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Aquarius Men 2013

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Aquarius Men

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The Aquarius Man


I have been reading a lot lately about people’s apparent dislike for Aquarius men, and so I thought I would add my bit also. For anyone who has read any of my posts, you will know that I am openly a fan of these strange airy creatures. And I am. But that doesn’t mean to say I don’t understand the utter torment they can put people through. I have lived with two, one of whom I am hoping to live with for a lot longer than the last! So I have some insight into how the Aquarius man works.

Now, obviously, the other signs in their charts do come into it (rather a lot), but as a lot of people aren’t aware or not sure about which sign is what, I shall concentrate here mainly on the sun sign. And oh my, what a sun sign!! The problem I think the Aquarius man has is that the world has very set views on how people should be, and of-course, the Aquarians generally don’t fit into any category and they certainly don’t do things just to please the masses. Perhaps once, the Aquarius man fitted well into society, when it was OK for men to be in control, aloof, distant and lacking in emotion. However, it is not so nowadays. The modern man is expected to be a lot of things that the Aquarius man just can’t be. Not doesn’t want to be, just plain can’t.

If you learn to understand the Aquarius then it can make life much easier. Shouting at him and nagging will only make him go even further into himself which will make you angrier, thus a vicious circle begins. These men walk out, it’s really annoying, but that’s what they do. You say anything to them they don’t like and off they go. I have learnt the best thing is to just leave them to calm down, they will eventually, and they will come home, but they will not have their tail between their legs, Aquarius men don’t do that either. Infact, just to be safe, don’t even mention the previous argument, just accept he is over it and get on with being happy, it’s a tough call, but trust me, it’s the only one that works.

On the flip side, the Aquarius man is an amazing listener and is so very caring and kind and loving. If you ever have a problem he is the man to go too. But as I have learnt, that doesn’t include if it’s about him and it’s bad. That’s when you have to talk to a friend or really find the perfect timing, which will prove difficult as if you need to talk to him about him then there is never a good time. So you just have to tread carefully. They don’t really think they have many faults, and the one’s they do have only come about when other people bring the bad out in him (I’ve heard that one a lot). They are somewhat childish towards emotion (in my opinion). They just can’t seem to handle bad feeling at all, they want a world where there isn’t any, don’t we all!!

These men can also be highly selfish, they don’t mean to be, and that is the most annoying thing. They honestly don’t mean to wind you up. Or hurt your feelings. Or miss your birthday. They just do. And the best the rest of us can do I’m afraid is deal with it. Now, if your an Aquarius man reading this please don’t get too angry with me, I am deeply in love with one such man and truly love his funny way’s (that he won’t admit to having) But I just wanted to address some issues as they seem to keep popping up.

Another frustrating trait of these men is their lack of emotion. Isn’t it annoying? YES! Trouble is they don’t actually lack emotion, they have barrel loads of it, it just doesn’t emanate out of them that’s all. Of course, when they do let it out you faint with shock and miss the whole thing anyway! Seriously though these people do feel, perhaps they feel too much, I don’t know, what I do know is they are masters at blocking. They seem to block anything from their minds that they do not want there. Lucky them. I can’t do it, I’ve tried

I have forgotten to mention that they are brilliant, at everything! And they aren’t overly arrogant about it either, really. The truth is though the Aquarius man is worth listening too, they have a bit of the genius in them and they are terribly clever, which is also really annoying. Of course, the problem with that is that they adopt a ‘right about everything’ attitude to things which is totally unnecessary if you ask me! They can make you feel slightly beneath them with their confidence in their rightness. However, they are normally rubbish at general knowledge, mine is anyway, so he sneaks out of the room.

Which is another thing, if they know or think they won’t be or aren’t very good at something to save embarrassment they simply won’t even try. For instance, I love to play tennis, but my beloved Aquarius has never played, so of course, we have never played each other, ever. I join in all his activities, but he won’t share in mine easily. And if I ever do beat him at something it was ‘just luck’ rather than talent! So, there we have it, the Aquarian man. A one off, unique nutty oddball. But I love them. It would be interesting to see what you all think about this, so please leave some comments!

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340 Responses to “Aquarius Men”

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  1. 1
    Dharmaruci Says:

    I’m Aquarian and I agree with all the positive things you say about Aquarians but not the other bits.

  2. 2
    Astrologywizard Says:

    Hi Becky,

    Well, I’m an Aquarian man and I’ve just read the whole of this, which is more than I think I’ve done for any other blog entry anywhere. I have been following your series on Aquarians, but believe you really hit the mark this time and so simply had to say something in reply.

    You’re clearly very much in love and I wish you luck, my most significant ex is a Gemini and we are no more. Although I wouldn’t take her back, years later believe it or not, I still think about her every day.

    Of course I don’t agree with everything you say, you wouldn’t expect that, but if I’m objective I do identify with plenty and much of it made me laugh out loud. It’s great you’re talking from your own experience and have your own opinions, so you aren’t just repeating the same old stuff, like most people seem to do.

