay clear of Scorpio men, they re not for u or virgos, ive had the most rotten experiences with them even the ones im not dating. E.g my scorpio friend’s boyfriend who is a virgo grates on my nerves by the way he keeps making snide comments and the way he undermines my intelligence. that is the worst thing that anyone can ever do to a Gemini in my opinion. Virgos & Scorpios. steer clear. trust me on this.

  20. 20
    Meme Says:

    This is sooooooooo true… all about me..
    WOW !! impressive stuff..

    Damn I am married to a Virgo..and yes it is very trying relationship..

    so are u married to an aquarian..or is aquarian like the best match for a gemini?

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