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Gemini Men

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Gemini Men

Gemini Men, well what can I say? I think the best way to describe them would be to call them 'cheeky chaps' as that is essentially what they are. My Dad is 75 but still comes under the cheeky chap header!! It is also true to say that these boys give us Gemini girls a bad name. Sorry lads but its true, I have found on many occasions that people stay clear of Gemini because of men they have met and I can understand why too! Flirts. Great big cheeky flirts is what these men are, they simply can't help it, I don't think most of the time they even mean to, but they spend a lot of their time charming everyone they meet. Most great salesmen are Gemini Men! This flirty disposition of theirs does come with drawbacks. Gemini men lose interest very quickly in relationships, and can flit from one woman to the next always looking for something they never quite manage to find. They just can't settle and be content, they suffer, I am afraid with 'the grass is greener' syndrome. All is not lost though, if a Gemini man marries then he will stay faithful, he will still flirt, but this is part of his nature and he means no harm. He is more than capable of having a long lasting relationship but it must be with the 'right' person. Gemini men are no good at just getting on with it; they have to be 100% happy.

They also won't stand being nagged; they will be out the door in a nano second! What they need is a mentally stimulating and challenging person to share their lives with, someone who will shock him and keep him on his toes. If you can manage all that then you will have a fabulous time together as he is interesting and adventurous and will always try and please you by surprising you with all sorts of things! Gemini men like mirrors, I am sorry to divulge in it but it's true. They do take time on their appearance and he will take time standing their making sure that he looks good! This may be one of the rare occasions when the Woman has to wait for the Man with Mr Gemini. There never seems to be all that much depth to the Gemini Man he is less like an ocean and more like a puddle really, but I know of course that it isn't really the case at all, looks tend to be deceiving. However, they do come across as a bit shallow and in some cases where there is a lot of Air in such a persons chart then it can be closer to the truth than they would like it to be!

Another trait of the Gemini man is his need for independence. He cannot stand to be tied down and although he expects everyone else to always be on time it is something he himself battles with.  He needs his own space to do his own thing and hates to feel like he is owned in a relationship or job. This can cause problems when he gets older and has a family as he can tend to forget the needs of the people around him and just take off to do something HE wants to do. Never mind the mess he leaves behind. We must all remember that Gemini men are the Peter Pan of the Zodiac and as such will never change. But in my opinion the positives of this guy out weigh the negatives. This guy will also be good at just about everything as well. I think that all Gemini men should take up some kind of sport or martial art as it seems to be the only thing that they can be disciplined about. They can be great cooks too and builders, painters and decorators, philosophers and preachers.

There is no limit to this mans talents, they work hard and play even harder and this is how they are. The thought of inactivity is a big worry to the Gemini man, he can't imagine life without action, and they often fear their old age because of this. However, they never let that stop them, all the Gemini men I know who are in their 60's and late 70's are still very active and try and ignore what their body is telling them to do. My advice to any Gemini man is to make sure they are fit and healthy when they are young so they can continue their upbeat life in their older years, if they do not, it will lead to frustration and/or depression. The truth is though if you know or hook up with a Gemini Man you will have fun. You will enjoy yourself, and you will certainly laugh! Even things that you thought you may never do you may find yourself doing because your Gemini guy has charmed you into it, without you realizing it!

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127 Responses to “Gemini Men”

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  1. 1
    shaunna Says:

    I think your very spot on misses or Mr. I have spent 4 years with a gemini male who I haveloved dearly as a leo female. He has made me very confused and definatley kept me on my toes. One thing my gemini has done was lie compulsivly, which for a leo is beneith me! I understood being airy..but not lies. So that left us in the dust…in other words… poof!

  2. 2
    Becky Says:

    Hi there shaunna,

    That’s misses! :) Yep Gemini men are/ can be very tricky indeed. Bet he regrets it now though!!
    Thank you for your comment

    Love & Light


  3. 3
    Vicky Says:

    Nice article on Gemini men however I could suggest you some more points:

    Geminis are quite indecisive - they cannot take decisions easily and ambiguity always surrounds their mind.

    They are great writers when they are in love and could write very interesting articles and poems.

    Hope you will find this useful.

    BTW whats your sun sign, Becky?

    - Vicky

  4. 4
    Becky Says:

    Hi Vicky,

    I am a Gemini..which I think does tend to come through on most of my posts!

    Thanks for the comment!!

    Love & Light


  5. 5
    Vicky Says:

    Good to know - here’s one more Gemini :)

  6. 6
    Becky Says:

    Brilliant! We can always do with more Gemini’s!!

  7. 7
    g-man Says:

    gemini men are not indecisive. we also never lie. well sometimes we do, but for the most part, i’m thinking pretty much not often. i can say with certainty that geminis are some of the most attractive people of the zodiac, and i submit becky’s picture as evidence, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, i rest my case.

  8. 8
    Eddie Says:

    I’m a Gemini male and I agree for the most part. I don’t believe that I will ever be able to settle down with just one woman forever. It’s kind of a curse, and the simian line on my hand doesn’t really help that too much.

    Women, all I have to say is if you want a Gemini man always play hard to get, it drives them crazy.

  9. 9
    ashlee Says:

    well coincidently, i have just got out of a relationship with a gemini teen.
    He is reknown for being a flirt, having too many girlfriends, and moving on fast.
    he broke up with me last sunday because he “needed time”
    then got with someone else 3 days later.
    I think gemini males love love really.
    but they just have a problem with commitment.
    Not at first, they will make every promise under the sun!
    but they are very rash and make quick decisions.
    they are also pretty over analytical.
    and i may believe they get bored fast.
    you have to keep them intrested 24/7 and also be with them all the time or they will stray.

