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The Aries Man


I advise you to have your seat belt done up very tight for this roller coaster ride! You know how when your kids the boys are always little action men constantly wanting to be getting up to something and trying to find new things to do, well with the Aries man this never goes away. He is, if you like, the Peter Pan of the Zodiac in some respects. Except I don't recall Peter Pan ever having tantrums or getting overly emotional…maybe I missed that bit.

You will find the man of Aries to be very considerate and generous with both his time and his money, which is quite a rare thing these days. So if you do go to the fun fair with him you will be allowed as much candy floss and popcorn as you like and he will join you on all the rides until you both have spinning heads and feel rather sick…that won’t stop him either though, he will just laugh and then run straight towards the next fearful looking event he can find. The question is ‘are you going to want to join him?’ When the Aries man loves you he really does love you. It’s a fierce and fiery, hot and passionate love which he devotes all of himself too and will of course expect the same from you. He is, perhaps, a little overly idealistic. He wants to be your Romeo and for you to be his Juliet. And this can be quite hard to live up to all the time for most of us anyway. If you’re not devoting your time to loving him and caring for him then you will see the sulky, grumpy Aries man. Now, I live with an Aquarius and he is quite good at sulking, as I expect are all men, but the Aries man really does have that childish sulking, moody, stamping footy, folded arm tantrum thing down to a tee. This man also loves his freedom and will also respect yours, so if you’re the possessive type then this may not be the guy for you.

You will never have to worry about your Aries Man’s loyalty though; he is very faithful and would never cheat on you, or even flirt with anyone else. He will expect the same from you, don’t try making him jealous by flirting with other guy’s, this will just hurt him as he would never do the same to you, even to get you back. I suppose he is a lot like a child in a way. As are all Aries. Which is one reason why they are so adorable? Like a cheeky child he is always looking for something mischievous to get up to and will love you to join him. Some people may feel like they need to curb this need to be rebellious and that is a personal choice, I, myself enjoy that part of the Aries man. He will also expect you to agree with him, rightly or wrongly and stand by him no matter what, even if you don’t really think he is right. You must NEVER agree with an enemy of his, this would really hurt him. He will of course do the same for you as he believes this is part of loving someone…you may have to bite your tongue a bit to keep your home happy.

To be honest I am finding it quite hard to point out many bad points about the Aries man. In just the same way as I find it hard to tell one of my children off for being cheeky or too noisy. In essence you see this is what he is. A child, and as such wants to have fun and enjoy life, and I can’t find anything wrong with that. He will always make sure you and your family are looked after, he will make you laugh so hard you cry, he will spoil you unselfishly, and will remember every occasion from your birthday to valentines day with originality every time. Yes, so you may get annoyed with his hot headed tantrums, and the fact he likes to be boss…but he will be there holding your hand next to the fire when you are both in your 80’s. The Aries man’s love is eternal, and you will feel it every day of your life. And isn’t that what most of us want? The only question remaining will be whether you can keep up with him, as he will still have as much energy as a 30 year old on his 100th birthday…Enjoy!

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130 Responses to “Aries Men”

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  1. 1
    Melony Says:

    I dated an Aries. I couldn’t run away fast enough. I don’t see how we are compatible. I am an Aquarius. He wasn’t that loyal either. He talked about me to his friends. He seemed nice to me, but later I found out he lied so much. He told on himself, he used to call me a liar all the time. I had nothing to lie about. I am not a good liar at that. But it was his guilt. I stay far away from them, these men will nag you to death!

  2. 2
    Natalie Says:

    My Aries man is definitely a Peter Pan in some ways and is extremely extremely funny and witty. There isn’t too much of a roller coaster ride, more consistency than ups and downs.
    He is definitely very very generous with his time, and I dont even have to ask him for it, its just a given. Also not a selfish person AT ALL!
    I am cancer and worship the ground he walks on, so I’ve never seen him sulk because I dont give him enough attention. He gets more than enough of that, I spoil him rotten because he deserves it and he knows that he’s my Romeo and i’m his Juliet and so far, its not been that hard to live up to.
    I am not the jealous type of Cancerian, I love my freeom as much as he does and hate someone telling me what to do or where to go. So, this is a real bonus for me.
    Dunno why, but it seems like the signs are just a tad bit reversed cos I am more of the adventurous one than he is….I want to rush and get married, he wants to wait.
    So far, so good, love him to bits and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

  3. 3
    HL Says:

    I had a brief “thing” with an Aries. He was wild and life with him was never boring. But he was too wild, mostly due to his family. (He didn’t know his actual birthday until he was sixteen, so all that time we thought he was a Cancer.) He was very sweet to me, but so destructive to almost everything else. Quite a contradiction too. He hated animals, but was a strict vegetarian. He had at least six piercings on his face, but he had such lovely manners. In the end, I decided to just be friends with him.

  4. 4
    Natalie Says:

    I guess it also depends on how they were brought up, what their values and morals are. My aries man is very old fashioned, he’s a 1 woman man and gets that from his father, who is still with his mother. He’s the last born and was spoiled by his mother, which is sort of what I do for him. Pack his lunch everyday, cook for him everyday. He will not dish up himself, I must do that but he does everything else around the house like the fixing of the pipes and cupboards and taps so its fair enough for me. He takes control of everything, being the “man” in the relationship. He never makes me feel like i’m alone, if I have a problem, “we” have a problem and he’ll do all that he can to help out, taking on the problem as if it was his. I cant even begin to describe how happy I am. I am truly truly blessed. I dont get very good reviews on a Cancer and Aries relationship but if I had to listen to that, I would be missing out so much.

