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Leo In Love

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Leo in love

Welcome to the sunny sign we all know as Leo. These people come with barrel loads of warmth and equal quantities of ego also! It’s relatively easy to tell a Leo person since they tend to hold themselves beautifully and with confidence and they normally have a big welcoming smile and a candor which is very endearing. Sadly though love doesn’t always run that smoothly for these King’s and Queen’s of the Jungle. This may be due to them being pretty high maintenance in every way a person can be.

Leo’s normally have great jobs where they are in a position of power of some kind, which suits them very well indeed. This kind of Leo will be the best kind, the happy kind. However, if you come across a Lion/ess who has not found there battle to conquer in life then a somewhat more disheveled moggy is what you will find, ego in the back pocket time. Overall though Leo’s are hard workers, they have to be, they enjoy the finer things in life far too much to merely window shop…no, the Leo person wants and needs to actually BUY those things in the window. I recommend a financial advisor…

If you enter into a relationship with one of these magnificent people then lucky you! They will look after you and adore you, love you and spoil you, cook meals for you and massage you…but and there is always a but, you must return all of this in bucket loads! The Leo loves admiration as all Kings and Queens do, and rightly so, but they can come across as slightly arrogant at times, this is unintentional, the fact is they are truly wonderful people who will always be there for those they love.

Another thing that may occur in a relationship with a Lion is extramarital affairs. This is quite common. It is all about their ego and nothing about their feeling for you at all!!However, Leo’s are very loyal and as long as they get their daily quota of affection, admiration and cuddles then there won’t be any problems there. Basically anyone dating one of these gorgeous creatures is in for a treat, you will be dragged from one adventure to another, never a dull moment and certainly enough love to keep everyone happy!! The sex is also very hot, these are Champagne on ice people they know how to enjoy themselves…but will always need a lap to curl up on when the fun is over, just like any other pussy cat!! Enjoy!

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31 Responses to “Leo In Love”

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  1. 1
    Midnight Says:

    Being an Aquarius ,the idea of being with a Leo always intrigued me for they are such sexy and confident people You hardly can escape that solar charm, But I always get a little distant from them especially the female its like I have an inner allert saying (danger KEEP AWAY).
    Maybe its becouse we are opposites and I sense the mismatch in some areas

    But I’ve known fiew leos and they are extremely lovable and cute in love, very (prinve charming) style

  2. 2
    Bedroom Bully Says:

    Leo men seem to be highly attracted to me. Maybe they are just always on the pull? I am Taurus Sun & Venus but Sagittaruis Moon & Rising and am currently seeing a Leo who is jealous and v.v possesive? Is it because he’s controlling? or because he really likes me and doesn’t want anyone to get close to me?

    They appear so confident on the outside, but really Leos appear to me to be insecure and wear their heart on sleeve. We are both stubborn sun signs and i’m trying hard to compromise as i am very outgoing but its something new everyday. He just seems to want to control me as i am quiet wild so found it hysterical at first but now it is very trying! HELP…….

  3. 3
    IndigoLeo Says:

    I fully agree.. being a female Leo I am head over heels for my Aquarius. He has been dazzling me for 8 years now. He is a natural genius, but it’s quite hard explaining to my mother why and how he forgets my birthday or valentines days. (Birthday has happened more than once.) But whatever the case I find him absolutely fascinating and one of a kind. And referring to Midnight’s comment about the DANGER KEEP AWAY alert, I feel the same inner tug around aquarius females. It’s the craziest thing

  4. 4
    youngalphamale Says:

    I am a 23 year old leo and was amazed at reading this particular Leo in love story. The two things that anyone who knows me will say without a doubt:

    1- I wear my heart on my sleeve every day. I fall in love quickly, and hard! I have only been in 3 long term relationships in my life, no flings, no casual kissing or dating etc, and I do tend to get my heart broken in the end.

    2- I a extremely affectionate. I am so happy when I am romancing someone or finding something different to keep the relationship fresh and new. But I don’t tend to have this returned and I find that it is almost like a mortal wound.

    I suppose it is also true that I come off as arrogant at times, because I am head strong and confident with myself and my actions. I guess I have things I need to work on to be better.

    I have huge goals in life and I know that I will achieve everyone of them, or be on my dying breath making sure that someone is there to make sure they are completed.

    One thing that isn’t true about me in the astrology is about buying things. I am an extreme conservative and it takes a lot for me to justify spending money on something. But this I suppose is caused my my stronger urge to achieve my goals.

  5. 5
    luv2baleo Says:

    im 14 and ever thing that is said about loes are true shoping is my sport and keeping things bottled up is something i cant help doing but right now im in love with a virgo guy and every where i read it say we are not a match but i realy do love him and i dont no how to get rid of him its been almost 3 years now and he still does not no about me loving him but every time im around him i feel him giving off a vib as well but i dont see him that much every 3 to 8 months top. my family sees his family as family so they think we are all family i dont no what to do

  6. 6
    Wondering Says:

    Hey I have read many articles abt leos, so I was wondering, if a leo never ever compromise, they will never ever get a partner ? As leos are well known needing the standard quota of love, pamper and etc everyday. It do seems hard to keep up with them…

  7. 7

    I am a 18 year old leo male. I’ve always been facinated by astrology. I have read many comments on leo’s, and i must say everything i have read is 100% true by me. All of my friends tell me i have a tendency to fall fairly quickly. And always have my heart broken in the end.
    I put 100% into everything i do, including relationships. And i get quite frustrated when i put all the effort into something and get nothing in return!
    I always get comments on my love life from people, friends, family, doesn’t matter. Because i go through relationships fairly quickly and people think im a “player”
    But, in all reality im truly not! People just end up hurting me.
    I would say i do wear my heart on my sleeve, and fall fairly quickly.