  10. 10
    Zackery Says:

    I guess this is pretty accurate. I am an impulsive liar. I try to be honest and straight-forward. Sometimes I am and sometimes I’m not. Yeah, I’m a flirt. You can’t say that Gemini men never lie, everyone lies! Especially Gemini men. I do flit from woman to woman..but I don’t do it because I’m afraid to commit. I do it because I believe they are the ‘right’ one and they always end up not being the right one.

  11. 11
    Jordan Says:

    I am a scorpio woman and i have recently been talking to a gemini man. He is everything i expect in a guy.. so far. Scorpio’s are naturally flirty and play hard to get, and the gemini’s like that in a woman; they like a challenge. Everyone is saying that scorpios and geminis are not a good match. But i feel like me and him could really work out.I want advice on how to keep a gemini man interested. Any ideas?

  12. 12
    LV Gemini Says:

    Jesus Christ! I couldn’t felt more represented that by Zackery’s comment “I do it because I believe they are the ‘right’ one and they always end up not being the right one.” That’s how things really are for a Gemini man!

  13. 13
    Gemini29 Says:

    Pretty right on track. Being in my late 20’s and being a Gemini, I’ve had few relationship.

    However, I do believe that I am waiting for the right person, and yes, faithfulness is key, as is communication and honesty.

    Gemini’s are affectionate and caring. Yeah we do sometimes lie, but as you get older in the majority I think tends to die down immensly.

    Sometimes I come off quiet and shy and only open up to people I’ve gotten to know a little bit.

    Then that addage of starting 100 things and finishing…2. This also does stop as well as the not cleaning up after ourselves, but the gemini man has to want to change and that’s the most difficult part.

    Finally, the Gemini is adaptable to almost any situation and with any sign so in reality isn’t the gemini the chameleon of the zodiac?

  14. 14
    Seena.K.S Says:

    I am an Aquarian girl with capricorn influence more.So when my Gemini allways wound my soft heart.Now I feel he is slipping from my hands.I LOVE HIM SO MUCH WITHOUT HIM I WILL SUICIDE.
    He is the first man make me this much mad.I don’t know what in him to make me this like.
    I FEEL HIS LOVE IS NOT TRUE AT ALL.Why he hurt me this much?
    A very very special thing I noticed in him that HE HAVE ALLWAYS DUAL LOVE as LINDAGOODMAN SAID.
    From the begining allways My gemini allways try to find a girl who someway connected to ME.The way he looks at me in the sameway he looks at her.
    A strange thing occur in the DAY when he come to propose me.FROM MORNING ONWARDS HE STARTS TO LOOK THAT GIRL WITH A LOVER’S EYES.
    But in NOON he comes to me said HE LOVES ME IN HIS FASHION.
    He allways making me confused.
    Sometime I feel he loves me so much sometimes exactly opposite.


  15. 15
    Jarrett Says:

    Yeah, hey, I’m a gemini guy and I with my beautiful little pisces who I divinely adore. But from my view-point, with her Pisces nature, her dreamy world keeps me on my toes. She dreams what she want, sometimes exotic, and I fulfil them all, each in 3 different ways. They say Pisces women Know what’ll happen next…. well my Pisces never knows what to expect, geminis are just that creative. But as for the negative traits. I really don’t have many, since they say I’m a cusp, with taurus. I don’t Know if that’s good, or if that sucks, but we gemini guys can be the perfect man, if we want to. See, I don’t get bored in my relationship. With her Pisces’s nature, I know exactly when and how to always spice up our relationship. Sure I have messed up, and may have hurt her feelings, but I’ve learned how to be a good geminis, even thought I’m 16, I with her, never had a dull moment, and I know how to Keep myself forever interested in her.

  16. 16
    Bella Says:

    Hey guys, I am a pisces and i have been in a realationship with my Gemini man over 3 years now. I think my pisces nature is really challening for him ….Im a veryy veryy clumsy girl, like i would literally invent ways to hurt myself lol…and i think that this is one reason he feels like he alwys has to be there to protect me.He says im strange and weird but thats y he loves me cause im alwys surprising him….I no they say that geminis and pisces are juss a waste of time together but all my life i have alwys been attractive to geminis i dont know why …its juss something about them. They say that geminis are two-faced …but i think pisces are also 2 faced…meaning how we live parcially in “reality and dream world”….and with gemini’s 2 face personility he is able to adapt to mines really good.

    Pisces and Gemini’s (Hottest Zodiac Signs)
    Def Belong together:)

  17. 17
    Cappy Girl Says:

    I’m a Capricorn woman dating a Gemini guy for two years now. I know this combination is a strange one and we exasperate each other constantly. Yet, there is an intense attraction between us that we cannot ignore. Yet, he constantly confuses me. One day I think he is totally into me and then he turns around and acts like he could care less. Although I know he has feelings for me, it would be nice if he would express them. What’s odd is that he can talk about anything under the sun, except for this. It’s very difficult for him to reveal that part of himself.

    Gemini guys … if you really want to experience love, allow yourself to be vulnerable sometimes.

  18. 18
    Scorpio girl Says:

    Well, yes… I am not sure what Gemini guy wants? Sometimes he shows that he really into you but sometimes he doesnt??? WHY??? Should i just pull out?

  19. 19
    SEENA.K.S Says:


    Because he need your DUPLICATE


  20. 20
    Munich Jr Says:

    Yes, my geminian ex bf really drives me crazy. I dont even know whats on his head. He is really a womanizer. Based on my experienced for about this 7yrs. Stop seeing geminian guy, if you cannot handle it. They are lots of man out there who is worth for you.

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