  5. 5
    Mary J. Says:

    I’m dating an Aries guy and he treats me like a Queen. From day 1, he has put me on a pedestal where I will hopefully be for the rest of my life. I’m a Sagittarius so we are both very energetic and keep up with each other easily. However, he thinks he is very funny (don’t get me wrong, he is) and it can get annoying when he rambles on for minutes. But I don’t mind all that much because he always realizes and apologizes for having done so and he also gives me my fair share of time to talk as well. He is not the jealous type and is fiercely protective of his loved ones.

  6. 6
    88Angel Says:

    Well The Aries man I met was a nightmare and constantly wanted to be right.

    I’ve met a few nice ones buts thats when they where younger and less corupt!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7
    lovelylibralady Says:

    OMG… you are really good! You have the Aries man down to the “T” as well!

    Yes, they will nag you… yes, they can be whiny… yes they expect the world.

    Would they do all these things for you too??? Absolutely.

  8. 8
    stuck on stupid in love Says:

    So I’m an aries and so is he, and it’s very hot and passionate right now. But I’m worried that maybe one of us is just gonna get over it cause that’s how we are. We jump in head first and then run for the mountains, right

  9. 9
    LittleImpaler Says:

    I am Aquarius and I am draw to this type of man. Firery and hot. The hotter it is the better I say. :) That’s just me.

  10. 10
    rosa Says:

    im a Sagittarius & i love love love my aries man!!! he really treats like his queen….dont get me wrong im sure i’ll see his “BAD SIDE” but come on, we all have that side!! for now, im loving it!!

  11. 11
    Saaggg Says:

    Im a sag woman with an aries man and he is the most amazing person I have ever known. I love him to death. He is so honest and sees past the surface. He isn’t afraid of anyone or anything. He also knows how to make me laugh by doing outrageous things. He is also amazing in bed and super caring and romantic.

  12. 12
    HL Says:

    I’ve also noticed that it can be quite hard to get an Aries attention. SERIOUSLY! What do I have to do? Stand naked in front of him and do backflips? Either he’s interested in you, or he’s not. And he gets bored just a bit too easily, but he’s so nice you won’t notice it until he just gets up and leave. Lack of manners too. Too bad I get easily, hopelessly infatuated with these guys. They’re one of the few signs who know how to break my heart. (end of rant.)

  13. 13
    browneyes Says:

    I am a Aries woman involved with an Aries man. I have been with him on and off for 3 years. We are good friends as well as lovers. We generate a lot of heat and passion together. He is very giving sexually as well as anything else. He is very confident, funny, and charming. I think the description of an Aries Man is right on target! He is a talker though….whew….but, he is getting better at letting me talk sometimes….hahaha
    I simply adore him!

  14. 14
    Mary Says:

    I’m falling in love with an Aries and wow how was this secret ever kept from me so long?? He is everything I ever wanted but could never find! Finally a real man who is masculine, strong, direct, brave, honest, open, funny, mischievous, but also kind and loving. He definitely moves fast, he knows what he wants and doesn’t mess around, and I love that. He is gonna find me worshiping the ground he walks on, what a total stud. He has four older sisters so I’m sure he was spoiled as a child, I’ll be happy to take over spoiling him! He spoils me too, he is taking me to Paris and writing me love notes every day, already talking marriage, asking me if I want to have a baby, wow! I can’t believe my luck! I would do anything for him but I play it a little cool, I have him saying he would do anything for ME! LOVE YOU ARIES!!!

  15. 15
    Sasha Says:

    I am a Libra girl in love with an Aries man. We definately balance each other out, but I also have Aries rising so we have our fiery moments. He is everything I could ask for in a man, charming, sincere, that twinkle in his eyes, has style, swagger, funny, and I feel safe with him. Plus he doesnt put up with my wishy washy libra ways. I appreciate being told up front, no holds barred. Its taken some time to grow a stiff upper lip to some of his harsh words, but I’ve learned they are jsut words and I know he loves me.

  16. 16
    LittleImpaler Says:

    To Sasha: I am Aquiruas. I think it’s cool your Aries can tell you up front how he really thinks and feels. If he tell you how he feels and thinks, that tells me he really loves you. You always know where he stands.

    I rather have someone tell me truthful what he/she thinks and feels, regardless if I don’t agree to it. Then have someone sugarcoat and prefume words. I like honesty in a person, a person that doesn’t beat around the bush and won’t piss down your back telling you its raining.

  17. 17
    Gemini Kitten (Kacey) Says:

    I really like honesty in a person as well.

  18. 18
    tabby Says:

    My son is an Aries

  19. 19
    Roni Says:

    I’am a Libra Female in love with a Aries Man. I Love this man so much it is scary. He tells me like it is with out a doubt. When he told me he loved me I was overwhelmed. I was falling in love with him anyway. I don’t want this relationship to end. I found love again. I read so many compatibilty charts and I am amazed how well we are described. Is there anymore I such Know. I feel I would marry this Man. He already made a comment about changing my last name to his.

  20. 20
    Dawn Says:

    My man is Aries I am Gemini/Cancer. We love each other alot. But He has Cheated a few times. And now I have a stalker woman( his ex lover) fallowing me for life I guess. My Husband and I do not get along to well. But our sex is great and we have some kind of love, Because when we have broken up he always comes back. We have been together for 8 years so far. So I guess all hope is not lost. But he is also a MONKEY & I a Tiger. =/ ughhhhh I hope I have not wasted all these years for nothing. Because we always have problems. But I really do love him. He is just to much sometimes.

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