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Pisces In Love

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Pisces In Love


Pisces are watery dreamers, drifting in and out of this realm and into another, moving fluidly, beautifully. A Pisces may have trouble finding his/her ideal mate because of their mystical way’s, but find one they must as their existence on Earth is really meant to be shared with another. And they will find someone. And that person will be very lucky…

Valentines Hearts

In Love

The right person for a Pisces would preferably be one that can be organised. Pay the bills on time, make sure the children see the Dentist and that there is enough food in the house. And that’s just for starters. The Pisces also needs a partner who will appreciate the creative side which is so characteristic of this sign, someone who will understand your deep emotions, such deep emotions.

These people really are lovely to know. They will always care for you and your world, and help out anyone who shows signs of needing it. They can however, forget themselves and this can lead to quite a low feeling and even depression. The Pisces loves beauty and is drawn to it, even in places where most of us mortals would never see it, the Pisces see’s beauty everywhere.

I feel it would also be wise if the gentle Pisces was to pair up with someone who has a somewhat happy disposition and positive attitude, as this Water Sign act’s a bit like a mirror towards feeling and atmosphere, and therefore would reap the benefits of an uplifting soul. Being around too much sadness and tension can cause this Fish to suffer unnecessary inward pain.

When the Pisces is in love then life is good. Whoever is the girl/boyfriend of this sign will in their eyes be perfect and can do no wrong. The Pisces lays in bed at night dreaming of themselves and their love running through fields of poppies holding hands and taking in the sunny rays of the most beautiful day in the whole world. And if only it would stay that way. If only. And of-course it might, if it’s the right person. But we all know that it can take a long time to find our Miss or Mr Right. And that is when the Pisces can fall apart. When the ideal he/she has been dreaming of comes crumbling down.

If your planning a family with a Pisces then I suggest that you will have to be the one who gives discipline, as your Pisces will not really be very good at that part. However, the Children will always feel loved and can learn a lot from their Water Sign Mother or Father. Pisces parents will stick by their children no matter what and will always be right by their side. Their houses may be full of animals of some kind though, mainly strays or other people’s pet’s that they can no longer look after themselves. So if your allergic to cat’s and Dog’s best sit in their lovely garden..with the..ducks?

It is my opinion that these beautifully fluid creatures can be rather quirky as well. There is always something quite “mad hatter” about them. It’s wonderful. You know those jumpers your Nan used to knit that you always stored away up in the far away recesses of the attic? well, the Pisces is one of those people who will wear them. They often dress in a style they have devised themselves and are in no way embarrassed about that. Saying that, Pisces people always look amazing, something about them is just “right”.

So, to love this emotional sign is quite easy. Who couldn’t fall for someone so very mystical and unusual. Enjoy!!

Valentines Hearts


These characteristics are based fully on a persons sun sign. Therefore may not be 100% accurate for everyone as there are lots of different aspects of one’s chart to take into consideration.

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24 Responses to “Pisces In Love”

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  1. 1
    CAt CAt Says:

    need to know how this work have put in my comments an no feed back . how does this wk here with every one please advise , thank u

  2. 2
    mantana Says:

    im an aries female and completely in love wid a pisces male. i was pretty happy 2 know dat he is so emotional coz i was seriously unaware of his emotional nature as he never expressess it.

  3. 3
    KAYLEIGH Says:


  4. 4
    beverlie Says:

    i am a pround pisces n im dating a pisces
    n i definetely think its the most awsome experience ever
    we have everythin g in common from our fave food to our fave flower n we both live in our on world but add each other in it
    i love him so much
    n we hav the abily to read each others mind n tell how were feeling without even seing each other just talking on the phone
    n his so affectionate
    i feel lik were soulmates n i dnt wanna loose him, his birthday is a week after mine ,on the same day
    {pisces n pisces for lyfe}

  5. 5
    Gary Taylor Says:

    Reading this was was like looking at myself but from the outside… spot on. allthough i feel like i am swiming against the tide at the moment it gives me hope and pride to read this and recognise and relate to it.

  6. 6
    Lily Bolane Says:

    I absolutely love being a Pisces. People have called me; Day Dreamer, Drama Queen, Insane, Mad Hatter, Quirky, Bizarre, Random, Completely Nuts… And I agree with them all. I’m all over the place at once and tend to keep everyone on their toes.

    Unfortunately, It’s made my love life a little … well a little dead. No one seems to be able to hand my crazy overly emotional self while being able to discuss the physics of cupcakes.

    However, My best friend is also a Pisces and we completely understand each other and half the time we don’t even need to speak because she can read my mind. Currently she is pregnant and should be giving birth any day now(Taurus baby). Shes asked me to be a part of the child’s life. The Father is an Aries… Great, 2 Pisces women and an Aries man raising a Taurus child. I think a reality TV show is in order. The amount of stubbornness is outstanding. I do love these people more then anything. Who needs a man when I have a family of friends?

  7. 7
    ren Says:

    I’m not the typical Pisces, although I think I used to be growing up. My best friend, who is also into astrology, has never been able to believe I’m a Pisces. I’m certainly not emotional/sensitive (and have had people complain about this, haha), and I do daydream a lot but I don’t really let it interfere with taking care of business. But I’m very loyal, creative, intuitive (almost to the point of being psychic)…and very “weird.” One of my friends called me kooky. I definitely have quirks. ;)

    My rising sign is Leo, and I think that has a lot to do with why I’m different from the average Pisces. I definitely suffer from illusions of grandeur like typical Leos, hehe. Ironically, that’s always who I’m attracted to, as well. The current Leo I dig, after reading this site and some others, totally reminds me of a Virgo, though.

  8. 8
    Jacob Says:

    Your site is great. What you have written about pisces I feel is very accurate. 03/13/85. Male. In my life it seems to be true that I am a mirror, how i feel inside is usually a reflection about my environment.