  8. 8
    Lea Says:

    i have to agree with “youngalphamale”- on ALL LEVELS.. oddly enough. i am also 23, a lioness. it’s all true, and he wrote it all.. except the money part. i too cannot find it in me to spend frivilously. i even find most girls spending habits bizzare.. maybe we are new leos lol
    i am very much a leo and i love it! well, i feel like one, i mean, you know, in more ways than just the definition. like my name, leandra, actually means: “like a lioness”; and my last name, reyes, means: “royalty” king/queen of the jungle? lol
    im proud to be a leo and i have to say, the best relationship i was ever in was one with another leo. he was exactly one year older than me. born the same day, the year before. things got complicated on my part and i dismissed one of the greatest relationships i have ever had =D BTW, we never fought.

  9. 9
    lala Says:


  10. 10
    Lydia Says:

    I’m 21 and I’m a Leo.

    Falling in love quickly - SO VERY TRUE! And those crushes are so intense, yet they vanish as quickly as they appeared. It sucks though cuz I really really really want to find the love of my life (I read in another article that Leos are all about finding their soul-mates and have a fairy tale and such lol) so it’s hard when I fall out of love easily. Only a glance is sufficient to fall in love with someone. And only one sentence can make it stop.

    My ego, I must agree, is quite big. However, I’ve learned to deal with it and accept it… And correct it! I try not to show it too much cuz it comes out as arrogant and snobbish.

    Anyways, everything that was said in the description is true. and if I had more money, I’d totally spend more!!! :-P

  11. 11
    sweet heart Says:

    The yongalphamale almost sounds like my leo except the age-he don’t spend money like that! As a matter of fact he gets on me about saving money.

  12. 12
    Rachel Says:

    I agree with Lydia.
    All it takes for me to fall in love in just a snap is to see a person who just catches my eye, and there I go.

  13. 13
    Hazard Says:

    As a leo male, I’ve had my heart stomped on, ripped apart and buried several times, but I still find a way to fall in love at first sight. I thought I was the only one. i still remember, when I was 6, I fell in love with this girl who just lost her tooth and was visibly upset about it, so I tied my wobbly tooth to a doorknob and pulled it out to give to her. I think the hopeless romantic is hardwired into our systems

  14. 14
    pam Says:

    i’m an aquarian and I really like this leo guy :)
    I was invited to his house for me to sing. I do not know him personally that time.Then when I left, i received a text message by him. And then he asked me If its ok for me to date him :). I think it’s true that they fall in love quickly

  15. 15
    ChristmasCherry Says:

    I have two friends who are Leos and they are just like that! This is spot on!

  16. 16
    jeff Says:

    i am a leo male and i see myself as one of the most loving partners you can have, yet i have such a hard time trying to get into a relationship :( you know how we all have times when people like us, but we dont really like them, and when we like someone, they dont really like us, well i have that all too often; but if there is somebody that i find that i like and she likes me, it always seems to good to be true. the fact of the matter is, when that happens, the girl turns out to be just as complex as the earth itself. the girls i can understand just fine are the ones that i dont like. ahh… sad stories.

  17. 17
    Princess Yoruba Says:

    I am a Leo female 42 y/o and have been married three times to Sagittarians. The cosmos is crazy! This last marriage just ended in June and my stupid behind is in love again. That is what LEOS do…we fall in love. You would think I would be jaded after all these experiences, but I’ve fallen deeper than I’ve ever been and its with an AQUARIUS. OMG! The emotional ups and downs, crazy changes and turn arounds but he’s got me wide open.

  18. 18
    Christina Says:

    describ me down to the t (lesiban leo)

  19. 19
    Justin Says:

    I’m glad everyone is so cheerful and giddy about their inherit Leo abilities to fall in love.
    I’m a Libra II male who was engaged to a Cancer/Leo cusp.
    We both fell in love with each other within days of knowing each other, however, faithfulness wasn’t her cup of tea.
    Never had sex with someone behind my back, but definitely lots of flirting and kissed a guy she worked with. I gave her another chance only to keep turning a blind eye to her lies.
    And, because I wanted to love this girl so much, I actually believed all of her bullshit about wanting to spend her life with me and how I was the one so I bought her a ring. That lasted for about 2 months and those 2 months seemed like the happiest she’s ever been.
    Than one day out of nowhere she said shes having second thoughts so I said take a hike.
    Yea, after all of the BS she put me through, I had no problems helping her get out and never again will I go near a Leo in any shape or form.
    Forget about faithfulness with these assholes. The Leo female is truly the bitch of the zodiac, but they’re usually very very good at hiding their bitchiness.
    And yea, just like all Leos, she was extremely high maintenance, and I gave her everything she needed and wanted. It was never enough and I never got it in return.
    She sat on her fat ass all day and drank beer and came up with new ways to spend my money.
    Lazy whore

  20. 20
    Daniella Says:

    You are a Asshole!! If you would be able to satisfy a Leo she would never.. I mean Never leave you..There must be something that you are doing wrong.
    I am a 24 Leo, Dated alot but I have to agree that the Aquarius was the hardest hardest that I can forget.
    Dated a Gemini- he was an asshole. The has a split personality like no other. sex ok.
    Currently Dating a Gemini- the sex was amazing we also connect with each other to a higher level of understanding each other. But knowing a Gemini (he like to be the “player”) and know myself I do wear my heart on my sleeves. And matter of fact I do like to live the to the fullest and shopping as well.

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