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Aquarius Women

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The Aquarius Woman

Aquarius women are in a way even stranger than their male counterpart (if that is possible). You can tell an Aquarius woman, I feel, rather easily just by the way in which they are dressed. Anyway, yes, Aquarius women do not dress according to society’s whims of fashion. They often dress according to how they feel, or even what they happen to find in their wardrobe that day. Bohemian, I suppose would be a good way to describe these Women, a bit offbeat and unusual. But they always look out of this wAquarius Womanorld. And the annoying thing for the rest of us girls is that the Aquarius Woman doesn’t even go out of her way to do so, they just naturally look good. When I think of an Aqua Woman I actually think of a guitar and beads, bare feet and a tent. They are wonderfully creative and artistic and can normally do more than one thing very well. I have known several Aquarius women and all of them played the guitar, sang and were very good at craft. And they were really good too, not just a little bit (like me). Lest not forget the late and amazing Eva Cassidy who had both guitar and voice and talent. The Aquarius woman has the ability to make it big time if they so choose. Some of them do, and some of them are just content to spend out their day’s living the boho lifestyle, being wonderful in other ways. I often feel quite sorry for this woman also. Not because they are needy and not able to cope with the big bad world, no, quite the opposite in-fact. They are highly capable people and demand a great deal of independence in every-way possible. They do not like being a dependent or to be made to feel they are being looked after. Aquarius women often work best in a relationship taking on the male role. And just like many men, these women will certainly NOT want a joint bank account! They will not always be there when you want them to be. And may also forget to tell you where they are at all. However, if you need them then you’re OK, they will look after you. They can also be arrogant, and can easily cut you like a knife with their words if they so chose. And if you get in their way or do something that displeases them then you will learn quickly that these women mean business. It’s best to do things her way, as it is quite obviously the best way….in her eyes. Quite a number of these girls will also be heavily into the environment and nature in general. Vegans and vegetarians are often of this sign also. As parents these women will not be conventional. They believe their children should be educated of-course, but not perhaps in the same dull way that most of us have to put up with. The Aquarius woman makes things happen you see. She never sits there moaning how awful the world is, she gets up and does something about it, and you can only look on and respect her for it. I shall describe the fascinating women like typhoons I think. Strong, assertive, able, but with the ability to be destructive and cause a bit of angst to those around her. I like the Aquarius Woman. They certainly make great friends and one thing’s for sure; there will never be a dull moment! These characteristics are based fully on a persons sun sign. Therefore may not be 100% accurate for everyone as there are lots of different aspects of one’s chart to take into consideration.

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300 Responses to “Aquarius Women”

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  1. 1
    Katie Says:

    lol wow…I’m an Aquarius female and all i can say is that everything described as an Aquarius female is true about me!! =P

  2. 2
    FED 12 AQUARIUS CHICK!!! Says:

    I’m also an Aquarius female, i must say that most of the stuff i read about Aquarius woman are true at least in my case. I kill myself laughing cause its really true.AQUARIUS PEOPLE ALL THE WAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! LOL

  3. 3
    Julie Says:

    I say EVERYTHING is true, being an aquarian myself! I just wish to know though more about aquarian fire rabbits like me. tehee!;)

  4. 4
    Shelly Says:

    I’m an Aquarian female and this is soooooo on point!!! It definitely describes me!!!! Holla Aquarian Diva’s all around the world!!!

  5. 5
    aquarius Says:

    […] You can tell an aquarius woman, I feel, rather easily just by the way in which they are dressed. Aquarius the Water Bearer: Astrology/ZodiacCafe Astrology interprets Aquarius: Sun, Moon, […]

  6. 6
    Grace Says:

    Hi, I’m born February ninth and I just happen to be an Aquarius.


    This is, in general a good article. But I must say, my dear, that your punctuation is quite grievous.
    I DO NOT approve an agree with everything that you wrote–like the part where you said :

    “…I often feel quite sorry for this woman also. Not because they are needy and not able to cope with the big bad world, no, quite the opposite in-fact. They are highly capable people and demand a great deal of independence in every-way possible….”

    The way it was written sound QUITE sexist. It is offesive. And this was also offensive:

    “…They can also be arrogant, and can easily cut you like a knife with their words if they so chose. And if you get in their way or do something that displeases them then you will learn quickly that these women mean business…”
    We are NOT arrogant–just simply confident, my friend. And as you, should know from your “16 years of knowing people”, that is highly intimidating to the every day person.

    I dont mean to be imprudent, but I’m just telling you my dear.

    And finnally VERY NICE COLOR CHOICE for the website…Absolutely marvelous! I love pink and green. This yellow is not to bad either…

    Have a nice day!

  7. 7
    Becky Says:

    Hello Grace, I must thank you for making me laugh. I am aware that my punctuation isn’t that great. I simply write what I want to say..I am not here to write about English Grammar. Nothing I have written is sexist..and as for arrogance you seem to be quite full of it MY DEAR!!! I am fully aware of the confidence in Aquarius people, but as you have shown, they can have a nasty bite with a whiff of arrogance. Thank you for demonstrating this so beautifully!