    The love compatibility analysis are great. I~ll be back.

    by the way i have dated many sag girls and i think they are IMPOSSIBLE! But for some reason still attracted to them. damn.

  9. 9
    Fallon Fraser Says:

    I am your typical Piscean. Everything you are saying is so true. Except i can’t seem to find true love. Every relationship i have been in has been a joke. This year my last relationship ended because my boyfriend tried to kill me.I won’t go into detail but put it this way, i am lucky to be alive. You would probably think why would i want to be with anyone right now, especially after what i have just been through, but i miss that feeling. Laying down with your partner and you feel as if the rest of the world no longer exists. You don’t want to go to work or hang out with your mates because you are so engrosed with your boyfriend. Except this time, i wish for it to be my last time, where i meet the right one. The one who cherishes and adores me for me. That means they except my good and bad points. But most importantly they should believe in God. (WILL I EVER FIND MY PISCES MATCH)

  10. 10
    Shariq Says:

    Hi m Libra boy.I love pisces girl. bt she sort ov hate me. wht shud i do??

  11. 11
    Trishanda Says:

    When a Piscie love you, are the supposed to get all quiet like? Or should I take that as a “leave me alone I want nothing to do with you” kinda thang. Because I finally told him how I felt and his reaction seems like a cut off.

  12. 12
    Pete Says:

    I am a PISCES 2-25-61. It has been said to me by some woman that I am a hopeless romantic. Yes I am a giver and am always their lending a hand. I am so attached to a capricorn and I know we a great friends and always will be. I just hope that there will be a woman who wants all this Pisces guy has to offer. Yes I read alot yesterday about PISCES and learned alot about myself and how others see us.
    It just seems that I kind of get taken for granded, I try to live by the rule treat others as you want to be treated. I also believe that communication is the most important thing in a relationship. I hope that this will be the year where my life will take a turn for the better.

  13. 13
    britestar Says:

    I am def a classic pisces in every way! I love it. I do believe pisces have a slight psycic sense, from my own personal experience,I ALWAYS feel a bond with a pisces man before I even know he’s pisces. I get along with every Pisces man I have met (have’nt met many Piscean woman tho) Its only a feeling a Pisces will know i truly believe. So intense and spiritual…(sigh) lol ;p

  14. 14
    eve Says:

    why is it difficult for a pisces to let go of the past? is it because they are still in love with the person, or because they feel deeply hurt?

  15. 15
    passionatepisces Says:

    I am a Pisces girl ;) This article was amazing,it describes me perfectly and i LOVE it! I truly feel you will never meet anyone like a Pisces, we just think differently. I lve being a Pisces.

  16. 16
    Lauren Says:

    I’m a Pisces girl and i have been single all my life. I feel like I will never find love.

    I just want someone to love me. Is that so much to ask?

  17. 17
    inphinity22791 Says:

    I am a pisces woman. 2/27/91. I’ve never had a real boyfriend. All of my ex’s were such jokes. Nothing lasted more than a month. I attract a lot of male attention. Guys constantly try to get in my pants or date me BUT IM NEVER INTERESTED. Guys are usually fascinated by mee, and then they realize im nothing like other girls NOTHING. and they run away.
    ive been called crazy, psycho, amazing, genuine, over-sensitive, intuitive, intellectual, one of a kind etc etc
    Im very intuitive, my pyschic ability has been getting stronger and stronger
    anyways…when i like someone i GO FOR IT
    i tend to forgive too easily :(
    there was one guy….that i just…flat out fell in LOVE with. scorpio. and im still not over it. i loved him with the fire of a thousand sunnss! i dont know how to explain it.
    im very very spiritual, i live in a fantasy world, i cant stand being mortal…i think about crazy things and truly feel that i know a lot of secrets about the unknown. i seek anything that sounds crazy, taboo, whatever….i love it.
    about pisces being in love…when they love they truly LOVE. i’ll do anything for someone i care about, especially someone im in love with…
    i could go on forever about being a pisces haha
    growing up for me was rough very rough
    i am a hopelesss romantic….i love the idea of being in love…its just a matter of finding someone who will understand my emotions, and most of all my spirituality. most people dont understand it. but i know there are people out there that will

  18. 18
    mengcomment Says:

    Pisces In Love Pinting by Meng Qiu

  19. 19
    LoveLife Says:

    I adore the women that proclaimed she finds it difficult to meet someone who will understand her overly emotional state whilst explaining the physics of cupcakes. That is me. We are beautiful kind loyal people. I am also single, however I know my chosen hubby is coming. Fellow pisces I offer this advice LEARN the UNIVERSAL LAW of dettachment. we love so dearly we attach ourselves so strongly. Wen we dettach we actually bring what it is we desire closer to us. It’s a Law of Nature. And one I am learning at the moment. My rising sun is Aries so I’m v stubborn, av a sharp tounge wen angry, love positive energy around me an I’m v driven, ambitious. Think many picses are the same. Most of all I love our QUIRKY WAYS it’s a gift from God, who would want to be like the Druids around us? NOT ME! That’s for sure. Thank God I’m a picses. Lots of love and light to you all x x x x x x x x x x x. X

  20. 20
    stephanie Says:

    its lovely what you sad, lovelife,,, its nice to hear that. thank you. one question: what happens when you do fall in love and you find tht eveything you blieved in was a lie?? its just difficult to move on. yeah i have fallen in lve again and im not interested in mh ex anymore but its just difficult to trust and be as happy as my first… will it ever get better or am i trying so hard but i just cant because something has died within me?? its as if i refuse to go into the dream world because it keeps me from the truth but without it i cant be inspired or truly happy…

    Read more: Pisces In Love 2009

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