    Thanks then and keep it up. We’re grateful!



  3. 3
    admin Says:

    Hi Paul,
    Thank you ever so much for your comment! And I’m glad you enjoyed reading it, even if you don’t agree with it all, which noone ever could, if it makes someone smile or laugh, that’s enough for me, that’s what’s important to me, making people smile! (even though I’m a Gemini & it dosen’t always work!)
    Your site is wonderful and I’m guessing I could learn a lot from you, so no doubt I’ll become a regular visitor!

    It’s a small world too, you live down the road from my Mum!

    Love, light & Luck


  4. 4
    admin Says:

    P.S Your bitchscopes are hilariously close to the truth!
    I did also try to contact you a different way but it didn’t work , my pc’s fault, not your website’s.

  5. 5
    Astrologywizard Says:

    Hello Becky,

    Thanks for your feedback and all the praise, I’m glad I made you smile too. If you’re ever having trouble with the email links on my website, just type the address from the About Me page manually into whatever you use for emailing and that’ll work fine.

    In a way though it’s great having your response here, like some sort of validation for baring my soul. I have concluded that being a male Aquarian is similar to having the Asperger’s Syndrome of the zodiac, you know, like a milder and more glamorous version of Rain Man, the Water-Bearer maybe? Everything you say about seeming aloof and distant is so true and the fact it’s not socially acceptable nowadays, that was a revelation to me. My ex used to call me the Alien. She was so right too…

    Also the bit about walking off, which I have done in every possible situation throughout my life. As for your Mum living up the road, that’s amazing. Whereabouts, roughly?


  6. 6
    admin Says:

    I can’t wait to call my other half ‘Rain Man’ I’m sure he will love that!! Yes, that’s it, Aliens, definatly a different species anyway, although I know how hard us Gemini girls are to live with too..but we do try ever so hard to be lovely all the time ;)
    My Mum lives in Uckfield, do you know it? that’s sort of near isn’t it, I used to have guitar lessons there when I was 17!


  7. 7
    Astrologywizard Says:

    Uckfield? That’s astonishing, it’s about seven miles from me I think. It’s not a town I like much though, so I’m not surprised you ended up in the US. Are you actually British or American and how about your Mum? This is all really wild and on an eclipse day too, perfect!

    I believe that if there’s one sign that can understand an Aquarian it’s a Gemini. I hope you fiancé realises how lucky he is, but can’t help but doubt it somehow…


  8. 8
    admin Says:

    No your right, it’s not all that nice, but it’s got everything my Mum needs. Now then, I am British, and I have never even been to the US! And I live in Kent! Rochester way at the moment, but hoping to move somewhere more rural soon! The world just got even smaller :)

    Your right about Gemini’s ability to understand you Aquarians, I’m not sure whether my Fiance is lucky or cursed to be honest, but I do tell him he’s lucky haha!


    You can contact me using the contact me thing if you’s rather, it’s up to you.

  9. 9
    Astrologywizard Says:


    Far out! This is just brilliant and you’re right, I am going to stop cluttering up your website with off-topic posts, but I think you have a real talent, will be watching what you write and would love to stay in contact with you.

    I’m sure I can manage a Site of the Week recommendation for you over the next couple of weeks, the first blog I’ve mentioned, and will be in touch via your contact form about that. In the meantime it has been really great talking with you. Please feel free to write to me directly about anything, anytime, ever…

    Thank you for making my day much better, than it was before.



  10. 10
    Alexandria Says:

    I am seeing a Aqua male and I am Gemini, we get on really well and have known each other since May last year. However just before Christmas I received an email saying he just wanted to be friends as he works alot and cannot committ. I was hurt but left it and now he is back in touch and we have been out and getting on really well again!! Will I get another shock I wonder in a couple of months time as he just wants to be friends again……

  11. 11
    admin Says:

    Although I can’t guarantee what the shock will be about, I can guarantee you that he will be sure to give you plenty of them. You did the right thing though by leaving it, that is one of the best way’s to get an Aquarius’s attention to be honest, ignore them! Actually I think it’s called “giving them a taste of their own medicine” You will get on well, and will have a great friendship but if the relationship doesn’t progress you will have to ask yourself if it’s worth keeping this Aquarius as “just a friend”. Sometimes, with Gemini’s and Aquarius’s unless the romance is their it can very often become just a friendship, which is great, unless you wanted more.

    Love & Light


  12. 12
    Victoria Says:

    Ay ay ay, I just stumbled upon this whilst looking for cancerian fun stuff, and I’m just laughing! I too am whole heartedly exploring and loving an aquarian man. All the while happily frustrated in his fascinating world…combined with cancer…makes for an interesting relationship. Thanks for the smiles.