    By the way, I think you should consider checking your punctuation and spelling yourself MY DEAR.
    I take it you are an Aquarius woman having a bad day perhaps. Still, your opinion is approved and as appreciated as everyone else’s.

    Love & Light


  8. 8
    Julie Says:


    Cool article. But you’re wrong about the arrogance thing. I agree with Grace, what we have is confidence that’s kind of strong. But I bet you’re not an Aquarius so you tried to describe the undescribable.

    Good job.

    And I get the punctuation thing that she was talking about too.

  9. 9
    Becky Says:

    Hi Julie,

    Thank you for your comment. I understand what you mean about the confidence, and yes you do have a lot of it. I know this as I have an Aquarius daughter. But I feel that when things go a bit wrong the Aquarius female can become a little arrogant. Not all the time. I will spend more time on the punctuation, I just didn’t feel it was the most important thing, but apparently it annoys the Aquarius women!! lol

    Love & light


  10. 10
    Movewsith Says:

    Mysterious and powerful, as bi-product of flight necessity even as our obvious qualities shine so brightly that we often are blind to them. Arrogance is a word and all written things are subjective so bear the Grace in mind… As an air sign in my vista, being one as well, the capability to be many places instantaneously and straight to heart of them also (because of their fixed nature) is the objective combo (duality) that is oft interpreted as arrogance. Simply travels about picking essence from essence and combining the whole meaning in the pursuit of truth, their greatest quest/gift/blind spot- thus the rest if one can interpret objectively enough. What an ironic handful though as air cannot be captured, so the scent it leaves is the whiff we perceive. beautiful women. perfect strangers. whirlwinders.

  11. 11
    Krssy Says:

    Very good observations, being an Aqua woman…I have to agree that you’re very correct all around. As for the arrogance, I will agree with you on that too :) However, I don’t think its “arrogance” in the traditional sense? When we think of people being full of themselves, we tend to think of that as a negative, however, I don’t believe that this is necessarily the Aquarian’s goal? I believe its a combination of their own understanding of their uniqueness? You mix the fact that these women “know” they are unlike most and add in some self confidence…its easily confused with true, full of themselves, arrogance–I really believe the Aquarian revels in their own uniqueness a little too much :) Sometimes the air sign needs to get a little grounded :)

  12. 12
    Grace Says:

    After a few days, this webite popped into my head again. And I had wondered if you had written back. Most of the people behind such websites as these invite their veiwers to send an e-mail and never reply. But surprisingly, Becky dear, you did. Good job!

    But after reading the comment I was dissappointed. For shame… IT HAS HAPPENED AGAIN–another common misunderstanding of another person from another sign. I see during my absence, that other Aquarians have somewhat reitterated what I attempted to explain to you: That aquarians are not arrogant.

  13. 13
    Grace Says:

    Thanks Julie and Movewsith. And quick question for Krssy:

    What sign are you?

  14. 14
    kimberley Says:

    Are you bored? Your spelling is not great either and what’s with the “My Dear”? Suggestion for you, could you do better? if so then do it otherwise, try not to be too critical…fellow Aquarian.

  15. 15
    Becky Says:

    Hi Kimberley,

    Good, it’s not just me then! I thought I was going mad!

    I would also like to say to Grace and whoever else has read me wrong that I didn’t say that Aquarius Women “ARE” arrogant; I said “THEY CAN BE”, which isn’t the same thing at all. Krssy got it right when she said that the Aquarius needs to get a little grounded sometimes that is true.

    Love & Light


  16. 16
    rosemary hall Says:

    Dear Becky, I felt the article was a damn good article this describe me to a tee thanks for your article.

  17. 17
    SPAIDI Says:

    Even I am born on Feb 9th..I felt some of them are true facts in my life too. I dont like joint account..also the words that describe they cope up with bad world..its 100% true…Through out my life my childhood till now I have come across people who have cheated one way or other..I shd say its absouletly right ..And the way they dress not for others and are bit odd..its true in my case.. its so true the way you described..

  18. 18
    Ana Says:

    Hey becky,

    You are amazing, I’m not sure how I came across your site but I’m glad I did! EVERYTHING you said about us Aquarian women is sooooooooooo true!! we are overly confident and it can come across slighty arrogant to some, I honesty DO NOT understand this whole punctuation thing Grace is talking about, you are an extreemly talented person and you know us very well, I couldnt help smiling the entire time i was reading about us aqua women! I felt like you knew me personally….lol :D

    Keep doing what you do best!!! Aquarian’s Rule!

    Love and Blessings to you and your family,

    Love Ana xxxx

  19. 19
    Melony Says:

    I agree with everything you wrote. My friends have told me many times,”You know you are the man in the relationship”.

  20. 20
    Lena Says:

    lol Grace demonstrated PERFECTLY any negative aspects of the aquarian woman. She didn’t realize she was a prime example of the arrogance. Go Beckky! you set her straight and remained a lady in the process. What would this site be without the positives AND negatives of the signs? most of it was positive anyway, she needs to get a grip. lol.

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