  13. 13
    Alexandria Says:

    Thanks for that, I know what you mean by the friendship thing. I’m not sure but he says things to test me to see what my reaction will be, the other night he says “Oh I’m going out with a friend from school for a meal tomorrow night I’ve known her for years it should be good fun it usually is, to which I replied “Oh that will be nice especially since you have known her for so long.
    Turns out the meal never came about, but I knew what he was doing!!! He is a very good father and has good friends so I know what sort of person he is and I know things have changed between us as we seem closer. So hopefully he has seen what a super fab woman I am (haha)

  14. 14
    Miranda Says:


    I enjoy reading about the Aquarius man since I think I’m falling in love with one and I want to get the lowdown on them before I fall completely.

    So much of what is written here I can identify with. I’m a Cancer and I know that Cancer and Aquarius is not the best match, but I don’t think I’m the typical Cancer in some respects so we seem to get along. We are just starting to get closer…after being casual friends for a while…naturally!

    But I have been a bit of the aggressor and he seems to like it. He tends to put out hints, I pick up on them and suggest doing things. He cooperates nicely and it seems to work for us. I am also a bit older than him, so I’ve got some patience…which helps with an aquarius man.

    Also, I am extremely free-spirited and independent, with a very active life and being a Cancer often need to rejuvenate in my shell so he can enjoy his “space” during those times.

    I think he’s just wonderful…but some of my friends think I’m nuts.:)

  15. 15
    Erica Says:

    Thanks for your post.

    Does Aquarius dislike emotion of any kind, even when it’s positive like romantic feelings? It seems like they like to keep things friendly when really they are feeling more inside.

    I’m a Leo Sun with an Aquarius and the man I’m with is an Aquarius Sun with Leo Moon so I hope that helps somewhat with helping us get along better. I try and just keep things cool and I also try and compliment him often. Any other advice? Thanks.

  16. 16
    Becky Says:

    Hi Erica,
    I think Aquarius Men are just odd generally. They have emotion and they like other people to have it, they just are not always sure how to show it. It’s good that you compliment him, I do that to mine, just make sure he returns the kindness. When I want some attention from my Aquarius I don’t wait for it, I go up and ask for it..literally! They aren’t too good with subtle hints. I can imagine you two get along very well anyway and have quite a bit of fun as well! Just enjoy what you have and don’t let it become boring.
    Love & Light

  17. 17
    carrie88 Says:

    Omg my ex is an Aquarius and he is the most selfish person in the whole world! Im an Aries and i loved this man dearly but he was just to selfish for me and bizarre! Thank you for writing this article now i see im not alone! Before my recent ex i almost married and Aquarius but i ran after 5 years i just dont think they make good life partners everyday is just a constant battle. But i do wish you ALOT of luck with yours, just make sure he does not make u insane!

  18. 18
    Becky Says:

    LOL!! I have to agree with you carrie88, certain Aquarius males are really not meant to spend their lives with another person. My ex husband was one of them. If, however, you find one that has the right signs in the right planets then they are truly lovely, like mine!I think Aquariun’s need vetting heavily to find out their moon signs etc before anyone actually plans a lifetime with one of these other worldy people. And thanks for the good luck, but I think I drive him as insane as he drives me. :)

  19. 19
    Daniella Says:

    tht was such a nice read thnks for writing it.
    ive been with a aqua guy for 3 monthes and its funny becuz hes from a whole different culture(he’s lebanese) but ur post describes him exactly
    i always knew tht he likes to spend some time alone which i found very weird,maybe its becuz im italian and wanting to be alone in our culture is unheard of. its so weird tht thy have so many friends also,we could be anywhere and he’ll bump into someone he knows and i can c from how much his friends love him tht hes a great friend to thm which is true for all aquas,,thy love to help!and not just thyr friends thyd help anyone who asks which is not always a good thing! i also find it amazing how thy can hang around with the most annoying people and still find something great to say about them, thy r very sociable and very very very smart! i remember when my b.f met my 85 year old grandad whos a very typical italian man doesnt like peopl dating his grand daughter and who grew up in a small remote village in tuscany,and within 10mins thy wer in a deep conversation about olive trees and how to make the best olive oil and thy wer laughing and my grandad started telling him stories he doesnt even tell my dad!:> sorry for the long post i just thought since ur dating a aqua also ud find these stories funny.

  20. 20
    eva Says:

    I too am dating an aqua man. It is not always smooth sailing. I think the best thing you can do is to try and loose track of time because any kind of time restraint that you try to impose on these men goes completely out the door. However in my expeience they seem to always be there for you when you really need them which is the important thing. Oh, and eccentric hobbies, yes! Like making metal windchimes that have other weird properties, or “working” in the garden, which looks to me more like an appraisal of the different plants than any kind of manual labor, muching as he “works”. I dunno if I would call him smart in the typical sense, because he is more than that really. More of an inventor. If he doesn’t like somthing he will simply find some other way. If nothing else i find him especially entertaining!

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